Little Phoenix

Swirling Frost


Days go by, creeping closer and closer towards the Yuel Ball. I’ve been studying hard with Hermione in the library, so I haven’t seen Fred for a couple of days, or even my father. Walking out to the courtyard, holding my school books close to my chest, the snow is falling in large flakes from the sky, landing onto the already coated floor.

Breaking me from my peaceful trance, I hear loud, booming laughter as I spot the four boys, I roll my eyes, Fred and George have begun wrestling one another, as Harry and Ron cheer them on. I see Hermione on the steps in front of me, watching the boys cause chaos. I hear her scoff and shake her head as she looks down at her open book.

I sit on the steps next to Hermione in silence, she gives me a warm smile and continues to her book. As Fred holds George in a headlock, I connect eyes with him, while he grips his twin around the neck. His eyes deepen as they lock with mine, I feel like everything begins to go into slow motion. He makes me feel so shy, and I am not one usually to be shy. I bite my lip and smirk at him, still holding our gaze.

George then whips out of Fred’s tight hold, tackling his brother to the ground. Fred lets out a grunt as he hits the hard floor, the sound sends shivers down my spine.

“That’s quite enough Weasley-- both of you.” My dad’s calm and cold voice snakes up behind me. Fred pushes George off him, while George mocks him stating that he won the fight. They shove each other as they walk though the large doorway, mumbling profanities towards one another. As they walk past, Fred gives me a cheeky wink, making the butterflies flutter.

Harry and Ron follow closely still laughing. I turn to look Hermione in the eyes, and she knew, I wanted to be alone with my father to speak to him. She squeezes my arm, while lifting herself off the cold floor and following the boys.

I look up at my father, who is standing in his long robes, as always. He looks more tired than usual, the bags under his eyes are darker.

“How are you now Phoenix?” He looks down to me sat on the stairs, his face is always so emotionless, but I always see a slight warmth in his dark eyes.

“I’m okay, I’m lucky that this time round I have some great friends.” I smile up at him. “I actually wanted to speak to you dad--” I stand next to him as he stares out into the snowy horizon.

“Mm-hmm.” He doesn’t move, just continues to look into the distance.

“I- I think I can conjure magic without my wand.” I say. I could see his brows knit together but still not moving his gaze towards me. “I mean, I was able to electrocute Pans-” My eyes grow wide as I say too much. “A-And cast lumos with my palm.” I say quickly, trying to save myself from my mistake.

My dad’s eyes slowly shut as he lets out a disappointed sigh. I turn to the stone doorway, taking my hand from my glove, I tap the stone gently with my middle finger, and from that a swirling frost climbs up the stone wall. Turning back to my dad, I beam up at him as he gives me a small smile.

“I feel it growing, it feels stronger today than it did yesterday.” I look down at my bare hand, balling it up in a fist, feeling the power pulse through my veins. My dad turned towards me, lifting my head with his hand under my chin, he was wearing leather gloves, they were cold against my skin.

“You have always been powerful Phoenix, ever since you were a baby.” His words make me grin widely, hearing him speak fondly of me warms my heart. “But you must be careful Phoenix, if your powers are growing, you must learn to control them.” The seriousness in his voice is clear. I nod up at him. He pulls me into his chest, one hand on the back of my head, holding me tightly to him. I slowly close my eyes and let out a sigh. “I am proud of you Phoenix, you know that?”

I smile and nod again, the words from his mouth gives me so much pride. Tears begin to prick my eyes, but I push them back.

I say goodbye to my father and walk towards the Great Hall.


As I make my way through the corridor, an arm snakes around my shoulder. It’s Fred. I let out a sigh of relief, swatting him on the chest as he laughs. “I’ve missed you Grey, you avoiding me or something?” He narrows his eyes at me, I roll mine and scoff.

“No, I’ve been busy with a thing called studying. You should try it.” I smirk, biting back a laugh. Another arm wraps over my shoulder. It’s George. I swear these boys are attached to one another.

“Phoenix, where have you been?” George pulls me into him ruffling my hair. I laugh and push him away, grabbing my book, I hit him on the arm. Walking into the Great Hall, both twins wrapped over my shoulders. I see the rest of the group, they’re all sitting in the usual place. As we make our way towards them, I start to hear some of the other conversations going on around the hall.

“Oh my god, she kissed Draco.”

“Draco said she was super filthy.”

Draco spread rumours? I feel my eyes beginning to burn, as I was about to turn towards the ones speaking about me, Fred had heard the conversation too instantly swatting the Ravenclaw student around the head. “What the fuck did you say?” Fred towered over the student as he began to stutter. He muttered that Draco had said what happened in the broom cupboard and that I was super desperate.

What the fuck!

I can now feel myself boiling over. Once again, as I go to storm over to Draco and his pals, Fred beats me to it. He strides over to them, while George, Harry and Ron quickly chase after him. I run to catch up with them.

“Oi Malfoy, why are you spreading rumours about Phoenix?” Fred’s voice is loud and stern.

I quickly push past Fred. “What the fuck are you saying about me, you little prick?” I storm towards him, but quickly stopped by George, He grabs me around the waist, stopping me from getting close to Malfoy.

“Oh here she is, back for more are we Phoenix?” Draco’s smug voice sends me into rage. My eyes turning a deeper red than before.I squirm in George’s tight grip, I am not to be fucked with. “Seeing as you were begging for it the other day, you’re such a little cock tease.” Malfoy’s friends begin laughing loudly.

I seen something snap in Fred, he lunges towards Draco. George quickly drops me, rushing to stop his brother from killing Malfoy. George grabs one of Fred’s arms, wrapping his free arm around his waist. This wasn’t enough to hold him back, Harry and Ron quickly step in grabbing ahold of Fred’s other arm, while Ron pushes on Fred’s chest.

I could see Fred’s rage, he manages to shove Ron and Harry away, still attempting to hurl himself at Draco. Neville and Seamus appear, stepping in to stop Fred. Ron and Harry re-take their place, making it five people in total, attempting to stop Fred.

I look over at Draco, who is laughing with his Slytherin pals. I narrow my dark red eyes at him, clenching my jaw. I can’t keep letting my anger get the better of me. I don’t want myself or Fred to get expelled. I shake my head, walking towards the crowd of boys who are holding Fred.


I hold my hand up at Fred, and he is dragged away from the group of boys by my casted charm. I follow him as he yells and kicks. Leaving the group in silence as I walk out of the Great Hall, with Fred held helpless under my spell.

“Phoenix, let me go!”

I push him into a small room, it is filled with old chairs and tables, most of the chairs were stacked on top of one another, as high as the ceiling. As we were in the room, I relaxed the charm against Fred.

“Why did you do that Phoenix, he was being a fucking ass!” Fred yelled towards me, I could see how angry he was. His chest was rising and falling fast, hair messed up from the fight against 5 boys. Merlin he was gorgeous, especially when he was angry.

I knew he had to blow of some steam, I grab him by his jumper collar, pulling him down. His lips crash onto mine with a passionate need. I wrap my arms around his neck as he groans against my mouth. He quickly grabs my thighs with his large hands, lifting me off the ground and slamming me against the wall.

In a matter of seconds, I could feel his hard manhood, as he grinds against my burning crotch. I moan softly, while his tongue slips into my mouth. He quickly moves his lips down my neck, aggressively kissing and biting hard at my tender skin. I grip his hair, tugging lightly.

“You’re mine.” His voice hissed into my neck, it sends shockwave down to my crotch.

Fred is still holding me against the wall effortlessly, one of his hands glides over, gripping my backside roughly. I let out a groan as his nails dig into my skin.

“I want to please you...” I manage to speak, while moving my free hand between our bodies, I cup his arousal, I could feel how large he is under my palm.

He continues to kiss my jaw, groaning under my touch. “Please...” I whisper in his ear, as he sets me down on the ground.

Fred looks down at my with lust filled eyes, he cups my burning cheek, while leaning down, giving me soft kisses on my lips.

I once again cup his manhood, which is almost bursting out of his jeans. He groans against my lips, taking my bottom lip between his teeth.

Unbuttoning his jeans with one hand, I tuck my hands into the waistband, pushing them down, leaving his boxers. I look up at him, one of his hands pressed on the wall above me, the other holding up the hem of his jumper, partially revealing his pale, freckled skin and toned abs.

I lick my lips and place a light kiss, just above his boxer band, I hear him take a sharp intake of breath through his teeth, so desperate for my touch. With my hands, I run them up his thighs, and along the sides of his hard manhood, he lets out a groan.

Hooking my fingers in his boxers, I pull them over his bulge, his erection springs up, and my god it’s large. My eyes go wide at the size of him, I look up again with my shocked expression and he is already smirking down at me.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” Fred softly says, while stroking my cheek with his thumb.

“I want to... I want to make you feel good.”

Taking his large shaft in my hand, I lightly run my fingers along the soft skin. Fred groans loudly at my touch.

“Muffliato” I wave my hand towards the door, casting the silencing charm as Fred groans again.

I once again connect eyes with him, he watches me with lust filled eyes. With my eyes still connected with his, I pull his large member into my mouth, taking in as much as I could. His eyes grow wide, and his lips are slightly parted. Fred is panting, with his chest rising and falling.

While closing my eyes, I pull my head back from his length, then slowly bringing it back into my mouth, going deeper this time. Fred hisses and let’s out a deep grunt. He caresses my hair, lightly applying pressure on my head, desperate for more.

“Oh god Phoenix... your mouth feels s-so good.”

His moans are like music to my ears, I begin picking up my pace, going back and fourth, swirling my tongue around the tip. Looking up at him again, he’s now resting his forearm against the wall, resting his head against it. I watch as he is completely at my mercy.

I take my hand and begin stroking the rest of his shaft, while I focus on the tip, sucking and swirling my tongue around it. Fred moans get louder and louder.

“Don’t stop... oh fuck Phoenix.”

He grabs a fist full of my hair and holds my head in place, I continue to use my hand and mouth at the same time. I let out a moan, while he is deep down my throat.

“Ohh fuck... I’m going to c-”

Suddenly his release comes flooding down my throat, I jolt in shock, but Fred continues to hold my head in place, as his orgasm rips through him. Swallowing his release, I flick my eyes up at him, gazing deeply into his dark eyes. Sliding myself up against the wall, Fred is still leant over, but he still towers over me. I lean my head back so I can face him.

“Fuck, Phoenix, that was-- that was incredible.” Fred says between breaths, I bite my lip and give him a smirk. He leans down, bringing me into a deep kiss. “You’re incredible.”

I feel myself melt, his words making my skin heat up completely. I can’t get enough of this boy-- this gorgeous boy.

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