Little Phoenix

A Nice Soak


I slowly wake up to the feeling of someone lifting me off the ground, I must have blacked out. I’m exhausted, unable to lift my head, or even lift a finger.

“Do you think she’ll be okay?” I hear Hermione, her voice sounds worried.

“It’s Phoenix we’re talking about, she can get through anything.” Fred says, he is the one carrying me, suddenly I feel completely relaxed, knowing that he is the one saving me. Saving me from my darkness, once again.

“Not a word about this to anyone, not even her father.” He says sternly, I hear the voices of everyone else, George, Ron and Harry. My heart swells knowing that they are all here.

I begin to loose consciousness, the darkness engulfing me once again.

All I hear is the whooshing sounds of water. It gets louder at I awaken, the smell of lavender and soap hits my nose, inhaling it deeply. My eyes flutter open, the soft lights of candles fill the room, focussing my eyes I find myself in a large bathroom, large taps fill a pool like bath, sending bubbles up in the air.

I’m on a bench against the wall, weakly turning my head, I see the back of Fred. He’s shirtless, dipping his hand in the water. I go to move, but I feel a pain shoot across my ribs, making me suck in a breath, letting it out in a groan.

Fred quickly turns, instantly comes to my side, his eyes full of worry. “Hey, I got you.” He grabs my hand, to which I quickly pull away. I don’t want to hurt him.

“Freddie, I don’t want to hurt you.” I whisper, it’s all I could manage, my voice is weak. He looks back at me, his eyes filled with worry, but he pulls his lips into a smile.

“You could never hurt me, Phoenix.”

Slowly grabbing my hand again, my skin prickles, feeling his emotions run through my body, the anxiety and worry he’s feeling brings tears to my eyes. I let out a sob, and all he does is bring my hand to his lips, gently planting a soft kiss on my knuckles.

Fred lifts me up, making me sit up. He grabs the hem of my jumper, lifting it over my head, the cold air sends goosebumps along my skin. Making me stand, my knees slightly shake, Fred quickly pulls my jeans down, so I can sit back down. Leaving me in my underwear, he wraps his arms around me and lifts me effortlessly off the bench.

His skin is warm, I rest my forehead on his chest as he carries me over to the large bath. He doesn’t bother to undress out of his joggers. Fred steps into the bath, then leans down to allow the water to engulf me.

The water is heavenly, I let out a soft moan as the water washes over my skin. I sit against the wall of the bath, while Fred kneels in front of me, watching me with his warm eyes.

“You really worried me, Phoenix...” He says softly, making my eyes once again prick with tears. He lifts his hand out of the water to swipe them away with his thumb. “But, you also impressed the hell out of me.”

I shake my head, letting out a scoff. “Phoenix, you have power I’m sure no one has seen before.” Fred puts his hand under my chin, making me face him.

“I lost control Fred, I- I could’ve killed someone.” My voice cracks as the tears stream down my face.

Fred shakes his head slowly. “Moody pushed you too far, you reacted out of anger.”

I sniff, running my hands through my hair. Fred moves behind me, slipping me between his legs. He grabs a goblet from the edge of the bath, filling it with water, he pours it over my hair, using his hand under my chin to tip my head back. Fred grabs some shampoo, pouring it into his hands, lathering it and begins to wash my hair.

As his fingers go to work, I hum lowly in my throat, letting my eyes flutter close. Once again using the goblet to remove the sudds. Fred plants a kiss onto the top of my head, making my heart swell.

I turn my head to the side, meeting his eyes. “Feeling better?” He asks. I nod up at him, closing the gap between us, wrapping my lips around his, they’re damp from the water. Brushing my tongue along his, to which he allows me to enter his mouth.

Twisting to gain access to more of his mouth, a sharp pain shoots through my ribs. I inhale sharply though my nose, scrunching my eyes and wince at the sudden pain. Fred goes to pull away, but I pull him back with my hand behind his head, continuing our kiss.

He groans against my lips. “Phoenix...” he mumbles against my lips. “Phoenix- you’re hurt.” He pulls back again. I let out a frustrated groan.

“I don’t care. Please I need you.” I beg, meeting his lips once again, now with more need. It was true, I needed him, I needed to feel something. All I can feel at the moment is sadness and fear, but I could not suppress the feeling of wanting him, and by the way he’s feeling he wants me too.

He groans low in his throat, letting himself give in, running his fingers down and brushing them over my sex, pulling up then slipping them underneath my underwear. Using his middle finger to rub circles over my sweet spot, sending waves of pleasure throughout my whole body.

As he continues to pleasure me, I hook my fingers in my underwear, sliding them down my legs, chucking them to the edge of the pool. Fred doesn’t stop, I pull away from his mouth rolling my head over his chest, moaning softly. Fred moves his mouth to my neck, kissing and sucking my tender skin, making me moan louder, my cries echo throughout the bathroom.

Unable to hold back, I turn my body, making him remove his hand from between my legs. Meeting his gaze, his dark eyes meet mine. He quickly grabs behind my thighs, making me straddle him, making a shock of pain from my ribs knock my breath, making me gasp.

“Phoenix, I can’t-” As he goes to finish his sentence, I hush him by crashing my mouth on his once again.

“Don’t stop.” I moan against his lips, running my hands through his hair, gripping it hard. I hear his low groan, to which he quickly pulls down his sodden joggers, releasing his erection.

Hungrily, I grab him in my hand, making him hiss through his teeth. Lining him up and sliding myself down his shaft. Fred throws his head back in ecstasy, moaning lowly, his lips slightly parted, eyes flickering closed.

As I get to the base of him, I push up, then crash back down onto him, making my eyes roll back, letting out an uncontainable moan. The water around us thrashes about, splashing against the bath walls as I continue to ride him.

One of Fred’s hands is gripping my backside, digging his nails into my skin. The other is resting on my hip. His head is back, eyes closed, moaning lowly. I grind my hips at the base of him, his tip hitting my sweet spot.

Fred opens his eyes, connecting his gaze with mine. I see the lust and passion in his dark chocolate pools, which springs desire in my stomach. I grab his hand from my waist, bringing his index finger to my mouth. Not removing my eyes from his, I insert his finger into my mouth, while grinding my hips slowly. Fred’s expression changes, his eyes darkening even more, I didn’t know that was possible.

I bite the tip of his finger hard, making him suck in a breath. Fred quickly removes his finger from my mouth, instantly wrapping his hand around my throat. My eyes grow wide with shock, gasping. I grab his wrist as he gently squeezes my neck.

“Keep playing like that, see where it gets you.” He says darkly.

My mouth drys. I knew Fred was dominant but I haven’t seen this side of him yet. Hmm, I would like to see it. I pull my bottom lip under my teeth, holding back my moan. He pulls me by my throat, using his teeth to tug my lip away.

He traces his mouth along my jaw, then down my neck, still holding me around the throat. He sucks on my skin, making me whimper. I feel him twitch inside me, desperate for me to move. I begin grinding my hips again, Fred groans against my neck.

I pick up the pace, bouncing my hips on him, as his moans become more desperate. Releasing my throat, he grabs my hips roughly, beginning to push them harder onto him, making me cry out.

My pleasure is building, I can feel myself starting to tighten around him.

“Oh Fred... don’t stop.” I groan, desperate for my release. He pulls at the lace cup of my bra, releasing my breast, instantly taking it into his mouth. He’s driving me wild, pushing me to the edge.

I finally let go, pulsing around him, moaning uncontrollably as he continues to push himself inside me. Fred’s release follows, slowing his pace and loosening his grip on my hips, breathlessly groaning against my chest.

I wrap my arms around his neck, and he spreads his hands out on my back. The bathroom filled with our breathy echos.

I feel relaxed, like all my trouble have been released. I didn’t want to leave this bathroom, it was just me and him, no one else.

After getting out of the bath, Fred casts a drying spell on us, his sodden joggers and my underwear now completely dried. I still feel a bit weak, not sure if it was from the sex or the power explosion, but Fred give me a piggyback towards the common room.

Exhaustion overcomes me again, dozing off as Fred carries me, allowing sleep to succumb me.

I awake to feeling overly warm, I’m now in my bed. Pain radiates through my whole body, feeling more sore than I did yesterday.

Turning my head, I see Fred next to me, making my heart swell, he’s snoring softly, with his mouth slightly parted. Going to turn my body, an explosion of pain ricochets all over, making me gasp.

Fred’s eyes flick open, instantly aiding me to sit up. “Shit Phoenix, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to leave you.” He stammers, eyes full of worry.

“It’s okay Freddie, it’s my fault.” I breath, holding my rib cage. I slide out of bed, padding over to the mirror. Seeing my reflection, I look paler than usual. My body feels broken. Lifting up my jumper, I see a large bruise on my ribcage, starting from underneath my breast, down to my hip.

“Phoenix, you need to go to the hospital wing.” Fred stands.

Pulling the jumper back down, I shake my head. “No, my dad will find out.” I say, sending chills up my spine, the thought of my dad knowing I went behind his back, he would kill me. “I’ll be fine Freddie.” I give him a weak smile.

I’m unsure of the time, as Hermione isn’t in bed. Quickly changing into something more comfortable, sliding on some new underwear, joggers and an oversized jumper.

Myself and Fred walk out and towards the common room, where we find everyone sitting by the fire. Harry is in his tournament gear, reminding me that it’s the last of the tasks today.

“Phoenix!” Hermione bolts over to me, engulfing me in a hug. Sending pain throughout my body, I hold my breath, desperately trying not to show pain.

“How are you?” She asks warmly, pulling back. I let out my breath, swallowing away the pain.

“I’m better now I’ve slept.” I give her a weak smile. She drags me by the hand, making me take a seat on the sofa.

“What Moody did was completely barbaric!” She exclaims. I nod while looking down at my knitted hands, his behaviour was definitely odd.

“Yeah, but what Phoenix done to him probably put him in his place.” George laughs, until Fred elbows him in the ribs. “What? Come on, he deserved it!”

I chew on my lip, continuing to look down at my hands. Slight flickers of light flow through my veins, causing my heart to beat faster. I push back my thoughts, standing from the sofa.

“Come on let’s go.” I turn towards the door, and make my way to the triwizard maze.

The final task was full of life. Music and cheers echo through the fields. I’m wedged between the twins, their yells boom over the rest.

Once again the cannon goes off too early. But we watch as Harry and Cedric walk into the maze, trees morphing together as the enter into the darkness. Viktor follows next then Fleur.

As the tournament goes on, everyone waits anxiously. There’s quiet chatter amongst groups, I sit in silence, zoning out, only hearing the twins muffled chatter about nonsense, as always.

“What do you think, Phoenix?” Fred and George turn to look at me, pulling me out of my thoughts.


“Who’s more handsome, me or Fred?” George smiles widely.

My brows knit together. “What sort of question is that?” I chuckle.

“It’s a very simple question actually.” Fred says.

“You’re twins... I would say you’re equally handsome.”

“One has to be more attractive than the other.” Fred looks at George. “She’s obviously going to say me, she’s just being polite.”

“She’s probably only with you for pity, she knows it’s me.”

I roll my eyes. Halting their bickering, a bright red spark flys up from the maze, making my heart stop, hoping it’s not Harry.

When Fleur gets pulled from the maze, I let out a breath, and the chatter continues.

“So in this dream, who was better?” George looks down at me with a smirk.

“I’m not answering that.”

“Who was bigger?” Fred says.

I slap him across the arm. “Fred!” I scold. Both twins fall back in laughter.

“It was mine.” He mouths to George, pointing at his crotch, George shakes his head, pointing at himself and winking.

After a while of back and forth banter, Viktor has since come out of the maze. Leaving Harry and Cedric. Everyone waits in anticipation, chatter has completely silenced. We now wait for them to return.

Harry returns, the cup tumbles across the ground. We all stand to cheer, the band begin playing loudly. I watch Harry as he lies on the ground, but he’s over something. Leaning forward, I focus my eyes. Cedric is on the ground, my brows knit together unsure if he’s hurt.

Dumbledore attempts to lift Harry off the ground but he fights him, throwing himself over Cedric. Oh shit. He’s crying hysterically. Fuck.

Everyone begins to silence, hearing word that ‘the boy’s been killed.’ My hand immediately covers my mouth, the other going to grab Fred’s, to which he grips tightly.

Cedric’s dead.

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