Little Phoenix


Later on that day, I am sitting in the common room as the boys go off to Quidditch practice. The music player in the room is softly playing a record that I brought with me from home. It was an album from one of my favourite bands Queen. I hum along to the music as I read from a book Hermione recommended to me. Flicking my eyes up towards the stairs, I see Hermione walking down them, her curly hair all messy from her afternoon nap. I giggle softly as she pads over to me.

“Feeling better?” I ask, smirking up to her.

“So much better!” She breaths, slumping onto the sofa next to me. “I like this band, is it one of you records?” Hermione leans her head into her hand.

I nod up at her, while crossing my legs on the sofa. “Have you heard about the Yule Ball yet?” I ask her, to which her brows furrow at my question.

“Yule Ball?”

“Yeah, my dad said it’s something to do with the tournament Harry is in.” I tell Hermione. “He’s asked me to teach the Slytherin house how to do a particular dance for it.”

“Does that mean we need dates?” Hermione’s eyes grow wide, concerned at the fact that she needs to find someone to take to this ball.

I scoff. “Probably, we also need to find gowns and looks glamours.” I dramatise the word ‘glamorous’, rolling my eyes and laughing. I never have been a person to dress up nice, the thought makes me anxious. Hermione only lets out a small laugh, she nervously plays with her fingers, looking down into her lap.

“Oh come off it, Hermione. Someone will ask you to the ball-- what about that Krum guy? He’s been eyes you up constantly!”

She scoffs. “I’m sure he will fine someone much more pleasant for the occasion.” Her words make me roll my eyes.

" Don’t be ridiculous--You are more than pleasant!” I say while nudging her slightly. Hermione goes quiet and smiles softly.

I hear the song Somebody To Love playing from the music player, one of my favourite songs. “Right--” I place my book onto the table next to the sofa, and jump to my feet. Holding my hand out to Hermione, she looks at me with confusion.

“Care to dance?”

She laughs and rolls her eyes, but I knew she would give in. She eventually takes my hand and I lead her to a more open area of the common room. Pulling her in by the waist, she rests her free hand on my shoulder. We start to giggle uncontrollably as we slowly dance along with the music. Twirling her stupidly under my arm, her laughs are infectious.

“We’re best friends now, Granger.” I wink at her.


Early the next day, the Gryffindor house have all been called into the Great Hall. As we all make our way into the hall, I could see Professor McGonagall standing in the middle of the large room. The whole hall was empty, the long benches now pushed out to the sides of the hall, and the tables all towards the back of the hall. It looks even bigger than before.

As we all get settled, McGonagall begins to explain the meaning behind our house lesson. I already knew the meaning behind this, but as she explained the Yule Ball and it’s traditions, as soon as she told the class that is was a dance, the whole hall fill with groans from the students.

As the hall fill with noise, I flick my eyes up to where all the boys are sitting. My eyes meeting with Fred. He grins widely at me and gives me a quick wink, which makes my stomach fill with butterflies.

As McGonagall hushes the class, she chooses Ron to do a demonstration with her. His shocked face makes me and Hermione bow our heads down to stop ourselves from laughing too loudly. The music starts to play, sending Ron and McGonagall off into a slow waltz. After she feels happy that we’ve understood the dance enough, she ushers us to our feet, telling us to grab a partner. While all of the girls on one side stand to their feet, the boys groan and stay where they are.

Scanning over the group, Fred and George are too busy laughing at Ron. Shaking my head at them, I them come to notice that Neville looks eager to come dance, but is too embarrassed because no other boy is leaving their seat. His cheeks flush pink as he fiddles with his tie.

“Psst-- Neville.” I whisper over to him, trying to catch his attention. When his sparkling eyes meet mine, I give him a large smile and pull my head to the side in a come hither motion. He nervously stands from his seat and scurries over to me.

“Would-- you like to dance?” He stutters, my heart swells at his kindness and gentlemanly gesture.

“Of course.” I beam at him. Taking his hand, he pulls me in by the waist. I place my free hand up onto his shoulder, following his lead into a slow waltz. His footwork is clean, and he stands tall as we glide over the dance floor.

“Yes! Very good, Mr Longbottom and Miss Grey.” Professor McGonagall claps her hands to usher the other students to begin dancing.

“You’re really good, Neville!” I say to him, making him smile softly down at me. He really is wonderful to dance with.

“I--my grandma taught me, and I like to dance on my own.”

“That’s nice, she taught you well.” I smile up at him. He gives me a little twirl, then brings me back in. I laugh softly, as he starts to smile wider. I could feel Neville’s nerves start to settle as he gets more comfortable with me. The feeling of happiness makes my eyes change into a bright turquoise shade, making me blink over the flowing sensation on my iris’s.

“Your eyes are really cool, Phoenix.” He says. His words make me beam, he’s so sweet.

“Why, thank you Neville.”

As I dance with Neville, I suddenly feel something hit me softly on the back of my head. Furrowing my brow, I turn to see a piece of paper, balled up on the floor. Looking up towards the direction it hit me, Fred is standing there will a cheeky smile.

Rolling my eyes, I turn back to Neville and thank him for the dance, to which he smiles down at me and goes off to find another partner. Walking over to Fred, he stand with his hands in his pockets, rocking back and forth on his heels.

“Can I help you, Weasley?” I raise my brow up at him, Fred just continues to grin down at me.

“Care to dance, love?” He says, holding out his hands in front of him, awaiting me to take them.

I smile up at him and take his hands, to which he instantly pulls me towards him, making me stumble slightly into him. He wraps his arm around my waist and holds me close. Placing my free hand on his bicep, I could feel it flex under my touch. His arms were toned, the muscles were hard underneath his jumper. I bit my lip and shake away my thought.

“So, Phoenix--do you have a date for this ball?” Fred smirks.

I chuckle at him. “I do actually! I’ve already had five boys on their knees begging to take me to the dance.” I joke, smiling widely up at him. Fred effortlessly lifts me into the air to the music, twirly me under his arm, then brings me close to him once more.

“Why do you ask?” I told my head while narrowing my eyes up at him.

“Well-- if you didn’t want to take one of those imaginary boys-- would you like to go with me?” Fred spins me once again, nearly making me come off my feet. I laugh out loud and grab ahold of his arm to balance myself.

“Yes, I would love to go with you.” I say, grinning from ear to ear, my stomach filling with excitement that he’s asked me to the ball. He lifts me once more, beaming up at me with a wide grin, then holds me in his arms, off the ground. Fred plants a gentle kiss on my cheek.

“It’s a date then.” He winks.

A date with Fred Weasley.

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