We are- a Fred Weasley fanfic

Chapter 4. The year at Hogwarts

Over the summer he was all you could think about and you were all he could think about.
We meet at the nine and three quarters station and went with Fred,gini, gorge lee and I. The started talking about their summer, I wasn't really paying attention, I was daydreaming and thinking about our moment, was ir real or just a dream, did he feel the same way, a lot was going on in your head when gini wakes u up because she wanted to talk to you.


Fred's POV
All the way to Hogwarts I was thinking about her ,some times on the train I chought myself staring at her and hoping she didn't notice. She was my friend San probably that kiss meant nothing to her and she doesn't even remember it, she was stunning and gorgeous and I , I didn't deserve her.

Time skips and we are in our first day at Hogwarts
Fred's POV
We arrived at Hogwarts and chose our dorm, I chose the one closest to y/n's of course. Thought I was a little shy but I'm sure she kissed back that night,I knew it so I talked to gorge and planned a little firework show in the astronomy tower, next week,so I can see if she feels the as me for her, that overwhelming feeling,a dizzying sence in the air and a lighthearted feeling, I was in love for the first time in my life.
In that week she started giving me thints for example her ears went rose red when she saw me, she would get more nervous, but her lip and winked at me all dough rarely she'd give me a smirk. I was so excited but I started doubting myself if it was inough or maybe to mutch, no, it can never be to mutch for a girl like her but just incase mum made me a sweater with her initials so I can gift it to her on our first date and some muggle kinder sweets because she was a halfblood and partially grew up in the muggle world, everything was perfect.
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