We are- a Fred Weasley fanfic

Chapter 8. The trip (pt.2)

Y/n's POV
I wake up in hus arms , spooning me in the middle of the huge bed, he looked so cute and innocent , my little angel. And whidout wanting to I wake him up "Morning,beautiful" he says with his eyes closed " Morning ,Freddie"i Say while getting out of bed when he catches my wrists and pulls me back in the bed,"not now, ITS to earleyyyyyyyy" he said moaning . "For you, mabye but for me ,nah!"i Say and pull the curtains aside "cmon, CHOP!CHOP,we dont have all day!" I say going to the bathroom to change . After I get out I go to the door and yell "see ya down stairs!" As I walked down the stairs to the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee I see Lee on the couch."morning' " i Say sitting on the counter
"Morning, why u up so early?" He asked getting up "I don't know, just woke up and yeah! Hbu?" I asked taking a sip of coffee "George can't stop snoring!" He said when we hear him upstairs "Hey! Take that back, im not snoring, understood?!" He said coming down the stairs "morning to you too"I say rolling my eyes

Fred's POV

Not 10 minutes before y/n wakes up and I hear George and Lee fighting so I decided to change into some chlotes and take breakfast "morning everyone, where are the rest" I asked looking around " i think theyre sleeping" y/n said handing me a cup of coffee


Y/n's POV

We went to the beach where the boys got in the water and us ,the girls and lee stayed on the sand till the boys came and took us in the water where we played muggle volley . After a while I went swimming and Fred tried to drown me but as we see I'm still alive.
I walked out of the salty water to dry myself and get a martini 🍸, the black bikini really fit me and I was killing it! When the day was over Fred finally came out of the water with litle salt crystals on his abs , his messy wet ginger hair and the gold light from behind him, he was an angel,my angel.
A couple of hours pass and it's time to go to a restaurant,it was Gini s choice so of course we went to a football bar where they only served burgers,bacon and fish and chips. After I sat down and started eating some burgers Fred comes next to me and says. "So, how mutch tine are we staying here?" He asked taking a sip of butterbear "shell at least till Monday , but why would ever want to leave this place?" I asked him and he gave me a idk look

Fred POV

After we came back I decided to stay a bit longer on the beach to see the sunset with y/n, it was wonderful. Our connection, holding hands while the colors of the sky were reflecting on our skin and the cold sea water with the burning wet sand on our feet at one point I stopped to sit down and admire the wew . Y/n was so beautiful with her head on my shoulder , playing with my hair and looking towards the blue sea when I turn my attention to her and she turns her head and brings me into a soft little kiss . " I wish we could stay like this forever together " she said after we started walking to the cabin .


After we took a shower we got to bed,me putting my arms around her and my nose in her hair whispering a "good night, I love you" and in response "I love you too, Freddie" she says
It's the middle of the night and she keeps moving around and groaning and moaning, thinking she had a nightmare I try to wake her up but that's when I realized that that wasn't a nightmare,that was a wet dream so I let her sleep pulling the blanket over her and let her sleep...
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