Little Phoenix

After Party

{I made a playlist for this chapter, I do have a couple of songs in there, so you can listen along. My Spotify is Miss Isobelle, and the playlist is Party in the Room of Requirement. Check it out, or if you don’t have Spotify you can find the songs on YouTube}

The Yule Ball is quietening down, while more and more students leave for the after party. Myself and Hermione are sitting at one of the large tables, drinking and chatting to Ron and Harry.

“I need to change before we go to the party.” I say lowly, she nods in agreement and we both stand together.

Getting to our dorm, I quickly remove my dress, shoes and hair comb, placing it back in the box. I put on the matching bra to my dark red underwear, along with a pair of black jeans and a fitted, off shoulder, green corset top.

While I apply my perfume and top up my lipstick, I turn to see what Hermione is wearing. Stopping my tracks to find her throwing an oversized jumper over her head.

“What do you think you’re doing, Granger?” I stare at her with blank eyes.

She looks up at me with a confused face. “What? This is comfy.”

I let out a sigh, and turn towards my draws, pulling out a mesh, embroidered, black top, I throw the garment at her. “Here put this on, I’m going to burn that jumper.”

She scoffs. “Really, Phoenix?” I reply to her with a stern look. With her black strap top and jeans, she looks lovely, taking her hair out, the ringlets fall around her shoulders.

“Perfect, now you’re ready for a party.” I smile sweetly at her, she rolls her eyes in reply.

While waiting at the wall, the stone grumbles as it morphs into a large door. As it transforms, we begin to hear the loud, booming bass of the music. Excitement grows in my stomach, my eyes bright yellow.

Walking through the large door, holding Hermione by the hand, we make our way deeper into the Room of Requirement. The ceilings are tall, and barely visible. The floor is filled with stuff, all completely random, all piled high.

We follow the path that is visible, it’s like a maze, weaving around in all different directions. Getting to a large opening, groups of people are dancing to the loud music. I begin swaying my body to the beat, while dragging Hermione onto the dance floor.

She laughs as I pull onto her hand, eventually giving in completely she starts to move. We dance for a little while, when suddenly I am lifted off my feet. I squeal loudly, while being held in the air, a pair of strong arms are wrapped around my waist.

Seeing Ron and Harry slide up to Hermione, laughing while I squirm in the air, then I see Fred in front of me. “George! Put me down!” I shout. He instantly places me back on my feet, and I whip round to smack him on the shoulder.

“Here you go guys, bottoms up.” Fred gives us all a shot, I knock mine back, but instantly feel the burning sensation in my throat. It’s vodka... fuck. Instantly screwing my face up, I hear Hermione and Ron coughing. Looking at the twins they have no expression, like they just had a shot of water.

The night is filled with dancing, shots and sweat. I’m beginning to feel rather dizzy. The room was filled with flashing lights of all different colours. Hermione leans into my ear to tell me something.

“They’re playing spin the bottle over there, lets go join!” her words are slightly slurred, but she beams at me as I turn to look at her, nodding in agreement.

Taking a seat within the large circle of students, I plant myself next to Hermione, Fred is next to me, Ron and George are across from us, and Harry is placed to the right of us, next to Neville. With a large wine bottle in the middle, everyone takes their turn to spin, then kiss whoever the bottle points to. The group is filled with laughter, drinks continue to flow while we watch others take their turn.

As it comes to Ron’s turn, he flicks the bottle with his wrist, we watch it with excitement. Slowly, it comes to a stop, following with our eyes to where the bottle is pointing, my mouth falls open. It’s Hermione.

Looking back at Ron, his face glows red. I switch my gaze between the two, watching them both flush and fidget in their seats. There is something between then, some unspoken thing, they just don’t want to admit it.

“What’s the forfeit, if we don’t kiss the person.” Ron says with a shaky tone.

“Oh come off it mate, it’s only a game.” George says, elbowing him in the ribs.

“She’s with Viktor!”

I turn to Hermione, who has a stab of disappointment in her eyes. Smirking, I turn back to Ron. “Alright Ron, if you don’t want to do it... Truth or dare?” I gaze at him darkly.


“Ok... How do you really feel about Hermione?” I say calmly, seeing his skin turn pale. The whole circle fills with ooo’s, taunting Ron. I poke my cheek with my tongue and raise my brows at him.

“Oh bloody hell.” Ron stands from his seat, shyly walking over to Hermione, who is watching him with wide eyes, but not saying a word. He slowly grazes his hand along her cheek and leans in for a tender kiss. Hermione’s eyes briefly flutter close, as everyone in the circle shout and yell, the twins obviously being the loudest.

As Ron returns to his seat, the game continues. Coming to Fred’s turn, my stomach fils with nerves, I watch as he leans down to send the bottle in a twirling frenzy, sitting back to watch where it lands. My heart beats in my throat, as it slows to a stop, chewing my lip, following with my eyes to where its pointing at.

It’s Harry.

A lot of the circle filled with snorting laughter, some are cheering and clapping. Fred looks up at harry with a flirty stare and a wide grin. Harry on the other hand, is pale and looks back at Fred with wide eyes.

Fred quickly stands and begins bounding over to where Harry is seated. Harry quickly puts his hands out in front of him, cutting Fred off. “Woah... Fred, hold on.” He stutters, while laughing. I couldn’t help but giggle at them. Fred is glaring down at Harry, towering over him, as Harry continues to hold him at arms length.

“Come on Harry, what’s a kiss between friends?” He says cheekily. With quick movement, Fred pushes Harry’s arms away, pulling him in for a deep kiss. The whole group clap, as Fred pulls away, he looks rather pleased with himself, while Harry is glowing red, wiping his mouth with his sleeve.

Now it is my turn, the nerves flutter in my stomach again. Leaning down, I spin the bottle with a flick of my wrist, watching it whirl around the whole circle. As it stops, I feel my cheeks flush.

It’s George... fuck.

Watching him look back at me, his eyes deepen as they connect with mine, smirking at me with a flirtatious stare, running his tongue along his teeth. My stomach fills with butterflies, switching my glare back and forth between Fred and George.

“Uh.. I think I’ll take truth.” I say, while George jokingly makes kissing faces and winks at me. I see Fred look over towards George, they connect eyes, looking as if they’re communicating.

He lets out a small smirk, then move his eyes towards me. “Alright Grey, tell us what you were dreaming about yesterday?” He narrows his eyes, and George bursts out laughing. My mouth falls open, struggling to find the words. I could hear Hermione trying to hold back her laughter behind me.

I let out a huff. “Fuck you, Weasley.” I stand from my seat, and walk over to George. he stays completely still, only moving his eyes, flicking them up and down my figure.

Suddenly George stands, completely towering over me, he instantly places his large hand behind my head, making our lips crash onto one another’s. I hear the sounds of the groups cheers behind me. My knees feel as if they will buckle underneath me, his mouth moves with mine so effortlessly. George’s tongue glides out of his mouth, gently caressing my lips. Merlin, he tastes so good.

He pulls my head away, and I open my eyes to George looking at me with a cheesy grin. Shaking my head, I roll my eyes at him, and turn back towards my seat. The group claps as I return, catching Hermione, she is smirking at me, I narrow my eyes at her and shake my head in a dismissive way, and she just laughs.

Sitting back next to Fred, I lean over to whisper in his ear. “I will never tell you about the dream, Weasley.” I say lowly, in an almost seductive tone. As I pull away, he is just looking at me with dark eyes, biting his lip. “I’m going to get a drink.” I say aloud, making my way over to the table of drinks.

Knocking back a couple of shots as I mix myself a larger drink, the alcohol is making me light headed, holding myself up with my hands spread on the table.

“You know George...” I hear Fred’s voice pipe up from behind me. “I don’t think she will tell us about the dream... because the dream is about us.” I turn around, leaning back so my backside is resting on the edge of the table.

“Fred, I couldn’t agree with you more.” George and Fred are both looking at me with their arms crossed over their chests, smirking at me.

Rolling my eyes, I let out a long sigh. “Do you guys know something?” I tilt my head towards them. “You’re not letting this dream thing go.” As I said this, their smiles only grew darker.

Fred glides over to me, planting himself to my right. He leans in close to my ear. “Oh please- Fred.” He groans in my ear.

My blood immediately runs cold, feeling my eyes changing to a lilac shade. Oh no, I did make noise in my sleep. Shit.

Then George slides to my left side. “Fuck, George.” He mimics my moans. My mouth falls open, going completely dry. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

I put my hands into my face, hiding my flushed cheeks. I can’t believe they heard me.

Quickly lifting my head out of my hands, I slap them both around the backs of their heads. “Fuck sake guys! Why didn’t you say anything?” I stand, facing them, as they both rub their heads.

“Aww, don’t worry darling...” Fred towers over me as he stands, pulling my chin up to face him. “We can’t help being so irresistible.” He runs his thumb along my cheek as he holds my chin up. Narrowing my eyes at him as he looks at me with a smug stare.

George stands as well. “It would be great Phoenix...” He purrs. “But the fact is, I’m better in bed, and I don’t want to steal you away from Fred.” he jokes while winking, his brother scoffs from behind me. I roll my eyes at him while he straightens up.

“The kiss was a good taster though, Grey.” George runs his finger along his bottom lip. My stomach flutters, turning my gaze away from George.

“Ok, big guy.” I pat George on the chest. “It’s not going to happen, so get that out of your head.” I smile sweetly up at them. I see a stab of disappointment in their eyes, but I quickly push it to the back of my mind.

Grabbing my drink, I start to walk away, swaying my hips and rolling my shoulders to the music. I can feel their eyes burning into the back of my head, restraining myself from turning back.

Getting back to the circle, Hermione gives me a look, sort of a ‘tell me everything’ look. I smile innocently back at her, but her gaze is still hot on me.

“Did you tell them?” She quickly asks, the second my butt hit the seat. I tut at her question, rolling my eyes at her.

“They already knew.” I say lowly, bringing my cup up to my mouth. In my peripheral vision, I see Hermione’s mouth gaping widely, her golden eyes sparkle with excitement. For a girl so innocent looking, she loves to hear the gossip.

My ears perk up as I hear one of my favourite songs blast through the room. Nirvana- Smells Like Teen Spirit. My eyes grow wide and I quickly bolt for the dance floor, leaving Hermione in the circle.

Fred and George were already there, head-banging to the strong intro. Unfortunately my hair is tied back, otherwise I would have joined them. I start to move to the music, as the boys mimic playing guitars. I sing the words as I sway around the dance floor, they smile widely at me.

Fred is watching me with a dark stare, looking as if in awe. I blush slightly, but as the chorus comes, I can’t help but lose myself, feeling the music as it makes me move. When the chorus ends, the song slows into the verse, I push some of my now loosened strands of hair behind my ears, still rocking my body to the beat. Catching eyes with Fred again, he still watches me, but now with a smirk on his lips.

Without warning, he grabs my face, crashing his lips onto mine, completely wrapping himself around me. The booming sound of the chorus comes to my ears again, with the crowd still bounding around us, but I completely melt at his touch. Allowing him to insert his tongue, twisting around with mine, I feel the low vibration of a moan in his throat, making a shockwave of heat go down south. Moving my hands, I run them up his shirt, feeling his warm skin under my fingers, his abs tensing as I caress him.

He pulls back, looking deeply into my now deep purple eyes. “Sorry, you just look incredible dancing to Nirvana... I couldn’t resist.” He says lowly, his words make me giggle, filling me with butterflies. I bite my lip, pulling myself away from him, going back to swaying my shoulders to the slow beat of the verse.

Dancing in the middle of the twins, I feel like a small elf next the them. George and Fred continue to play air guitar as I shout the song lyrics, holding an invisible microphone. They make me laugh, as the song comes to an end, George is on the floor doing a power slide, and Fred pretends to break his imaginary guitar.

My skin is burning from the intense dancing, so I turn to Fred telling him I need some air, as usual he comes out with me, his arm wrapped around my shoulder.

Letting the cold air hit my skin, I inhale deeply through my nose, releasing it from my mouth, it comes out in a cloud from the cold. Looking ahead, I can feel a pull between me and Fred.

I start to hear the beat of another amazing song. All night long- Lionel Richie. I smile to myself, starting to move my shoulders to the music. Not sure if it’s the alcohol or if I’m just comfortable with Fred, but I pull him out into the snow, while swaying my hips.

He lets out a soft laugh, twirling me under his arm. Fred pulls me in close, and we start playfully dancing to the upbeat melody. “You’re such an amazing dancer, Grey.” He says softly.

I let out a giggle. “Thank you, you’re not too bad yourself, Weasley.” I peak up at him, biting my lip.

“Don’t do that.” He pulls my lip from my teeth, his eyes darkening.

My breath hitches, watching his stare flick between my lips and eyes. “Do what... this?” I purr, taking my bottom lip under my teeth, again. His dark eyes make me weak, hearing him groan deep in his throat.

Suddenly his mouth is on mine once again, but this time with more need, passionately pulling me in by the waist, grinding his crotch against my hips. He quickly moves his arms down, lifting me up from behind my legs, wrapping them around his waist, our tongues dancing with one another. I moan softly against his mouth, running my hands through his hair, gripping lightly at the nape, causing another throaty groan from Fred.

“Let’s go to your room.” I say against his lips.

He pulls back, looking at me with passion in his eyes. “Are you sure?” He says with a soft tone.

Planting another kiss on his lips, I smile at him warmly. “Yes, I want to go to your room.”

He kisses my neck, bringing his mouth to my ear.

“As you wish.”

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