Little Phoenix

Burning Rage

I slowly awake, hearing the soft whispers of Fred and George. I am still engulfed in Fred, my face in his chest, with his arms wrapped around me. They’re talking softly, about their plans for the new school year and selling their products. Stirring in Fred’s arms, the two boys go silent.

“Good morning, intruder.” Fred laughs, kissing me on the top of my head.

“Sorry...Ginny was a nightmare last night, and you guys looked so comfy.” I chuckle.

“Hey! I can hear you y’know.” Ginny calls out from the bed.

We all start cracking up. “Ginny, you’re a pain in the ass when you sleep, don’t even deny it.” George laughs.

A pillow comes flying from the bed and collides with George’s face. Everyone bursts into fits of laughter.

“Oi! I’m trying to bloody sleep here!” Ron grumbles, turning over in a huff, and everyone holds back their snickers.

After breakfast with everyone, Hermione shows me the large library, where she said is the place she has spent most of her time, a place to get away from all the Weasley energy.

The library is beautiful. The walls full; ceiling to floor, of books. It was Hermione’s sweet shop, in book form. She continues to tell me about some of the books she had read over the course of being at Grimmauld Place, recommending a book called Potions for the Curious.

“- is everything okay, Phoenix? You’ve not been yourself since last night.” Hermione questions, tilting her head to one side.

My heart spikes, swallowing hard as her eyes bore into me.

“Come on, you were silent during breakfast... what is it?” Hermione pulls me onto the small sofa.

I chew on my lip, wondering if I should tell her what’s going on... what I heard last night. Flicking my eyes between her and my knitted hands, I attempt to find the words to explain.

“I- I heard my dad talking to Sirius last night...”

Hermione’s brows knit together, shifting her position to sit to face me, tucking her leg underneath her.

“I’m certain they were talking about me... dad was saying that he couldn’t protect me, and that I’m not safe.”

“What did Sirius say?” Hermione says, face full of worry.

I shook my head. “That I’m needed, that I could keep harry safe, I- I don’t know what that means.” I feel a slight sense of fear come through me, my eyes turning cold grey.

Hermione’s eyes flicker. I could see her mind working in overdrive, attempting to figure out what all of this means.

She lets out a frustrated huff. “I got nothing...” She says with the look of defeat on her face. “I’m sure something will come to light soon, just try not to let it worry you.” She places her hand on my shoulder, comforting me, to which I sigh and nod.

Later that night, Harry arrived, and he most definitely has a few words to say. He yelled at Hermione and Ron for not sending him letters, updates... anything. I felt bad for him, after everything that’s happened, he must of felt really alone over summer.

Taking myself away from the chaos for a moment, I sneak up the stairs and into the library. Putting in the earphones of the Walkman, I press play on the tape. Song 2 by Blur shouts into my ears, drowning out my thoughts.

Opening the book hermione suggested, I start to read, taking notes in my small journal that I keep with me. I must have been deep in my book because I didn’t realise someone had entered, startling me as I meet eyes with the figure.

“Shit, Harry! You scared me.” I gasp, pulling out the earphones. “How are you?” I smile up at him, giving him a sympathised look.

Harry’s hair was tousled, showing the lighting scar on his forehead. “Hi Phoenix, sorry... um- can I speak to you?” He says, shuffling on the spot. I could see there was a lot on his mind.

“Of course.” I sit up, placing my book and Walkman on the side table, making enough room for Harry to sit.

He walks over and sits next to me, his eyes don’t meet mine, making me more nervous to what he is going to say. He stares down at his hands, lips partially open, but no words come from them.

“What is it Harry, you’re scaring me.” I laugh awkwardly.

“After what happened with Cedric, Dumbledore shown me something...” Harry says. “Did- did you know your dad used to be a death eater?” He finally meets my eyes, he looked pained to tell me.

I feel my breath fall out of my lungs. I never knew this. “Um... n-no, no I didn’t.” It was the only words I could form out of my mouth. There is so much about my father I don’t know, and only now is it all coming to light.

There is an awkward silence between us. Shaking my leg and nibbling at my thumb, I fumble through the thousand questions I have in my mind. My dad, a death eater.

Standing from the sofa, I go to storm towards the door, starting to feel rage in my stomach. Harry grabs my wrist, halting me.

“No, Phoenix! You can’t go to Snape... he’ll kill me for telling you.” Harry looks up at me with fear in his eyes. I’m too angry to care, there are too many secrets, I need answers.

Snatching my hand away from Harry, I continue towards the door, slamming it behind me. Storming down the stairs, Fred and George are laughing while fumbling with one of their products in the hall.

“Hey Phoenix! Try this, it’s our—” They stand in the way of my path, and all I see is red. Flicking my hands, I push them against the walls on each side. They grunt and writhe against my spell, watching me stride past them.

“Phoenix! Whatever you’re angry about... I’m sure we can talk about it!” Fred yells after me, but I ignore him. I hear them running and calling my name behind me as I release them. I walk into my fathers room, slamming the door in their faces.

My dad sits in a chair in the corner of the room. He takes sips from his glass that contains a dark amber liquid. I glare at him with my burning red eyes.

“How many secrets are you keeping from me, father?” I spit.

My dad doesn’t move, and his eyes are cold. I never stand up to my father, I’m usually to scared to say anything to him.

“What are you talking about, Phoenix?” He says calmly, swigging his drink.

“Don’t give me that bullshit!”

“Watch. Your. Language.” He seethes, gritting his teeth together.

“No! You are keeping too much from me!” I raise my voice, clenching my fists, so my knuckles start to turn white. “When were you going to tell me that you supported him!”

“My past does not concern you, Phoenix!” His voice raises over mine, lifting himself off his seat. Fear rises in my stomach, but I hold my ground.

“Why did Dumbledore ask you to adopt me then! Does that not concern me?”

My dad was taken aback, blinking at my words. Downing the rest of his drink, he knits his hands together. “Who told you.” His voice was cold.

“That doesn’t matter!” I scoff. “Are you still one of his little friends? Why are you even here?”

My dads jaw tightens, his anger matches mine. “You have no right to be talking to me like this, Phoenix! I am still your father!”

“Are you? Because usually fathers don’t keep secrets, especially ones that affiliate with evil wizards!”

“ENOUGH!” My dad shouts, his voice filled with danger, ripping through me like a hot blade. I take a step back. “Get out!” He spits, flicking his wand, and opening the door wide.

Fred and George tumble in as the door flings open, turning white as my father glares at them. I’m shaking with anger as I turn on my heel. Stomping out the door, I grab Fred and George by their arms, dragging them away.

The door slams shut behind us, and I storm up the stairs. “Phoenix love, you need to calm yourself.” Fred whips round to stand in front of me, attempting to soothe me by running his fingers through my hair, but I continue to burn with rage.

Pushing Fred’s hands away, I start to pace in the corridor. The argument flows over and over in my head, building my anger. I let out a frustrated growl, throwing my hand towards a vase that stands at the end of the corridor. A hex whistles from my palm, smashing the vase into small pieces.

Oh fuck. Quickly regretting my actions, my hands fly over my mouth, my anger subsides. We all look at the shattered vase with wide eyes.

“What is going on out there?” Molly’s muffled voice comes from the room down the hall. Fred and George quickly act and hide me behind their tall bodies, as Molly comes storming out the door.

“Sorry mum, a whizz banger got away from us there.” Fred chuckles, gripping onto my hand behind his back.

“To your rooms, now! You’re lucky all of your stuff isn’t going in the bin...” Molly says with a stern tone, probably pointing her finger at both of them right now. “Come on, bed... now! I will fix this.”

Fred and George turn on their heels, pushing me into the bedroom next to us. With everyone being downstairs, the room was empty. I am breathing heavily, my hands shaking with adrenaline.

“I’m guessing you heard everything then?” I look up to the boys who give me a guilty look.

“Yeah... Daddy used to be death eater.” George says. Fred elbows him in the ribs.

“I mean, to be honest Phoenix... are you even surprised?” George chuckles while sitting on the bed. Thinking about it, I don’t think I am surprised at all... but how could he not tell me himself?

I sigh while running my fingers through my hair. “I just feel like he’s keeping something from me.” I stare at the floor, gripping onto my hair, where my hands just ran through.

“Snape being a death eater is hard to swallow for you, but he’s here for a reason now, he’s changed paths.” Fred slides next to me, wrapping his arm around my waist. I let out a sigh, I nod my head.

Letting this go is going to be hard, but I need to think about other things, like starting a new year at Hogwarts.

My dad left last night, he asked Molly to make sure I get to the station. I’m sure she has enough on her plate, I thought to myself, but it was fairly easy getting ourselves to King’s Cross.

Gliding through the platform entrance with my trunk on the trolly, we hug goodbye to the Weasley’s. Molly kisses me on the cheek and embraces me tightly.

“Stay safe, darling girl.” She says, while rubbing my back. I give her a warm smile and thank her for everything over summer, and thank Arthur again for my Walkman. Giving them one last wave, I take a step onto the train.

Gliding through the small, thin, train corridor, I finally manage to find an empty carriage. Placing my bag up in the top shelf, I sit by the window, taking my Walkman and my book out, ready for the long journey ahead.

Fred and George come bounding into the carriage, with their large Weasley Wizard Wheezes case in hand.

“Phoenix, we’re just going up to see Lee Jordan for a bit.” Fred beams.

“Yeah, we wanna show him our new products! We’ve been sending him prototypes all summer!” George says while holding up the case.

I laugh and rolls my eyes at them. “Alright then, just don’t blow up the train.” They both smile with wide grins, and bolt out of the carriage with laughter and excitement.

As the train sets off, I watch through the window as the city turns into large fields. Reading my book for about an hour until I start to feel a bit sleepy. Putting my earphones in, I turn to the side, propping my back up against the window and crossing my legs over the seat.

Every Breath You Take by The Police comes through my earphones. I sink into the song and start to nod off. As sleep was about to fully consume me, I got an odd feeling, a feeling of someone watching me. I try to push the feeling aside but it was too strong, so I open my eyes.

The door was closed and nobody was sitting at the far end of the carriage. Turning my head to the side, my eyes meet with a cold blue stare.


Immediately I sit up, pulling my earphones out. “Get out.” I spit at him, my eyes burning as he smirks wickedly.

“What are you listening to, Grey?” He says cooly, leaning against the window.

My eyes twitches as he grins widely, showing off his perfect white teeth. He is wearing all black; black turtle neck, black trousers, black blazer, even black dress shoes. He sits with his ankle leaning on his knee, while playing with his rings.

“What do you want?” I say, glaring at him. Without blinking, I hold our eye contact, threatening him with my eyes.

“I just seen you here, all on your own. Thought I’d join you.” He tilts his head, while leaning forward slightly. “Where are your two idiots at?”

“I could ask you the same thing.” I scoff, my upper lip pulling up slightly.

“Now now, Phoenix, I’m just kidding.”

“What do you want, Malfoy? The real reason this time.”

I see his thoughts roll through his mind, blue eyes flicking back an forth between my dark red ones. He lets out a sigh and sits back again, rolling his head on the seat.

“I want to... apologise.” He says, looking almost pained to say it, the last word spoken through gritted teeth.

My brows knit together instantly. I knew it wasn’t genuine, but why would he say it in the first place. All I could do was laugh at him, to which his face changed into a look of anger.

“Wow, that looked torturous to say... are you feeling alright?” I chuckle, watching his eyes grow darker as I laugh.

“You ungrateful little—” He spits, but instantly halts his words, tightening his jaw, and sighing through his nose. “I mean it... I’m sorry.” Again his words spoken through gritted teeth.

I scoff at him while shaking my head. “Is that all?”

“No not quite, I want you at the Slytherin party tonight, you can bring your idiots.” He goes back to his dark smirk, running his thumb along his bottom lip.

Once again my face scrunches up, trying to work out his reasons. “Are you sick or something? Should I call a nurse?” I chuckle.

“Would you stop being an ungrateful little shit!” He seethes, while standing from his seat.

Oh, there he is!

“Well next time, if you want to apologise, Malfoy...” I raise off my seat, meeting him in the middle of the carriage. “Mean it.” I spit, while looking up at him, our eyes burning into one another.

“You filthy little—”

I take my wand out of my knee high sock, placing it against his throat. “Go ahead... say it.”

“Bitch.” He snaps, eyes blazing.

The lights start to flicker in the carriage, as I feel the power running through my veins, along with burning anger. I grit my teeth together, as Malfoy doesn’t remove his burning stare. We both wait for the other to either break contact, or attack.


A voice jolts us out of our anger fuelled stare off. As our connection broke, the lights flicker back on.

Fred and George stand at the door, I could see Fred flick his eyes between me and Draco. His eyes are dark and his jaw is tense.

“What you doing here, Malfoy?” Fred snaps.

“None of your concern, Weasley.” Draco snaps back, turning his face back towards me, meeting my eyes once more. “See you around, Grey.” He says while raising his eyebrows, his voice more calm, like all the anger drained out of him.

I watch Draco slip past the twins, stopping for a moment at the door. “I mean it about the party tonight, you should come.” He looks Fred and George up and down, then disappears down the hall.

As Malfoy leaves, I feel myself breath once again, not realising I had stopped. Running my hands through my hair, I sit down on the seat behind me, resting my elbows on my knees, staring at the floor.

“So, are you going to tell us what that was all about?” George breaks the silence in the room.

Fred sits across from me, where Draco was before, and George next to me. Looking up to Fred, his eyes were dark, I could see the anger running through him.

“Just him being a prick as always.” I mutter.

“What was that he said about a party?” George questions. Fred stays silent, burning his eyes into me.

“Slytherin party tonight, we’re invited... but I don’t think—”

“Let’s go.” Fred interrupts, his tone dark.

“Are you mad?” George scoffs.

“No, I think it’ll be fun.” He pulls his lips up into a small smirk, staring wickedly at me, running his tongue along his teeth.

I furrow my brow, but a party does sound fun, no matter if it’s a Slytherin or a Gryffindor one.

“Alright then.” I shrug, slumping back onto my seat.

I can feel tension between myself and Fred throughout the rest of the train journey, so I put my earphones in once more in attempt to drown out the thick atmosphere.

George starts to fall asleep as he rests his head on my shoulder. I try to focus on my book, as George sleeps, but I could feel Fred’s eyes glaring at me the whole time. Moving only my eyes to look at him, I see him sat with his head leaning back and eyes dark. Fred’s arms are crossed over his chest, and his legs are spread wide.

Focussing back on my book, I ignore him. I know he’s angry about something, but I have had enough of boys being pissed at me for today, so I leave him to his own thoughts.

His dark thoughts.

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