Little Phoenix



As the train finally arrives at Hogwarts, we all step off and onto the platform. The crisp air hits my lungs as I take a deep inhale.

I’ve pretty much ignored Fred for the whole journey here, he just continued to watch me the whole time. Every so often we would make eye contact, his angry stare would make my eyes burn, filling the room with thick tension that could be cut with a knife. I knew if I spoke to him about Malfoy, it would turn into an argument, so I stayed quiet.

I walk off the train platform on my own, I needed some time to myself. Getting a carriage up to Hogwarts with a few Hufflepuffs, I look up into the dark sky. The dark blue sky was splattered with stars. I missed looking up to this, my home is so groggy, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a clear sky when I am there.

“Is she the one?—”

“Yeah, she got with Draco.”

Oh is this how the year is starting? I think as I hear the group of Hufflepuffs whispering amongst themselves, probably thinking I couldn’t hear them talking about me. I roll my eyes and bite my tongue, ignoring their words.

After what felt like an hour long carriage ride, it finally comes to a stop outside the school. All the student head to their dorms to drop off their bags and other belongings. I set my bag down in my dorm, seeing that Hermione has already been up here, she must have made her way back down to the Great Hall.

As I go to walk out the door, I catch myself in the mirror, my red eyes still burning brightly. I must not have let go of the anger that has build up over the past two days. I sigh at myself, and let my hair down, attempting to make my eyes less noticeable.

The Great Hall was full of life, the school ghosts were floating over the tables and riding their horses through the walls, causing chaos. I noticed already that some of the younger years have already had a taste of the Weasley products, some looking slightly green in the face.

Sliding myself next to Hermione, I greet her, Ron and Harry with a smile, listening to their conversation.

“—you are completely capable of doing your own work this year, Ronald.” Hermione says sternly.

“Well yeah, but you do it so much better.” Ron looks up at her with puppy eyes.

“No, I’m not falling for that this year.” Hermione giggles, shaking her head.

As the two bicker back and forth as I scan the room, taking in the atmosphere of perfect chaos. Moving my eyes along the table, I suddenly met with Fred glaring at me. He is sat up the table, with George and Lee.

For a moment my mouth goes dry, not able to remove my gaze from his. The room was muffled in my ears, the sound of my own heart beat is prominent. Fred runs his thumb along his bottom lip, watching me intently.

“Good evening everyone!” Dumbledore’s booming voice rips me away from Fred.

Everyone’s attention goes to the front of the hall, I scan the teachers table and see my father. He is sitting next to someone who I don’t recognise... a woman in bright pink.

Dumbledore introduces this woman to be Dolores Umbridge, our new teacher of the dark arts. There is something about her, she just looked off. As Dumbledore was about to continue his speech, Umbridge stands from the table, taking over with her own.

Yeah... I hate this woman already.

Her high pitched voice and squeaky giggle was infuriating, within seconds of knowing her, she boiled my blood.

“I’m sure we are all going to be very good friends.” Umbridge says to the crowed, and I automatically scrunched my face up. As the hall applauds awkwardly, I turn towards Hermione.

“I can’t stand the woman already.” I say in her ear, to which she giggles.

Walking out of the Great Hall, I walk alone to my dorm. Coming across Draco and his pals leaning against the wall.

“Ah Phoenix! You coming later?” Draco calls out to me.

I flick my eyes up at him. “Yeah... I’ll be there.” I pull my lips up into a forced smile.

“Are your idiots coming too?” He looks me up and down, as his friends snicker.

“Yeah, we are.” Fred and George say simultaneously, striding down the hall towards me. Fred watches Draco with a threatening glare. Placing his hand on the small of my back, Fred directs me away from Draco.

“See you later then, Grey!” Draco yells, as we walk away.

The walk up to the common room was awkward and filled with tension. George was completely oblivious and continued to chatter about the amount they have sold already, laughing about a first year who accidentally ate puking pastilles instead of fever fudge.

I haven’t had a chance to be alone with Fred to talk to him about this, but hopefully I will get a chance tonight.

I get myself in my room to get ready. Looking through my trunk, I try to find something to wear. Finding a skirt that I bought years ago from a muggle shop, I think about what Fred would feel seeing me in this, sparking desire in the pit of my stomach. I bite my lip and slide the skip up and over my backside.

It was black and cut off about midway up my calf, but there was a slit, it goes all the way up to the top of my thigh. It fitted my hips beautifully, hugging every curve on my backside. Pairing it with a grey Led Zeppelin shirt, I tied a knot in the front so it fitted around my waist.

I leave my hair down, and apply some makeup, just a simple mascara and bronzer look, but I swipe a bright red lipstick on my plump lips. After lacing my converse shoes, I slip out of the door.

George is waiting for me in the common room, but I don’t see Fred. He was in black jeans and a patterned button up shirt, which he rolled over his elbows. He smiles widely as I walk down the steps and over to him.

“Hey Georgie, where’s Fred?” I say, furrowing my brow.

“He’s gone ahead with Lee, we’ll meet him there.” George hands me a bottle of fire whiskey. “Here, to start us off.” He winks. I place the opening of the bottle to my lips and swigged the amber liquid. It flows smoothly down my throat, burning ever so slightly. I let out a satisfied hum as the liquor warms my skin.

The halls were quiet, but the sounds of mine and George’s laughter echos through them. Passing the whiskey back and forth between us, taking longer swigs until is was gone. Finally getting ourselves to the Room of Requirement.

The walls grumble as the door appears, and as we walk through, the whole place was completely different to before.

The room was full of smoke and green lights, the booming music makes my heart beat to the rhythm. The walls were pitch black, and the floor was all tiled with glossy black tiles, along with circular platforms dotted around the room, where people dance against one another. The ceiling was similar to the one in the Great Hall, but this time it was filled with deep green clouds. I stared at the room in awe, the smell of alcohol and smoke fills my lungs.

Already, the room was full of drunk students grinding against one another. George grips onto my hand, scanning the room for any sign of Fred and Lee. Suddenly I am dragged quickly through a crowd and into one of the corners.

As soon as I look up, I am meeting eyes with Fred, he looks glorious. Wearing black jeans, black top with a deep blue unbuttoned shirt over the top, which hung loosely off him.

Lee quickly sweeps me up into a hug, twirling me around on the spot. “Phoenix! How was your summer?” Lee says, setting me back down.

He smiles widely at me showing off his white teeth. Lee wears a tight, fitted, green shirt, which is rolled over his elbows, and his dreads are tied back, with a loose strand hanging over his face.

“It was lovely, thank you! How about you?” I say, holding Lee around the neck so he could hear me better over the loud music, Lee pulls back and gives me a thumbs up and a wide grin.

George comes back into view, holding a tray full of shots. “Where on earth did you get these?” I shout, taking a couple of shots from the tray.

“Stole them from the drinks table!” George cheers, as he knocks back the clear liquid.

The vodka burns even more than the fire whiskey, making me scrunch my face up. And after about five shots within an hour, I began to feel the effects. The lights around me starting to blur and the feeling of warmth encases me.

We chatted amongst each other for a while, mainly listening to the boys talk about Quidditch, and the Weasley franchise. Fred was quiet though, he didn’t touch me at all or even make eye contact with me, but I couldn’t care. The alcohol was subsiding all of my emotions, only making me feel joy and happiness.

After all of the shots had disappeared off the tray, I signalled toward the boys that I was getting a drink, Lee and George signalled back that they would like one also. I turned on my heel and made my way towards the drinks table, moving my hips along to the music. As I was leaving, I could feel Fred’s eyes on me, burning into the back of my head, so I swayed my hips a bit more.

Weaving my way through the crowd, I manage to find the drinks table, which was filled with bottles of liquor, beer, wine—everything. I scan over it, trying to work out what I wanted, it was too difficult to decide.

Pouring myself a vodka and cranberry, I mix it with my finger, licking off the residue. “Why hello, Grey.” A familiar voice comes to my ear making me whirl around to see who it was.

Malfoy is standing before me, still wearing his black suit. His platinum hair is slicked back and he holds a burning cigarette in his mouth, which he take a pull from and blows it out the side of his mouth.

“Why hello, Malfoy.” I giggle. God this drink is strong.

“I didn’t think you’d come. You look good.” He says, putting the cigarette back between his lips and taking another drag.

“I would say the same to you, but it might make your head explode.” I laugh. Cracking open two beers for Lee and George, they clink together as I hold them between my fingers.

Malfoy scoffs and shakes his head. “So what’s going on with you and Weaslebee?” The smoke falls out of his mouth as he speaks.

“Frankly, that’s none of your business.” My nose scrunches as I sip my drink.

“Has he asked you to be his little girlfriend?” He mocks the words ‘little girlfriend’ in a high pitched voice, which makes me giggle.

But come to think of it— no he hasn’t. My brows furrow as I think back in my mind to any point that we had made anything official, but no, just sleeping together-- we haven’t actually officially got together. I do like him a lot, but it makes me unsure that he likes me, if he hasn’t even asked me to be his girlfriend.

“Hello? Earth to Phoenix!” Draco clicks his fingers in front of my eyes, making me blink back to reality.

“Sorry, I need to give these to the guys! See you around Draco.” I say, giving him a smile.

“Save me a dance.” He says, while raising his brows at me, and then disappears into the crowd.

Getting back to the group, George and Lee are still there, chatting to a few other people, but I don’t see Fred. Giving them their beers, my ears suddenly perk up to the sounds of You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC, and almost instantly I have downed my drink in one and ended up dancing on the edge of the crowd, singing the lyrics to Lee and George who are laughing and shaking their heads.

I flick my hair and sway my hips, the lights around me becoming more blurred and my body feels warm. Without realising I am within the crowd, dancing with a few Hufflepuff girls, who look slightly more drunk that I am. They giggle and trip over each others’ feet while dancing.

I see their demeanour change and eyes widen as someone creeps up behind me. As the music changed to Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, the crazed crowds’ dancing slows down.

Turning around to see who the two girls were reacting to, Draco smiles down at me. With no time to think he takes my hand, pulling me close to dance with him. His hand holds my waist as we sway our hips, I laugh as he twirls me under his arm, pulling me back into him.

I felt no hate for him, the Phoenix who was about to hex his ass on the train has gone completely, I just feel warm, and extremely light on my feet.

Draco and I dance together for a few songs, and we actually laugh, and have fun together, not trying to fight, or insult one another for once. Turning my head, I meet eyes with Fred, and he does not look happy... fuck.

He glares at me darkly, and in a slow motion, he hold out his hand making a come hither motion with his finger. My heartbeat spikes, as I weave my way through the crowd towards Fred.

“Yes?” I say, tilting my head up to him.

“Let’s go.” He says lowly. His jaw is tense and his eyes are almost black.

“What? I don’t want to leave.” I argue.

“I wasn’t asking.” I spits through gritted teeth. I swallow hard and hold back my anger, but I do what he says.

As we leave the Room of Requirement, Fred quickly pushes me into another room, which looked like a spare classroom.

“What is your problem!” I yell, stumbling into the empty room.

“My problem is you dancing with that prick Malfoy!” He yells back.

I take a deep breath. “So every time I go near Malfoy, you’re going to have an issue?”

“He wants what’s mine—”

“What’s yours?” I scoff. “Last time I checked Fred, I’m not your girlfriend. You don’t own me, and if you so badly wanted to be with me, you would have asked a long time ago.”

“I don’t know what you want me to say. I thought you were happy with the way things were between us, but then you go ahead a grind yourself against Malfoy.” His eyes narrow, I could see his anger rising as Malfoy’s name is said. “I could also feel the tension between you two in that carriage earlier today.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” I say lowly, frowning at Fred.

“Oh please, don’t even deny the fact that you wanted to fuck him in that carriage!” He spits.

His words take me aback, striking me low in the stomach. My anger is on full heat, and I could tell he’s angry too, but I have never seen him this angry.

“Do you really think I would do that?” I laugh. “You’re fucking crazy.” I take a couple of steps towards him, now looking up at him.

“I don’t know, you seem to enjoy the attention from him on that dance floor.” He takes a step closer.

“Malfoy is nothing to me, I don’t even know why I have to tell you that—”

“It didn’t look like nothing.” He interrupts, his voice low and threatening. “I bet you loved it when he kissed you last year, like the little slut you are.”

In an instant, my hand connects with Fred’s face with a loud slap. His head turned to one side from the force, but he quickly returned his dark glare back to me, his cheek now reddening from my blow. I instantly feel regret come over me as my palm burns.

He takes a few threatening steps towards me, making me step back until my backside bumps into a desk.

“Fuck you, Weasley.” I snarl. Fred places his hands on the desk either side of my hips, making his face level with mine.

His hand brushes against my arm ever so slightly, but it was enough for me to suddenly be taken over by his own feelings.

The feeling of anger flooded over me, but I also felt something else... he was aroused. I flick my eyes back and forth over his, knowing my iris’s are changing into a deep purple shade.

“Do you want to fuck me, Weasley?” I purr, noticing his eyes going wide slightly, which makes my lips pull up into a small smirk.

“Do it, then.”

Instantly Fred’s mouth crashes on mine, kissing me roughly and with pure need. My hands instantly go up into his hair, gripping it hard. Fred moans against my mouth as I kiss him back, meeting his desire. Our anger towards one another turning into passion. His body presses against mine, and I could feel him already hard beneath his trousers.

Reaching down, I graze my palm over his erection, making him hiss against my mouth. Fred pulls my skirt over my hips and lifts me up onto the table, his mouth now moving over my neck, biting my sensitive skin, but he suddenly stops and pulls away from me.

Fred’s gaze is dark as he looks at me with my legs spread wide and exposed underwear.

“Touch yourself.” He says smoothly, eyes darting back up to mine.

I feel myself growing wet, but also hesitate at the thought of touching myself in front of Fred. I bite my lip, unable to move a muscle.

“You heard me, Phoenix. Show me how you touch yourself.” Fred runs his thumb along his bottom lip, eyeing me up darkly.

Spreading my legs wide, I expose more of my underwear. Flicking my eyes down, I take my hand, using my middle finger to rub over the top of the lace, sending small waves over pleasure over my clit, making me moan softly.

“Look at me.” Fred spits. I obey and flick my eyes up to meet his once again.

Now circling over my sensitive bud, I feel myself getting hot all over, desperate for his touch. The look in Fred’s eyes is one of lust, he is smirking darkly at me as I play with my clit. Taking my hand, I slide it underneath my underwear, dancing my fingers on my sweet spot over and over, making me moan out into the dark room.

“Good girl. Now, take your underwear off.” He groans. I hear his zipper being pulled down as he strides over to me.

I do as he says once more, sliding my underwear off my legs, I watch as Fred pulls them off my ankles and places them in his pocket. When he reaches me, he wraps his large hands over my thighs and pulls me to the edge of the table, then spreads my legs wide for him.

“I’m going to fuck you like the slut you are. Do you hear me, Phoenix.” Fred’s dark words make me soaked, but I watch as he spits onto his hard erection, and looking so hot doing so.

“I’m not a slut, Weasley.” I breath, trying so desperately to believe my own words.

“Oh but you are— you’re my little slut.” He crooned as he slowly sinks himself into me, making me feel every inch of his dick, torturing me as he slowly goes down to his base.

“Muffliato.” I moan, waving my hand towards the door. I hear Fred’s deep chuckle, and then he starts to move.

Bucking his hips to meet mine at a quickening pace. The sounds of the table banging against the wall only fuelled my desire and need. He thrusts into me aggressively, making me moan loudly.

I reach my hands around Fred’s neck and plant my mouth on his once more, our tongues dance around with one another’s as we moan against each other’s lips. He grunts low in his throat as he continues to fuck me, making my core tense around him. He groans against my lips, pushing himself harder inside me, making me cry out.

“Oh god—you feel so good, Fred.” I whimper.

“Oh yeah?” He sneered. “Who do you belong to, Grey?”

“Fuck you!” I moan. Fred roughly pulls my head back by my hair, pushing himself deeply inside of me, making me hiss through my teeth.

“Say it.”

My body aches for him as he slows his thrusts, making me desperate, I groan and buck my hips, to which he gives me an evil smile, tugging on my hair once more.

“You.” I whisper.

Once again his thrusts pick up, pounding into me relentlessly. My body rocked against the table, making it bang loudly against the wall. He fucked me harder and faster until I couldn’t take it any longer, my pleasure was building and I was desperate for release. I pushed my hips against his, meeting him for every thrust, pushing him deeper inside of me. Fred’s breathing becomes staggered, as we moan against each others mouth, nearing our release.

“I’m so close— I can’t take it any more.” I whine.

“Fucking come then— come on my dick.” Fred growls, and that was it.

I cry out, pulsing around him as he pushes himself deeply into me, releasing himself at the same time, my insides growing hot as he pours into me.

Our chests were rising and falling in sync, our foreheads touching as we breath. My heart was loud in my ears and I could feel Fred’s quick pulse against my palm.

Fred pulls his face away, placing his hand on my cheek and runs his thumb along my lips. He looks at me with his chocolate pools, he lets them flutter close as he strokes my lips.

“I love you, Phoenix— and I want you to be mine, officially.” He says lowly.

My stomach fluttered and my heart soared. I lean in and plant a soft kiss on his lips.

“I’m all yours, Fred Weasley.”

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