Little Phoenix

Icy Lilac

I squint as the sun light pours into my room, making my eyes dilate as I wake. My throat is dry, and my head is sore from the fire whisky we had the night before. I had so much fun, although I am regretting my choices of having one too many, a lot of my memories are blurry from last night, I remember talking to Fred though, and laughing with him... then nothing.

I let out a groan as I lift up from my bed, turning my head towards where Hermione is sleeping, her lips parted slightly as she softly snores into her pillow. As my feet hit the cold floor, the chill sends goosebumps up my legs. I shiver slightly, and pad my way over to the shower room. My temples pulse; looking up at myself in the mirror, the bags under my eyes are more prominent, and my hair is messy. Tying my hair up into a high bun, I splash my face with some cold water, trying to refresh myself, then brush my teeth.

The common room is quiet, there are a few early risers, but they just sit quietly in the corner and read or do some other quiet activity. Getting back to my room, Hermione is still sleeping soundly. I am up early, so I take this chance to go out and explore throughout the school. I dress in a pair of black flared trousers along with a black, cropped jumper, rolling up the sleeves to my forearm.

Entering the large castle hallways, they are completely empty, even most of the painting are sleeping soundly, the ones that are awake all bid me a ‘good morning’. The sun is starting to grow higher in the sky, making the freshly laid snow sparkle, and the cold air breezes through the open windows, sending a chill up my spine. I venture through the castle, memorising every turn and door I walk through, trying to imprint the map of Hogwarts in my mind.

As I walk through the corridors, I fall deep into my thoughts. The blurred memories of last night make me frustrated, but I remember the conversation I had with everyone, telling them about my time at my old school and that I trained in dance. A stab of sadness comes over me, wishing that Hogwarts had a dance class for witches and wizards, but I don’t think those sort of class are very well suited for this school, whereas in Beauxbatons, it was apart of out curriculum.

Another large corridor I walk through, I could have sworn I have walked down here, these hallways are starting to all look the same now. I turn my back trying to remember where I came from and how to get back to my dorm. I continue my path, I’m sure that I will turn up somewhere that I remember. Finally finding my way back, I sit in a window sill near the Great Hall. I admire the grounds of Hogwarts, watching as the owls fly in and out of the clock tower, the view was beautiful from here.

I start to hear footsteps coming my way, which is the first time of hearing someone since I left my room. Peeking my head around the corner of the large windowsill, I see my dad. He is wearing his dark waistcoat along with his long flowing cloak over the top. He has seemed to have noticed me as he comes to a stop when he reaches my side.

“Good morning dad, how has your week been?” I say, as I smile up at him.

“Good morning Phoenix, it was pleasant, thank you.” His voice is low, and he folds his arms over his chest. “I would ask what you’re doing up so early for a Saturday, but I wanted to ask for a favour actually.”

His words causes my face to scrunch up in confusion, I look up at him with narrowed eyes, confused to why he would ask me for a favour-- this never happens. “Really? You never ask me for anything.” I chuckle.

“Well, as you may know the Yuel Ball is coming up soon--”

Again my face fall into a look of confusion. “The what?” I interrupt him, making him let out a huff.

“The Yule Ball, it is a tradition for the Triwizard Tournament. Anyway-- I have been asked to teach the Slytherin house to dance, and the favour I need, Phoenix, is if you could teach them for me?”

I snort with laughter as he tells me about him having to teach the class show to dance. I don’t think my father has ever danced in his life, but it’s sweet that he came to me for help. He looks down at me in disappointment as I wipe away a stray tear from my eye, giggling uncontrollably.

“Not without a please, father.” I chuckle, pulling my lips up into a smirk.

I could see his jaw tightening. “Please.” He says through gritted teeth.

“Yes, I will help you.” I snort.

Without a word, he whips around, striding towards the Great Hall, leaving me chuckling to myself. I shake my head and turn my gaze back towards the window, where now I start to see some students playing in the snow.


A short while later, students start filling the halls, telling me that it’s now time for breakfast, my stomach is grumbling as I follow the crowd towards the hall. As I get closer the smell of pancakes and delicious breakfast food hits my nose, making my mouth water in appreciation.

Walking through the door, I look over to the Gryffindor table, where my friends are already sat. I could see Hermione with her head in her hands, looking rough, Harry is doing the same. Ron, Fred and George are looking alright, as always Ron is stuffing his face with all the food he could get his hands on. I am feeling more refreshed after a morning walk, so I skip over to them.

“Good morning guys!” I cheer, only to receive audible groans form Hermione and Harry. I giggle as I slide into the seat, sitting across from Fred, who is smirking at me. “Oh dear guys, you alright?” I nudge Hermione who lets out another groan.

Fred lets out a chuckle and shakes his head at the pair. “Us Weasleys have iron stomachs you see-- we don’t get too bad when we drink, not like some people.” He says while flicking his eyes towards Hermione and Harry.

As Fred is speaking, I feel like I seen him in a dream last night, or what I think was a dream. I stare at him as he chats and laughs with George about the events of last night, until he notices me staring.

“You alright love?” Fred laughs, raising a brow at me. I shake my head, unable to remember what I dreamt about him.

“Yeah, I just-- I feel like I had a dream about you last night, but I can’t remember what it’s about.” I chuckle, pouting my lips. Fred’s eyes suddenly change, as if they deepen in colour, I flicks his gaze back and forth over my eyes.

“You don’t remember a lot do you?” He smirks.

I laugh at my poor memory of last night, but his question makes me quickly furrow my brow. “Why-- should I be remembering something?”

“You tell me.” He purrs, pacing his large hand over mine. As our hands touch, it was like electric up my arm, sparking memories of last night, memories of his lips, his hands, his groans.

My mouth falls open and my eyes turn icy lilac. Looking up I connect eyes with Fred once again. He smirks while running his tongue over his teeth, the same tongue that was dancing with mine just the night before. I flush crimson, feeling my cheeks burns and I roll over the event again and again in my brain.

I kissed Fred Weasley.

I quickly stand from my seat, walking around the table, I grab Fred by the shirt collar, making him stumble out of the bench, following me out into the corridor. Pulling him around the corner, I release his collar, making him stand upright.

“We kissed last night!” I whisper, looking back around the corner to see if anyone had followed us.

“You make it sound like it was a bad thing.” He laughs, running his thumb along his bottom lip.

“I barely know you! It’s been, what... two weeks?”

He chuckles again, “We have chemistry, do we not?” He begins playing with my hair.

“I guess, I thought it was just harmless flirting though.” I cross my arms over my chest, leaning my head back against the wall. Fred’s eyes flick over me, making my stomach fill with butterflies. I chew on my lip, glaring up at him through my lashes.

“Harmless flirting, that’s obviously turned into more.” He says while taking a step closer towards me, my skin starting to flush once more. I tilt my head up to meet his gaze, he stares longingly into my eyes. Fred places his hand beside my head, while the other one twirls a loose strand of hair between his fingers. I swallow hard, knowing I want his mouth on mine, but also knowing it’s way to quick.

Ever so slowly, Fred leans down. His lips gently coming into contact with mine, they’re so soft like the inside of a rose. I take a breath through my nose, trying to to grab him and kiss him with desperation. Fred pulls back ever so slightly, leaving himself hovering over my lips, teasing me.

For a moment, we both open our eyes, meeting each others gaze. As if we knew each others desire, we simultaneously crash our lips together with pure lust and desire. Releasing my crossed arms as our lips come into contact, I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him down towards me. Fred’s tongue dances with mine, wrapping his arms around my waist and pushing me up against the wall behind me.

Fred’s mouth starts to move, down my cheek and then down my neck, nipping and sucking at my throat, making me moan softly. Leaning my head back, I allow him more access to my neck, to which he runs his large hand over the other side of my throat, sending goosebumps over my neck as his cold ring comes into contact with my skin.

He lets out a low groan in his throat, pushing himself closer to me and pressing his crotch against mine. My eyes shoot open as I feel it-- his bulge. It pushes against my stomach as he pulls my body into his.

“Fred-- Fred.” I stutter against his lips, pulling my mouth away from his. Fred quickly pulls away, scanning over me with a concerned look.

“What’s wrong-- Did I hurt you?” He asks with worried eyes, brushing his hands over my cheek.

“No, not at all, it’s just--” I flick my eyes down and away from his worried gaze, struggling to find the words. My eyes flowing back to the lilac shade from my lust filled, deep purple colour.

“You can tell me darling, don’t worry.” He smiles, brushing his thumb along my cheek. I lean into his hand as he comforts me.

“I just, don’t want to go too fast and fuck it up... y’know?” I bite my lip, looking up at him.

Fred lets out a soft chuckle, planting a kiss onto my forehead. “Alright, we’ll take it slow then.” He pulls me into his chest. I wrap my arms around his waist and listen to his beating heart, his words making me burst. I bite my lip and smile into his chest, unable to push back my fluttering stomach as Fred holds me close to him.

He’s perfect.

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