Little Phoenix

Green Lace

George has been sitting with his head in his hands for about twenty minutes now. The memories are coming back, and the embarrassment is setting in. All me and Fred can do is laugh at him, yeah it’s pretty fucked what Pansy did, but he’s got to admit, it’s pretty funny.

Suddenly George gasps loudly, jolting me and Fred out of our conversation.

“I was snogging her... her mouth was on mine, h-her tongue.” George looks at me with a cringed facial expression.

Oh, he remembers.

I nod my head slowly towards George, he lets out a pained groan, falling back onto the sofa. I turn my head towards Fred, he has his hand over his mouth trying not to laugh, to which I accidentally let out a snort.

“Hey! If Pansy didn’t mistake me for Fred, it would have been him under that potion...” George leans his head up, staring at us both with a sharp glare.

“She would have been snogging him, you wouldn’t be laughing then- would you Phoenix?”

My laughter comes to a stop, I shoot a glare at George.

“Yeah, but she snogged you, mate.” Fred teased, cracking up, slapping his knees as he laughs.

I begin howling once again, falling back onto George, holding my stomach as it aches from laughing too hard.

“Fuck you guys.” George grabs a pillow, slamming it onto my face. It only makes me worse.

“I’m going to shower.” George lifts himself off the sofa, as he moves away my head flops onto the sofa, I remove the cushion from my face, sitting back up. We watch George walk away towards the shower room, as he walks away, he lets out a little shudder.

Mine and Fred’s laughter dies down as George closes the door behind him.

“You alright Phoenix?” Fred breaks the silence, I turn my gaze towards him with a slight look of confusion, he looks at me with a ‘come on I know you’ look.

“I just don’t get why she would want to drug you, with a love potion.” I stare down at my knotted fingers.

“Oh come on, look at me! I’m just so irresistible.” He gestures towards his whole body, holding a smirk on his mouth. I laugh softly, but the question still roams my mind.

“Phoenix, the rumours were that you kissed Draco... her boyfriend-”

“But I didn’t, he kissed me!”

“I know you didn’t, but that’s what she thinks. She was seeking revenge... just be glad she failed.” Fred takes my hand. My god, why is he always so warm. I let out a huff, knowing he’s right.

“Now be thankful, we can take the piss out of George for the rest of his life.” Fred shrugs, lifting himself off the sofa. He pulls me up and engulfs me in a warm hug, my head against his chest, I could hear his soft heartbeat, we stay here for a few moments, which feels like hours.

Suddenly, the door of the washroom opens sharply, and George comes stomping out, with a towel wrapped around his waist, which is sitting low showing of his deep V, his hair was a dark red shade, sticking to his forehead from the dampness.

My eyes widen, the similarities of him and Fred are unbelievable. My heart skips a beat, swallowing hard at the sight.

“Feeling better mate?” Fred nods towards George, who continues to storm across the common room.

“No.” George says bluntly.

He stomps up the stairs, heading towards the boys dorms. Fred yawns, stretching out his arms.

“Come on Grey, it’s getting late.” Wrapping his arm around me he leads me towards the dorm rooms, stopping and looking down at me, we come to where we split off.

He leans down, lightly pecking my lips with his, it sends shivers up my spine. As he pulls away I bite my lip, feeling all bubbly inside.

“Night Fred, I’ll see you tomorrow.” I say softly against his lips. Turning around, walking towards my room, I feel him watching me as I walk away.

Closing the door behind me in my room, I find Hermione’s bed empty. My brows knit together, but I push it back, as I remember that McGonagall asked for her and Ron.

After removing my clothes, I stare at myself in the mirror. Wearing my favourite laced, emerald green bra, of course with the matching underwear, the colour compliments my fair skin. Swooping my long hair, it hangs in waves down my back, grazing the middle of my spine. I admire my body, I’ve never been one to hate myself, even with my strange eyes. Catching my eyes in the mirror, they’re a warm yellow shade, I smile at myself.

A knock at the door startles me out of my thoughts, it must be Hermione, we usually knock, just in case we’re fully naked.

“Yeah, come in.”

The door opens, “hey Phoenix, you forgot your-”

Turning my head towards the open door, I lock eyes with George, holding the door handle with one hand and my book with the other. My eyes widen, turning cold lilac, as I realise that I am only in my underwear, but I am frozen in place.

He looks me up and down, and I notice a small smirk pull at his lips. I quickly grab a blanket that was on Hermione’s bed, using it to cover my revealed body.

“That colour look nice on you, Grey.” George’s eyes deepen, giving me chills up my back.

I roll my eyes at him, while waddling over to him, I snatch the book out of his hand, shooting him a sharp glare. He lets out a deep chuckle.

“By the way, that blanket hasn’t got much coverage.” He pokes his cheek with his tongue and gives me a wink.

My face flushes red, looking down at myself. I see that the blanket is poorly knitted, large revealing holes show off my bare body.

“Get out George.” I turn around, chucking the book on my bed.

“Alright alright, I’m going.” He holds his hands up in the air in defeat. Closing the door behind him, I am by myself again, I let out a sigh of relief and drop the blanket.

The door opens again, “In my defence, you did say I could come in.” George once again stands in the doorway.

Turning my hand towards the door, I cast it to slam shut, locking George out.

“Alright I’m going now!” I hear his muffled voice from behind the door. I let out a soft laugh, and shake my head.

I throw myself on my bed, letting out a groan. What the fuck just happened.

My eyes flutter open, waking to my body being extremely cold. Looking down at myself, I realised I fell asleep in my underwear, I wasn’t under the covers or anything, just the largely holed blanket slightly covering my legs.

Checking the time on the large clock, it’s 7am. Turning my head towards Hermione’s bed, it’s still empty. My brows furrow. Maybe she came in last night and got up early, or went to see Viktor. My concern for her grows.

I pull on my black, long, silk dressing gown, having to warm myself up, I head to the showers.

Walking through the common room, I see Fred and George sat on the sofa, they’re sorting out the case which holds their gambling booth.

“Morning boys, have either of you seen Hermione?” I stand behind the opposite sofa facing the twins.

They both look at me in sync, completely halting their task, smirking at me, while their eyes flick up and down my figure. I look at them both with confusion.

“Hello, anyone home?” I click my fingers at them, but they continue to smile at me.

“No Phoenix, we haven’t seen Hermione-” George says, his voice deep and calm.

“But, we can see something else...” Fred adds, biting his lip.

My brow furrows, looking down at myself, I see my dressing gown partially open, revealing my lace green bra. I quickly pull the gown over myself, storming away.

“PERVS!” I shout, slamming the door of the shower room shut.

I allow the warm water engulf me, it heats up my cold skin, sending goosebumps over my body. My thought run, thinking about where Hermione could be, my concern continues to grow for her.

I’m just hoping she’s safe.

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