Little Phoenix

Dark Green

Today is the day I teach the Slytherin house, it’s been a couple of days since the Gryffindors used the Great Hall for our lesson, so I’ve had another day to practice the champions waltz for this lesson.

I am getting ready in my room, dressing in a black fitted jumpsuit, that I wore for my classes in Beauxbatons, it fitted beautifully and clung to my curves; the back was low, stopping at the small of my spine. I fashion the jumpsuit with a long, black, mesh skirt, I tie it around my waist, it moves beautifully, the bottom hanging just above the floor, revealing my small heeled, black shoes. I wrap my hair up into a bun on top of my head, and make my way out the door towards the Great Hall.

My heels clicking on the stone floor, they echo through the empty halls. I eventually arrive at the large doors to the Great hall, stopping just outside them. I could hear my fathers low tones voice, talking aloud to the students. I take a deep breath, and push the large door, it grumbles loudly as I walk inside.

As I am walking through the door, the whole room turns their gaze towards me. I keep a straight face, even though the nerves are flipping in my stomach. I walk over to my dad, who is waiting for me in the middle of the hall.

“Hello father, sorry I’m a tad late, my class went over schedule slightly.” I stand tall next to him, trying to act professional.

“Not to worry, Phoenix. We’ve only just started.” He says, looking over the groups of Slytherins that are sat on the benches like we were days before. “Now-- Phoenix will show the method of the Champions Waltz, are there any volunteers?” He scans the room with his dark eyes.

The whole hall was silent, no one moved a muscle. I internally rolled my eyes, until I could hear Malfoy. He’s chatting quietly and laughing, I could hear him utter the word ‘creep’ then I knew he was taking about me. Turning my head, his eyes meet mine, and I start to feel my eyes burn.

“Is there something you’d like to say, Mr Malfoy?” My dad speaks up, striding over to him.

Malfoy stays quiet but still holds that stupid smirk on his face. “I thought not-- Anyway, please step up and start off this lesson, I haven’t got all day.” My dad’s words cause my eyes to widen, I follow my father as he walks away, desperate for him to say he was joking, but no-- he wasn’t joking.

Malfoy’s eyes grow cold as he lets out a huff. He stands from the bench, while loosening his tie. I can hear all his friends laughing and wolf whistling, as Malfoy strides over to me. His eyes boring into me, looking at me with utter disgust, matching my own facial expression. Draco stands over me like a mountain, I look up at him with my red eyes, and my lip curled upwards.

“Let’s get this over with shall we?” He spits


My dad flicks his wand and the music blares out. I place my hand on Malfoy’s shoulder, as he takes my hand in his. His cold fingers wrap over my palm, his multiple rings are even colder, sending chills over my skin. His free hand snakes around and places it on the small of my bare back, again goosebumps arise up my spine. He pulls me roughly, and I stumble into him, letting out a frustrated huff while glaring at him.

I glance over to his group of friends, who are still laughing and pointing, but I see the glare of Pansy. Her eyes burn into my head, as her boyfriend and I are holding one another. I like the taste of her jealousy, I give her a small smirk.

Draco leads the way into the waltz, I call out the moves as we are dancing, counting 1--2--3 with each step we take. He lifts me effortlessly and spins me under his arm, he’s good.

As the dance come to and end, he is still holding me close and leading effortlessly. I look up at him once more, his cold blue eyes looking down at me intently. He’s very hard to read, but I never noticed how attractive he is, his platinum hair swooped to the side, bright blue eyes, that are filled with secrets, pale skin and a chiselled jaw. I shake my head away from my thoughts. What on earth is wrong with me.

“Ok-- those are the moves for The Champions Waltz, now please pick a partner and begin.” My raised voice echoes through the hall.

I pick up my wand from the waistband of my skirt and flick the record on again, replaying the song. The Slytherin house all stand from their seats, grabbing partners, and start to dance.

I walk over to my dad who is standing at the back of the room. “Thanks for that dad, making me dance with that slimy git.” I stand in front of him with my arms crossed. My dad just looks down at me with a sly smirk.

I walk back over to the group, who are now in pairs dancing. I watch them all, giving them pointers on lifts and steps, but they’re doing great. Pulling me away from helping another couple, I could hear the loud girlish laughter. I furrow my brow and scan the room, and of course it was Pansy.

She was clinging onto Draco roughly, dragging him around like a puppet. He tried to push her away multiple times, but she wouldn’t give in. Pansy glances over at me, looking me up and down with her lip pulled up in disgust.

Suddenly she grabs Draco around the neck, pulling him in for a deep and passionate kiss. My stomach flips, now my mouth pulls up in disgust, my eyes turning a deep shade of green, with bile rising in my throat. I can’t turn my eyes away, her mouth engulfing Mafloy’s as she kisses him deeply, it was vile.

“Enough, Miss Parkinson! You can do that in your own time.” My dad’s voice booms through the hall, startling Pansy away from Draco.

As she pulls away, spit strings from their mouths. She glances at me with a smug look while Draco wipes his mouth with his sleeve. I let out a scoff, and turn away from the pair, going back to focussing on other partners.

As the class ended, I say well done to the Slytherin house. They all begin leaving the hall, along with myself after I say my goodbyes to my father. Walking out into the corridor, I instantly see Pansy, she is stood leaning against the wall across from the great hall, I roll my eyes and try to walk the opposite way.

“Bet you loved that, Freak!” She calls out to me, making me stop in my tracks. Turning slowly, I attempt to calm my anger and smile a fake smile at her.

“What do you want Pansy?” I huff.

“Bet you loved dancing with my boyfriend, you little slut.” She spits, while striding over to me, coming very close to my face.

“Get lost Pansy, I’m not here to fight, if that’s what you want.” I sigh. My eyes starting to burn as I glare at her.

“Your idiotic father was stupid to let you come here--”

“One week detention, Miss Parkinson.” My father cuts in, standing behind her in the doorway. Her mouth falls open, unable to find the words to say back to my dad. I let out a snort in front of her. She whips around, giving me a sharp glare, after she huffs and storms away.

I look up to my dad, and he gives me a faint smile and a wink.

Vengeance is bliss.

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