Little Phoenix

The Burrow

The next few months have been odd. The days have been getting warmer but the air is cold, the atmosphere in Hogwarts was chilling, after Cedric’s death, and the supposed return of You Know Who.

The news media hasn’t been kind to Harry, or Dumbledore for that matter, they say he’s a liar. A lot of people are against them, I feel awful for Harry.

I’m glad to be home. My father has been quiet, not saying anything about the events that happened in Hogwarts. The last couple of weeks have been filled with reading, playing chess, potion making, and listening to music. I enjoy the time I get with my father, and I think he needs time away from Hogwarts as well.

I miss Fred and George, they brought so much fun in my life since going to Hogwarts, saying goodbye to them was hard. They said to visit them, but I’m sure their mum has enough on her plate, what with four kids living at home.

The sunny weather has been a good mood boost, but I feel the air changing, knowing that You Know Who is out there, it makes me shiver.

I sit in my chair, reading advanced potion making, which my father let me borrow for the summer, I think he wanted me to do some extra credit studying over the break.

I flick my eyes up over my book to see my father in his tall, deep red chair. He’s reading the daily prophet, I see on the front page is another article on Dumbledore; Dumbledore: Daft or Dangerous. I roll my eyes at the article title.

“I don’t know why you read that crap, dad.” I break the silence.

My father folds the paper down, glaring at me with a cold stare. “Watch your language, Phoenix.” He says coldly, opening his paper up again.

“Do you believe he’s back?” I say quietly.

He flicks his eyes over the article, a sense of fear fills the room. I chew on my lip, starting at him for an answer, his long pause not helping my anxiety.

He sighs. “Yes. The Dark Lord has returned.”

My brows furrow, The Dark Lord? Feeling chills roll over my skin. He’s really back.

I’m sitting on my windowsill, the band Queen is playing in the background on my record player. I let the sun rays sink into my skin, kissing me with a slight bit of colour, I’m now not as white as my hair, and I have a few freckles dotted on my face.

Singing along to ‘Killer Queen’, with my eyes closed, swaying my head along with the music. One of my legs hangs out the window, the other inside. I’m lucky to have a large window sill, I sit here often when I’m home.

In the distance I hear the squark of an owl, which comes flying over towards me. It’s not our owl, Harley, she’s a beautiful black bird. This one is grey, and doesn’t look too good. My brows furrow as the bird doesn’t slow, it continues to fly directly towards me. It swoops past me, crashing into my shelves, making a loud crash.

“Phoenix, what was that?” I hear my fathers voice from downstairs.

“Nothing, I just dropped something!” I yell back, quickly hopping down from the window to see if the bird is okay.

As I walk over, the creature shakes itself off, even after its crash, it still holds a letter within its beak. I gently stroke its head, releasing the note from its beak. Lifting the owl off the ground, I take it back towards the window, releasing it safely.

The letter has my name on the front, it’s beautifully written, making my brows furrow as I rarely get mail. I bite my lip and tear open the note.


Hello dear,

You haven’t met me yet, but I’m the Weasley boys mother, Molly.

I hope our boy Errol didn’t cause to much chaos getting to you.

The reasoning of my letter to you is my boys Fred and George, they seem to be losing it slightly without you, non stop chatter about you, you sound like a wonderful girl.

I have been told that you’re Severus’s daughter, so with his and your permission, I would be delighted to have you over for a day or two, at our house, The Burrow.

They do not know about me sending this owl, and I would love it to be a surprise for them.

Owl me back and let me know when you will be arriving, I’m very much looking forward to meeting you, dear.


Molly Weasley x

Her letter brought tears to my eyes. Hearing about the boys talking about me made my heart swell, excitement fills my stomach, making me do a little dance on the spot.

I excitably run down the stairs, sliding down the spiral staircase banister. My dad sits in his usual chair, drinking tea. His gaze is on me, as I slip off the banister, bouncing over to him.

“Hope you cleaned up whatever you dropped in your room?” He says cooly.

I roll my eyes. “Yeah yeah it’s fine, urm- could I please go to the Weasley’s for a couple days?” I bat my eyelashes at him.

I see his eyes twitch at the Weasley name, taking another sip of his tea. I stare at him, aching for an answer, making my yellow eyes bigger while smiling widely at him.

My dad tuts, and rolls his eyes. “Yes fine.”

I let out a squeal, jumping on the spot, I bound over to my father, giving him a kiss on the head, then make my way back up the stairs.

After sending an owl back to Mrs Weasley, I begin packing for my trip to The Burrow tomorrow. I’m so excited to see the boys, and for it to be a surprise makes it even better.

The day drags on since my letter from Mrs Weasley, my eyes haven’t changed from its yellow shade and I’m just finding things to do to pass the time.

It finally comes to dinner time, I usually cook as my dad isn’t the best. Sitting at our long dining table, I can feel my dads thoughts roaming through his head.

“What are you thinking about dad?” I say, while putting a potato in my mouth.

He slowly cuts into his chicken, glancing up at me. Letting out a sigh he places his cutlery down, leaning his elbows on the table, knitting his fingers together.

“Is something going on with you and one of the Weasley boys?” He asks calmly, but my heart jumps.

I widen my eyes slightly, looking down at my dinner plate. “Why do you ask?”

“Well, I think I should know who my daughter is affiliated with?”

I swallow hard, my heart thumping in my throat. We never talk about this, why does he want to know?

“Well... yeah- I have some feelings for Fred... I guess.” I flick my eyes up at him, he just stares back at me, continuing to cut into his food. “Anyway, it’s normal, did you not have crushes in school?” I laugh.

My dad’s breathing stops, his eyes grow cold. He doesn’t answer me, just continues to eat his food in silence. I raise my brow at him, knowing not to push it or I won’t be going to the burrow tomorrow.

The morning sun pours into my room, making my stomach fill with excitement. I bounce out of bed, quickly showering then begin getting myself ready. Pulling on some baby blue, floaty trousers, with a white, off shoulder top. Brushing my hair in the mirror, I pull it up in a pony.

I got another letter from Mrs Weasley yesterday, telling me she will get the boys to go outside before 11am, so I could come through the floo network in her fireplace.

I bound down the stairs with my already packed bag. My father in his usual place, reading a book with one hand, holding a tea cup with the other.

“Good morning, have you had breakfast?” I smile at him.

“Not yet.” He continues to sip his tea, concentrating on his book.

I roll my eyes. “Well, would you like an omelette?”

“I would, thank you.” He says in his usual blunt tone. I huff and turn on my heels towards the kitchen.

After breakfast, 11am came quickly. I stand in our fireplace, holding a hand full of floo powder, and my bag wrapped over my shoulder.

I give a wide smile to my dad. “See you soon.”

“The burrow.” I say clearly, as I drop the handful of floo powder around my ankles. Within seconds, green flames engulf me, and then disappear, revealing a lovely living room.

It’s warm looking, lots of bright colours fill the room along with the morning sun. The sofas are filled with home made blankets and pillows, along with enchanted knitting needles, which is making what looks like a woollen hat. I bite my lip looking at the beautiful room, it’s homely.

My eyes meet an older and cheery looking woman with fiery red hair, which I guess is Mrs Weasley. She walks over to me with open arms, to which I accept her embrace.

“Oh hello dear.” She rubs me on the back. I close my eyes as she squeezes me tightly, her motherly hugs are heartwarming.

“Hello Mrs Weasley, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” I pull back, to which she looks me up and down.

“My word aren’t you beautiful, Fred and George said you’re stunning, but goodness...”

Her words make me blush. “Thank you, Mrs Weasley.” I bite my lips. “I want to also thank you for inviting me.”

“Oh call me Molly, and don’t be silly, it’s a pleasure having you, dear.” Her face is kind, the Weasley kids have her eyes, full of chocolate warmth. “Now, the boys are outside, I asked them to pull some weeds for me, they will be over the moon to see you.”

My heart jumps as I hear Fred and George’s bellowing laughter from outside. I tiptoe towards the back door, peeking over the glass, to see if they’re looking in my direction.

I see the backs of their heads, along with the side of Ron’s who is eating an ice cream, chocolate smeared over his lips. I hold back my laugh and silently open the door, sneaking out. Ron notices me, and he widens his eyes, I quickly pull my finger to my lips to silence him before the twins notice.

“Oi Ron, you’re supposed to be helping y’know.” George says as he pulls another weed.

“Well, I think you boys are doing a great job on your own.” I say, making them stop their actions completely.

Fred and George turn simultaneously, both lighting up at they catch eyes with me. They both start yelling, while bounding over towards me. My eyes widen as they don’t slow down, they just tackle me to the ground. I let out a loud laugh, while the twins pile on top of me.

“Phoenix! wh- how?” Fred clambers off me, helping me stand.

“Your lovely mother sent me an owl, apparently a certain two boys were missing me too much.” I smirk up at them. They shoot a glare up at their mum, who is standing in the door way. “Aw don’t worry boys, she also told me how much you were talking about me, and that I’m... stunning, is it?”

“Yeah, we we’re just kidding, we would never say that about you.” George crosses his arms over his chest, smirking devilishly down at me.

I gasp jokingly. In a swift motion, I pounce at George, wrapping my arm around his neck. I hear the bellowing laughter of Fred, Ron and Molly. George attacks, lifting and throwing me effortlessly onto the floor. I hear Molly yelling at George to be careful, but it was ignored.

“Get her Fred!” George says, as he grabs my legs, while Fred takes my arms. Molly has now wandered back into the burrow, giving up completely at attempting to tame the boys.

They carry me like I’m nothing, laughing evilly as they stride over to a pond. My eyes widen. Fuck no! I wiggle and squirm, begging the twins to let me go, but also laughing uncontrollably in the process.

“Fred! Please- George! No!” I squeal at they swing and release me into the pond. A loud splash occurs around me as I am engulfed in the cold water. Holding my breath underwater, I decide to mess with them a little more.

“Phoenix?” I hear Fred’s muffled tone, but I continue to stay under the water.

“Oh shit-”

I hear the splashing of them both bounding into the pond. As I see one of their legs, I grab and pull... hard, pulling one of them under as I resurface. I wipe my hair out of my face, while Fred sits in the pond drenched. Turning to George who is mostly dry, I once again wrangle him around the neck, and with all my strength I pull him into the water with a loud splash.

We all sit in the pond, breathless. “You win.” George says. I give him a sideways glance, smirking proudly.

“If you two are finished tormenting that poor girl! Lunch is in five!” We hear Molly yell from the doorway.

Fred helps me up from the water, and we all walk towards the house, completely soaked head to toe. Watching Fred and George walk, their shirts are stuck to their toned bodies, and their hair smoothed back, they look gorgeous. I bite my lip while ringing my hair out.

Fred turns, catching me watching them, he gives me a smirk. He begins to peel his shirt over his head, revealing his muscular body, it’s like as if everything went in slow motion, unable to remove my eyes off him. Suddenly the sopping wet shirt is thrown in my face, hitting me with a loud slap, ripping me out of my trance.

The loud laughter of the twins hits my ears, which makes me join them, peeling the shirt of my face, it smells of Fred. I throw it back to him, hitting him in the chest, while I make my way into the kitchen.

After a wonderful lunch, I take my bag upstairs. I’m here to spend time with Fred and George, so Molly allowed me to stay in their room, having a mattress on the floor in between the twins beds.

Their room was cosy, filled with Fred and George’s style and character. Two beds pushed against the far walls, one with red quilts, the other with yellow. There was posters over the walls, either music or quidditch related, also hand drawn pictures, which looked like plans of some sort; fireworks, puking sweets, darkness powder... the lists were endless.

After grabbing some clothes, I made my way to the bathroom to change. Peeling the soaked clothing off my body, I dry my skin with a towel, wrapping it around myself as I brush my hair. Hearing a light knock at the door, I open it slightly to peek out, seeing Fred on the other side, smiling down at me.

“Can I come in?” He whispers, watching me with dark eyes.

Without a word, I move out the way of the entrance, allowing Fred to walk in. As he closes and locks the door, the tension between us is thick, I can feel my heart racing in my chest. Merlin I’ve missed him. His hair is beginning to dry, falling over his forehead, still shirtless and still in his wet trousers.

“Hi.” I squeak, gazing up at him.


His eyes burn into me, his chocolate pools filled with passion. I take my lip under my teeth, eyes deepening into it’s lustful purple shade. I hear a soft groan coming from his throat, which he swiftly wraps his hand behind my head, pulling me in to meet his wanting lips. Reaching up I run my fingers through his hair, letting out a groan against his lips. Fred swiftly lifts me up and onto the counter, speeding my legs for him to stand in between my thighs.

Fred’s mouth moves, down- down and over my neck, licking my burning skin with need, making me suck in a breath. His large hands trailing over my bare thighs, sending goosebumps over my skin.

“Fred...” I breath, but he continues to nip on my neck. “Fred, we can’t do this in the bathroom.” I whisper, pulling his face with my hands either side of his jaw.

He lets out a huff and rolls his eyes. “It’s going to be hard to keep my hands off of you, you know that?” He groans, planting his lips on my forehead. I smirk inwardly at myself. Oh this could be fun.

After Fred leaves and I watch him walk down the stairs, I run over to the bedroom, closing and locking the door behind me. As I walk over to my bag, I catch eyes with George. He’s sitting on his bed, smiling devilishly at me.

“Out.” I say sternly, pointing my finger towards the door.

“What! This is my room!” George exclaims.

I continue to glare at him, still holding my gesture towards the door. He gives in, groaning and rolling his eyes, stomping towards the door.

As George leaves, I grab a new piece of clothing out of my bag. A summer dress, red in colour, off the shoulder, and completely fitted. It hugs my curves, and clashes with my white hair. Pulling it over my hips, it’s short, cutting off in the middle of my thighs.

After drying my hair, I make my way down the stairs. Walking into the living room, I meet eyes with Fred, he’s sitting next to Ron, who is oblivious.

Fred’s lips part slightly, eyeing me up and down. A small smile forms on his lips, allowing me to see his tongue glide along his teeth. The butterflies flutter deep in my stomach as Fred stands, following me to the kitchen.

“Oh you’ve done this on purpose, haven’t you Grey?” Fred whispers as he catches up to me.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Fred.” I smirk back at him, fully knowing what I’ve done.

I pour myself a glass of water, keeping my eyes on Fred as I drink it. The tension once again is rising between us. Fred shakes his head as he turns to pick some grapes from the fruit bowl, popping them into his mouth.

Looking up at him, I open my mouth, gesturing to be fed some grapes. I see his eyes twitch, then taking a grape in between his index finger and thumb, placing it into my mouth. I clamp my mouth around his finger, sucking on it as he pulls it out. As I chew on the grape, I hear Fred hum lowly in his throat. Oh, I’m going to give him hell.

I take a step closer to him. Running my hand underneath his shirt, feeling his warm skin. The other hand I run along his boxer band, which is peaking above his shorts. Fred’s breath instantly gets sucked in, as I take my palm and stroke over his now growing bulge.

“Don’t play this game with me, love.” He groans.

“Hmm, okay.” I tease, pulling myself away, I pick my glass up. As walk away I can hear Fred let out a hushed moan, leaving him flustered in the kitchen.

Making my way out the door and into the garden. The sun is high in the sky, beaming down with intense heat. I take a deep inhale of the fresh county air. This is so different to my home, I could stay here forever.

As the sun falls later that day, the Weasley’s begin making a bonfire outside, so we could have some marshmallows.

Mr Weasley had come back from work, also sporting the fiery red hair, a classic Weasley. He has a kind face, just like his wife. They’re a wonderful couple, and a wonderful family.

Even though the sun has set, the air is still warm, so I stay in my red dress. I sit on a bench next to Fred and George, Ron and Ginny sit to our left, while Molly and Arthur sit to the right. We are all cooking our marshmallows on the fire. Ron has already had three, with chocolate sauce around his mouth, Ginny looks at him with a disgusted look, which makes me giggle.

“Now, Phoenix. We would love to know about you-What’s your story?” Arthur says, making the family turn their gazes towards me.

I swallow hard at the sudden spotlight. “Um- okay... So I was adopted at five, by Severus as you know, and we live in the Midlands-”

“Adopted you say?” Arthur questions.

I nod and smile. “Yes sir, I was left on the doorstep of my orphanage when I was a baby... it was a muggle orphanage though, so they weren’t very fond of me when my eyes would change colour, freaked them out a bit.” I bite my lip, as the memories of my time in the orphanage flood in my brain.

“What was it like being around muggles?”

“Well, I though I was a muggle myself, so not strange at all. The head of the orphanage wasn’t a nice muggle at all...” I swallow hard, feeling everyone’s eyes burn into me.

The pain of welts over my back is still fresh on my mind, I shake my thoughts away. “It wasn’t until my dad came into my life, my world completely changed.” I pull my lips up into a smile.

Turning my head, I see Fred’s expression, he looks sad, but I give him a soft smile letting him know I’m okay now. Taking his hand in mind, he gives it a tight squeeze.

“Well, Severus is a very lucky man to have you.” Molly says, making my heart swell.

“Are you a quidditch player, like these lot?” Arthur gestures to his kids.

“No sir, I’m more of a potions maker.” I giggle.

“Ah, just like your father then! You could be taking his job in years to come.” He laughs, while pulling his now roasted marshmallow off the stick.

“It would be an honour to do what he does, I hope to be as good as him one day.”

As the night goes on, we talk about other things. Arthur chats about work, while Fred, George and Ron go on about quidditch. I enjoy listening to them all as they speak louder and louder over one another.

Fred and George both stand, stretching out their bodies while doing loud dramatic yawns. “We’re turning in, you coming Grey?” Fred says, both of them gazing down at me.

I thank Mr and Mrs Weasley for a wonderful evening, and follow the twins up to their room, both wrapping their arms over my shoulders as we walk.

After I shower, brush my teeth, and dress myself in Fred’s shirt from the ball, I make my way back into the twins room. They’re both in pyjama bottoms, and nothing else, looking gorgeous as always.

I flop onto my mattress, snuggling into the soft cushion.

“Is that my shirt, Grey?” Fred asks, leaning over the side of his bed.

“Mm-Hmm.” I peek up at him. “It smells good.” I take a deep inhale, his scent hitting my nose instantly, I let out a satisfied hum.

“It looks good on you.” He winks.

“Right, that’s enough flirting! Goodnight!” George groans and turns in his bed.

I let out a laugh, while pulling my blanket over my body. “Goodnight boys.”

“Night!” They say simultaneously. As the lights get turned off, sleep consumes me quickly.

From what felt like ten minutes of sleep, I feel myself being pulled from my slumber. The sounds of whispering and the subtle blue glow fills the room. Turning my gaze to George’s bed, I see them both sat cross legged on it.

“What are you boys doing?” I grumble, which makes them jump slightly.

“Bloody hell love, scared the shit out of us then.” Fred whispers.

I lean up onto my elbows, adjusting my eyes to the light, which glows from the tips of their wands. “Seriously, what are you doing? It’s... 2am” I look at the clock then back at the twins, who are looking mischievous.

“Planning our future, Phoenix.” George smiles widely at me, looking proud. I furrow my brows at them, not understanding what he means by that.

“We have created a range of products, hopefully it’ll be our business in the future.” Fred explains, holding the same expression as George, full of pride.

I smile at them, their passion and drive is inspiring. “Show me.”


We find ourselves outside, sneaking out was difficult with the squeaky stairs, but we managed to get out without waking anyone.

Walking further and further away from the burrow. I look up at the beautiful night sky, stars are painted all over the darkness, it’s breathtaking.

George is carrying a case, with a large W painted on the front. While Fred hold his wand out with the tip lit up. After walking for five minutes, we get to a little tree house, which had the same W painted on the door.

Climbing up the steps and walking through the door, the air smells like sweets but mixed with the total opposite smell of fireworks. Looking around the little room, loads more plans were over the walls, along with two desks filled with ingredients and prototypes.

My mouth falls open. It all looks incredible, the hard work they’ve put into all of this. Fred walks over to the wall filled with plans and begins sticking up the new ones, while George sets down the case.

“Welcome to Weasley Wizard Wheezes!” Fred exclaims, grinning widely.

“This is incredible.” I giggle.

“We’ve got whizz-bangers, puking pastilles, extendable ears and more.” George says in a business man tone.

“Check this out, Grey!” Fred turns around holding a lit firework. My eyes grow wide as the sparks get closer to the base, until Fred throws it out the door.


The firework goes off, sparking colours in all directions, then it transforms. Flying out of the explosion is a giant bird, sparking with blue and green colours as the wings fly.

We were lucky to be far away from the house, otherwise I’m sure we would be in deep shit with Mrs Weasley.

I stare in awe, the beautiful colours of the bird is incredible. Turning to Fred and George which they smile back at me with wide grins.

After hours of talking and testing out the products they have created, the night sky became lighter by the minute. All of us began yawning uncontrollably by the early morning.

“Come on boys, you need to sleep, and so do I.” I yawn, stretching my body up in the air.

Sneaking back in the house was equally as difficult as sneaking out. The floors creaked and squeaked every step we took, but we managed to get back to the room without any troubles, thankfully.

Flopping back on my bed, the fluffy pillow engulfs me. Soon after, Fred flops on top of me, yawning and stretching out.

“No... you have a perfectly good bed up there.” I laugh, pushing him off me, making him slide off next to my body.

As Fred gets comfortable, George walks in, giving me a cheeky smile. I knew exactly what he was going to do.

“No! George! Don’t even th-” With that George does the same, copying his brother and flopping on my other side. I groan at the heavy weight of two 6′3 boys lying on my limbs.

“You have beds of your own y’know.” I laugh, but they hush me by slapping their hands on my face while shushing me, making me laugh even more. I adjust my body, sliding my limbs from underneath the twins to make myself more comfortable.

I face Fred, his beautiful red hair covers his eyes, his lips are slightly parted and is breathing heavily. I wisp away the soft hair that cover his eyes, revealing his closed lids and long lashes. Stroking his soft, freckled skin, that transforms into roughness when i come to his stubble. I bite my lip, admiring his wonderful face. God he’s gorgeous.

I start to feel myself drift as George begins snoring softly. Both boys encase me in a warm bubble, Fred with his arms around me, and George having his back up against mine. I feel complete.

I feel loved.

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