Little Phoenix

Deep Purple

Two weeks go by, and I’ve kept my distance from Pansy. I’ve also kept my head down, focusing on my work and getting my essays in on time. My new friends are great, Hermione has been helping me with my studies, we’ve sort of helped each other with the subjects we are best at, spending most of our evenings in the library.

Fred and George have said that later on tonight we should have a little get together in the Gryffindor common room, they said they would bring something special. I have no idea what they would be bringing but, the thought excites me.

The evening comes, and I quickly change into something more comfortable for the evening, throwing on an oversized jumper, and sliding on a pair of shorts underneath. I put my hair up in a ponytail, and head down into the common room.

I see everyone already formed into a circle, the group are either sitting on the floor or on one of the sofas. I skip down the steps and smile as everyone looks up.

Fred turns around, and I catch his eyes flicking over my figure, with a small smirk pulling at his lips. I start to flush slightly as I walk over to them.

“So boys, what’s this special surprise you have for us?” I ask, while squeezing between them on the sofa.

Fred and George look at each other with cheeky grins. “Alright, you can’t say anything, but we managed to steal this—we won’t say who from.” Fred says, pulling out a bottle with a bag wrapped over it.

He pulls the bag off and it’s a bottle of fire whiskey.

“Holy shit! You legends!” I exclaim loudly, covering my mouth quickly after everyone hushes me.

As Fred pours everyone a drink, I take out my wand and flick it towards the record player, it comes to life, playing some upbeat music.

Fred hands me a glass of the amber liquid, bringing the glass to my lips, the burning sensation hits the back of my throat, it’s delicious.

After a while and a couple of drinks, my face starts to heat up, giggling uncontrollably at anything that was slightly funny. I look over to Fred, who is sat next to me, his cheeks looking flourished, his chiselled jaw, and beautiful brown eyes. He makes me melt.

“Phoenix?” Ron says, tearing me away from Fred.

“Hmm?” I turn my gaze over to Ron. He smirks at me, flitting his eyes between me and Fred.

“I asked what Beauxbatons was like?” Ron smiled, looking similar to the rest of us, with rosy cheeks.

“Oh! It was shit, just not suited for me. But I learnt a lot!” I look around the group and they all stare with inquisitive eyes.

“I took up dance while I was there, It was pretty much the only thing that kept me there for as long a I did.” I reminisce on the fond memories of dancing.

“I miss it a lot.”

“What so you’re a ballet dancer then?” Ron’s face going redder after every sip.

“Well, yeah pretty much. I know other forms of dance as well, but ballet was taught the most.”

I take another sip, holding my glass over to Fred, gesturing for a refill.

More drinks are poured, the more drunk we get, the common room full of laughter. After a short while, one by one, everyone starts turning in. First Ron, Harry follows behind closely, both struggling to get up the stairs. Hermione is close in third, she stands and wobbles, nearly falling over her own feet, I giggle at her and shake my head.

George stands, putting Hermoine’s arm around his neck. “I’m gonna put her to bed and turn in myself guys. See you tomorrow.” George scoops her up in his arms and taker her away.

All of a sudden I notice, it’s just me and Fred... Drunk.

I turn to the side, so my back is against the arm of the sofa and I am facing him. His red jumper rolled up over his elbows, revealing is muscular forearms, detailed with large veins.

I bite my lip and quickly toss back the last of my drink. “Last one for me Weasley.” I murmur, holding my glass towards him for a refill, he laughs while shaking his head at me. God his smile.

“What?” I giggle, taking another sip.

“For such a small girl, you can handle your drink.” He chuckles, looking back up at me, with a cheeky glint in his eyes.

“Well I guess I’m just full of surprises.” I raise my eyebrows over my glass as I take another sip.

“You really are.” Fred gives me that smile once again. I bite my lip, watching him swig from his glass, he’s so effortlessly gorgeous, how can some make drinking whisky look so damn good?

I can feel my eyes changing, I’m unsure what colour they are due to the alcohol making my head feel slightly fuzzy. Fred notices their change straight away.

“What are you feeling right now?” He asks, his eyes on me once again, sending chills up my spine.

“To be honest Fred, I have no idea.” I laugh, sitting up and grabbing a mirror that’s on the table, I look at my reflection.

They’re a deep purple colour. My brows knit together, not understanding what this shade is, I’ve never seen this colour before.

“Is something wrong?” Fred asks, shuffling closer, I feel his arm behind me.

“It’s just—I’ve never seen this colour before... weird. This has happened a couple of times now.” I place the mirror down and run my hands through my hair.

“I might know what it is...” I turn to face Fred and lock eyes with him. His face getting closer, butterflies fill my stomach as his eyes flick between my lips and my eyes.

“Oh you do?” I say in a low voice, tilting my head to one side.

Suddenly, his hand grabs the back of my neck, pulling me in so our lips meet. We wrap ourselves around each other in a deep and passion filled kiss. I wrap my hands around his neck, and run my fingers through his hair. I feel his tongue running along my lips as I allow him to enter my mouth. He tastes of fire whisky, and it tastes so much better on his tongue.

Fred places a hand on my leg and slides it up, wrapping it around my thigh, I feel his cold ring on my skin, sending goosebumps up my leg. He tugs on my thigh, pulling me over him, so I am straddling over his lap. Fred’s large hands slither up my legs as I sit over him, sliding them over my hips and up my jumper, rubbing his hands over my bare back.

“God you taste good!” He groans into my mouth. “You don’t know how badly I’ve wanted to kiss you.” My heart skips a beat. I let out a soft moan against his lips as his hands run over my backside.

I pull away for some air, knocking my head back. My chest heaves as I take large breaths, completely drunk with fire whisky and Fred. Fred doesn’t stop, he sits up from the sofa, he buries his face into my neck, nipping and sucking on my tender skin.

I let out a soft groan, his lips like electric on my skin. I grab a hand full of his hair and tug gently, causing him to groan against my neck. God that sound was like music to my ears.

The sound of footsteps hit my ears, and my eyes widen instantly. I pull away, removing myself from Fred’s lap, sitting where I was before, trying to look as if nothing had happened.

I see Ron sleepily walking along the hall, while rubbing his eyes and yawning. As he disappears into the toilet, I let out a breath of relief. I look over to Fred and let out a giggle, he begins laughing, while running his thumb along his lips.

We waited for Ron’s return, and as he disappeared off to his room once more, I stand from the sofa. “I think it’s time for me to turn in, and I think you do too Freddie.” I look down at him, as he lifts up from the sofa also, he is completely towering over me.

Bending down with both hands either side of my head and giving me one last kiss, this one being soft and gentle.

His drunk eyes open slowly, “Yes Ma’am.” His sultry voice is like a drug, absolutely irresistible.

I bite my lip and walk towards my dorm room, touching my swollen lips as I walk into my room.

I instantly flop onto my bed, replaying what just happened in my head. My jumper smelling of him, I pull it up and take a deep inhale.

Snuggling my head into my pillow, I fall into a quick and dreamless sleep, feeling completely and utterly intoxicated by Fred Weasley.

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