Little Phoenix

Shining Crystals

I wake up to the bright sun flooding the room with bright orange light. I really must learn to close my curtains.

It must have been early, as the sun was creeping over the horizon. I blink a few times, I feel like I was hit by a bus. The day I had yesterday, I felt like I couldn’t catch a break.

The memories of the time I had with Fred, fills my brain, I smile, the thoughts making my stomach fill with butterflies, which flutter down south. Lifting myself off the bed, desperate for a nice hot shower.

The hot water is soothing, my body ached from the brawl I had with Pansy. I can’t keep doing this, I will lose my place in this school, I will lose my friends, and Fred. I let the water wash away my bad thoughts.

After my shower, I make my way back up to my room, drying my long hair in a towel as I walk. Hermione is sat up in her bed, rubbing her temples, oh no another rough hangover.

“Mooorning.” I joke at her, she replies with a deathly stare, her face makes me burst out laughing.

“I’m never drinking again.” She continues to rub her head.

“You say that, until next weekend.” I laugh.

she groans while flopping back on her bed.

“Come on Hermione, we have shit to do today.” I’m shaking her on the shoulder, trying to revive her.

“Okay... I’m getting up.”


Hogsmeade is booming with life, many Witches and Wizards doing their weekly shop, small children flooding the sweet and joke shops, it’s a wonderful atmosphere.

I’m walking arm in arm with Hermione, we make our way down the small village. The boys joined us, but we left them to it as they ran into Zonko’s Joke Shop.

It’s a week before the Yuel Ball, I bite my lip in excitement. Myself and Hermione are on our way to find our gowns.

Finding the small shop called Galdrags Wizardwear, walking in, we see the room filled with beautiful sequin and glittery dresses, along with bright and colourful suits, all hung on railings, some being set up on mannequins. A small gentleman welcomes us, we tell the man our booking name.

He takes us down a small corridor and into another room. It’s a large dressing room, tall mirrors coving one of the walls, another one holding a golden fireplace, the walls were painted a deep blue shade. The room was lit up with floating candles, much like the ones in Hogwarts. In the middle of the room, on the dark wood floor, there was a podium, and there standing on it was a small elf.

“Hello Miss Granger, and Miss Grey. Welcome, my name is Effy and I am here to assist you.” Effy had a soft high pitched voice, she was dressed in a knitted dress which was a dark grey colour.

Myself and Hermione both greet Effy, and tell her what we are looking for, she quickly runs off as we remove our outer garments.

Effy briskly returns, waving her wand in the air, following her is a ton of different dresses, all different colours and styles. They were all so beautiful. Effy tells us to try those on and if we need her she will be outside. We both thank her as she slowly closes the door.

We begin giggling with excitement as I rummage through the floating dresses.

“Oh my god Hermione, these would look amazing on you!” I say, as I pull out a few dresses.

“Who are you going with by the way? I heard that Ron was being a prick because he doesn’t have a date and you do.”

I see her cheeks flush red.

“Come on spill!” I elbow her.

“It’s Viktor.” She says quietly, redness is now covering her whole face.

My mouth drops and my eyes grow wide.

“I TOLD YOU!” I scream, Hermione quickly hushes me as I dance around, knowing full well I was right. I pull her into a tight hug, she lets out a loud laugh.

“Who are you going with Phoenix?” Hermione looks at me quizzingly, now it was my face that’s turning red.

“I- ugh... Fred.” I say under my breath.

“What’s that? I didn’t hear you.”


Hermione’s eyes grow wide. “What! You know, I knew there was something going on between you two.” She says while shaking her head.

Memories of last night flood in my brain, there’s defiantly more than ‘something’ going on. Hermione catches me biting my lip while deep in thought.

“Oh my god have you guys-”

“No, no, we haven’t... yet.” Hermione’s hand slaps over her mouth, I laugh hysterically at her reaction.

After we pull ourselves together, we begin trying on dresses. It didn’t take very long for Hermione to find her perfect dress, a beautiful, floaty tulle dress, with different shades of purple within the layers, the tight bodice looked exquisite on her, accentuating her womanly figure.

I on the other hand, can’t find a thing. I’ve had Effy come in three times to bring me more dresses to try on, I felt awful but she was happy to help.

Effy brings in the last bunch of dresses, I huff in frustration, thanking her again. Something catches my eye as the dresses float in. I quickly rummage through to grab the shining garment. Hermione lets out a gasp as the sparkling dress is revealed.

I quickly try it on, Hermione does the zipper up and it fits like a glove. I feel like a shining star. The beautiful dress, fitted tightly to my figure, but pooled out around my knees in a mermaid style, the bodice was simple, curved at the breasts with thin straps that scoop down my back, revealing my skin to the bottom of my spine. The gown was covered in moon stone like crystals, when the light hits, colours of blue and purple shine faintly, parts of my skin on the bodice is showing through, where the crystals are broken apart. The crystals fade out around the bottom of the dress which are dotted beautifully on a fine mesh, almost looking as if they are floating. It was perfect.

My eyes turn a warm yellow shade from pure excitement and happiness, I finally found the dress. I see Hermione in the mirror, who is smiling widely at me.

I can’t stop looking at myself, I’m never one for usually dressing up but this made me feel like a different person.

I couldn’t wait to see Fred’s reaction.

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