Little Phoenix

Hot Pink

I awake early the next day, ready for my first set of classes at Hogwarts. Hermione is up already, scanning over her books that she’s placing into her bag. Quickly getting out of bed, I dress in my uniform and tie my hair up in a bun. Putting my wand in my sock, and grabbing my books for the day, I am ready.

Walking to my first class, it’s spells and potions—with my dad. Typical my first lesson ever at Hogwarts is with my dad, I roll my eyes and walk in with Harry, Ron and Hermione. We take a seat at a round table with a couple of other students that I didn’t meet yesterday. They introduce themselves as Neville and Seamus.

Watching my dad being all serious, it’s rather funny to me, a few times I had to hold in a few giggles as he teaches the class. He glanced over at me a few times, probably making sure I’m not doing something I’m not.

We were studying what was called Amortentia, the strongest love potion in the world. Love never really came to me when I was at Beauxbatons, I didn’t have a lot of friends— well no friends really, there were a few girls that would just be nice to me, but I was always alone.

“So—whatever you smell in this potion is the things that attract you the most?” I ask Hermione, scanning the pot of bubbling potion that glows a deep pink shade. Turning my head, Hermione is flushed crimson, her pink cheeks glowing the same shade as the potion itself.

“What do you smell?” I giggle

“Freshly cut grass, books and spearmint.” She says, looking utterly intoxicated. “Go ahead, Phoenix.”

I shrug, leaning my head towards the pot, taking in a long, deep inhale over the steaming liquid. Instantly I was hit with the smell of mens cologne, sweets, broomsticks and a wood fire.

I could see why Hermione looked the way she did, it smelt utterly divine, making me let out an audible hum in my throat. I open my eyes slowly, realising that the whole table was looking at me. Blinking out of my daze, I laugh awkwardly.

“Wow, your eyes Phoenix!” Hermione gasped.

“What? What’s wrong?” I quickly grab a reflective object, which was a metal spoon, and to my surprise, my eyes were a strong, hot pink shade. I raise my brow and stare at my eyes in awe.

“Well that’s new.” I laugh, putting the spoon back onto the table.

“Have you never had that colour in your eyes before, Phoenix?” Harry questions.

“No I haven’t actually, I’m guessing this is the colour of love and desire,—” I could feel my face heat up as I speak. “When I was at my old school, I didn’t have many friends, and I didn’t really connect with anyone— that way.” I bite my lip and suppress the feeling, my eyes quickly change back to my turquoise blue.


Later on that day, I’m wandering through the halls, with a free period before it was lunch. I couldn’t get the scents of Amortentia out of my mind. Merlin it was so intoxicating.

Shocking me out of my thoughts, I suddenly feel multiple hands on me, making me scream loudly as I was lifted into the air. Squirming and writhing against their grip, I am once again placed onto the ground.

Whipping around, I collide one of my palms with one of the pranksters face, realising that face was Fred Weasley. His associate was of course George, who was now laughing hysterically, keeling over in fits of laughter.

“Damn—Harry was right, you should not be messed with!” Fred chuckles, rubbing his now reddened cheek.

“Fuck! You boys scared the shit out of me!” I shout while pushing them lightly, making them laugh and joke. My shoves were barely moving them as they pushed me back.

“You deserved that, Fred Weasley!” I spit, pointing my finger up towards him. He looks at me up and down with a smirk, raising his eyebrows, making my stomach instantly fill with butterflies.

After the boys stopped laughing, they joined me as I walked into the grassed courtyard. They follow closely behind me, as I lead the way towards the Great Hall.

Suddenly, I feel a small object hit the back of my head, making me stop my tracks. Fred and George nearly topple over me when they didn’t notice me stopping in front of them. I turn around with my brows furrowed, as I rub the back of my head.

“Phoenix, what’s the matter?” Fred asks. They both look at me with confused looks as I scan the floor. Then I see, sitting in the grass, is a small pebble. I stare at it in confusion, flicking my eyes up to Fred and George.

“Did one of you throw that?” I asked the boys, pointing down at the small pebble, they both shake their heads in reply.

“Hey! Freak!” A voice calls out from over the courtyard, looking up I see her— Pansy.

Oh fuck here we go.

I automatically stride over to her, knowing this isn’t going to end well. I start to feel my eyes burn as she glares at me. Fred and George are close behind, attempting to pull me away.

“Phoenix, come on now, don’t waste your time—” George says to me, trying to pull my arm but it was too late.

“Can I help you?” I spit, giving her a sarcastic smile, and folding my arms over my chest.

“You dare touch my boyfriend again, I will hurt you!” She yelled, taking a step towards me. I pull my lip up into a snarl and flick my eyes up and down.

“And your boyfriend is?” I scoff. What is wrong with these Slytherins?

“Draco Malfoy.”

She has a sour look on her face, and it only enraged me more. “Oh! I remember.” I snap my fingers. “Is he that scared of me that he has to get his girlfriend to stand up for him?” I tilt my head slightly, my red eyes seething.

Fred attempts to pull me away. “Phoenix, love, step away.” He tugs on my robe lightly, and I quickly snap it back.

“Why don’t you piss off Pansy, go find someone else to fuck around with—because I haven’t got time for this.” I seethe.

As I go to turn away, Pansy instantly grabs a handful of my hair and pulls downward. I scream and fall to the ground, and she begins dragging me by my hair along the grass. Over my pumping heart beat, I can hear Fred and George’s raised voices yelling at Pansy. Something flipped inside of me, and my blood was boiling.

I manage to get to my feet, pulling my head upwards, so it came into contact with Pansy’s face. She let out a loud grunt as she stumbled backwards, Pansy released my hair, quickly holding her hands over her mouth. I flip my hair back and noticed students forming a circle around us.

Watching her as she groans to her hands, she glares at me with her dark eyes, full of rage. Pulling her hands away from her face, I could see her mouth is cut open, with blood dripping down her chin, I give her a smirk. As she got even more angry, she let out a cat like growl and lunged towards me, making me do the same, but we were quickly stopped in our tracks. I see Draco holding Pansy back, looking confused, he wraps his arms around her waist and lifts her off the ground, Pansy writhes at his grip.

Both Fred and George are holding me, I kick and scream in anger, as my feet begin to come off the ground as Fred effortlessly chucks me over his shoulder.

“Control your girl, Weaslebee!” I hear Draco shout from across the courtyard. I’m still screaming and kicking over Fred’s shoulder, my blood boiling.

With ringing in my ears all I see is George running off, possibly to go find the others. Fred is walking me away from the scene, as I am held over his shoulder.

My hands start to shake from adrenaline. Fred walks down a few empty hallways and into an old toilet. He sets me down on the counter between the sinks, places both hands either side of my legs, which hang over the side of the counter side.

I rub the back of my head from where Pansy grabbed and pulled my hair. Looking up at Fred, he’s just staring at me with a raised brow, and a small smile on his lips. I wince as a sharp pain radiates from my scalp.

“Here, let me look.” He grabs the back of my head and pulls it down, so I am looking downwards towards the floor.

“I’m afraid we’re gonna have to shave it all off.”

I smile and smack him on the thigh. He rummages through my hair some more, running his fingers through my thick locks. I wince once more, as he runs a finger over the painful area, causing me to take a sharp intake of breath.

“Sorry love—there’s a small scratch, and there may be a bruise, but nothing life changing.” He chuckles, removing his hands from my hair. I lift my head and our eyes connect.

We’re close, close enough that I could feel his warm breath on my cheeks. Fred’s eyes were dark but with a hint of warm brown, like melted chocolate. He’s utterly gorgeous.

Realising that I have been looking at him for way to long, I blink and pull myself out of my trance. “I—um—thank you... Fred, I’m sorry you had to see that.” I stutter, leaning my back against the wall behind me. Fred jumps up and onto the counter, nudging me on the elbow.

“Don’t worry about it lovely, you would have kicked her ass if we didn’t stop you, she’s the one that should be thanking us.” He chuckles, making me burst into laughter.

Suddenly I realise what I’ve done, fuck. I groan loudly and plow my head into my hands. “What’s wrong?” Fred laughs.

“My dad is going to kill me!” I groan, peeking up at Fred through my fingers. My eyes are cold grey from fear.

Fuck. Dad is gonna kill me.

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