Little Phoenix

Blood Red

As I take a seat next to the curly haired girl, the whole group are smiling largely and congratulating me. “Hi, welcome! I’m Hermione, this is Ron and Harry...” The girl gestures to each person within the group while stating their names.

“Nice to meet you all, I’m Phoenix, Phoenix Grey.” I smile warmly.

“Grey? But aren’t you Snape’s daughter?” Ron asks me with a mouth full of food. Hermione swats him on the arm over the table, shaking her head and rolling her eyes.

I let out a soft chuckle while looking down at my knotted hands, the nerves are still sitting deep in my stomach. “I’m adopted, Severus adopted me when I was five...” I look up to them glaring at me with inquisitive eyes.

Scanning the group, I lock eyes with one of the twins, who Hermione introduced to me as Fred, he’s grinning widely at me, making my stomach flip, and I quickly turn my gaze away.

“I—uh—Severus, he wanted to keep the name that I was adopted with so I was protected. I disagree, I don’t feel in danger, or that having the Snape name will bring me danger.” I shrug. “Anyway, I’m just happy to be here.” I beam, excitement taking over me again.

I get the flowing feeling of my eye colour transforming once more, the nerves finally settle and my excitement takes over, with the thoughts of what this new chapter of my life will bring to me.

I see my reflection in Fred’s goblet as he brings it to his mouth, they are a bright yellow colour. I close my eyes slowly to hide their transformation.

“Wicked!” The twins say simultaneously, I bite my lip and blink my eyes open once more.

“Wow, your eyes are incredible! The sorting hat said you’re a Metamorphmagus? I’ve read about these abilities; the colour of ones eyes, or hair is meaning of feeling.” Hermione stares deeply, it is pleasing to hear that someone knows about my abilities, so I don’t have to explain it myself.

I look at Hermione with an impressed expression, her knowledge on Morphmagus kind is surprising. “Yeah— that’s right... although it’s kind of hard to keep my feelings to myself, sometimes I can suppress the change, but most of the time it’s hard to hide.”

Turning to look towards my father at the front of the hall, his looks could kill. My dad’s cold eyes were staring into my soul. ‘Eat!’ He mouths through gritted teeth.

I roll my eyes and turn to grab a piece of toast. Looking back to him, I exaggerate eating the piece, holding up my thumb and rubbing my stomach in the process. The look of his disappointed face is a picture, the group notice and are snorting with laughter.

When breakfast is over and students are leaving the Great Hall, I walk out of the hall with the group I was sat with. As this is my first day, I don’t have any classes, so I can get myself settled and get used to the castle, which I’m not sure will ever happen, this place is huge!

“Aren’t you an interesting thing!” A smug voice calls out behind me. I turn towards the voice and it’s the blonde boy I noticed from the hall. My brows knit together in confusion. “What’s with the creepy eyes new girl?” He smirks, flicking his eyes over my figure.

He’s tall, but not as tall as the twins, with platinum hair and crystal eyes, he wasn’t bad looking, but he had a bad attitude. I narrow my eyes at the boy, biting my tongue to hold back from smacking him there and then. My eyes start to burn, anger isn’t a difficult colour to understand. The blood red shade falls over my iris’s.

“Damn, you are creepy. Better stay away from you, new girl.” He scoffs, making his two bodyguard buddies behind him snort with laughter.

“Oi! Piss off Malfoy!” The voice behind me snaps me out of my rage. Fred stands behind me, towering over my small frame.

“Just messing Weaslebee, completely harmless.” Malfoy holds his hands up in defeat. “See you around new girl.” He winks at me, sauntering away with his friends.

“Don’t be bothered by him Phoenix, he’s a prat.” Fred soothe me, putting his hand on my shoulder.

I run my hands through my hair, attempting to calm my anger, I take a deep inhale and let out in a huff. Glancing up at Fred, he is smiling softly, his chocolate eyes are full of warmth. I pull my lips up into a smile as my eyes flow back to the previous colour.

“I think your eyes are pretty cool, don’t listen to these twats... they don’t know what they’re saying.” Fred’s words make me blush crimson.

As I make my way up to the Gryffindor common room, I walk towards the painting of a large woman in a pink dress.

“Oh! Hello dear, I haven’t seen you around here before. Are you the Phoenix everyone has been talking about?” The woman speaks kindly, with her pink cheeks matching her dress, she give me a sweet smile.

“Yes mam, It’s my first day here.” I say to the painting.

“Well, Welcome to Hogwarts! Do you have the password?” she asks.


As I spoke the password, she opened the door. I bite my lip and let out a small giggle, making me bubble with excitement. I skip into the open hole that is hidden behind the painting.

Entering my room that I am thankfully sharing with Hermione, I flop on the bed. There was a piece of parchment on my pillow that contained all my new classes that I start tomorrow, scanning through it, I try to memorise as much as I could. As I lean back onto the pillow, my eyes start to droop, getting heavier and heavier until sleep takes over my body completely.



“Phoenix!” I am jolted awake to a figure at the end of my bed. It was Hermoine.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you. It’s dinner time, you missed lunch.” She whispers softly. I could barely see her in the dark room, as I blink my eyes awake. Looking outside and the sun was now almost set.

“Merlin, I must have been sleeping for hours!” I yawn, while rubbing my eyes. Lifting myself up from the bed, I notice that Hermione is in her normal clothes.

Opening my trunk, I rummage through for some new clothes to wear to dinner. Finding my deep green, oversized jumper that hung off one shoulder, and pairing it with some black leggings, and black boots. I flip my hair and tie it in a ponytail, which hangs in waves down my back.

Hermione is telling me about her day as we walk down the long hallway, my smile fades as I notice that Malfoy boy, walking towards us. “Oh, fuck sake.” I whisper under my breath.

“Ignore him.” she whispers back.

“Well, what do we have here—Creepy new girl, and Mudblood Granger.” Malfoy joked, but I was taken aback by what he called Hermoine.

My eyes quickly started turning red, and as I looked at Hermione I could see the hurt in her eyes, but I knew this wasn’t the first time he called her this.

“What the fuck is your problem?” I take a step towards Malfoy, my eyes burning into his.

“Ohh, a little firecracker this one.” He laughs. Malfoy takes another step closer, his lips pull up into a smirk.

“You might want to think twice before you treat Hermione that way.” I say calmly.

Our eyes done lose connection. Malfoy let’s out a low chuckle, and leans down so his face was level with mine.

“Or what? Creep.” He spits. His words boiled me over the edge.

Grabbing him on the shoulders, I swiftly bring my knee up to his crotch, causing him to grunt and fall to the floor. Hermione gasps, and holds her hands across her mouth, while I smirk down at him. Malfoy holds his crotch while groaning in pain, his two friends quickly going to his aid.

“Pathetic.” I scoff. I grab Hermione by the hand and start to run.

“My father will hear about this!” Malfoy shouts after us.

We both start laughing as we run through the corridor, coming to the door of the great hall.

“Phoenix you’re mental!” she laughs.

“He’s a prick, don’t know who he thinks he is!” I shake my head, the adrenaline starting to make my hands shake. I take a deep breath as we walk into the Great Hall.

The group of red head boys and Harry are already sat down, laughing to one another as they eat their meals. They greet us as we take a seat, I sit across from Fred and George and I meet eyes with Fred, giving him a weak smile.

“Uh oh—who pissed you off?” He announces, making all the boys turn to look at me and my blood red eyes.

I turn my gaze away, avoiding eye contact. Hermione eventually tells them about what happened between me and Malfoy, to which the whole group roar with laughter.

“I could bloody kill that slimy git, I don’t blame you for doing that, Phoenix.” Ron spits, gripping his fork tightly.

“Well, now we all know not to piss off Phoenix.” Harry laughs while cutting up his roast beef.

I laugh along with them, but soon hunger takes over me as I scan over the delightful platters placed out on the table. I take different food from different plates, I start eating.

As soon as I began tucking into my food, I notice Malfoy walking in, I smirk at his unhappy face, as he complains to his two friends. My face soon drops as my father walks in, and he does not look happy.

“Oh shit!” I instantly sink into the bench, lowering my head towards the table. Everyone turns their attention towards my dad then back at me. As soon as he catches me out, he storms over to the table.

“Get. Up.” He spits through gritted teeth. My face scrunches up and I slowly turn my head towards my father. The twins try and hold back their snickers, and hide their faces behind their cups.

I sigh, and slowly lift off my seat. “Now dad, let me explain—” I am cut off by my dad grabbing the back of my neck and shoving me towards the door. Yeah he’s mad.

I walk quickly towards the door so my dad removes his hand from behind my back, as I glance over to the Slytherin table I lock eyes with Malfoy, catching him smiling and pointing towards me. I stick a middle finger up at him, his face drops. My dad once again, shoves me out the door, making me stumble forward.

“Right dad, all I’m gonna say is that he deserved it, he called Hermione—”

“I don’t care what he called Miss Granger, Phoenix.” My dad interrupts, his voice stern. “You will not be expelled from this school as well!”

I instantly look down at the floor, I hate it when he yells, he’s scary when he’s angry. “I’m sorry dad.” I mutter, not moving my eyes away from the ground.

“No. More. Mischief. Do you understand me?” his low, yet, serious tone is the worst, terrifying even.

“Yes, dad.” I reply.

Walking back into the Great Hall, I spot Malfoy yet again, he begins joking and whispering to his friends once more. This time, I stick up two middle fingers towards him, and his friends laugh, but what I didn’t see behind me, was my father. He swats my head with the daily prophet he had in his hands. I whip around, my face turning red. I suck in my lips, trying not to laugh hysterically as he glares down at me, so I scurry away. Meanwhile, I can hear my friends dying with laughter across the hall. My dad was burning a hole in my head with his eyes as I walk away.

The group is quiet as I take my seat, but I break the silence by snorting loudly, breaking into fits of laughter, starting the who group off again.

I look up and scan over the Slytherin table, Malfoy and his buddies have now left... good, but I get a strange feeling that someone is watching me, I look up again, and spot a girl staring at me with her dark eyes. She was on the Slytherin table. Her stare was cold and evil, I lock eyes with her and raise an eyebrow, she narrows her eyes and whips round.

“Hey, who’s that girl over there? The one with dark hair.” I ask the table, they all turn to look where I’m gesturing towards.

“Oh, that’s Pansy Parkinson. I’d stay away from her, she’s not a nice piece of work.” Ron announces, focusing back on his food. My brows knit together, confused as to why she was staring in the first place... weird.

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