We are- a Fred Weasley fanfic

Chapter 2. Devils toung

Y/n was put in an uncomfortable situation in which she either confessed her crush or kissed Fred.
So while he wasn't looking she jumped and kissed him, for less than a second. Y/n thought that the rest we're drunk and won't even remember that they barely touched lips. After that Fred gave her a smirk and the night continued...
A few hours later it was 11 pm and they went to sleep. At midnight y/n went downstairs to get a cup of water.
Before she reached the stairs she hit a wall that she knew it wasn't there before, it was a sweaty and curved wall, it was Fred.
In his pj bottoms and his bare and sweating chest. And he gazed into your eyes making your cheeks turn red, you looked at him like you didn't to anyone else . He took her hand and with the other he pulled you into a deep kiss and his soft moans vibrating in her lips , then you broke apart and he sayd in a low but still soft voice << y/n ,I'm sorry, no mean to scare you and , and, and I know that you are not into guys like me or even me but I fancyed you for a while now and->>
You interrupted him<<I fancy you , Fred. Actually for a while now >>
Fred looked at her and gave her a pair of loving eyes and a sweet smile. They went back to sleep and fell asleep thinking about each other.
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