We are- a Fred Weasley fanfic

Chapter 5. Her big day

Today was a big day for both Fred and y:n but she didn't know this, just yet. Today Fred was finally going to ask her out! Everyone started doing bets: at what time, where and how!

Y/n's POV
As I was walking thords breakfast everyone was starting at both Fred and I , they looked like they were gossiping about us but I payed no attention. At the great hall Fred switched places with Fred, now he stayed besides his baby brother and facing me. During the meal he looked up and winked at me and i felt my ears turning red so I covered them with some hair . I don't know why I was nervous!

Time skips after classes

Y/n's POV
After classes I went to the griffindoor common room and took my laptop ( good thing that at Hogwarts we are allowed with muggle divices) and started to watch a new series, The Chilling Adventure Of Sabrina, nice show but hot were acurrate about he witchcraft!
I had a small jumpscare and I felt a little piece of paper on my back, when I turn around no one was there ,just a small parchment, where it says:
Dear y/n meet me in the astronomy tower , tonight at the witching hour, at 3:00 sharp! Don't bring anyone else, it's a surprise and ya, it's safe,
From w

<Who the hell is w?> y/ n thought. I don't know , mabye it's a surprise

Time skips and it's 3:00

Y/n's POV
It was the time , so she grabbed her wand and went to the astronomy tower.
When she gots there it's empty, no one is there , mabye it was just a prank and she turns her back to leave a when she hears shouting "Y/n! LOOK DOWN!" Screamed a familiar voice, it was Fred, Fred Weasley, so that's where the w came from, Weasley! In that moment She saw him let go Off a couple of strings when some fire works came out forming letters:


And felt a warm touch on her shoulder, when she was turns around, it's Fred holding a heart shaped chocolate box and he asked her w once again "Would you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?" He says with a scared look and then y/n responded "Federik Gideon Weasley, I would love to be your girlfriend!" Y/n sayd happy and emotional
He pulled you into a deep kiss, you could feel his body warmth transmitting through your body when, you hear clapping and look down at half of Hogwarts, griffindoors, hufflrpuffs, ravenclaws ,slytherins and even preofesors sutch as :McGonagan,Dumbledoor,and Professor snape clapping happily.
Snape almost gave Fred detention but both Minerva and Albus stopped him...
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