Little Phoenix

Golden Glow


I could feel his warm breath on my face, the fire whiskey scent flowing off his tongue.

I’ve never seen this side of Fred, so intimidating. He continues to play with my bottom lip while holding my chin in place, I can’t look away from his dark eyes.

“So Phoenix, what’s the answer?” His voice sends shockwaves down below, I bite my lip as he has me completely tongue tied.

I give in, my hand quickly grabs the nape of his neck, bringing him down to my wanting lips. He eagerly kisses back, this time it was more rough. Fred removes his hand from my chin and grabs the back of my thighs, lifting me up into the sink, my legs wrap around his waist as he pushes his tongue into my mouth. His ring presses into the skin on my leg, giving me goosebumps. Fred’s mouth is truly irresistible, he tastes like fire whiskey, which always tastes better on his tongue.

My hands rake through Fred hair, gripping with need at the back of his head, as I tug lightly he lets out a deep groan. I suck in a breath as the sound of his groan radiates though my whole body, it made me want more. I slowly slide my hands down and up his jumper, my cold hands feel like they’re burning as I caress his soft skin, feeling every muscle tense under my cold fingertips.

He shifts his hands up, pushing my skirt above my hips, revealing my black lace thong. As he runs his fingers along the lace, I feel a smirk pull at his lips.

“These are nice, bet you taste good under them.” with a voice like silk, he always sends electric down towards my groin, filling me with want and need for him.

His mouth moves from my lips, down my cheek, along my jaw and down my neck. My breathing is staggered, as I continue to let out soft moans. He nips and sucks on the skin of my neck, continuing south, he kneels down to be level with my groin, I watch him with my lust filled purple eyes as he looks up with his dark chocolate ones.

“Is this okay?” Fred’s voice had changed to a soft and caring tone.

I nod down at him, unable to let out any words.

“I need words, Phoenix.” He plants kisses on my thighs, making me throw my head back, softly moaning.

“Y-yes, please Fred.” I grip the hair on top of his head, desperate for his touch.

He smiles up at me. Fred slowly leans his head down, planting more soft kisses on my thighs, he then nips at the tender skin, I let out a loud groan and he stops instantly.

“Now Phoenix, if you want this, you have to keep quiet.” Fred tone is serious and full of desire, I look at him with wanting eyes, nodding at his request.

Once again he leans his head down towards my heat, kissing and nipping at my sensitive skin, I try desperately to not let out a sound. My head rolls back, leaning against the wall as Fred lifts his hand between my legs, pulling my black thong to one side, completely exposing me to the cold air. His kisses on my thighs heating up my skin, slowly moving closer to my heat.

He plants a single kiss on my hot womanhood, the feeling of pleasure radiates up my spine. He pushes my legs open wider, still using his hand to hold my underwear to one side. He pushes his tongue between my lips and onto my most sensitive part, instantly my eyes roll to the back of my head. His skilled tongue plays with my clit. I cover my mouth with my hand to stop myself from screaming.

With his free hand, Fred inserts one finger into my wetness, it almost sends me into a spiral. Gripping hard onto his hair as he continues to pleasure me with his tongue. He lets out a deep groan, as I get more soaked under his mouth. He inserts another finger and begins to move them, slowly, in and out.

“Oh fuck, Fred!” I gasp at the new feeling, the overwhelming pleasure overcomes me.

Letting out staggered moans against my hand, as he pushes his fingers in and out of my soaked heat. He continues to stimulate my clit, building my pleasure, I’m getting close to coming completely undone. My blood is pounding in my veins. I am panting with need.

My pleasure is building, growing closer and closer to my sweet release. My eyes flutter closed, as my back begins to arch, throwing my head further back, my mouth gaping letting out silent moans as my release is coming close.

Suddenly I hear the door of the bathroom slowly creak open, my head shoots forward, and my pleasure quickly subsides. Fred quickly lifts himself off the ground, removing his fingers from my wetness. He turns around, leaning back into me, hiding my small frame with his large torso, both arms lean against the sink either side of my legs. I continue to hold my hand against my mouth while my release falls further away from me.

“You alright Fred? Where’s Phoenix?” It’s Ron. Once again interrupting us.

“Yep. Yeah, all good! Phoenix went to get some air, I think.” Fred stutters.

“Oh alright, just wondered what was taking you so bloody long.”

Fred lets out a chuckle, pushing his hand up behind him, slowly snaking his fingers under my skirt. He begins to pleasure me over my underwear. My head falls back, holding my hand tightly over my mouth. Slowly moving in a circular motion around my clit, building my pleasure once again.

“I won’t be long mate, just drank a bit too much.” Fred says, still stroking my sensitive area.

I hear the door creek shut, I know that Ron has left, thank fuck. Fred turns back around, staring deeply with lustful eyes.

“You’re a prick.” I say through panting breaths, he laughs softly with a devilish smirk on his lips.

“Where were we?” He once again leans down, pulling my underwear to the side, He spreads my legs and pulls one of them up behind my knee, so it resting on the sink. This allows his to gain more access to my entrance, he inserts two fingers into my wetness.

“God, you’re so wet Phoenix.”

I let out a groan as Fred tongue finds my clit once again, sensitive from the built up pleasure. He moves his fingers, curling them upwards hitting my sweet spot, as he does this, Fred sucks on my clit, sending me into a complete spiral.

“Oh god F-Fred, I’m c-”

My release takes over my body, pulsing around his fingers. My body quivers and shakes. My moans silent, screaming into the dark room, with no sound.

Fred pulls his fingers out of me, lifting himself off the floor. I watch him with heavy eyes, he bring his fingers up to his mouth, sucking them both clean. I liked this side of him, this dark and sinful side.

He brings his face closer to mine, his eyes widening ever so slightly, then letting out a small smirk.

“Now, this is my favourite colour.” He bites his lip, as he pull me in closer.

I turn to look into the mirror, and there looking back is a pair of golden glowing eyes, they’re probably the best colour I’ve seen.

I turn back to Fred, letting out a soft, satisfied sigh.

“Now you know who you belong to, Phoenix.”

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