Little Phoenix

Pitch Black

As another week falls behind me, I have found myself fully settled into my new home at Hogwarts. I have been keeping myself busy and away from Pansy, only focusing on my work, studying in the library with Hermione. She seems to enjoy my company, Ron and Harry don’t usually enjoy studying that much, it seems that she has to force them to do most of their work.

Hermione is a good friend, but there is something between me and and the twins. We just have a connection; nothing like what’s going on between me and Fred, which is completely romantic, what I have with George have a different kind of connection, a friendship that I’ve never had before. I never really had anyone when I was at my old school, so to have both these boys by my side, it makes my heart burst.

Making my way to my final class of the day, and the last class of the week; I walk through the door to my Defence against the Dark Arts class with Hermione. At the front of the room stands something large, covered in a large, deep red, velvet cloth. Everyone scans the unknown thing that is hidden as they walk into the room. Taking a seat next to Neville, I greet him with a soft smile, to which he grins back. Professor Moody, who is sitting at his desk, leaning back on his chair and swigging from his odd flask. My brows furrow as I watch him, feeling very uneasy of his presence.

“Right--” Moody exclaims, lifting himself off his chair and limping over to the large cloth. “Today, we will be looking at the boggart!” He reveals from underneath the cloth-- a large mahogany cupboard, with large mirrors on the front. Hermione instantly puts her hand up into the air.

“But sir, we’ve already been taught about the Boggart, last year.” She says, causing moody to whip around, glaring at her with his human eye, as the robotic one goes off to scan the other students.

“Yes-- but with Professor Lupin. So today-- with myself, your new teacher, we will be looking at the Boggart.” His tongue twitches out of his mouth. “Is that alright with you Miss Granger?”

Hermione’s brow furrowed, nodding her head as she lowers into her seat. “Right! Form a line and will will be using the Riddikulus spell to turn the Boggart into something-- funny!” Moody limps towards the back of the class as everyone forms a messy line in front of the flailing cupboard.

First up it’s Hermione, she stares at the cupboard as we all lean out to the side to watch. With a whistle of Moody’s wand, the cupboard unlocks, opening with a creek as Professor McGonagall steps out of it. Everyone looks towards the professor in shock as she holds out a pile of parchment in her hands, revealing large red ‘T’ for Troll on every single piece.

“You have failed every single class Miss Granger!” She speaks, holding the same thick accent as the real McGonagall. Hermione eyes twitch as she grips her wand tightly.

“You have failed everything!”

“Riddikulus!” Hermione waves her wand, causing all of the papers to fly up in the air. They all stick to the professor, flying around her manically as she wails and flings her arms around, in attempt to beat off the attacking paperwork. The whole class roars with laughter, as McGonagall is flailing around the front of the room.

Neville steps up after Ron. Morphing the Boggart, changing what was a large spider on roller skates, into my dad. I let out a small laugh as Neville swallows hard. His fear is my dad.

“Oi Nev! You seriously can’t still be scared of him?” Ron exclaims from the back of the class. Hermione scolds him and elbows Ron in the ribs.

In the same demeanour that my father portrays, the tall stance and the cold stare, he strides towards poor Neville. As he calls out the Riddikulus spell, my dad’s clothing transform into the ones of an older lady. From his black cloak it morphs into a skirt and jacket, with a large hat on top of his head along with a red bag on his arm. The sight of his makes me burst into laughter, giving Neville a high five as he walks towards the back.

Turning back, Hermione gives me a reassuring nod as it is now my turn. Nerves sit deep in my stomach as I step up to the boggart. I whips and morphs ones more, transforming itself into what I fear the most. I am unsure what my truest fear is; of course I am scared of things but I don’t think I have something that fears me the most. Gripping onto my wand, I watch as the boggart changes, but my dad is standing before me once again-- this time in his normal attire.

I feel my stomach flip and my face drops at the sight of him.

I could hear the class behind me whispering in confusion at the sight of Snape. I could feel my anxiety building, the fear starting shake me to my very core. My legs go numb, as I start to panic. I’ve seen this before, this scene of my father standing before me, falling to the ground and--

“Oh no.” My voice breaks.

My dad’s mouth falls open, spitting blood down his chin. He grips onto his throat as he chokes on his own blood. The whole class gasps in utter shock at the sight. I couldn’t move, one of my dads blood soaked hands reaches out towards me, begging for my help-- but I couldn’t do anything. My eyes darken, changing into nothingness, they were pitch black. I am unable to form a word, not even a scream, I am frozen-- I could only manage to shake my head in denial of everything that is playing out before me.

My eyes start to prick with tears, as I watch my dad cough and splutter blood over himself as he falls to the ground, desperately gasping for air. My knees buckle, and I fall to the floor, dropping my wand. I just felt pain, my chest is tight and aching for me to cry out, but I couldn’t-- I couldn’t make a sound.

“Moody! Do something!” Hermione exclaims as her and Ron run over to my side.

“P-Phoenix--” My dad mutters through his blood soaked mouth. I instantly cover my ears, shielding myself from the agony and pain my father is in-- and I can’t help him.

I am hopeless-- I am weak.

“Riddikulus!” Moody waves his wand at the boggart, transforming the boggart into a teddy bear, then another wave of his wand it’s sent back into the cupboard and locked. I could hear Moody’s muffled voice, dismissing the class. As everyone leaves, the tears start to fall down my cheeks, still holding my hands over my ears, but I could hear Hermione softly speaking to me, telling me that it’s okay-- it’s not real.

Moody sent Ron away as well, but I was unsure for what reason. Soon after Ron disappeared, he returns but with someone else with him. I was frozen in place, unable to move my head up to see who he was with. The unknown person walks briskly over towards me, then I suddenly feel a cold hand underneath my chin, forcing my face upwards-- meeting a pair of dark eyes.

It was my dad.

His eyes flick over my black eyes, letting out a low sigh. I let out a small sob at the sigh of him, the tears falling down my cheeks, but seeing him didn’t make me feel any better. I had fallen deep into the darkness, much like before when I had come across the moment of my fathers death in my nightmares. My dad takes my hands and lifts me to my feet, bringing me towards his chest. His long cloak engulfs me as his arms wrap around me. His heart beat was fast and frantic, but the sound soothes me slightly.

I felt numb.

Like all my happiness has left me.

I felt nothing.

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