Little Phoenix

Cool Blue

Quickly, I poke my head out of the toilet that me and Fred were in, scanning the hall to see if my dad was already there to kill me. The coast was clear. I turn back to Fred, who is laughing and shaking his head at my behaviour.

“Let’s go, quickly— before my dad finds me, and I lose my head.” I whisper, briskly walk out of the toilet. Fred follows closely behind.

“Phoenix, you’re being dramatic.”

I scoff at his words, turning back towards him. “You don’t see him when he’s mad. He’s a lot different at home, compared to here.” I run my fingers through my hair, letting out a shaky breath.

Walking out of the empty hallway, I scurry over the the archway entrance to the courtyard. Once again I poke my head out, scanning the empty space; where only thirty minutes before, myself and Pansy broke out into a brawl. The courtyard was empty, all the students have disappeared off to lunch. Chewing on my lip, the anxiety makes me sick to my stomach. Pulling back, I rest my head against the stone archway, closing my eyes for a moment.

I wasn’t scared of a lot, but when my father got mad, I have to admit— that scares me. I’ve only seen it once before, and that was when I lit the firecrackers off in the headmistress’s office. It was not pretty. This time I get into a fight with another student, I’m going to be dead.

“Phoenix, you’ll be fine love.” Fred grabs my wrist, pulling me towards him. He wraps his long arms around me, and I rest my head on his chest, his beating heart soothes me. “Yes, Snape won’t be happy—”

“Not helping!” I snap, rolling my eyes at him.

“But— He obviously cares about you, he won’t stay mad for long.” He smiles. A calming feeling washes over my body as we stay for a moment longer, wrapped up in one another. Taking a inhale through my nose, his scent hit me. Merlin, his scent was delightful, an aromatic wood smell, with gorgeous hints of sage and cinnamon.

I sigh and pull away, running my hands through my hair, I flinch at the dull pain at the back of my head from the forming bruise.

“Okay, I just need to suck it up— and I’m hungry, so let’s go eat.” I turn and walk out of the archway with Fred towards the Great Hall.

I walk into the hall, scanning the area, I don’t see anyone. Not Pansy, Draco, or my dad, I let out a sigh of relief. Walking towards the table where all my friends sit, Fred is walking beside me, with his arm around my shoulder.

Hermione catches us, widening her eyes. “Oh my god, Phoenix!” Hermoine gets up out of her seat and gives me a hug, looking awfully worried. “Are you okay? George told us what happened!”

“Pansy didn’t stand a chance! Of course she’s alright.” George pipes up, smirking and winking at me. I laugh and shake my head back at him over Hermione’s shoulder.

“Yes I’m fine, thank you Hermione.” pulling away from the tight embrace, I give her a warm smile and sit down with the group.

I thought I was hungry, but the nerves got to me badly, I was playing with the food on my plate, waiting for my father to walk through the door, in a fit of rage, but as the minutes went on, he didn’t arrive. I was making myself worse, as every person who walked through the door sent a shock of anxiety through my stomach. I couldn’t take it any longer.

I place my cutlery down and sigh, getting up from the table, Fred looks up at me with a furrowed brow.

“What you doing, Grey? You’ve barely eaten.” He asks.

“I’m just going to rip the plaster off, I feel too sick to eat. I’m just going to find him— get it over with.” I sigh. Telling the group I will see them in the common room, I leave the Great Hall, making my way towards my dads office.

Reaching the closed door to his office, I let out a shaky breath. Lifting my hand, I lightly knock on the wooden door.

“Enter!” I hear his voice behind the door. I scrunch my face up, deep down I was hoping he wouldn’t be there.

Holding my head up, I push through the door. My father is sitting behind his desk, looking down at a pile of parchment, writing on it with his large, black quill. His office was big, but full of glowing potions.

“Take a seat Phoenix.” Dad says, his voice awfully calm. Doing as he says, I scurry over to the seat on the other side of his desk. The room is quiet, the only sounds heard is my fathers scratching quill. As I sit, he gently places the quill into the ink pot, and raises himself off his seat.

“I’m going to spare you the lecture Phoenix, as you already know what I’m going to say, because I say it—Too—Many—Times.” He says through gritted teeth. My dads words make my stomach flip.

Fuck. He knows.

I swallow hard. “It won’t happen again dad. I’m sorry.” I look down at my lap, where my fingers are knotted together.

“You can spare your apology as well, Phoenix! You will be sent straight home if you make another mistake like this, do I make myself clear!” His voice rips through me.

My eyes begin pricking with tears, I hold my head low, not making eye contact with him. Nodding my head, he lets out a sigh through his nose.

“Good.” His cold tone is chilling, tears drip onto my hands that rest on my lap. “Now. Are you hurt?” My fathers tone warms slightly.

I shake my head, sniffing and wiping my eyes with my sleeve. “Just a bruise, nothing bad.” I look up at him, my eyes a cool blue shade.

He slowly nods and lets out a long sigh. “Back to class Phoenix, and no more funny business.” He walks towards the door, ushering me out.

I walk out, not looking up at him. I let out a long sigh as I left his office, holding back my tears as I walk towards my next class.

No more funny business. His words etched into my brain.

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