Little Phoenix

Roaring Fire


After getting my self dressed, wrapping myself in a large black jumper, with leggings, throwing on my Gryffindor scarf and hat, I make my way down towards the common room, where the Weasley twins are waiting for me.

We make our way towards the Black Lake, where Harry will be doing his second task. As we begin reaching more people, George flips open his gambling booth, which hangs on his chest.

“Roll up roll up! Place your bets people!” Fred shouts.

I give them both a ridiculous look, rolling my eyes as I walk away.

The cold air breezes through me, I pull the sleeves of my jumper over my hands. Spotting Harry further ahead, I call him as I run over.

“Harry, you haven’t seen Hermione have you?” He looks nervous, I don’t really blame him, but he shoots me a confused look.

“I was going to ask you if you had seen Ron?” His brows furrow.

My face drops. Both of them, missing. My stomach fills with anxiety. I touch Harry on the shoulder, attempting to comfort him.

After climbing out of the boat, I make my way to the front of the crowd with Harry. As he prepares for the task, I make my way up to the second floor, so I could watch from higher up.

Dumbledore makes his announcement, stating rules and what the champions need to find in the lake. Everyone is cheering and clapping as the loud boom of the cannon goes off.

Cedric, Viktor and Fleur all dive into the lake, where as Harry gets pushed in, by Moody. Watching the lake with worried eyes, I try to any sign of Harry.

Suddenly he flips out of the water, with large fins and gills. I let out a sigh of relief, clapping along with the rest of the crowd.

Fred and George snake up behind me, yelling loudly. I smile at them both, as they squish me in the middle of them, I don’t really mind though, their heat is keeping me warm.

The cheering dies down, and quiet conversation is heard throughout the groups. I continue to stare at the water, waiting for a sign. All I can hear is the twins talking rubbish above me, as I lean over the railing.

First Fleur comes out of the water, empty handed.

Some time later, Cedric appears out of the water, with Cho. The crowd roars, as he swims with her towards the docks.

It finally clicks in my brain, that’s where Hermione and Ron are. As these thoughts come to my head, Viktor breaks the water, with Hermione.

A sigh of relief comes out of my mouth, I quickly turn and run down the stairs. As soon as I get to the bottom, she had reached the edge, lifting herself out of the water. I grab towels, running towards her.

“Oh my god Hermione! I was so worried.” I wrap the towel around her, she’s shaking like a leaf. I bring her in for a tight hug, taking my scarf and wrapping it around her neck.

Hearing the water break again, coughing and spluttering sounds reach my ears, it’s Ron and Fleur’s little sister, but no Harry. Helping them out of the water and wrapping them in warm blankets and towels.

Harry suddenly shoots out of the water, landing on the podium, spitting water. Everyone tends to him, his face covered in marks from the Grindylows.

After saving two people, Harry was awarded second place, the crowd cheers for him.


As everyone heads to the Great Hall, I make my way back to the common room. I need to do some work for my potions class, before the Yuel Ball tomorrow.

Heading up to my room, I change into some more comfortable clothing, sliding on some joggers, and a loose, off shoulder, top. I trail back to the common room with my quill and potions book.

Opening it up, I begin writing notes on some parchment. The fire roaring next to me in the large fireplace, heating up my skin.

I lean back into the sofa, studying the book. A little while later, I could hear footsteps coming up the stairs, and loud chattering. Immediately recognising the voices, Fred and George stride though the doorway, laughing and joking with one another.

“Alright Phoenix, you not coming to celebrate? Everyone is going to Hogsmead.” Fred questions.

“Yeah Phoenix, don’t be such a boring git.” George snickers.

I glare up at them, ignoring their words, both smirking back at me. The twins remove their coats and scarfs, leaving them in their matching Gryffindor jumpers, both rolling up their sleeves over their elbows.

Continuing to watch me, I focus back onto my book, as Weasleys do, the twins took this as a sign to annoy me more. They scurry over to me, dropping themselves onto the sofa, both sitting either side of me.

I huff and close my book, “what do you want, boys?”

“Parties are no fun without you Grey.” George leans in, and begins pushing me.

“Come on Phoenix! It’s Christmas Eve!” Fred shoves the other side, I am being pushed back and forth between both boys.

“I’m not thinking about celebrating right now!” I shove them both back.

“Oh, do you have something more fun in mind, Grey?” Fred’s voice deepens.

I switch my glance to him, his chocolate eyes dark.

“Ohh, wearing red this time I see Phoenix, have you seen this Fred?” George pulls at my revealed bra strap, twanging it so it stings my skin.

“Hmm- my favourite colour.” Fred leans closer to whisper in my ear.

“Does the underwear match this time, Grey?” George leans in the other side, sending chills along my neck.

Continuing to stare forward, I could feel my eyes changing, they’re deepening in colour, and my skin is burning, my crotch beginning to dampen.

“You did look pretty good last night, I must say Phoenix.” George leans closer, I could hear his smile in his voice. “If I was there a little while longer, I could have taken you right there, on that bed.”

My breath hitches, I close my eyes, trying not to show them what I’m truly feeling.

“I bet, she would look even better being taken on this sofa, right now.” As Fred finishes his sentence he lightly kisses my shoulder, his lips send goosebumps down my arm.

I slowly open my eyes, turning my gaze towards George. Dark brown eyes connecting with my deep purple ones, I bite my eager lips attempting to halt my strong feelings to kiss him. Looking down, I could see George, growing hard under his trousers.

“Go on, do it, you know you want to Phoenix.” Fred’s sensual voice creeps in my ear.

I give in.

We both lean in simultaneously, crashing our lips together, I let out a moan against George’s mouth, as his tongue makes his way through my lips. I pull his head in closer, wanting more of him. I feel Fred begin to kiss my open neck, snaking his arms around my waist, rubbing my thighs.

I feel George’s fingers, tugging at my shirt. I allow him to lift it over my head.

“Ohh, I like this bra a lot.” George speaks, his voice like silk.

He examines it, gently stroking the lace, skimming his thumb over my nipple, I let out a soft moan out of my parted lips.

Fred swooshes his leg over, pulling me into the open space, I lean back into him, feeling his hard on pressing into my back.

“Don’t worry love, we will make you feel so good.” He whispers into my neck with a seductive tone. He runs his fingers up my stomach and over my breasts, kissing and nipping at my neck, making me pant with want.

George places one knee on the sofa, “let’s see these matching panties, shall we, Fred?” He licks his lips, gazing up at me.

“We shall, George.” He laughs, nipping at my earlobe.

George pulls my joggers down, lifting me up slightly to remove them. Underneath is the matching red lace underwear, just as they were expecting.

I watch George, as he admires the matching set, Fred continues to toy with my breasts, pinching my nipples between his fingers. I moan loudly under his touch, my skin burning, I ache for more.

George leans down, planting kisses on my thighs, sucking and biting at my sensitive skin, I cry out at the pleasurable feeling.

Fred glides his hand down my body, while George kisses my thighs, Fred leans forwards slightly, and gently opens my legs, exposing me to George. Fred slips his hand down, underneath my underwear, touching my most sensitive area. I suck in a breath at his touch.

George climbs up over my body, once again planting his lips onto mine. Fred circles his middle finger on my clit, the pleasure radiates through my body. I moan against George’s lips, he pulls back tugging my bottom lip with his teeth.

Fred quickens with his fingers, building my pleasure. My moans start to get louder, my eyes flutter shut.

“Shh, we can’t have you bringing a crowd.” Fred hushes me.

“No, I want her screaming.” George leans back with a smirk, he pulls my underwear down my legs, while Fred continues to play with my clit. He inserts two fingers into my soaked entrance, my back arches against Fred.

George moves his hand, pumping into my wanting heat, I spread my legs wider to allow him more access, moaning uncontrollably.

“Ohh fuck- please.” I groan.

I move my hand behind my back, arching it to allow myself to grab Fred’s pulsing shaft. I graze my hand over it, he lets out a hiss in my ear.

“Is that what you want, Phoenix?” Fred’s low and sexy voice sends chills over my body.

I nod, still groaning as George continues to pump his fingers inside me.

“You know I need words Phoenix.” Fred’s tone is more serious.

“Y-yes, please Fred... Ohh, god George.” I say between my uncontrollable moans.

“As you wish.” Fred is smirking agains my neck, he lifts himself away from me, I fall back onto the sofa. George pulls out his fingers, also moving away from me.

George walks over to my top half, leaning down, bringing me in for a deep and passionate kiss, gliding his tongue along my lips, his hand moves over my throat, and grips it tightly, while moving his head down my neck and over my chest, gently kissing over my lace bra, and taking my nipple between his teeth, I cry out in ecstasy.

I take my hand, and place it on George’s thigh, I could feel him smirk against my skin. Running it upwards, I caress his manhood. He lets out a groan and bucks his hips against my hand. I undo his button and pull down the zipper, inserting my hand underneath his boxers.

I feel Fred kneel between my legs, hearing his zipper.

“You want this, Phoenix?” He says, as he places his tip against my soaked sex.

I groan at the feeling of him so close to me, I stroke George in his boxers, he’s lowly moaning, while continuing to kiss my breasts, sucking marks on my tender skin.

I buck my hips upwards, allowing Fred’s tip to slide in with ease. I hear him gasp, rubbing my thighs with his warm hands. Agonisingly slow, Fred pushes himself inside me, hissing through his teeth. I moan loudly, arching my back, continuing to play with George, his manhood twitching under my hand.

George leans up again, kissing my neck, while Fred pulls out, slowly inserting himself into me again.

“Phoenix, wake up.” George whispers in my ear.

Suddenly my eyes shoot open, I’m led on the sofa in the common room, the book I was reading was spread out over my chest. I look to my right, catching eyes with the twins.

George is knelt beside my head, and Fred is sat at the bottom of the sofa. They’re both smirking at me. My eyes widen, wondering if I had said anything in my sleep. Scanning the room, no one else is around, just us. The fire still roaring, snapping and popping sounds fill the silence of the room.

“What were you dreaming about, Grey?” Fred teases, breaking the silence.

I bite my lip, sitting myself up on the sofa. George stands, taking a seat next to me.

“Oh- uhh... nothing.” I stutter, placing the book on the table. I run my fingers through my hair, attempting to act normal.

“Didn’t sound like nothing mate... you were making some interesting sounds.” George smirks.

“Nice eyes, by the way.” Fred smiles evilly, knowing exactly what my purple coloured eyes mean.

The scent of Fred and George hit my nose, sending chills over my whole body. I let out an awkward laugh, quickly lifting myself off the sofa.

“I- uhh... I have to- do something.” I scurry away, leaving the twins, who follow me with their eyes, smirking at me on the common room sofa.

Quickly closing my bedroom door, I lean up against it, letting out a loud groan.

My heart was thumping through my chest, along with another strong heartbeat between my legs. The memories of the dream come back to me. I run my fingers through my hair.

Both of them... really.

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