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A series of Harry Potter inspired 'One-Shots' SMUT • FLUFF • DARK • LIGHT • Short stories based off Harry Potter characters. DM me if you have any character ship requests :)) DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters. These belong to JK Rowling.

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Blaise x Theo

The snow was falling thick and fast outside while Theo flicked through a novel that had been abandoned in the Slytherin Common Room, and he was beginning to understand why. The writing was terrible. It must have been a muggle author.

As far as Theo knew, everyone had left to return home for the Christmas break, with the exemption of a few Seventh Years that spent all of their time studying and preparing for their final examinations in the library, and himself.

As part of the Sacred Twenty-Eight, there were certain..responsibilities that came with being a Nott, especially when it comes to the Dark Lord.

Theo's father had written to him a couple of weeks beforehand explaining that the Dark Lord has requested that Theo be given the Dark Mark in the coming Summer of 1997, and this was something Theo wanted to avoid at all costs.

Voldemort and the Death Eaters had taken up residence at Malfoy Manor, much to Draco's dismay, so that put a stop to Theo's idea of staying with his mate and left him with no other choice but to remain at Hogwarts. Alone.

Theo hated being alone, and as an almost 17 year old boy, there was more than just one reason for that.

Apart from not being able to chat with his friends and poke fun at certain less privileged students, he missed the company. More so, he missed the feeling of having someone's hands run all over his body.

In short, Theodore Nott was horny, and he was was horny all the time.

Whilst wrapping his own fist around his cock and pumping himself provided him with temporary relief, it was nothing compared to the feeling of fucking someone's mouth and hitting the back of their throat as they gagged.

"Fuck" Theo groaned as he tossed the novel onto the floor beside the fireplace and began unbuckling his belt.

He reached inside his pants and pulled out his already hard cock and started stroking up and down his length with his hand.

Theo threw his head back and moaned in pleasure as his pace quickened and he applied just the right amount of pressure, and he ran his thumb over his tip as he felt a small amount of liquid leak.

He tried to imagine that the hand wrapped around him wasn't his own, and instead ran through various girls that he believed to be attractive, including Pansy, but none of them helped him get off.

The truth was that there was one person that Theo was attracted to, and that person was Blaise Zabini.

Every time Theo would see him walking down the corridor, he would feel a bulge form underneath his briefs, restricted in his pants. The way Blaise walked, the way he talked, just everything he did was a turn on, and at first Theo couldn't understand why that was.

The moment Blaise's face popped into Theo's mind, with his hand still pumping himself, a wave of pleasure washed over him, and he resigned himself to the fact that if he wanted to finish what he'd started, he had to keep the image of Blaise at the forefront of his thoughts.

He felt himself getting closer and closer to the relief that he craved, when he heard footsteps from behind him.

"Nott..what the fuck are you doing?" Theo shook his head, he had imagined it. No one else was here, and wouldn't be for at least the next few hours, and so he continued jerking himself off.

"Nott!" Theo spun his head around and saw Blaise standing in the entrance to the Common Room, staring at him. So he clearly hadn't imagined it.

"I said, what the fuck are you doing? You've got a dorm room for that mate." Blaise shook his head as he walked further into the room, and closer to where Theo was still laying in the couch, cock still in his hand.

"I do, but I'm comfortable right where I am." Theo turned his attention back to his dick, trying to resist the urge to get up, push Blaise to his knees and shove himself deep into his mouth.

"Well I don't really care if you're comfortable, Nott. Someone could walk in, just like I did and catch you."

"Yeah they could, and I'd invite them to watch." Theo replied matter-of-factly, and felt himself right on the edge of his climax.

"Is that what you want? People to watch you have a toss?" Theo opened his eyes and looked towards the boy that stood awkwardly behind the couch, with a clear view of his movements.

"It's not about what I want Zabini, because I really don't give a fuck. It's whether they want to or not." Theo's eyes narrowed at Blaise as he looked him up and down, "Do you want to watch mate? You've been standing there long enough."

Blaise straightened and didn't move, he just continued to stare at Theo. His thoughts were running wild, and he was trying his best to contain them.

Blaise had kept his feelings about Theo to himself for months, and while he felt that he'd been successful.. he struggled immensely.

He knew that he was attracted to men when he was 15 years old, and had tried to sleep with copious amounts of beautiful girls since, but could never get himself fully hard, and it had started to become embarrassing so eventually he just gave up. The only way he could get himself off was if he was picturing a man that he found attractive on his knees, with his mouth wrapped around his dick.

Blaise had never even considered the fact that Theo might possibly be attracted to him too, not with the way he presented himself. Theo was generally considered a ladies man, and always had a fan club of women surrounding him and willing to be at his beck and call.

Maybe he didn't mean anything by that comment. He was probably just being typical Theo, Blaise thought to himself, before realising that Theo was still staring at him, although now his hand had stopped moving, and he was just laying casually on the couch with his erect cock on full display.

"Well Zabini? Use your words." Theo was smirking now, and Blaise could feel his pants suddenly becoming tighter, and he tried to re-adjust himself without making it obvious that he was clearly....uncomfortable.

Blaise swallowed, and tried to speak but no words came out. He kept staring at Theo's dick, which did not go unnoticed.

Theo stood up and slowly approached Blaise, all the while keeping an eye on his face and looking for any signs that he was uncomfortable or didn't want this. There were none.

"I've left you speechless Blaise. That's very unlike you." Theo chuckled as he stood directly in front of Blaise, whose features became dark, and there was a fire in his eyes that Theo hadn't noticed from where he had been on the couch.

"What do you want Blaise? Do you want to leave, watch me, or help me? The choice is yours." Theo had just barely voiced the options, when Blaise's hand shot out from where it had been at his side, and his fist curled around Theo's length, evoking a gasp from him.

"Is this what you want Nott? My hand wrapped around your cock?" Blaise growled as he began to pump.

"Fuck...keep going." Theo had his head thrown back in pleasure at the feeling he had craved for months, and it took everything he had to not cum then and there, as he wanted to enjoy it.

Blaise's hand movements quickened, and Theo was almost in pain from holding himself back from climaxing. He didn't want to waste this opportunity, and so he grabbed Blaise's wrist and pulled it away from him before pushing his body against the nearest wall and slamming their lips together.

Blaise's fingers made their way into Theo's soft curls, and he pulled.

"Argh, fuck sake Blaise" Theo's mouth left Blaise's, and immediately attached itself to his neck. He sucked and licked the spot just below Zabini's ear, and Blaise couldn't stop the moans that were leaving his mouth, and it drove Theo mad.

"On your knees." Blaise obliged without argument, and Theo wasted no time before shoving his cock into Blaise's mouth and began thrusting.

"Fuck yes, fuck!" Theo could feel Blaise's tongue against him as he drove himself as deep as he could, and he felt his tip hit the back of Zabini's throat, causing him to gag.

He thrusted his hips faster and faster, and he couldn't hold it anymore.

"Blaise if you don't stop, I'm going to cum in your mouth." He warned, and this only encouraged Blaise as his head moved in a back and forth motion, and he reached around and grabbed Theo's ass, pushing his hips further towards him.

Theo groaned as he felt hot liquid shoot out of him and into Blaise's mouth, and his rapid breathing began to slow as he emptied himself, and slowly came down from his high.

When Theo looked back down at Blaise, he had removed his mouth from his cock, and was running his tongue over his lips, collecting every last bit of Theo's seed before he stood up to face him.

"Are you satisfied now, Nott?" Blaise grinned at the flushed boy in front of him. He'd never sucked a guy off before, and if Theo was any indication, he had done a bloody good job of it.

"I am, but you're clearly not." Theo dipped his head quickly towards the bulge in Blaise's pants, and it was now his turn to get on his knees. It was only fair that Theo repay Blaise for the best orgasm he had had in a very long time.

He hastily unbuckled Zabini's belt and unbuttoned his trousers before pushing them down to his ankles, along with his boxers, and his cock sprung out of where it has been restricted.

Theo took a moment to appreciate the sight in front of him before taking his mouth and wrapping it around the flesh, just like Blaise had done to him moments ago.

Blaise immediately threw his head back, and placed a hand in Theo's hair and pushed his head closer to his hips.

They stayed in this position, Theo on his knees while Blaise fucked his mouth.

"I'm close, Nott. Fuck, I'm so close!" Blaise was panting as he climbed closer to his own climax, and Theo quickly detached his mouth, replacing it with his hand and began pumping him hard and fast.

One pump.

Two pumps.

Three pumps.

"Argh, fuck!" Blaise reached his high, and hot cum squirted out of his cock as he orgasmed, painting Theo's face as he caught it in his mouth.

They were both breathing heavily as Blaise re-buttoned his trousers, and Theo rose from his knees.

Blaise reached out and placed his hand on Theo's cheek before softly settling his lips onto Nott's.

"Well, I sure as fuck wasn't expecting that when I came back early from Christmas break."
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