Little Phoenix

Love Potion

Coming out of the small room, I peaked my head out to see if anyone was around. The coast was clear, I nodded towards Fred for us to leave.

We quickly moved, he wrapped is arm around me, attempting to act completely casual. I had to bite back a giggle from our sneaky behaviour, until Fred let out a snort. I burst into a fit of laughter, with him joining me soon after, I held my finger up to my lips and hushed him as we were walking into the Great Hall once again.

Scanning the room, I could see Malfoy and his friends, in the same place, and still laughing with his group of annoying friends. I shoot him an evil glare, my eyes flashing red, but I’m in too good of a mood to let him bother me right now. He glared back at me with a smirk on his lips.

We sit down with our group, Fred holding a large smile on his face.

“Where have you two been then?” Ron continues to eat, scoffing chocolate cake as he speaks.

“Oh, just went for some air.” I smile at him, connecting eyes with Hermione who is staring at me with narrowed eyes. I raise my brows at her, with a small smirk on my face. I see her eyes widen slightly as she looks away, I could tell she was holding back a laugh.

The next evening, Harry managed to get the clue from the golden egg, attempting to figure it out for weeks he finally cracked the code, but he still needed to understand the clue itself.

I meet Harry, Ron and Hermione in the library, who are all reading and writing the song, attempting to understand the clues meaning, and how Harry is going to possibly breath underwater.

“How you guys getting on?” I ask the group, the all look exhausted and stressed.

“Let’s just say, I’m screwed.” Harry says, banging is head against an open book.

I roll my eyes at him, “Something will come up Harry.” I touch his hand, the flood of his emotions hits me hard, the panic and stress, I quickly remove my hand from his, my eyes turning a grey colour.

Moody comes in out of nowhere, looking weird as always. He says that McGonagall would like to see Hermione and Ron. I narrow my eyes at him, getting a strange feeling, but I push it to the back of my mind.

I feel that I should leave as well. Squeezing Harry on the shoulder, I begin walking deeper into the library. I need to grab a book for my potions studies, but those books are held near the back.

The shelves are getting darker and darker, as I walk further in, I cast lumos with my hand, holding the light out in front of me, it radiates through my palm to my fingertips.

As I am walking, I begin hearing strange noises. They get louder as I walk nearer the back, sort of like groaning and kissing. My brows knit together, still holding the light out in front of me, I begin scanning the walkways.

I managed to find the book I was looking for, but I am still curious to where those noises are coming from, so I walk further into the darkness.

“Ohh fuck.”

My eyes grow wide, as I find the voice rather familiar. I continue to scan the walkways, and then I am stopped dead in my tracks.

My heart is pounding.

My throat tightening.

I began to feel sick to my stomach.

I could see the back of a familiar, tall, redhead, it was hard to make out who it was, but there was a pair of hands running through his hair, gripping onto it tightly.

I can’t see their face. I squint my eyes to try and focus, only behind able to hear the loud kissing of the couple and my blood thumping though my ears.

My mouth falls open, as he groans against her mouth, my eyes begin to well up with my iris’s turning a turquoise colour.


Dropping the book that was in my hands, as I see the girl that was behind him.

It was Pansy.

Her hair was messy, and her lipstick was smudged. She smirks at me and wipes her mouth with her sleeve.

“Oh hey Phoenix, sorry, I didn’t see you there.” She says sarcastically.

I begin to burn, my sadness turning into anger, eyes deepening. The twin boy turns around, his eyes hooded, as he stares down at Pansy longingly.

“My love, that was incredible.” He speaks, while playing with Pansy’s hair.

Then I knew.

She slaps away his hand, giving him a look of disgust. “I’m so sorry, me and Fred, we just couldn’t keep our hands off each other.” She laughs, biting her lip.

My stomach turns at her words, my anger coursing through my veins. The thought of her and Fred being together rises bile in my throat. I look at the boy again, then back at Pansy.

I manage to let out a small laugh, I walk over to her slowly.

“You know Pansy, if you’re attempting to hurt me by drugging Fred with Amortentia...” I speak softly, swallowing my burning rage.

She scoffs, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

She crosses her arms in attempt to protect herself, as I continue to walk closer and closer, until I am face to face with her.

I lean into her ear to whisper, “You should have drugged the right twin.”

I pull back, staring deeply in her green eyes, a smirk plastered over my lips. I watch as they grow wide, and her mouth drops, while all the colour from her face disappeared.

Turning my attention to George, his face in complete lust, continuing to stare at Pansy with love and infatuation. I pull on his jumper sleeve, in attempt to get his attention, he slowly turns his head to me, I don’t recognise him.

“Hey Georgie, Pansy isn’t feeling well, she needs some time alone.” I smile softly at him.

“But, I want to stay with my love.” His look of concern was adorable, but I knew it wasn’t real.

“You’ll see her tomorrow.” I interlock my hand in his, gently pulling him away.

He pulls back, going in to kiss Pansy, she reacts quickly and pushes him away roughly. George falls backwards and bumps into the tall self behind him, I quickly stand between them, grabbing my wand that is always kept in my knee high sock, I hold it against her neck.

“Don’t fucking touch him.” I threaten her, she looks back at me with a cold stare and disgust on her face.

As I am stood in front of him, George snakes his arm around my neck, hugging me tightly, swaying from side to side. He starts to hum in my ear, I knew I needed to get some help for him.

I pull George away, my hand still wrapped around his. I pick up my book and drag him out of the library, he walks drunkenly down the aisles.

“She truly is amazing, Phoenix.” George says sweetly, “Merlin, she’s incredible.” I shake my head at him.

“Mm-hmm sure.” I continue to drag him down the hallway, I need to find Fred.

Managing to get him up the moving stairs, which was a ball ache. I say the password to the fat lady, she looks at George with concern and allows us to enter.

Pulling him into the common room, I gently push him onto the sofa. He falls down, crashing into the pillows, I watch him as he pulls a large cushion into his chest, cuddling it tightly. Rolling my eyes, I could tell this was a strong potion.

I run into the boys dorms, In search for Fred, barging in, I wake their roommates who frantically cover their nude chests.

“Fred, wake up!” I grab a pillow from George’s empty bed, slamming it onto Fred.

He jolts awake, “What the fuck!” Fred yells, squinting in the dark.


His bedsheet falls down off his chest as he leans up onto his elbows, showing off his strong muscles and toned abs. I swallow hard, while staring at his body.

I shake my thoughts away, “I need your help, it’s George.”

Fred quickly whips back the covers, pulling himself out of bed, only in his boxers, I quickly turn my gaze away, with my face turning scarlet red. Pulling on some pyjama bottoms, he follows me out to the dorm room.

George is right where I left him, snuggling the large cushion on the sofa. I struggle to pull him up, making him sit upright.

“What happened to you mate?” Fred leans over, holding his brother behind the head.

“I’m in love with her Fred.”

I see Fred’s brows knit together and turn his eyes towards me. I mouth love potion towards him, his eyes shut slowly, while shaking his head.

“I know how to make the antidote, but I just don’t have the supplies.” I rub George’s back, while he sways side to side.

“I know who does, give me a list Phoenix, I’ll get them for you.” I give Fred a look of confusion, but I let it slide. I need to help George.

Giving Fred the list, he quickly runs out of the common room, while he’s gone, George continues to hum and sway. His long arms wrap around me, pulling me into a tight embrace, my face smothered into his chest, I attempt to fight his strong grip, my words muffled in attempt to tell George to let me go.

Fred quickly returned, I could hear his heavy breathing. He pulls George’s arms off my head, freeing me from his embrace. I laugh and thank Fred, while he laughs softly.

Pulling a load of bottles and vials out of his pockets, Fred sets them down on the table. I quickly grab a glass, starting to create the antidote for the Amortentia.

Mixing the ingredients, I look up at Fred, who has a worried expression on his face.

“He’ll be alright Freddie.” I sooth him, he nods his head back at me.

“Besides, when he’s back to normal, we can take the piss out of him, because he was snogging pug face Pansy.”

Fred gasps loudly, “NO FUCKING WAY!”

I nod, bursting into a fit of laughter.

Quickly mixing the drink, I pass the liquid to George. “What’s this lovely?” He looks at me lovingly.

“Just some water, you need to drink.” I push the glass to him, helping him knock the drink back.

Within a matter of seconds, George’s face drops, completely changing character.

“What the fuck just happened to me.” He switches his gaze from me to Fred.

“Love potion mate, do you remember anything?” Fred says, gripping George on the shoulder.

“Not really, it’s all a haze, I just remember eating a nice looking cake that was given to me by a nice looking girl.”

Me and Fred snort, bursting into fits of laughter. George watched us with a confused look, which makes us laugh even more, I wipe away my tears from laughing too hard.

Oh, you’re in for a treat.

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