Little Phoenix

Hair Like A Weasley


I slowly wake, overly warm and overly squished. I turn my head to see George, with his arm covering his eyes, showing only his parted lips, he snores softly while his chest heaves with every breath.

Blinking my eyes to focus them a bit better, I turn towards Fred. He lies on his side, one arm tucked underneath his head, the other arm placed around my waist. I smile at his peaceful face.

As I turn my body to face George to get more comfortable, he squirms as I move, facing away from me. As I start to hear George’s light snoring once again, Fred’s hand begins to move.

Fred lets out a low hum, while moving his hand to wrap further around my waist, pulling me in closer to his body. I shuffle to snuggle into him, allowing his other arm to tuck under my head. Fred buries his face into the crook of my neck, taking a deep inhale of my hair.

“Hi.” I whisper, trying not to wake George.

“Hmm- Hi.” He mumbles into my neck.

“Sleep well?” I move my head to allow him more access to my neck as he begins smoothing my hair out of the way.

He starts to plant light, silent kisses on my neck, making a low ‘Mm-Hmm’ sound in his throat. His tone is deep from just waking up, I feel the vibrations of his voice against my skin, as he continues to kiss my neck.

Pulling my waist closer to his crotch, I feel his morning wood pressing against my backside, making my eyes grow wide.

“Fred- what are you doing?” I whisper, growing hot between my legs.

“Seek this as pay back lovely. You wanted to tease me...” He drags his fingers upwards, pulling my shirt up with ease. “Wearing that pretty little dress...” He groans in my ear, only for me to hear. “Making me ache for you...” His hand slides down and over the front of my underwear. “Let’s see how quiet you can really be, darling.”

I suck in my breath, as he tucks his hand underneath the lace, making me tilt my head back onto his shoulder. “F-Fred... your brother is right there.” I say shakily.

“Shh... Be a good girl, and stay quiet.” He begins moving his fingers down my already soaked slit. I grab ahold of his wrist, but he wouldn’t ease his sweet torture.

My breathing is staggered, the fear of waking George mixing with arousal, it ignites a fire deep in my stomach. Fred lightly moves his middle finger around my sensitive bud. The pleasure flows through my body, like electricity. I bite my bottom lip, hard, in attempt not to make a sound.

Sliding his hand down further, he inserts a finger into my wetness, making my mouth gape open. I let my eyes flutter shut, as Fred slowly moves his fingers inside of me, while his thumb continues to stroke my sweet spot.

Fred nips at my ear, sending goosebumps down my neck. “You’re doing so good, lovely, and you’re so wet for me.” He says in a husky tone, his voice alone makes me want to explode.

Fred inserts another finger inside of me, which makes me accidentally let out a small moan. My eyes instantly grow wide as George squirms in the bed. I hear Fred chuckle in my ear.

Once again he moves his fingers inside me, swirling his thumb on my clit, building my pleasure. Having to stay quiet was torturous, with Fred being so skilled with his hands, he knew where to find all the right buttons.

My pleasure is climbing higher, my legs begin to tremble, my chest heaves from my heavy breathing.

Without warning, Fred sinks his teeth into my neck, biting down hard. The pain and pleasure mingles together, sending a shockwave towards my wanting heat. It pushes me too far, making me let out a moan, but this time it was louder than before. Fuck.

In a quick motion, Fred wraps his free hand over my mouth, muffling me instantly.

“Oh dear, that wasn’t quiet, was it darling?” He whispers, stopping his pleasure completely.

As he removes his hand from my underwear, I let out a small whine, desperate for him to touch me again. Turning my body, I connect eyes with him.

His dark iris’s make me melt. “P-Please Fred.” I breath, aching for him.

He places his index finger on my lips. “Shh... Like I said... Don’t play that game with me.” He smirks evilly at me. My eyes twitch, but instead of giving up completely, I just smirk back at him.

Staring deeply into his eyes, I stick out my tongue, licking his finger from the base, and ever so slowly gliding it up to the tip, tasting myself on his skin. As I get to the top, I plant a gentle kiss on his pad.

“Fuck you, Weasley.” I whisper, and lift myself off the mattress. Looking down at Fred, I see his eyes twitch with frustration... good. Giving him a small smile, I turn on my heel, making my way out the door.

“Oh no you don’t, Grey.” I hear him stand. Grabbing me on the back of my neck, Fred forces me to turn back around, knocking the breath out of me.

Our faces are close, nose to nose, his warm breath on my skin, our lips ever so slightly grazing together. I desperately want to kiss him, to feel his tongue wrap around mine, his mouth to devour me.

I smirk at him, knowing he wants me too. I pull his lip under my teeth, tugging on it slightly. Fred lets out a growl in his throat, spiking desire between my legs. With swift movement, Fred moves us out the door and into the bathroom, his hand still clamped around the back of my neck, holding it tightly, almost painfully.

Using his foot to close the door, he moves his hand from the back to the front of my throat. I am pushed against the counter, his hard member pulsing against my hip.

“Do you feel what you’ve done to me, Grey?” he breaths, lips still so close to mine. “I don’t like to be teased... to have something I so desperately want, taken away from me.” Fred spits. He is in no mood to be gentle, I can feel his frustrations, his desire, his need.

Fred pulls me in by my throat, devouring me with his mouth. My fingers curl into his hair as he consumes me. I moan, as our tongues intertwine with one another’s, recklessly abandoning our thoughts of where we are.

Fred disconnects us, breathing heavily. Adrenalin is feeding my passion for him and he matches me by tearing my shirt, the buttons popping open, revealing my naked chest and underwear, letting it fall to the floor. Leaning down, he plants heated kisses on my chest, licking and sucking my tender skin, making me moan loudly.

Fred instantly straightens up, coming face to face with me once more. “Hush darling, you don’t want to wake the whole house, do you?” He rubs his thumb along my lips, staring deeply into my eyes. I take his thumb into my mouth, sucking on it lightly, never breaking out eye contact.

Fred moans lowly, removing his thumb from my mouth. With his hands on my hips, he turns me around, then plants his palm in between my shoulder blades, forcing my chest to lay on the counter. My skin burns against the cold counter top, sending goosebumps over my skin.

I feel Fred kneeling behind me, his face even with my backside. He plants a gentle kiss on one of my cheeks, making me moan softly.

“F-Fred...” I breath, utterly desperate for him. He rubs the back of my thighs, trailing up and over my backside, massaging me. I hear him groan low in his throat.

Without saying a word, Fred stands up, pulling my soaked underwear to one side. Using his knee to push my legs apart, He releases himself from his pyjama bottoms. I feel him rubbing his tip along my slit, but doesn’t move, just continues to tease me. I let out a small whine, and my breathing spikes, aching to feel him inside me.

“Beg...” He whispers. His words make my stomach drop, and blood rush south. I whimper, desperate for him but also being too stubborn to beg for it.

“Go on... Beg for me darling.” Fred doesn’t shift his body, just continues to stroke his tip, teasing my entrance.

I push back slightly, making the tip of him sink into me, I moan against the counter. Fred hisses through his teeth, but doesn’t move any further. He grabs a fist full of my hair pulling me up against his chest.

“I said... beg.” He spits through gritted teeth, the stern tone in his voice is beyond arousing, making me throb around his tip.

I couldn’t take it any longer, the feeling of him twitching at my entrance was torturous.

“Please Fred... please.” I groan, and almost instantly Fred wraps his hand over my mouth, and thrusts his whole length inside me, making me cry out against his hand, the delicious feeling of being so full makes my eyes roll back. He starts to move, not holding back his deep thrusts, making my breathing harsher, my panting matching his.

“Oh fuck... you’re so tight.” He breaths, while pounding relentlessly into me.

I grip onto the side of the counter, my body quivering around him. Fred groans lowly, hushing his noise by biting his bottom lip, while hitting my deepest point with every thrust. I squirm as his nails dig into my hip, ramming himself into me, giving me his whole length every time, it hurts but feels so good.

I whimper against his palm, tears begin streaming down my face and over his hand. I hear his sharp intake of breath- a gasp of pure pleasure, heating my desire.

“God... you’re taking me so well... you’re such a good girl.”

Fred never misses a beat as he takes me, moving strong and hard inside me, making my insides tighten and quiver.

“I know you’re close... come for me.” Fred groans. I scrunch my eyes closed, the tears continuing to fall, but the pleasure building more and more.

Without warning, Fred slaps me, hard, on my backside. It tips me over the edge- and I come, hard. His hand tightens over my mouth, muffling my screams as I pulse around him, but he continues to relentlessly thrust inside me, building his own pleasure as my legs start to shake.

“Oh fuck... oh fu-” Fred holds me still, following me in an exploding climax. Giving a few more slow pumps, he bends over my body, breathing heavily.

The silence in the bathroom is only filled with our heavy breathing. Fred removes his hand, allowing me to take a breath through my mouth, removing himself from me.

My insides ache, but in a good way. I stay on the counter, catching my breath, in a complete daze.

I feel Fred plant a kiss on my spine, but then his breathing stops for a moment. “Where are these from?” Fred questions with a worried tone, tracing his fingers over my back. Blinking a few times, I turn to look at him, I then know exactly what he’s talking about.

Letting out a long sigh, I pull myself off the counter. My legs give way underneath me, making me stumble, but Fred quickly grabs my elbow to steady me.

“Let’s not ruin this moment... that’s a story for another time.” I say softly, caressing his cheek. His face looks sad, making my heart ache.

“Did I hurt you?” Fred says as his warm eyes scan over my face. I reply by shaking my head. Leaning up I gently place my lips on his, momentarily melting into his lips, letting out a soft hum.

“Shower with me?” He smiles down at me. I nod up at him and he flicks the shower on. Stepping into the warm water, it soothes my aching body. Fred lathers me with soap, taking extra care on my breasts. I let out a laugh, slapping his hands away.

After a nice shower, I feel refreshed. Making my way into the room with a towel wrapped around me and my hair up in another towel. I look down to see George, still snoring on the mattress. I giggle and shake my head at the boy.

Fred walks in behind me, with a towel wrapped around his waist, instantly tutting at his brother, who sleeps with his mouth wide open.

“Oi, you lazy git...” Fred kicks the mattress, making George wake suddenly. “Get up.”

George grunts, taking the pillow and throwing it at his brother. Fred reacts quickly and pounces onto George, wrestling him on the bed.

“Get off, Fred! Arghh-”

“No! You wanna start something, finish it! Little prick!”

Ignoring the commotion, I pull on some underwear underneath my towel, then some shorts, then tying a green bikini top around my back, pulling the towel away after I was dressed.

“Ow fuck!”

Turning around to see the boys continuing to wrestle, but George is now on top of Fred. I watch them with my brow raised, to which George notices.

“You want some of this, Grey?” He lifts himself off Fred, staring at me as if I were prey.

“No thanks. I don’t want to hurt your feelings when you lose.” I smirk at him, tilting my head slightly.

George swaggers over, not loosing contact with my eyes. As he was about to pounce, I duck between his legs, climbing through the gap. It was easily done as the boys are 6′3, and are mostly legs. I turn around and jump on George’s back, gripping around his neck and wrapping my legs around his front, holding on for my life. I hear Fred laughing and cheering behind us. George flails around, slamming his back onto the mattress of his bed, crushing me in the middle, but I’m determined to keep my grip.

George squirms, desperate to break free. He rolls around on the bed, pulling at my arms, but there was no way of me letting go. George groans out of frustration, but eventually he taps me on the arm as a sign of defeat.

I laugh and let go of him and George slides down my body, slumping on the floor, breathless. I sit up and plant a kiss on the top of his head, then lift my leg over to stand from the bed. As I go to walk away, George grabs my ankle, making me fall onto the floor.

I flick my hair, sending a sharp glare over to George. He just smirks and holds his hands out in defeat. I just scoff at him, and poke my tongue with my cheek.

“Sore loser.” I say under my breath.

After helping Molly with the dishes from breakfast, I make my way out the back door to bathe in the beaming sun for a little while.

Soaking in the heat, I hum along with the radio playing in the burrow. I’m led out on the garden grass, with my eyes closed, enjoying every second of this time in the countryside before I return to my groggy town. A spike of sadness comes over me as I think of leaving the Weasleys tomorrow.

My sun is blocked by a large figure, who else would it be than Fred Weasley. I roll my eyes at him as he grins down at me.

“Enjoying your time here, Grey?” He says as he sits next to me on the grass. He looks gorgeous, being in a green shirt and jean shorts. How could someone be so perfect? Making me swoon at the sight of him, he was perfect.

I nod with wide smile, turning onto my front, I move my hair out the way of my back so I could get more colour on it. Fred’s expression changes as he sees my exposed back, dropping his smile, it was the same look he gave me in the bathroom.

“Phoenix?” Fred says.

“Hmm?” I say, while resting my head on my arms.

“Where are those scars from?” His tone is cold

I let out a long sigh. “Well... the head of the orphanage was terrible, she did terrible things and I was a main target because I was different...” I swallow hard at the memories flooding my mind. “Things happened without my control, and she whipped and hit me for it... that’s where my scars are from.” The sting of the whip is still fresh on my mind.

I look up at Fred, his eyes full of darkness. Reaching over to grab his hand, I grip it tightly. “Hey... I’m fine. She was a bad person, and I don’t dwell on it. Please, don’t worry.” I give him a soft smile, to which he tugs his lips up to smile back. Taking my hand, he gently kisses my knuckles, making my heart swell.

’Oh hello Tonks dear! What brings you here?” The sound of Molly’s muffled voice from the house peaks my interest. Tonks? Who’s Tonks? My brows furrow, wondering who this mystery person is.

“Who’s Tonks?” I question, trying to see through the window.

“She’s.. uh- a friend of the family.” Fred says, struggling to find the words, which makes me suspicious. “Come meet her.” He smiles, lifting himself off the ground.

I follow him into the burrow, where Molly and a younger woman stand in the living room area. For a moment I hear Harry’s name, and something about a patronus charm, and being expelled. My heart spikes, there is no way Harry could be expelled.

Molly’s eyes are wide with worry, the look of stress wiped over her face. I furrow my brow, but Molly quickly pulls a smile on her face at the sight of us.

“Oh hello you two!” Molly walks over to us. “Phoenix dear, this is Nympadora Tonks.” She gestures over to the young woman.

She has bright purple hair, and her eyes were kind and full of light. She’s beautiful. She strides over to me and holds her hand out in front of her, gesturing for a handshake.

“I prefer Tonks, it’s really wonderful to meet you, Phoenix.” Her tone is husky. I take her hand and the flood of emotion flows over me. Her feelings of worry melt over my own. The sensation of my eyes changing comes to me, a bright orange shade flows over my iris’s. I close my eyes to shield the changing colour from Tonks.

Removing my hand from Tonks, I look up a her. Her face was beaming, she grins at me with wide eyes, to which I just smile at her.

“It’s nice to meet you, Tonks.” I say awkwardly, as she continues to beam at me.

“You’re a Morphmagus!” She cheers, making me jump slightly. I furrow my brow, wondering how she knew, but then her hair started changing colour. Holy shit! She’s one too! My mouth falls open, as I have never come across another Morphmagus.

“Oh my god, no way, you’re one too?” I gasp. I feel elated.

Finally, someone like me!

Tonks stayed for a bit longer than she anticipated, but she truly was incredible. The control she has over her abilities was amazing to watch- seeing her change from her usual purple hair, and making it a white colour like mine. Changing her eyes from the dark shade to a bright blue, even changing her mouth and nose to look like a duck beak... it was inspiring.

I never attempted to transform myself, as I was never able to conquer this will to change. Seeing Tonks do this in front of me, it made me want to develop my ability.

“Was it easy for you to do this? Like... change yourself?” I ask Tonks, bringing my cup of tea to my lips, blowing the heat away, then taking a sip.

She smiles softly. “Yes and no, it took me a while to find the will to change, but once I managed to at least change my hair... I could change anything at any time.”

I bite my lip, taking another sip of tea. “Could you teach me?” I ask, tilting my head to one side.

“There’s nothing to teach you, Phoenix. The change will come, just focus on it.” She smiles. Moving my gaze to my tea, I feel like I’m a long way off being like Tonks. “It’ll come to you honey, and you will be unstoppable when it does.” She winks, then stands from the sofa.

“Molly it’s been a pleasure...” Tonks walks over and into Molly’s open arms, taking her embrace. I see her lean into Molly’s ear, whispering something, to which Molly replies with a nod.

Tonks then comes over to me, giving me a kiss on the cheek and hugging me tightly. “Oh, it’s been wonderful meeting you...” She pulls away scanning my face. “It’ll come to you soon, I know it!” She smirks, then makes her way out of the door, dissaperating at the doorway.

Leaning back onto the sofa as Molly walks into the kitchen. I nibble at my thumb skin, with a thousand thoughts going through my mind.

“Sickle for your thoughts, Grey?” Fred says, as him and George walk over to me from the stairs. They both drop onto the sofa, making me lift up slightly from the force.

“Not thinking about us again are we?” George snickers.

“You wish!” I shove George, making him fall back in laughter. “No, I just wish I could do what Tonks does! I have so many questions- but from what Tonks said, I have to figure it out for myself.” I pull my face down in frustration, groaning and flopping back onto the sofa.

“I’m sure you’ll get it soon, love.” Fred says. “Maybe you need to focus?”

Chewing on my lip, I think about what Fred says. “Okay, let me focus on you. I’ll take your features into my mind, maybe that’ll help.” Turning my body, I sit cross legged on the sofa, facing Fred. George moves and sits on the table to watch.

We sit in silence, as myself and Fred face one another. I stare at him, scanning my eyes over his features, taking in every freckle and all the colours of orange in his fiery red hair. After a while, I don’t feel anything, unsure if what I’m doing is right, but I desperately want this to work.

Fred just gazes back, almost lovingly. They both stay silent, until...

“OH MY GOD! THERE’S A FRECKLE!” George gasps, pointing at my face.

“No mate, that freckle was always there.” Fred laughs.

“Really? Oh... I never noticed.”

I let out a huff. “This isn’t working.” Flopping myself back on the sofa.

We hear Ginny coming down the stairs, her beautiful red hair flows over her shoulders as she bounces down the steps.

“Oi Gin! Come here a second.” George says, using his hand in a come hither motion. Ginny walks over with a furrowed brow.

“Everything alright?” She questions, folding her arms over her chest.

“Yeah, sit here. Phoenix wants to use you as a guinea pig.” Fred stands, patting the sofa where he sat. “Maybe a girl might be easier to work on, Grey.” he smirks down at me.

Ginny hesitantly sits on the sofa, looking at the boys, probably think they’re playing a prank or something. As she sits, Ginny gives me a warm smile.

“Just stay still Gin, don’t worry.” I say to her, to which she does.

I start to look at her features. The same way I done to Fred, taking in colours and freckles. This time, i found a way of putting myself into Ginny’s body, she was easier to see myself in, easier to transform into. I keep my focus, desperate to change anything.

Suddenly, I feel a prickling sensation over my scalp, but I continue to hold focus on Ginny. I see her eyes grow wide, spiking excitement in my stomach.

“Holy shit!” Fred and George say simultaneously. Their words make me break focus from Ginny, but as I turn my head towards them, I see my hair that rests on my shoulder becoming a red shade, like the Weasleys hair.

I let out a excitable gasp, as what once was my white hair now flowing into bright ginger locks. Quickly standing from the sofa, I run over to the mirror. My face was the same, but my hair was fiery. I liked it.

I beam at myself. Smiling widely towards the trio on the sofa.

“Now you’re a true Weasley.” George laughs.

Like Tonks said, once I managed one thing, I was capable of so much more. After dinner, I spent most of the evening in the twins room, on Fred’s bed, with a hand held mirror, changing my hair all different colours. I felt amazing, like I’ve defeated the biggest dragon in the world.

As my hair shade turns to black, my breath spikes, making me do a double take at my reflection.

Glancing at myself with black hair, I also blink my eyes, forcing them into a deep black shade. I look like my dad... like his true daughter. I smile at myself, feeling warm, but also sad at the sight of me with the features of dark hair and dark eyes.

Fred walks through the door, and raises his brows as he connects his eyes with mine.

“I’m going to have to get used to this.” He chuckles. “Bit weird walking to a new girl in my room.” Fred sits down on the bed, scanning my face. “You alright?”

Placing the mirror only my lap, I let out a sigh. “I look like my dad, I’ve always wanted to look like his true daughter... but we naturally look so different.” I move my gaze away from Fred, staring down at my knotted hands.

“Hey...” Fred uses his hand to pull my face up from under my chin. He holds a warm smile. “You don’t have to look like someone to be family. You are his daughter, with or without black hair.”

He was right. I smile at his words, nodding in agreement.

“Now... Can I have Phoenix back please, I like her better.” He chuckles, making me laugh with him.

I close my eyes, revealing my blue toned iris’s, then running my hands through my hair, my scalp prickles from my hair transforming into my white tone.

“Perfect...” Fred grins. “Now stop being sad, and let’s go get cake.” He grabs my hand pulling me off the bed.

As I stand Fred wraps me up in his arms. I rest my cheek onto his chest, listening to his heartbeat. I melt into him as he holds me tightly.

“You’re perfect, Phoenix-- don’t ever think you need to change yourself.”

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