Little Phoenix



Me and Fred took a while to get up to his dorm. We would take a few steps down the corridor and end up having our hands all over each other once again. He would hold me against the wall, while his wet mouth ran along my neck and open collar bone, nipping and sucking at my tender skin.

After finally managing to resist each other for a minute, we made it to Fred’s room door. Excitement and nerves run through my stomach, but this is something I have never been so sure on. Fred is a loving, caring and beautiful person, I wouldn’t want anyone else.

Stopping outside the door, I look up at him, eyes filled with desire, my iris’s a deep purple. He looks down at me with his dark chocolate eyes, his lips were slightly parted, and his red hair messy from my hands running through it multiple times on the way here.

His tongue, runs along his teeth, making my stomach tense, I pull my lip under my teeth. Hearing him moan low in his throat, and in a beat he pulls me in by the waist, his mouth claims me once again. He pushes me against the door, while his tongue plays with mine. My hands instantly go up to his hair, gripping his lovely locks, making him hiss through his teeth.

He reaches round my waist, turning the door knob, allowing us to stumble in, while we continued to devour one another. Fred quickly reaches under my thighs, lifting me in the air, I wrap my legs around his waist. He makes me feel as light as a feather, effortlessly walking over to his bed.

The room is dark, only the moonlight spilling through the windows gives us a cold blue glow of light. Fred sits on his bed, my legs bending at the knee while I straddle him. His large hands run all over my back, beginning to tug at the small zipper at the back of my corset top.

Undoing my top, I let it fall over my shoulders, spilling into our laps, leaving me only in my bra and jeans. Fred pulls back from our passionate kissing, admiring my dark red bra, which is embroidered with lighter red flowers. I see his eyes flick over my chest, it heaves up and down from my heavy breathing. He licks his lips while grinning up at me, showing his perfect teeth.

“You ok?” He breaths, while his eyes warm slightly.

I softly smile at him. “Of course.”


Without warning, I am lifted and flipped onto the bed, making me gasp. Before I could even think, Fred undoes my shoes, flicking them off and onto the floor. Reaching down I begin to undo my jeans. Fred leans over and hooks his fingers into my waistband, tugging them down.

I am now left in my matching bra and underwear, while Fred stands, fully clothed. His dark eyes run over my body, while he bites on his bottom lip. My breathing his harsh, getting heavier as he stares, making me want him even more.

I sit up, and grab for the buttons on his shirt. Looking up at him through my lashes, he is smiling down at me. Merlin his smile is beautiful. After I unbutton his shirt, I reach down to unbutton his trousers, but he quickly grabs my wrists.

“Oh no darling, you first.” He purrs, pushing my back down onto the bed. With his hands still on my wrists, pinning me down, he trails his mouth along my neck, heading south. Running his mouth and tongue down my stomach, I moan out at his hot mouth on my skin.

I feel his hands on my thighs, Fred leans down, planting a kiss on my heat, over my underwear, he grazes his teeth over the fabric making me hiss through my teeth, I let out a small whimper, desperate for more. Fred pulls my underwear aside and runs a finger along my already soaked heat.

“Oh Phoenix, you’re wet already.” He says lowly.

My back arches as I feel his finger insert into me, and then I feel his tongue run itself along my slit, flicking it over my sweet spot. I groan into the dark room, instantly grabbing his hair as he torments me with his mouth.

“Fuck- Fred, please.” I whine, desperate for more.

Fred lifts his head up, removing his fingers from me and sucks them clean, without breaking eyes contact with me. Fuck he looks so hot. I am desperate for him.

“Hmm- What do you want, Phoenix?” He breathes.

“I want you.” I gasp.

Without hesitation, and without removing his eyes from mine, Fred peels his shirt off his torso, revealing his beautiful, freckled body, then begins unbuttoning his trousers, pulling them down and kicking them off, looking completely stunning while doing so. Leaving him in just his boxers.

He reaches down to my waist, hooking his fingers into my underwear, pulling them off my legs in one swift motion.

Freeing himself of his boxers, still not removing his gaze from mine, his hard member springs out. Once again the nerves flutter in my stomach, not only is this new to me, but Fred is not lacking downstairs. I lick my lips, attempting to bring some moisture to my now dry mouth.

Before I could even let out a breath, I am pulled up and now straddling Fred on the bed, once again. We are face to face, feeling his hot breath on my cheeks, I flick my eyes between his, gazing deeply, seeing only lust and passion in the chocolate brown iris’s of his.

I feel him at my entrance, letting out a shaky breath, as he rubs his tip along my soaked slit.

“Ok?” He whispers. My heart flutters at his care and attention.

“Yes, Fred.” I say softly, closing the gap between us, wrapping my lips over his.

Slowly, I am filled by him. I suck in my breath through my nose at this new feeling. Fred holds my waist, sliding me down inch by inch. I pull my head back, the feeling of his erection inside me is heaven. Slowly I slide up him, causing him to let out a groan. As I slide back down him, he fills me with more of his length.

“Holy fuck... Phoenix.” His harsh, breathy voice sends sparks of desire through my body.

Fred grips tighter on my hips, quickening the pace, beginning to thrust up into me, causing me to cry out. My hands rest on his broad shoulders, feeling them flex under my finger tips as he grips my waist.

His breathing begins to get harsher, and his moans are getting louder, with his nails digging into my hips, the speed of his thrusts quicken once more. I throw my head back in ecstasy, Fred instantly connects his mouth to my open neck, sinking his teeth into my skin, causing me to cry out.

Grabbing ahold of my thighs, he lifts up off the bed. Pushing me against the wall, pinning me with his hot body. I feel him holding back, but I want more.

“Harder.” I purr in his ear, causing him to growl in his throat.

Fred pushes deeper, filling me completely with all his length. My moans are almost like screams, completely drunk with pleasure, unable to control my building orgasm.

My eyes begin to fall back, fluttering my lids close, my mouth gaping wide, silently crying out.

“That’s it, come for me my girl.” Fred grunts, continuing his mind blowing pleasure, hitting my sweet spot each time.

“Open your eyes Phoenix, I want to see you come.” He breaths.

I oblige, lifting my head up to face him, nothing but the moonlight glowing off his beautiful face, his lips slightly parted, hair messy, his dark eyes drink me in as my pleasure builds.

I see him sink his teeth into his bottom lip, with that is my undoing. My pleasure rips through me, causing me to cry out his name, my body pulsing around him.

“Oh Phoenix.” Fred groans as he joins me in my climax, driving into me, his face burying into my neck, breathing heavily. Slowing his thrusts, he holds me against the wall, both of us breathless.

“Wow.” I say breathlessly. Blinking to bring myself back to reality.

Fred pulls out of me, and I let out a small moan. Walking us over to the bed, he lays back with me resting on his chest, straddling him.

“You’re incredible, Phoenix.” He says softly, making my heart flutter. I smile against his skin, hearing his beating heart.

“So are you.” I turn my head, resting my chin on his chest. Gazing up at his beautiful face, he looks relaxed, eyes slightly hooded.

A small smirk creeps across his lips. “I love those golden eyes.” He chuckles, making me giggle.

I slide off him, and off the bed. As I stand, my knees slightly wobble, I quickly grip the bed post for support. Looking towards Fred he’s smirking at me, looking proud of himself.

Finding my underwear, I slide them up my legs, feeling Fred’s eyes on me the whole time.

“Like what you see, Weasley?” I turn, connecting his gaze. He’s naked, with just a blanket covering his crotch, both arms rested behind his head, looking effortlessly gorgeous. My eyes deepen, lust flowing through my body, wanting him all over again.

Lifting one of his arms from behind his head, he uses two fingers in a come hither motion, giving me a dark smirk. I feel breathless, oh what he does to me. I walk slowly over to him, while he follows me with his eyes.

As soon as I reach him, he swiftly grabs me by my waist, flipping me onto the bed so I am underneath him. His erection presses against my stomach, I look up at him with a dark stare, desperate for him once more.

Fred used his legs to spread my thighs wide, taking his hand to pull my underwear to one side. Once again sinking himself into me, but this time filling me completely with his whole length.

My back arches at the feeling of him pulsing inside me, moaning his name. Once again building my pleasure as he thrusts slow but hard into my wanting heat. His moans started escaping his lips, tracing his hand up my body and over my breasts, hooking his fingers into the lace, pulling it down.

Fred takes my nipple into his mouth, and I cry out, the intense feeling sweeping over my body. I dig my nails into his back, causing him to growl through gritted teeth. I do it again, but this time I drag my nails down his back, Fred throws his head back, letting out a loud throaty groan.

My pleasure is building deep in my stomach, our lips connecting, his tongue hungry in my mouth. Continuing his deep thrusts, I moan against his mouth. I begin bucking my hips up to meet Fred’s thrusts, bringing him deeper inside me.

“Fuck yes.” He hisses.

My orgasm ripped through me once again, his name slipping off my tongue as I fall apart around him. Breathless and sweaty, Fred falls on top of me as he pours himself into me, the room is silent apart from our heavy breathing. I stare out into the dark room, the thoughts of what he just said on my mind. He loves me.

We lay in bed, face to face on our sides. His arm wrapped over me, brushing soft trails along my back, I let out a soft moan. I trace my thumb over his plump lips, in disbelief that this wonderful human chose me. He is everything I could have dreamed. Closing my eyes, I begin to drift, with Fred wrapped around me, I couldn’t want anything more.

I awake to the light filling the room, my head slightly pounding from the night before. Blinking a few times I realise it’s not my room, and the memories of last night come flooding back.

I am led down on my front, the covers are just spread over my bottom half. Stretching my arms out, I groan at the wonderful feeling.


I quickly lift my head up, following the deep voice. And of course it’s George, sitting on his bed next to Fred’s. He has a dark smile on his lips, eyeing me up and down at my revealed body. Why does this always happen with him.

I let out a huff, dragging the covers over my top half, flipping over onto my back. Fred is still sleeping soundly next to me, he looks so peaceful.

“Did you have fun last night?” George whispers, raising his brows at me.

“None of your business, Weasley.” I spit, flicking my middle finger at him, making him chuckle.

Thinking about it, it truly was incredible. The best night I’ve had, ever. I bite on my lip at the thoughts of his mouth on my body, the feeling of him inside me. My stomach clenches, I shake the thoughts away, remembering his twin brother is sitting next to me.

Grabbing Fred’s shirt which was thrown on the floor next to his bed, I slip it on. The shirt is like a dress on me, I button it up in the middle. Slipping out of bed, I go to stand, my knees slightly buckle under me, causing me to quickly grab the bed.

“Oh, it was a good night.” George chuckles. I shoot him a sharp glare as he smirks at me, shaking his head.

Getting my balance, and collecting my clothes, I need to head for a shower, not saying a word to George, I pad over towards the door.

“Want help getting down the stairs, Grey?” George calls out.

“Fuck off, George.” I joke, once again I flick my middle finger up behind me. As I leave the room, I can hear George laughing to himself, I shake my head and make my way to the showers.

Letting the hot water engulf me, letting out a satisfied moan. Closing my eyes, the thoughts play out in my head. Fred Weasley, touching me all over, filling me up, building my pleasure till I came crashing around him. I touch my skin where his hands explored, letting out a small groan as I run my fingers between my legs. Leaning my head back against the wall, I bite my lip-- the thoughts of Fred making me want him all over again.

I couldn’t get enough.

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