Little Phoenix

Three Teens and a Walkman


I squirm in my bed. Fred and George once again piled onto me last night, so I’m squished by a pair of grown boys on my bed.

They both lay on their backs, taking up even more room. George’s arms are spread out, with one elbow in my ribs, snoring loudly. Fred has his arms behind his head, but his legs are overlapping mine.

I love them both so much, but this is ridiculous. I let out a loud huff, trying to signal that I am crushed by them both, but it was no good.

“George...” I whisper, turning my head to look at the snoring red head.

“Hmm?” He groans, not moving or opening his eyes.

“Move! You’re crushing me!”

George smacks his lips together and removes his limbs away from me, now lying on his side, facing me. I could actually breath for a moment, so I get myself more comfortable.

“Thank y-” I go to finish my sentence, until he turns more, now lying partially on top of me, wrapping his arm over my chest. His face was on my head, with his mouth wide open, and almost instantly starts snoring again. I roll my eyes, but as George snuggles into me, I feel myself start to drift once more.


I am stood inside a room, by the looks of it, it was a greenhouse. It was dark, I couldn’t see anything ahead of me. Flicking my wrist, I throw a blue ball of light up into the air, lighting up the room.

Looking ahead, there’s a tall mirror in front of me, but I couldn’t see myself, just a tall figure... it was my dad. I rush towards him, trying to call out, but no words come out, he just stands and stares blankly.

His skin suddenly goes pale and his eyes glaze over, then blood suddenly pours out of his mouth. I try to scream, but there is no sound. Slamming my hands onto the mirror, desperately trying to get to him, trying to save him. My dad coughs, spluttering blood down himself. I cry out, screaming silently.

Stumbling backwards, away from my dads reflection, two more either side appear. Fred and George’s figures come into view.

“No... NO!” The words finally come out, but the worst is played out in front of me.

They both start to choke, the blood pouring out of their eyes, as they grip onto their throats, spluttering over the mirror as they coughed, falling onto the floor.

I turn my back, hiding away from the scenes, but there was more... more mirrors, enclosing me in a small circle. This time it was Ron, Harry and Hermione. They all do the same, choking and pouring with blood from their mouths, eyes and ears. I shake my head, feeling the tears prick my eyes.

I hear a dark chuckle echo from behind me, making my blood run cold, feeling the presence of someone, someone evil.

“You failed them...” I recognised this voice... but where from?

Staying in place, I did not turn to see the person who stood behind me. I just feel defeated.

“Little Phoenix...” The voice whispers. That’s when I knew- it was her, the head of my orphanage.

Suddenly I feel a welt across my back, making me cry out, falling to my knees. She laughs wickedly, pulling back, and sending another one, ripping into my skin.

My head drops, gritting my teeth as the pain sears through me. Letting the tears fall from my eyes and down my cheeks, allowing more welts to hit my back.

I sob, as she draws blood from my back, I feel it running down my spine.

I’ve lost everything.

“Phoenix... wake up.”

“Hey... it’s okay.”

I jolt awake, drenched in sweat. Instantly I sit up, grabbing onto Fred and George, scanning them for any injuries. My breathing is panicked.

Fred grabs my wrists gently. “We’re okay, lovely.” He coos, starting to smooth my hair. Then the tears start to fall, streaming down my face.

I let out a sob, leaning my head onto George’s shoulder. Fred interlocks his hand in mine, kissing my knuckles, while George stokes my hair as I cry.

They’re okay... everyone is okay.

My eyes have been black since I woke from my nightmare. Fred and George haven’t left my side. I told them about it, I cried on their shoulder some more, but they always find a way to bring me out of this darkness. They are the light at the end of my deep, dark tunnel.

I needed to go back home, to see my father, to settle my anxiety that still lingers. I feel sad that I’m leaving the burrow, and the Weasley’s of course, but I can’t shake the darkness away completely.

After a wonderful breakfast courtesy of Molly, I walk into the twins room to grab my things.

I meet eyes with Fred, as he sits on his bed. He gives me a soft smile, standing and walking over to me. He snakes his hands around my waist, pulling me in closely. The sound of his heart soothes me.

“You okay?” He says softly against my hair.

I nod, lifting my head to meet eyes with him. Leaning down he plants a gentle kiss on my lips, making my stomach flutter. Running his hands through my hair as he wraps me up in his lips.

“Do you want me to come with you?” He asks as he pulls away.

I instantly let out a scoff. “To my house... you have a death wish.” I laugh. My father would not allow anyone in the house, let alone a Weasley.

He looks down at me, tugging his lips into a wide smile. How is he so perfect? Everything about him is so effortlessly beautiful, I can’t get enough.

Walking downstairs, hand in hand with Fred as he carries my bag for me. I say goodbye to Ron and Ginny, hugging them both. Then Molly, who gives me a squeezing embrace.

“Now, you’re welcome back anytime dear.” She says, as she rubs me on the back.

“Thank you Molly, I’ve had a wonderful time.” I smile at her, now turning towards the twins.

They look slightly sad, as if I’m going away forever. I let out a small laugh. “Come on, I’m going home... not leaving the country.” Rolling my eyes up at them.

“Oh! I forgot to give you these.” I say, reaching into my bag.

Fred and George light up as I each give them a bracelet. “I made them, and I thought they would look really good on you guys.” I smile. Fred’s was a deep green and yellow shade, and George’s was blue and yellow.

“Thank you, they’re wicked.” Fred says, pulling it onto his wrist and tightening it. George’s grin is wide, nodding in agreement.

Fred brings me in for a tight embrace, and as usual George comes up behind me, hugging me from behind, engulfing me in a warm bubble.

Pulling away and stepping into the fireplace with a handful of floo powder, I call out my destination.

“Spinners End!” And with that I am engulfed with flames, reducing seconds later to the view of my home. Walking out, I don’t see my father, and the house is deathly quiet.

My anxiety spikes. Quickly I bolt up the stairs. “Dad?” I call out. As I reach the top of the stairs, my dad quickly opens the door from the office, I almost bump into him.

He looks down at me with a concerned expression and as his eyes meet mine, I instantly bury myself into his chest, hugging him tightly.

“What happened?” He said, with a cold tone.

“Another night terror... I’m okay.” I say, breathless.

My dad lets out a long sigh, then wraps his arms around me, one had on the back of my head, holding me close.

He’s okay, everything is okay.

Two weeks fall behind me, and nothing new has happened, just the usual things going on in the Snape household: potion making, chess, reading, all the fun things.

I received a couple of letters from Fred and George, they tell me they’ve passes their Apparition tests, and I know this year is going to be filled with trouble already. There have been a couple of letters from Hermione, mostly checking in. I miss her a lot actually, but it’s not long until I will see her again.

We will be going back to Hogwarts in a couple of days, and I’m looking forward to starting the year there, not arriving in the middle of it.

I’m in my room, packing up my trunk ready for Hogwarts. A knock comes on my door, and my dad opens it slightly ajar, enough for him to lean in, with his hand still on the door knob.

“Phoenix, we have to travel somewhere. Make sure your trunk is packed, we will be taking it with us, and you will be travelling to school from there.” He says calmly, then leaves my room.

“Where are we going?” I ask, furrowing my brows.

My dad doesn’t reply, he only gives me a quick glare, then leaves the room. Weird. I shake the odd actions of my father and finish up my packing.

I dress in something comfortable, wearing black flares with a black top, covering myself in a long, thick, knitted cardigan. Leaving my hair down, I tuck the loose strands behind my ears.

My dad flicks his wand, making my trunk disappear from my room and appear in the living room. As I finish up packing my bag for the train to Hogwarts, I meet my father down the stairs.

He stands next to my trunk, wearing his long black coat, buttoned up to his neck.

“Ready, Phoenix?” He asks, watching me fumble through my bag, making sure I have everything.

“Well if I knew where we were going, I would have prepared better.” I shoot him a glare. I hate forgetting things, and the not knowing where we are going makes it even more frustrating.

“Don’t start... You’ll know soon.” My dad holds out his arm, ready to apparate. I pick up my truck and tug my bad onto my shoulder. Taking a deep breath, I grip onto my dads wrist, and he sends us into a whirling frenzy.

With a loud crack, we appear in a large, empty street. It was getting dark, and the street lamps were glowing dimly.

“Dad, where are-”

“Shh.” My dad hushes me. He walks towards the empty wall and taps it with his wand tip.

The ground shakes lightly, and the walls part, revealing windows and a door. All of this doesn’t answer the question I have in my mind, but I keep quiet and follow him into the house,

The corridor was eerie, following closely behind my father, my pulse starting to quicken. As we walk through the curtain, the rooms were warmly lit with detailed wall lights.

“Oh Phoenix, it’s so good to see you again dear!” The voice of Molly Weasley comes to my ears, as she quickly engulfs me in a tight embrace.

“Mrs Weasley, w- what are you doing here?” I chuckle, hugging her back.

“Severus... you have brought up a mighty fine young woman. She’s a true treasure.” Molly says, ignoring my question completely.

My dad nods in appreciation, the strides into another room. Molly laughs softly and turns her attention back to me.

“Go get yourself settled upstairs lovely, I’m sure the boys would be happy to see you.” She grins.

The boys are here, I get a buzzed feeling throughout my body, my eyes transform to yellow. Molly gives me a wink walking into the room my father just entered.

Making my way up the stairs, I start to hear laughing coming from one of the rooms. Pushing on the partially opened door, I peak my head in.

A group of head turn my way. Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Fred and George all sit in a circle, playing a board game. Fred and George get to the feet at the speed of light, bounding towards me. Fred grabs my top half, while George grabs my legs lifting me off the floor.

“Yes Phoenix! We’ve been waiting for you to arrive!” George cheers.

They jump up and down with me in their arms while cheering, making me laugh loudly.

“Guys, don’t break her!” Hermione exclaims, waiting for the boys to release me. Fred and George set me down, walking past Hermione who is standing with her arms crossed.

“Trust me... she’s hard to break.” Fred says lowly, leaning into Hermione’s ear. He gazes back to me and gives me a wink.

My stomach flutters and my face flushes, Hermione also turns beet red. She scoffs and smacks Fred on the arm. Turning back, she gives me a wide grin, mirroring my expression.

We crash together in a tight hug. I’ve missed her.

“How are you? The boys were telling me about your visit to the burrow.” hermione pulls back, pulling me further into the room.

“I’m fine and it was lovely... can anyone please tell me where we are?” I demand, scanning the group for answers.

“Headquarters, mate.” George says, sitting on the large four poster bed.

“Did Snape not tell you anything” Ron asks, furrowing his brow.

I shake my head, holding the same expression. “Headquarters for what?”

“The Order of the Phoenix.” Hermione says.

After the group tell me about the Order, we get called down for dinner. In a flash Fred and George apparate, then a sudden yell from Molly is heard from down stairs.

“ENOUGH BOYS!” She yells.

In the dining room, it was filled with people. I see Molly and Arthur, and Tonks- the sight of her makes me beam. There was more, a few men I haven’t met before.

“Phoenix!” Tonks exclaims, skipping over to me and bringing me into a tight hug. “You look well! Here, come meet Remus. He would love to meet you finally.” She drags me by my sleeve, towards a pair of wizards who sit by the fire.

“Remus, this is Phoenix.” She beams. He turns and looks up at me, his face covered in scars.

“My word haven’t you grown.” He grins, shaking my hand tightly. He knows who I am? I smile awkwardly at him, switching my eyes between Remus and Tonks desperate for answers. “Sirius, it’s Phoenix, look.” He slaps another man on the shoulder, making him turn around.

This man I knew... he was on every page of wizard news out there. Sirius Black. He smiles widely at me, not looking as evil as he does on the front page of the Daily Prophet.

“Merlin’s beard, I never thought Sniv was capable of bringing you up, but here you are, beautiful as ever.” Sirius says softly. The two men laugh, and I laugh awkwardly with them.

“Have we met before?” I finally find the courage to ask them.

“No darling, but we’ve heard a lot about you.” Remus says, tucking his hands into his pockets.

“Also seen a photo of you when you were a baby, precious little thing you were.” Sirius says.

“Were you both friends with my dad?” I tilt my head.

For a moment the pair make eye contact with one another, but quickly turn their gaze back towards me.

“I don’t think he would say we’re friends... he’s stubborn like that.” Sirius chuckles, giving me a wink. I laugh softly. He isn’t wrong there.

Molly claps her hands together, making everyone aware that dinner is ready. I sit towards the end of the long table, Fred and George plant themselves either side of me, laughing as they nudge me back and forth, and elbowing me in the ribs.

“Boys, stop bugging the poor girl!” Molly tuts as she places a bowl full of roast potatoes on the table.

I sneakily pinch the backs of the twins arms, making them cry out, squirming in their seats. I snort loudly, knocking my head back in laughter. Looking up I get a glare from my father, his dark eyes burn into me, and I suck in my lips to refrain from laughing.

Arthur Weasley sits across from us, he suddenly gasps and clicks his fingers together. “Ah Phoenix, I have something for you!” He says, walking over to his coat that his hanging on the wall. Pulling out a small contraption, he places it on the table in front of me.

“Mr Weasley, you shouldn’t have.” I beam up at him, his face is full of light. Taking the contraption in my hand I examine it. It’s a small box, with buttons along one side, and connected to it there is a long cord that splits off into two.

“It’s called a cassette player, or what the muggles call a Walkman.” Arthur accentuates the word ‘Walkman’ looking proud of himself. “The boys have said you love music, and this little thing plays you music through those little ear buds, which are called earphones.” He laughs out of excitement as he explains the muggle contraption, grinning from ear to ear.

“Thank you Mr Weasley, I love it.” I grin at him, clicking open the contraption and pulling out the tape. On the front, it had a handwritten label saying ‘Mixtape 01’. Clicking it back into the box, I pressed the play button. Holding the earbuds to my ears, Fred and George lean in either side of my head in attempt to listen as well.

Booming through the earbuds was a song by Fleetwood Mac, a favourite band of mine. I gasp and wiggle in my seat from excitement. My eyes beam with yellow shades at Arthur. Fred and George bop their heads, listening to the song.

“That’s pretty cool!” Fred says.

“Isn’t it fascinating! You can also get more of those little tapes in the muggle world, I will try and source you some more.” Arthur grins, then begins piling his plate full of the delicious food Molly has placed out in front of us.

Later on that night, all of us get ourselves ready for bed. The boys fighting for the mirror in the bathroom to brush their teeth, Ron and Fred start pushing one another, getting rougher with each push.

“Sod off Fred!” Ron yells, elbowing him in the ribs.

“Ronald don’t start.” Hermione scoffs, sitting on the side next to me, brushing her curly hair.

“Yeah Won Won...” Fred mocks as he shoves him on the shoulder. “Don’t start.” He jokes, poking his tongue in his cheek.

Ron lets out a huff through his nose, then tackles Fred around the waist, slamming him against the wall. Fred bursts into laughter as he fights of his brother, while George taunts them, escalating the fight.

Myself and hermione just watch them push and shove one another with emotionless stares. I glance at her and we simultaneously roll our eyes.

After the chaos dies down, I remember I had left my Walkman on the dining table. Making my way out of the bedroom and down the stairs. Skipping past a door, I hear my fathers voice, and he doesn’t sound too pleased. I bite my lip, knowing I shouldn’t stay to listen in, but my curiosity got the better of me, now finding myself pressing my ear against the door.

“— I am her father, I do what’s best for her!”

“Yes I understand Severus... but we need her here, we need her, she can protect Harry.”

“The boy is your problem, Sirius. If he who must not be named becomes any stronger, he will start looking for her.”

“You will put her at more risk... she’s safe. That’s why Dumbledore asked you to retrieve her from that orphanage... to keep her safe.”

“I am uncertain that I can keep her safe any longer...”

I pull away from the door, fear sparks in my chest. My dad sounded broken, defeated even. Quickly running away from the door, I retrieve my Walkman from the dining room and bolt back upstairs.

My heart pounds in my ears as I walk into the bedroom. Everyone had taken the mattresses from other rooms, placing them all in the master bedroom. All the boys were on the floor, sitting cross legged, while Hermione and Ginny sit on the large four poster bed.

“Phoenix, you alright? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Hermione says, knitting her brows together, making all the boys turn their heads towards me.

“Yeah, I-I’m fine, the house elf just scared me... that’s all.” I force a smile, trying to push back what I heard moments before.

Myself, Ginny, and Hermione are sharing the large bed, while the boys sleep on their mattresses on the floor.

I haven’t been able to sleep, the questions roll through my mind.

Why did Dumbledore ask for my dad to adopt me?

What does my dad mean about me not being safe?

Why is You Know Who looking for me?

I chew on my lip, while staring up into the ceiling. The room is full of light snores, apart from Ron who sounds like a warthog. Ginny was in the middle of me and Hermione, completely spread out, with her hand on my chest and legs over mine.

Ginny moves, tuning over and pushing me to the edge of the bed. For a small girl, she takes up a lot of room, she’s worse than George.

I huff in frustration and slide out of the bed, leaving her to snuggle into my pillow. Looking down at the boys on the floor, Ron’s mouth is wide open, snoring loudly in his throat. Fred and George are sharing a double mattress, both looking peaceful in their slumber.

I pad over to their mattress, sliding myself in between their sleeping bodies. They both squirm slightly as I snuggle in the middle of them. Fred turns over and wraps himself over me, engulfing me in his long limbs, making me feel safe. The smell of him hits my nose, and I take a deep inhale, fluttering my eyes closed.

The words of my dad play in my head over and over...

I am uncertain that I can keep her safe any longer...

Sleep finally consumes me, pushing my fathers words away... for now.

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