We are- a Fred Weasley fanfic


Y/n and Fred were best friends but friends don’t look at friends that way

Romance / Fantasy
Blair Andon
5.0 3 reviews
Age Rating:

Chapter 1. The love club

One day you just stay at the burrow, on the couch listening to ginnie and hermione talk about they're boyfriends . When a certain wood craks and you look, it's Fred, he just woke up in his pj bottoms and shirtless with a messy ginger hair and a dirty nose. Hi looked at you with a smirk and you blushed . Then you heard some fighting, it was gorge and ron fighting about who snored last night.
After that you went outside to play quidditch. You were a chase and were on the same team as Fred, Harry and gini. It was a long, 3 h match . And at the end you marked a point but fell of your broom , and right then Fred caught you, he gazed into your eyes for a moment and time slowed down... He accidentally dropped you and apologized with his hand behind his neck. After that you all went inside and Errol brought a letter , it was from mrs. Weasley saying that they will arrive next week from the muggle world, that's when gini shouted:<<Yey, Fred, gorge bring the firewiskey out, Harry, Ron bring the butterbeer!>>
You, hermione and gini made a fire outside. A few hours later you all were around the goldish fire playing truth or dare . When gini decides that she should take her chances and ask you: <<hey, y/n truth or dare!>> said gini with a vicious and drunkish look.
<<ok, I dare you to confess your crush>> sayd gini with a devil like look
<<No, ok dear >>you sayd scared
<< snog with Fred >> sayd gini trying to help her brother...
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