Little Phoenix

Dark Blue

We spend a few hours in the Great Hall, chatting and laughing, mostly everyone else just cheering me up after the day I’ve had. I’m so lucky to have the friends I do in this school, they make me feel so whole. As the sun completely set, I make my way up to the common room with everyone, but I remember that I wanted to find my dad to speak to him about my new skills.

Telling the group that I will meet them in the common room, I turn away and walk into the opposite direction, towards my fathers office. Turning a few corners, and walking down another hall, I make it to my father office. Knocking on the door, there was no answer-- it’s empty. I furrow my brow, turning to walk towards his classroom, he could be doing his marking in there.

A cold breeze whisks through the long, empty hallway, making me wrap my arms around myself. I think about all of the things that I would like to ask my father, all of the things I want to know about my new abilities.

Tearing me away from my thoughts, someone grabs me on the arm, and pulls me into the broom cupboard. I let out a gasp as I am thrown into a dark room, and slammed against the stone wall. All I hear is staggered breathing and my pounding heart in my ears. My hands are bound above my head, held together by the same hand that dragged me in the room.

“What the fu-”

My sentence was cut off by a pair of lips crashing on mine, I let out a soft moan against the mystery person’s lips. It was was rough, but the lips were soft, their tongue glides along my lips. Another hand snakes around my throat as their lips intertwined with mine, nipping at my bottom lip. Chills radiate down my spine, as I felt rings pressing against my neck. The emotions of this person came to me as their skin touched mine, making me suck in a breath.

Passion, lust, arousal.

My thoughts were racing, I thought this was Fred but it was different. Cold hands, more rings than usual. I squirm free of the tight grip that was held above my head, breaking the kiss, pushing the mystery person away from my body.


Lifting my hand up as a soft blue light radiates from my palm, lighting up my face, I squint to allow my eyes to adjust. Standing in front of me, chest heaving, hair sitting neatly over his forehead, wiping his lips with his thumb while holding a devilish smirk.


My mouth gapes open, as the platinum blonde haired boy stands in front of me. My unlit hand slowly covers my open mouth, touching my flushed lips that were just on Draco Malfoy’s. The blue light accentuated his chiselled face and making his icy eyes look even colder.

“You’re a little tease, did you know that Phoenix?” His voice was dark, still holding his evil smirk. I freeze, unable to speak. What the fuck just happened? All I can do is just stare at Draco, most likely with eyes turning a dark blue from shock.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that, Grey.” Draco slowly walks over, closing into me as I stay frozen to the wall.

His hand snakes around the back of my head, his fingers raking through my hair. The coldness of his fingers bring me out of my shocked state. I shake my head, while ducking under his arm, I quickly grab the door knob, flinging the door open. Running as fast as I could down the hallway and away from the broom cupboard-- away from Draco.

Making my way back to the Gryffindor common room, my breathing is heavy as I begin to panic. Quickly telling the Fat Lady the password as she looks at me with confused eyes while opening the door. I run into the open space, where I see my friends sitting by the fire, there are other Gryffindor students sat around chattering and laughing but as I run in, all heads are turned towards me.

My breathing is harsh, and my eyes are wide. “Phoenix, you alright?” Harry asks. I swallow hard, still struggling to find the words. Just the thoughts of Draco’s lips on mine, his tongue, his hands run through my head.

“Phoenix, what happened?” Hermione walks over to me, placing her hand on my shoulder, I quickly focus on her, with my wide eyes and gaping mouth I finally find the words.

“Draco... he- he kissed me.”

The whole group fill the room with what’s and where’s, Hermione’s brows knit together in confusion.

As I look up, I see him.


His eyes are filled with anger, and a hint of sadness. No one really knows of our small thing, so he stays quiet. My stomach fills with guilt, his eyes staring into my soul, I know he’s not happy.

As I scan the room, I see a bottle of fire whiskey on the table, I walk over, quickly pouring myself a glass, necking it down in one. The warm amber liquid burns my throat, bringing me back into reality.

I slump down onto the sofa, next to Ron. I begin to explain what happened, as I am saying all the things Draco had said, I could see the anger build up in Fred’s eyes. I look at him in the eyes, trying to tell him with my eyes that we will speak about this in private. He just continues to give me a dark stare, which sends chills through my body.

George speaks up, “Well, it’s been one hell of a day for you Phoenix.” He elbows Fred in the ribs while laughing, but Fred continues to glare at me. I swallow once again, his eyes burn into my soul, but I can’t look away from him.

Pouring myself another drink, and once again, throwing my head back, sending the alcohol down my throat. The alcohol begins to hit me quickly, warming my face up making my cheeks flush red.

The group continue to chatter and work out why Draco would kiss me, which has been on my mind since it happened. I mean we’ve not been the best of friends, not even friends at all. I shake my head trying to let the thoughts fall to the back of my mind. Another drink down, the room is spinning.

We’ve moved on from the conversation of my dramatic activities, finally. But Fred is still cold towards me, I know we can’t move on without talking to each other properly, so I try and leave him alone until we talk.

I am about seven drinks in, which is probably more than the group, even though they started before me. I’m rather drunk and the room is now blurry. Everyone is laughing, and having fun. Every so often I glance over to Fred, and in return I get a stone cold glare. I can’t take it anymore, I slowly lift myself off the sofa, using the arm as support.

“I have to use the... the bathroom.” I announce through slurred words, but I’m mainly staring at Fred, trying to get him to follow me.

I stumble my way through the short hallway and into the bathroom, I can feel the cold air hitting my warm skin, the moonlight shining through the large stain glass window. I splash my face with some water, trying to sober myself up, hoping that Fred will come in soon. With that thought, the door slowly creeks open, his red hair glowing under the moonlight. Fred’s eyes are still cold, still holding the strong stare. He gorgeous.

“Hey.” I squeak. His jaw once again tenses up, anger is pulsing through his veins. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what happened--”

“Did you like it?” His voice cuts through me like a knife. What? My brows knit together, trying to figure out what he just said.

“I- uh.” Once again I am lost for words. Fuck.

He slowly strides over to me. “You heard me Phoenix. Did. You. Like. It?”

I am pressed up to the sink, the room was cold but my skin is burning hot. My breath hitches as the ceramic touches the bare skin on my legs. Fred towers over me, looking down with lust filled eyes. Fred slowly lifts his hand, using his fingers to hold my chin up to face him. The overwhelming feeling of emotion comes over me.

Lust and anger.

My eyes are changing, they’re a rich purple shade, and I can see Fred’s lips curve into a smirk. I bite my lip while staring into his dark eyes.

“Do I need to show you that you really belong to me?”

I am suddenly stone cold sober, as he pulls my bottom lip with his finger. All my butterflies go south, I begin to feel a wetness between my legs. And I can feel his pressing against my stomach.

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