Little Phoenix


After my shower, I’m feeling refreshed. My head is still slightly fuzzy, and my body is sore, but none of that mattered, I just had the best night with Fred Weasley. I cannot wipe the grin off my face, I feel so vibrant, like a new person.

I pad over to the sink, looking at myself in the mirror. I thought I would look different, but the only difference is that I feel like I could conquer anything, my confidence is surging, Fred makes me feel so empowered.

Slipping Fred’s shirt on again, I make my way back to my room, where I see Hermione sat up in bed, reading. She looks up with only her eyes, only until she noticed me in a shirt that isn’t mine. Her face lights up, eyes widening, her mouth gapes open.

“Phoenix... did you?” She gasps, slamming her book shut, focusing all her attention on me.

As I walk to my bed I give her a cheesy grin, unable to consume my happiness. “Yes, I spent the night with Fred.” I bite my lip. Hermione squeals, covering her mouth as soon as I hush her. We both let out quiet giggles, and I flop myself on my bed, letting out a long, satisfied sigh.

“So...” Hermione is staring, sitting cross legged on her bed. “How was it?”

I scoff. “I don’t kiss and tell, Granger.” I say jokingly. She raises her brow at me, knowing full well that I’m going to tell her. I roll my eyes. “Fine...” I flip onto my side to face her, leaning my head on my hand. “It was amazing, best night of my life.” Hermione grins widely at me.

“You really like him, don’t you?” She says softly. I flick my eyes up to her, unable to hold back my smile.

“Yeah-- I do.”

After getting myself dressed and bringing my hair into a messy pony tail, I go to make my way towards the common room.

As soon as I open the door, Fred is standing in the doorway, holding his fist out as if he was going to knock on the door.

“Hi.” I say in a breathy tone. Merlins beard he looks gorgeous, wearing his quidditch jersey, along with his fitted quidditch trousers. I cant help but gawk at him, my eyes wondering up and down his tall figure.

“Good morning to you too.” He chuckles. “You look gorgeous.” God he’s smooth, my stomach flutters, making me grip the door handle harder.

I lick my lips. “What can I do you for, Weasley?” I shake out of my trance, tilting my head up at him. Fred gives me a smirk, running his tongue along his teeth.

“Missed you this morning, you okay?” He reaches over, brushing his thumb along my cheek, I slowly close my eyes as I rest my face in his palm, letting out a low hum.

“Never better.” I open my eyes again. “I didn’t want to wake you this morning, and George bullied me, so I went for a shower.” Fred lets out a soft chuckle, now running his fingers down the side of my neck, heating up my skin.

“Where you off to?” His tone is low, eyes are deep, his index finger now tracing over my jaw, making my breathing staggered. I can’t think of any words, not able to remember where I was going in the first place, all I know is that I want him so badly, I pull my lip under my teeth.

He gently uses his thumb to pull my lip. “Stop that, you know what is does to me.” He breaths, looking down at me with a dark stare.

“And what will you do, if I don’t stop.” I say quietly, my eyes deepening. Fred’s expression doesn’t change, he just continues to stare down at me, his jaw tightening from gritting his teeth together.

I am standing so close to him, the tension between us is thick. I can feel the heat from his body, it’s driving me insane, all I want is his mouth on mine, his mouth all over my body even. He leans closer, making the gap between us even smaller.

“Oi! Freddie, you coming to play or not?” Georges voice booms through the hallway, completely ruining the moment. Fred lets out a frustrated groan in his throat, pulling himself away from my face. No, come back.

“Yeah George, one minute!” He yells.

“Well remove your tongue from Phoenix’s mouth, and let’s go!”

“George, if you want to keep your tongue, I suggest you shut up!”

I roll my eyes at their bickering. ’It’s okay, I will just see you later.” I smile up at him.

He quickly leans down, planting a soft kiss on my lips, I wanted it to last longer, but he pulls away, turning back towards the common room.

I’m wanting to find my father, I barely had even a five minute conversation with him since coming here. Making my way to his office, I knock on the door lightly.

“Enter.” I hear his low voice through the door. Slowly pushing it open, I walk in. He is sitting at his desk, with a pile of papers in front of him. Only looking up with his eyes, he continues his marking.

“How can I help you, Phoenix?” He says calmly. The room is quiet, only filled with the scratching sounds of his quill on parchment.

“In a grump are we, father?” I say, walking over to the seat opposite his desk. His scratching stops, locking his dark eyes with mine, I laugh loudly.

“What is it, Phoenix?” He puts his quill down. “Can’t you see I’m busy.”

“No time for your daughter I see.” I cross my arms, biting back my smile. “I just wanted to see how my father was, seeing as I’ve barely seen you since coming here.”

He sighs while a lowly closing his eyes. “I know that’s not what you’re here for, Phoenix.” He knits his fingers together. Fuck, he knows me so well.

Pouting my lips, I let out a huff. “Fine...” I lean forward on his desk, picking up a metal snake ornament. “I am here to ask... if you would teach me to develop my wandless magic?”

My dad’s glare was cold, I chew on my lip while not meeting his gaze, just staring at the ornament in my hand. He leans over the desk, snatching the ornament out of my hand.


My brows quickly knit together, as soon as I go to argue, he holds his hand up in the air, silencing me before I even say anything.

“It is against the rules for a student to produce magic outside of class.” His tone is stern.

“Yeah, but-”

“That is my final answer, Phoenix.” He looks back down to his papers, picking his quill back up, and the scratching continues.

I feel completely hopeless, he never listens. My frustration building in my stomach, making my eyes change, hazel colours flow through my iris’s. I stay quiet bottling up my annoyance, once again my father looks up at me with just his eyes.

“Be frustrated all you want, it’s not happening.”

Damn my eyes. I stand from my seat, making my way out the door, the room is once again filled with the silence and my dad’s infuriating quill.

Storming out the door, I let it slam behind me. All I want to do is learn, and my father won’t even teach me to use my new and growing power.

“Yeh want to learn, do yeh Miss Grey.” A low grumbling voice pipes up from behind me. I quickly whip around, finding the voice to be from Professor Moody.

My brows knit together. He is leaning against the wall, taking long swigs from his storage bottle, which is kept in his coat.

“I heard yeh developed some strength in yeh magic.” He limps over. Who told him?

“Umm yeah, I have.” I say quietly, he’s quite intimidating.

“I will teach yeh, but not here...” He looks around the hall, one eye searching one way, the other looking another way. “Forbidden Forest, 7pm tonight.” He whispers.

“Can I bring people?”

“Fine. You’ll need someone to duel.” He mumbles. Duelling, oh shit.

I nod up at him, accepting his offer to teach me. I chew on my lip, knowing that if my father found out he would flip his lid, but he’s not going to find out.

Coming to 7pm, I have already convinced all my friends to join me. Nerves fill my stomach, from the unknown of what is going to happen, but I am also looking forward to hopefully knowing more about my abilities.

“I can’t believe you’re dragging us out here!” Ron yells. “Do you know that there are monsters in this forest... especially spiders!” His voice cracks.

“Don’t be such a wimp, Ronald!” I yell back, trudging though the woods, with the group slowly following behind me.

“Do you really think Moody can help you, Phoenix?” Hermione asks.

“Well my father won’t, so I’ll take any help I can get.”

I come to an opening, where the trees are spread apart. Lanterns are placed up in the trees, softly glowing the woods, along with a fire burning widely in the middle.

“Right on time, Grey.” Moody flips closed his pocket watch.

We all walk over to the fire, holding out our freezing hands over the flame. The group sit around the fire, while I stand waiting for Moody to start this lesson.

“Have yeh done anything with yeh abilities yet?” Moody limps over.

“Um... well, I’ve shocked someone, and I’ve been able to feel what others are feeling... oh and cast lumos with my hand.”

Moody licks his lips nervously, he quickly brings out his bottle from his coat, knocking back the liquid, his face cringes as he swallows.

“Alright, over here.” I follow him to the middle of the opening. “Potter, you first.” He points at Harry, who looks up with confusion, I flick my eyes between him and Moody.

Stumbling over, Harry stands next to Moody, about ten metres away from me. He nervously grabs his wand, while Moody tells him something under his breath. I shake my hands, preparing myself to duel, breathing slowly through my mouth.

Suddenly a flash of light comes my way, before I could even think, I am on the floor. Fuck. Coughing loudly, I lift myself up.

“Pay attention to your surroundings, Grey!” Moody yells. “Up!”

I quickly stand, brushing the leaves off my jumper. Preparing myself again, Harry throws another shot, but this time I hold my hand up, blocking the attack. I did it! Harry throws another, I once again block.

“Expelliarmus!” I flick my hand, knocking the wand out of Harry’s hand. He looks at me with a small smile, while I let out a shocked laugh. I hear the twins loudly cheering in the corner.

“You’re holding back!” Moody yells, silencing our cheers, he limps over, pushing Harry out of the way. Moody pulls his wand out, instantly throwing flashes of spells at me. I block most of them, throwing my hands up while stumbling backwards. He hits me with one, causing me to get thrown backwards, winded from the hard hit.

“You’re weak like your father!” He spits.

My eyes flick open, my blood pumping through my ears. Lifting myself off the floor, I feel my eyes burning.

“You’ll never make him proud if you keep holding back.” Moody throws another hex, which I block.

“He’s a traitor!”

Another hex.

“Moody stop!” I hear Hermione yell, it’s muffled from my heart pumping loudly in my ears and my heavy breathing.

“He will die! Your friends will die!”

Moody throws another spell, but his words unleash something inside me. My anger, my fear, everything that I feel releases.

“ENOUGH!” I shout, blocking his spell, I take a step forward, while throwing my hands together.

As my hands connect a shock wave of power releases, as if a crack of thunder was released from my palms.

I look up and open my eyes, gasping for breath. Moody was on the floor led on his front, groaning in pain. My friends were on their backs, beginning to get up from the floor, looking at me with wide eyes. The fire was no more, and the piles of leaves on the floor were wiped away.

My hands begin to shake, I look down at them, flickers of light run underneath my skin. I feel the power flowing in my body, like electricity.

“What the bloody hell was that.” Ron stands. My breathing gets heavier as everyone’s eyes burn into me.

“Phoenix, love. Calm down.” Fred starts to slowly walk over, holding his hands out, his expression was warm, but I could see slight fear in his eyes. I didn’t want to hurt him, I couldn’t hurt him.

I quickly turn, running as fast as I could away from them. I could hear my friends calling after me, but I had to get away. I didn’t want to hurt anyone, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

The tears start to fall, but I continue to run. Getting out of the forest, the soft glow in the windows of Hogwarts comes into view, I sprint to the clock tower.

Clambering the stairs, I manage to get to the top. Breathless and scared, I instantly fall to my knees, wailing out a loud cry. All the glass in the room shatters, as I scream.

I’m loosing control.

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