Little Phoenix

Ice and Snow

{Just to let you guys know, I am not following the story line of how the Yule Ball goes, I will be adding a few things}

I spend the rest of the evening in my room, replaying the dream in my head over and over. How could I have possibly of dreamt of being with both of them.

I like Fred a lot, but there’s something about George, they are so similar, yet so different. Fred is cheeky and dominant, and George is soft and sweet. Although I feel he may have a dark side.

I sit on my bed, reading. I could tell it was rather late from how dark it was outside.

I hear a knock at the door, it causes my stomach to flip, but I shout to allow the person to enter anyway. It’s Hermione, I let out a sigh of relief as she comes stumbling in.

Closing up my book, I scooch to the bottom of my bed, sitting cross legged.

“Hey, have fun?” I ask her, she looks rosy in the cheeks, telling me she may of had a couple drinks.

“Yeah, where were you though? Fred and George said you ran off to our room in a hurry.” She sits on her bed, flicking her shoes off.

I feel my face flush, questioning myself whether to tell Hermione the truth or not, biting my lip, I look down at my fingers.

“Phoenix, what happened?” She sounded worried.

“No, nothing bad! I’m just confused.”

Her brows furrow, tilting her head at me. I begin nibbling at my fingers, feeling nervous to tell her about my very erotic dream.

“Tell me. Come on, I’m your best friend.” She lies down on her side, getting comfortable.

I let out a huff, “I-I had a dream...”

“About what?” She questions.

“About Fred-”

“That’s not that ba-”

“And George.” I cut in, stopping Hermione in the middle of her sentence, she freezes, I watch her as she computes what I said.

Hermione’s eyes widen, mouth beginning to gape wider, it forms into a large smile. She bursts into a fit of laughter, holding her stomach, rolling around on the bed.

Hermione flicks her head up at me, wiping tears from her eyes. “Both of them... interesting.” She giggles, leaning back up on her elbows.

I stay silent, just staring down at my fingers. “How was it?” She raises her brow at me, I see a glint of curiosity in her eyes.

I snort, the dream still vivid in my mind, as if it actually happened. Biting my lip, I look back up at Hermione, who’s glaring at me for information.

Oh fuck.

“It was... incredible.” I giggle, “Like, I know it was a dream, but it felt so real.”

Hermione gasps, “Oh my god, that’s so funny.” She chuckles, “You think you’re going to tell them?”

“No way! They won’t let me live it down.” I push down the thought of telling them, hell no.

Hermione shakes her head, laughing at me. “Get some sleep, we have a ball to go to tomorrow.”

I flick my eyes up at her, they begin to transform to my yellow shade, excitement now builds in my stomach. I smile widely, shuffling under my covers.

After Hermione shuts off the lights, my mind begins to trail off. The thoughts of Fred and George, touching me all over, kissing me, caressing every inch of my body, the dream runs through my mind over and over.

These boys are irresistible.

Walking back to my dorm from the Great Hall. I’m going to meet Hermione, so we can start getting ourselves ready for the Yule Ball.

“Phoenix!” A voice calling my name shakes me out of my own world. I turn to where the voice came from, and I see my dad. He saunters down the corridor, cape floating elegantly behind him. I take a few steps to meet him, he stops right in front of me.

“Merry Christmas dad, everything alright?” I gaze up at him, a worried look coming across my face.

“All is well Phoenix, I just came to give you your gift for this evening.” His low voice is calm. Reaching into his cape, he pulls out a small dark wooden box.

Taking it from my dad, I examine the detailed box, it was a dark mahogany, with carvings of snakes and flowers, which create a border. In the middle is a gold plate, with the initials E.P, it was beautifully crafted.

I look up to my dad. “E.P, who’s that?” He responds with a soft smile.

“Eileen Prince, my mother.”

My heart bursts, my father wasn’t very fond of sharing his childhood, I never really ask. Opening the box, it was lined with beautiful, dark green velvet, cushioned at the bottom, which held a delicate hair comb.

It was silver, darkening at the edges giving it a more rustic look. A large snake is taking up the whole comb, decorated with flowers and small emeralds, with a larger emerald in the eye of the snake. It was beautiful, a very special and meaningful gift.

Tears prick my eyes. Closing the box, I wipe my tears with my sleeve, holding it close to my chest. “Dad, It’s beautiful, thank you so much.” He looks down at me with warm eyes, and a soft smile.

Without saying a word, he pulls me in by my shoulders, wrapping me in his long arms around me. I continue to sniff and wipe my tears as he hugs me, I hear him let out a soft sigh. “Go on now Phoenix, best be on your way.”

I nod my head, turning away from him and begin making my way back towards my dorm room.

I feel as if I have entered an alternate universe. The person looking back at me in the mirror looks as if they’re from one of those muggle movies. I stare at myself, in disbelief that it’s me in that mirror.

After the assistance from Hermione, who gently places my grandmothers comb into my hair, I feel complete, continuing to look at myself in my mirror.

My gown filled with crystals hugs my curves beautifully, I was unable to wear a bra underneath, so I’m wearing my best underwear tonight. My white hair is loosely braided, with smaller, tighter plaits braided into it, and curls softly hang around my face, my comb is sitting gloriously at the top of my braid. My makeup was kept to a minimum, mainly focused on my eyes, deepening them with some eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara, accompanied with a nude lipstick and a soft blush.

Stepping into my beautiful, white heeled shoes, wrapping the lace up my calf. Standing back up, I look over at Hermione, she’s grinning from ear to ear. We stand in silence, admiring each other’s appearance.

“Wow... we look hot.” I say. Hermione bursts into laughter, she looks effortlessly beautiful, everything about her was perfectly placed. I smile at her, bringing her in for a tight hug.

She pulls back from our embrace. “You ready?” She smirks, her eyes sparkle with excitement. I bite my lip at her, nodding in response.

Making our way down the corridor arm in arm, our heels echoing through the hallway as we walk. Hermione suddenly stops. “Oh shoot, I’ve forgotten something.” She pulls away, starting to walk back towards the common room. “You go ahead Phoenix, I will see you in there.” The sound of her heels fade away.

My stomach begins to fill with anxiety, my heart races in my chest. Taking a deep breath, I stride towards the Great Hall. Beginning to hear the sounds of people, chattering and laughing, soft music is playing in the background.

I find myself at the top of the staircase, which is across the entrance to the hall. I swallow hard, looking down at the few crowds of people stood at the bottom, some look up at me, mouths partially opened. I once again take a deep breath, trying not to fall down the stairs.

I see Ron and Harry, familiar faces settle my nerves. Walking down the stairs, they turn and connect eyes with me, I smile sweetly at them, giving them a little wave.

“Phoenix... you look brilliant.” Harry says as I walk over to them, his kind words make me blush.

“Not to bad yourself boys.” I look at them both up and down. “Especially you, Ronald.” I give Ron a wink, looking him up and down at is interesting garments. Hearing Harry scoff, Ron rolls his eyes at me and I giggle playfully.

“I’m gonna go find Fred and George.” Squeezing both boys on the shoulder, I make my way through the large open doors.

Standing at the entrance, I look around in awe. The Great Hall is now a winter wonderland, completely transformed into a snowy palace. The walls look as if made of ice, with large icicles hanging down. The ceiling was snowing lightly, sparkling as the flakes hit the lights. Large, round tables, placed at each side of the room, leaving a walkway in the middle. The six tables all hold a beautiful ice sculpture in the middle. Where the walkway ends it opens to a large dance floor, and further back is three ginormous Christmas trees, all covered in snow, the biggest one holding a large star, which glows brightly, lighting up the whole room with a blue light.

Scanning the hall, I see groups of people, chatting, all dressed in elegant gowns and sharp suits. Walking down the large walkway, I continue searching for the twins. Their loud booming voices catch my ears, I turn towards the sound, and my mouth suddenly goes dry.

They’re wearing white shirts, detailed waistcoats, one red, one orange, black suit jackets and black trousers. They both look gorgeous, my heart flutters at the sight of them, as they laugh at one another.

I catch eyes with George, they grow wide and his lips part slightly. He hits his brother on the chest, making Fred look towards my direction. Fred’s expression as he gazes at me is one of awe, causing me to blush crimson.

I stride over towards them, holding my head high, walking with confidence, my dress dragging gracefully behind me. As I look up to the Weasley twins, they both continue to stare, completely immobilised, not saying a word.

“Can I help you, Weasley?” Smirking up at them, they both blink out of their trance.

“Phoenix. You look incredible.” Fred snakes his hand around my waist, kissing my hair. I bite my lip at his compliment.

“Here, have some of this Grey.” George hands me his glass, it contains a berry coloured liquid, guessing it’s just the punch. I bring the glass to my lips, taking a swig of the drink, suddenly a quick burning sensation runs down my throat.

My face instantly screws up, coughing into my hand. “What the fuck is that?” I wipe my mouth with my thumb, trying not to ruin my lipstick.

Fred and George burst out laughing. “We spiked the punch-” Fred says lowly. “-Yeah we managed to get some gin and rum, so we threw it into the drink.” George continues, he high fives his brother, both ginning proudly.

I shake my head at the boys, sipping the drink, after getting used to the strong alcohol, it’s actually good.

We all gather at the entrance, applauding the champions as they enter the hall. Hermione looks glorious, arm in arm with Viktor, I smile at her and she gives me a small wave. They all stand on the dance floor, and the music begins.

They all dance elegantly, I watch as they twirl to the music. Swaying to the melody, unable to resist myself from dancing. I spot Harry, who is obviously unprepared for this waltz, I let out a small giggle at how funny he looks, but regain my focus on Hermione’s beauty.

Dumbledore and McGonagall take to to dance floor, and the crowd applauds. Watching as more and more people enter onto the floor, I am itching to get on myself, continuing to sway to the music.

“Come on then, Grey.” I feel Fred’s breath on my ear, his voice low and sultry. He strides out in front of me, holding his hand out. “May I have this dance?” He smirks.

I grin widely, grabbing his hand. He pulls me close to his body, looking up at him, his eyes are dark. My breath leaves my body, as I scanned his beautiful face. It felt like we were the only two on the dance floor. He dances so well, effortlessly spinning and lifting me to the music, I smile widely, enjoying every moment.

After more dancing, and a lot more drinks, I feel rather flushed, I tell Fred that I needed to go outside, he didn’t hesitate to come with me. Walking out hand in hand to the brisk cold, I quickly suck in my breath, Fred removes his suit jacket and drapes it over me, it completely takes over my whole body, engulfing me in warmth. We walk around a corner for some more privacy, there being a lot of people outside, most of them drunk making snowmen.

Walking past the drunken students, I laugh and shake my head. “That’s your fault, Weasley.” He looks back at me with a dark stare.

As we turn the corner, I am quickly pressed against the cold stone, Fred’s jacket falls off my shoulders and onto the floor. My eyes blinded by complete darkness, heightening my other senses. I feel Fred’s thumb graze over my top lip, only hearing the sound of his harsh breath, his heat warming my skin, I know he’s close to me.

“You don’t know how badly I want to rip this dress off you, Phoenix.” His husky voice sends shockwaves down below, my mouth goes dry, desperate for his lips on mine.

“I have never been so desperate for someone.” I hear the desire in his voice.

“What are you going to do about it then?” I whisper, causing him to moan lowly in his throat.

Fred runs one of his hands up my back, delicately caressing my bare skin. Continuing upward, he snakes up, behind my neck and into my hair. My breath is heavy, wanting him so badly. Suddenly he grips a handful of my hair at the nape of my neck, pulling my head back with force, I let out a gasp, moaning in my throat.

Fred leans down, and plants a soft kiss onto my lips, gently running his tongue along my bottom lip. He pulls back, but I ache for more. Moving my hands, I go to grab the back of his neck. He quickly grabs my wrists, pinning them above my head. I groan, knowing that he’s toying with me.

“I want you to feel, how I’m feeling right now.” Fred leans in, I could feel his breath on my ear as he whispers. I catch his scent, it makes me want him so much more, it’s torturous not being able to touch him.

“Please Fred...” I groan, desperate to be touched, or to even touch him. I hear him chuckle, he knows exactly what he’s doing to me.

I squirm under his grip, trying hard to break free. I feel his lips on my cheek, heating my skin up once again, Fred continues down, kissing my neck, nipping at my sensitive skin. I moan softly, turning my head to allow him more access.

Once again Fred stops, pulling back. I could feel his eyes burning into me, I let out another groan, more frustrated this time. He laughs softly at my frustration, then releases my hands. He bends down and picks up his jacket, and swoops it over his shoulder.

“Come on Grey, let’s get back to the party.” He wraps his arm around me, pulling me away from the wall. I stumble slightly, completely shocked at his actions.

“Fuck you, Weasley.” I whisper, he looks ahead proudly. I am completely wound up, I want him. Now, but I can’t have him.

Striding back into the hall, with Fred over my shoulder. The band has started playing more upbeat, rock music. Everyone is in the middle of the dance floor, jumping to the beat, throwing their hands on the air.

Hermione bounds over to me, looking slightly rosy in the face. “Phoenix! Where have you been?”

“Just for some air.” I give her a sweet smile, knowing Fred is smirking down at me.

“Did you hear, there is going to be an after party.” She beams. “In the Room of Requirement, everyone is going.”

I raise my eyebrows, the thought of an after party intrigues me, I bite my lip holding back my excitement.

Turning to Fred, I ask him to get me another drink, then follow Hermione onto the dance floor. Fred’s actions moments before fall to the back of my mind.

But his actions didn’t prepare me for what is to come.

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