We are- a Fred Weasley fanfic

Chapter 6. The trip (pt1)

(Time skips cause I lazy af)
Allmost the end of the school year 1 w left of school
Y/n's POV

It's allmost the end of the year, I'm finally Fred's girlfriend and I feel like I'm on cloud 9. We are talking all the time about new pranks and they're joke shop,now I also have full custody on Fred's sweaters, they are so big and comfi and they smell like him.


We entered the great hall and of we take our places next to each other when I get the idea and say it out loud "what if we go on a muggle-wizard trip? We can go by car, train or bus and go to a friends cabin i the woods, during summer break!" I sayd out loud while Ron looked as confused as Harry while the twins Gini and Lee and surprisingly Hermione looked excited .
"Ok, sure, we could go to the beach,I could ask Andrew " Fred day happier than usual."we can take my car, it's a mini van, the muggle Woltdwaghen, Hermione knows what I mean " I sayd when Hermione replied "sure, I can bring some muggle snacks and a laptop to watch movies in the back!" When Ron started to say "ok but how mutch can we stay, I mean mum can't wait to get rid of Fred and Gorge but what about your mums?" I looked around for a second and said " my mum lets me go but maximum 2 months without a Supervizor " "My parents will let me just like y/n's" Hermione sayd
Time skips and we get to the common room

Fred's POV

We get to the common room, we sit down to send our moms letters, me and Ron left George write the letter to mom, after that we sit down to talk. Y/n put her head on my lap while I was playing w her hair , Gini and Harry sat on the other sofa while Hermione sat in a armchair with lee on the armrest and Ron and George did the same,we were chatting for hours when Gini and Harry decided to go to sleep followed by Ron and lee, it was just the for of us when George started talking: "so, what is a bus and what's a woltdwaghen?"
" whel, a bus is like a gigantic car that drives multiple people around "Hermione sayd
"And a woltdwaghen it's a car company " sayd y/n while still sitting on my lap.


Time skips to y/n's place .

Y/n's POV
Once they arrived we start parking and put the bags in the truck , Fred sat next to me in the passenger seat while the others sat on my small bed in the back with my plants and led lights along with Hermione's snacks
After a while I got my phone out and put some music , mostly artic monkeys , the neighborhood and mother mother . A few hours in it's the middle of the night, in the back we see all the couples cuddling in bed watching dirty dancing and eating chips.
It's the middle of the night when I decided that it's time to stop the car and sleep at least half a hour so I moved next to Fred in the passenger's seat and fall asleep on one-another we wake up after like 30 minutes and I got a monster so I can stay awake but Fred didn't really seem to need one.


Fred's POV
It's the middle of the night I was wide awake watching y/n drive, she was so pretty in that moonlight with the red light coming from behind, she was just gorgeous.I think she caught me staring so she started talking:
" So , how's the field trip so far?" She said still looking at the will
"Well, wonderful , this muggle stuff is very interesting and with you here is grater than ever!"
"Ok, we will arrive in less than 10 so wake up your siblings ,will ya?"
"Sure" I said and started clapping my hands together and shouting:"WAKE UP YOU SLEEPYHEADS!" and they all quite letraly jumped awake .


Fred's POV
We unpacked and went to sleep, I can't really call it sleep, I wasn't sleepy and everyone fell asleep on the floor or couch or stairs, only y/n and Hermione reached the bedroom .
After like, half an hour of trying to fall asleep I get up and go on the beach, it was empty at all times, y/n parked her van in the sand , I start walking when I hear someone getting out of the cabin, it was probably Harry, sleepwalking so I didn't pay attention, but when I turn around I saw y/n she was freshly awake
"Hi , Fred, what are you doing here, it's 3 AM " she said rather in a lazy tone
"She'll I could ask you the same thing but I can't sleep so I came here"
"I couldn't sleep either so here I am, I have a idea, cmon'!"
I came and she lead to the car, she opened the back and we sat on the bed , looking at the beach and at the sunrise . She was so pretty, the golden light on her innocent face , she was a angel, my angel. She fell asleep in my arm, I loved her so much!


Y/n 's POV
Its morning and I wake up in Fred's warm hands facing the beach, it was 8am,just me and Fred awake so I decided to on a small beach walk before making breakfast. It was nice and warm on the beach with the cold waves and the burning sand , it was wonderful! Then I went to see if he wants to wake up and he did . So we made waffles together and then Fred went to wake up everyone with a metal tray and a wooden spoon. We all went outside and we set a table outside the van, in the sand. All of them where tired except us.
After breakfast we started playing on the beach and the boys pushed us in the water so we started fighting in the sand. It was nice then it was 1pm so we went to change clothes and we assigned rooms:
Gini and Harry
Ron and Hermione
Me and Fred
Gorge and Lee
Afterwards we went to a restaurant to eat and we went to sleep early, every room had it's own bathroom and shower

(How I imagined the cabin)

Y/n's. POV
You went to shower and change at the bathroom than when I came back I found Fred on the bed trying to figure my muggle phone out
"You know, it doesn't work like that,right?"I said laughing at him
"No, then how does it work, show me!" And it took 2 hours for Fred to understand Siri


It's 9pm
General POV
It was time to go to sleep, Fred just got out of the shower and got in bed with only some pj bottoms and they stayed in bed for a while while looking at the ceiling then, y/n felt a pair of brown eyes laying oh her and she turned around, a certain redhead was staring at her
"Stop it, it's weird "y/n sayd
"It's not weird, it's romantic" Fred said w a little smirk and put his hands on y/n's waist , pulling her up for a kiss

Y/n's POV
He pulled me in a long passionate kiss
I could feel his body warmth trough his lips, they tasted like chocolate frogs and sea salt . I felt him letting a small moan trough his lips , putting his arms underneath my shirt and pulling me over him stopping only for air when he pulled away
"You sure you want to do this?"he said
"Why wouldn't I, Frederick Gideon Weasley, I love you more than anything in this world "
"I love you too, Y/n! " he said pulling me back into the kiss . Then he moved his hands upper on my chest looking me in the eyes for approval and I gave it , he massaging my breasts doing little circles with his warm hands then he stopped and went lower and lower till he reached my v line where he tickles me a bit and started pulling down my panies and I pull down his bottoms to see his length , it was 7 inches long, he was already hard wheni started stroking him and when he pushed inside me it felt like heaven after that he sat down and pinned my arms up whew he entered me again and started tracing little circles around your nipples and suck on them while he also pushed in and out of me slowly . We sat a bit but he made me sit at the edge of the bed when he got me in his face while having his toung inside me , I felt my legs twitching but he was still going, he pulls out a bit but got 2 fingers inside , with the thumb massaging my cliff while sucking in the right spot. After that we changed and tryed to fall asleep but Harry and Gini forgot the silence spell so i went and casted it after that I came back in the room , and I put my head on his chest and fall asleep
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