Little Phoenix

Eyes Glowing with Power

It’s hard to get up and return to the normal school routine after the Slytherin party, but it’s nice to see my friends and classmates again after the summer. The first lesson on my timetable is Devination with Professor Trelawney.

I liked her classes a lot and I always got good marks, and she seemed to have taken a liking to me when I started last year.

Walking into the class with Ron and Harry, I see Trelawney pacing the floor and fiddling with her fingers. She looks up as we walk in, her eyes looking large behind her thick glasses.

“Good morning— yes, welcome back!” She greets us, then goes back to her fiddling and pacing.

Sitting down and placing my book on the cloth covered table, I get a bad feeling about her unusual behaviour. Trelawney normally behaves unusually, but this time I felt bothered about it.

“Professor— are you alright?” I say. She stops and meets her eyes with mine once more, her mouth quivers as if going to say something, but no words come out.

“Think she’s actually lost the plot this time.” Ron whispers into my ear. I scold him, while swatting him lightly on the arm. Harry and Ron start snorting and giggling to themselves but I can’t push away my bad gut feeling.

Throughout the whole lesson, Trelawney did not meet eyes with me, even when I put my hand up to answer, she wouldn’t look at me. Harry and Ron noticed this too, they watched with furrowed brows and confused looks every time I would be ignored. As the class came to an end, I felt frustrated.

Being one of the last to leave the class, I pick up my book and parchment, and go to walk out of the door.

“My dear!” Trelawney says while grabbing onto my arm. “I need to speak with you— do you mind?” Her voice sounded worried. I bite my lip, knowing I have another class and I would be late, but she seemed serious.

Sitting with her at one of the tables, Trelawney takes my hand, turning it palm upwards and runs her fingers along the fine lines, scanning every part of my palm, she starts to mutter to herself. I could hear her staying ‘this cannot be’ and ‘it can’t be true’.

“Is something wrong?” I say to her. My stomach starts to tighten from the anxiety in her words.

“Your father, do you know who he is?” Trelawney questions, making my brows furrow.

“Y-yes-- Severus Snape, you work with him.” I chuckle awkwardly, flicking my eyes back and forth between my palm and Trelawney, desperate to see what she sees.

“No— no, your biological father?”

Her words take me aback slightly, I open my mouth to speak, but I am tongue tied. I only manage to shake my head.

“Good, that is good...” She pats my palm and closes my fingers around it, holding onto my fist tightly. “My dear, you have a gift— and it will bring danger in your life and even death— but when you are hidden learn your gift, and you will come back stronger.”

I blink at Trelawney, while she lifts up off her seat and trails towards her desk. I am unsure of what to say, her words don’t make sense. I fill my mind with a thousand questions, but I am already late for my next class.

“Th-thank you, Professor. I need to get to my next class, I will see you next week.” I stutter, sliding out of my seat and making my way towards the door.

“You are not safe, my dear. Be careful.” She says as I through the doorway, I turn back and give her a nod, then rush down the stairs to my Defence Against the Dark Arts class.

Quickly, I burst through the door of my Dark Arts class causing everyone to turn their attention to me, as well as the woman in pink. Dolores Umbridge.

“You’re late.” She says coldly, placing her book down onto the desk.

“I’m sorry, I was held back.” I scan the room, meeting eyes with Hermione, who looks unhappy, with a tight jaw and dark eyes.

“Well, Miss?—”

“Phoenix Grey.”

“Detention, Miss Grey.” Umbridge speaks in her high pitched voice. My eyes twitch in frustration, but I did not argue. She gives me a book at the front, and I pull out my wand ready for the class.

“You won’t be needing your wand, Miss Grey. Go take a seat please, there is a free seat over there.”

I tense my jaw, putting away my my wand in my cloak, I walk over to where Umbridge referenced to. It was next to Malfoy. I roll my eyes and and stride over to my seat. Dropping my book on the table, I could feel Malfoy’s eyes on me the whole time. I see a smirk creep on his face in my peripheral vision. As Umbridge continues the class, she talks about the O.W.L’s, as Malfoy kicks me under the table.

Darting my eyes towards him, I glare at him. “What?” I mouth. Draco just smiled widely, gliding a piece of parchment in front of me. Looking up to see Umbridge turning away, giving me a chance to open the note.

Where did you go last night?

I roll my eyes, and wrote back:

None of your business.

Gliding the note over to him, it soon come back with another message.

Off fucking Weasley perhaps?

My eyes grow wide and letting out a gasp, instantly closing the note while shuffling in my seat. Looking up I notice that Umbridge is glaring at me with her crystal blue eyes. She saunters over, not removing her glare away from me. I grip onto the note in my hand, in attempt to hide it.

“You are trying my patience, Miss Grey.” She says sharply, holding her hand out in front of me. I swallow and flick my eyes up to her. “Hand it over.”

I slowly reach over to hand Umbridge the parchment that was in my hand, not without bringing it past my lips to quickly whisper a spell. Umbridge snatches it out of my hand in a huff, unraveling the parchment in front of me. Instantly her eyes burn as she looks upon the note.

“If you think you’re so funny, Mr Malfoy— Detention for you as well.” She seethes, turning the page over to reveal a poorly drawn picture of Umbridge, and written next to it; ‘Crazy Bitch’, as well as Draco’s name at the top of the page. I suck in my lips and bow my head lower to the table in attempt not to snort with laughter.

Umbridge grabs her wand and sets the paper on fire, clicking her heels as she walks back towards the front of the class. Turning my head to Malfoy, he glares at me with his cold eyes, to which I just raise my brows and give him a smirk.

After my final lesson, I make my way back up towards her office, mentally preparing myself to be with Umbridge alone. Walking up to the door of Umbridge’s office, I lift my hand to knock. Suddenly the door swings open, and Malfoy goes to walk out, almost bumping into me in the process.

“Watch it, Grey!” Draco spits, slipping past me. As he goes to walk down the stairs, I call out to him, making him stop in his tracks.

“Where are you going?”

“She let me off— see you around.” He smirks, flicking his brows up. My brow furrows as Draco walks away from me. Feeling a pit of anger in my stomach, I turn back towards the door of Umbridge’s office. I knew that she wouldn’t let me off like she did for Draco.

Knocking on her door, I hear her call out for me to enter. Walking into her office, I couldn’t believe the amount of cat and kitten plates hanging on her walls, they all meow and cry as I walk in. Umbridge sits behind her neat desk, everything in its place. She looked over at me with a tight smile, lifting away from her seat.

“Take a seat Miss Grey, you will be doing some lines for me today.” She said calmly, walking behind me to close the door. I sit down in front of her desk where a piece of parchment and a quill is placed already.

“Why is Malfoy not here?” I ask, my voice low. I could see her eyes twitch as she clicks her heel back over to her chair, picking up her small tea cup and taking a sip.

“No time for questions Miss Grey.” Umbridge says, knitting her fingers together. “Please write I must never be late— you will know when to stop.” Her face is full of evil. She looked at me, like she was enjoying my frustration and anger towards her. Running my hand through my hair, I give her one last sharp glare before picking up the quill that was placed in front of me.

Starting to write on the parchment, I begin to feel a light sting on the back of my hand. Looking down, my skin is starting to look irritated and red. Ignoring it, I continue to write, but the feeling gets worse with every letter I write. Looking down at my hand once again, the words I have written on my parchment have been etched into my skin, all in my handwriting. Flicking my eyes up to Umbridge once again, she continues to stare at me with her cold eyes and tight smile.

“How does that feel, Phoenix?” She sits up slightly, leaning towards me. “Have you learnt your lesson?”

Looking down at my parchment again, a single drop of blood drips down my hand and leaves a splash on the page. “I’ve had much worse, Professor—” I say, while running my finger over the fresh wound, starting to feel my eyes burn. I could see her face drop as my eyes flow into a red shade, her anger matching mine. “But yes— I’ve learnt my lesson.” I say sarcastically.

Umbridge’s jaw tightens as she realises that the pain was nothing to me— it couldn’t even come close to what caused the scars on my back. I tilt my head to one side, glaring at her, waiting for her to say something.

“Get out.” She spits. My lip pulls up into a smirk as I pull myself away from the desk, walking towards the door. “Oh and Miss Grey—” I roll my eyes inwardly and turn around. “I would watch yourself— if you want your father to continue working here.” Her words make my stomach drop. Rage fills my stomach, making my jaw tighten. Umbridge gives me another tight smile, letting out a small high pitch giggle in her throat.

Swinging the door open, I storm out of her office. Anger boiling my blood, I couldn’t stand the woman, she’s pure evil. Stomping down the steps, I could feel my power building in my hands, looking down at my palms, I see the blue charge flickering in my veins. Running my fingers through my hair, I try to calm myself before I let my power get the better of me. I head towards the door to the outside grounds, fresh air might help me calm my anger.

As I walk out into the fresh autumn air, I take a deep inhale. I could already feel myself calming down— the charge in my palms subsiding. I couldn’t believe she threatened me with my fathers job— that fucking bitch.

“I see you have gained great control over your abilities, Miss Grey.”

I am jolted away form my angry thoughts, turning my head to see Dumbledore standing in the doorway behind me. He gives me a warm smile, while walking towards me. I furrow my brow at him. “What do you mean, Sir?”

“That power you surged last year against Professor Moody was rather impressive...” Dumbledore says. My stomach drops, opening my mouth to quickly explain my reasoning, Dumbledore lets out a small chuckle. “Not to worry Phoenix, your father is still very much unaware— I’d like it to stay that way.” He winks, making me giggle softly.

“Sir— do you know why I have this— this power in me?” I question, desperate for answers to why I can do the things I do, I have never seen another witch my age conjure spells with their hands, let alone explode with energy, knocking out everyone in my way. Dumbledore looks ahead in silence, his half moon glasses reflecting the afternoon sunset.

“Power comes in all different shapes and sizes, all being completely unique— you are unique, Phoenix.” He turns his gaze back towards me. “Don’t find desire in who gave you power-- desire the potential your power can give you.” And with that, Dumbledore turns on his heel and walks back through the doorway into the castle. I watch as he leaves, the words he left me with flowing through my brain. My power’s potential.

Biting my lip, I quickly walk towards the clock tower, wanting to make it there before the sun completely set. Getting myself to the top, the orange sun beams through the large balcony, making my skin glow. Gliding down the wall, I slump to the floor, sitting cross legged on the balcony. Dumbledore’s words rolling again and again through my mind— I know I can control what is inside me, it’s just figuring out how.

Looking down at my hands, I see the small flickers of light run through my palms. Closing my eyes, I focus on the energy within me— feeling it coarse through my body— channelling it towards my hands. It begins flowing through my fingers, I can feel it.

Opening my eyes again, they instantly widen as a glowing white-blue haze radiates from my fingers. I could feel the charge, it was strong, like pure energy. Dancing my fingers and flowing them around, the energy moves like fabric in water. I could feel my heart beating hard in my chest, as I move one of my hands over the top of the other, continuing to move my fingers. I focus myself and develop a glowing ball in-between my palms. It lowly whistles as I lift it in front of my face, letting out a gasping laugh from the shock and excitement.

As I laugh, the energy between my fingers suddenly bursts in my face, causing a similar shockwave like last year, but this time it was much smaller. My hair flies back and my eyes go wide once again as the whole room lights up in the same white-blue tone. Biting my lip, I quickly go silent, holding my breath incase someone had seen the glowing room from afar. After a few minutes and not hearing anyone storming up the steps, I attempt to use my magic again.

It was much easier this time to conjure the energy to my hands, flowing it around my fingers. Flicking my eyes up, I see a glass ball sitting on the windowsill. Not moving my eyes away from it, I dance my middle and ring finger and within seconds the same blue energy is now wrapping around the glass ball.

It lifts up and away from its holder, gliding along the air. Keeping my thoughts focused, I move it higher towards the roof of the clock tower, following it with my eyes. Cocking my head to one side, I push myself a bit further— and with the flick of my wrist, the blue glow pushes into the glass, then ever so slowly— the glass breaks apart into small little pieces, but it stays in the air-- still in it’s spherical shape.

Licking my lips, I once more dance my fingers and flick my wrist in the opposite direction. The glass reunites once more, pushing together and moulding the glass ball like it was never broken. As soon as the last piece connects, the ball drops, immediately flying towards me.

Catching it with one hand, I examine it carefully. It showed no signs of damage, it was all smooth and completely unbroken. Seeing a faint reflection of myself against the shining glass, I could see that my eyes were glowing, the white-blue light that my hands cast was lighting up my irises as well.

Leaning my head back on the stone wall, I let my eyes flutter closed. I felt incredible— but I also felt exhausted. The sun has now full set, filling up the sky with tons of stars. I get to my feet and make my way down the stairs, heading back towards the common room.

Before I head for dinner, I want to change out of my uniform. The sleeve of my white shirt is stained from the blood of my wound; I must never be late engraved on the back of my hand.

As I turn the corner, I see Draco walking the opposite way towards me. Rolling my eyes inwardly I continue my path towards him.

“Oh back for more are we?” Draco says while striding towards me. My brow furrows, turning my head to look behind me, scanning the corridor to see if he’s taking to someone else. “I knew you couldn’t resist me.” Draco purrs, coming close to me. Wrapping one arm around my waist, while his free hand glides through my hair. What the fuck!

“What on earth do you think you’re doing?” I say, while shoving him harshly on the chest. Draco stumbles back, but gives me a sly smirk.

“Don’t play hard to get now, Phoenix.” He says, taking another step towards me once again. I put my hand up, stopping Draco in his tracks.

“What are you talking about?” I glare at Draco, making sure he knew that I was deadly serious. Draco’s lip curls up, glaring at me with a furrowed brow.

“Have you lost your mind or something— are you simply that idiotic that you can’t remember?” He spits. I don’t know what to say, he obviously remembers something I don’t.

“Draco, I’m being serious— what are you on about?” I take my hand away from his chest, looking up at him with wide eyes.

Draco huffs and tenses his jaw. “You and I kissed— like half an hour ago.”

My gut tenses and my mouth falls open. Taking my gaze away from Draco, trying my best to find the memory of me even coming close to Draco, but I’ve been in the clock tower for about an hour and a half, before that I only seen Draco very briefly-- how could this have happened? I wouldn’t even kiss Draco, I’m with Fred.

I let out an awkward laugh, flicking my eyes back up to Malfoy, who looks infuriated. “Are you messing with me?” I laugh.

“I’m not one to mess, Phoenix.” He seethes, burning me with his eyes.

“Draco, I don’t know who that was, but— it wasn’t me.”

“You think I couldn’t tell if it was you or not— stupid girl!”

“Do you think I would kiss you! I’m with Fred you prick!” I spit back, striding past him, shoving him not the shoulder as I walk away from him.

Walking towards the common room once again, I don’t hear Draco say anything else as I walk away. I couldn’t figure out how I could have possibly been with Draco when I was in the clock tower.

Finally getting to my empty room, I instantly remove my robe and tie. I feel frustrated with Draco, his words were harsh, but also who the hell was kissing him? I knew it wasn’t me, and I’m pretty sure no one looks exactly the same as me, unless they used—

The door swings open, slamming against my wall. My whole body jolts and I turn my head towards the open door.

Fred is standing there, and he looks mad— really fucking mad.

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