ONE-SHOTS inspired by Harry Potter (18+)

Abraxas x Olive

(WARNING: This one-shot contains choking and rough sex)

When Olive Hornby looked at the clock positioned on the wall of her dorm, she was both disappointed and relieved at the fact that it read 3:00am. She had been having lots of trouble getting to sleep recently, and even if did manage to find sleep, it was far from restful. She would toss and turn all night, and constantly wake up to find herself dripping in a cold sweat, just like she was at this very moment, and it didn't take a genius to figure out why.

With her final examinations and graduation coming up, she was more stressed than ever. Not because she wasn't prepared or ready, but because she didn't know what to expect once she walked out of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for the very last time. She would never again roam the corridors, never again sit through a mind-numbing Potions or Divination class. She also wasn't sure how often she would see her friends considering that now they would all be working separate jobs.

And to top everything off, her long-term boyfriend of five years had broken up with her as he "no longer felt the need to continue their childish relationship". In his words, he had "bigger and better things waiting for him".

Yeah right, Olive thought to herself as she threw her covers off herself, and slipped her feet into some cosy footwear. He'll never find someone better than me.

Alexander Parkinson had been Olive's first everything. They first started courting in their Second Year, when they were barely 13 years old after being inseparable since the day they arrived at Hogwarts. For Olive's 16th birthday, Alexander had taken her shopping in Diagon Alley and bought her lunch, before taking her back to Parkinson Manor where she lost her virtue.

As Olive quietly exited the Girl's Dormitories and made her way to the corridor outside of the Slytherin Common Room, she kept thinking to herself about how she had wasted five years of her life with a boy that she thought she was going to marry and have children with. Olive was not one that showed emotion around other. She was known for her stoic nature, and impassive expression. But on her own, she was just a girl, and she had feelings. She had lost count of how many times she locked herself in her bathroom and cast the silencing charm so that her roommates couldn't hear her moments of weakness.

Olive meandered through the halls, silently praying that no one would be around to catch her, unsure of just where she was headed.

She suddenly found herself standing outside of the Prefect's Bathroom, and as a Prefect herself, realised that she had never actually used the facility, and shrugged her shoulders as she opened the door and walked inside, making sure that she flipped the 'Vacant' sign to 'Occupied'.

She made her way over to the exceptionally large bath, although it was more of a mix between a spa and swimming pool, turned on a bunch of taps that she chose at random. As the water rose, she could smell the scent of lavender, and she must have chosen the "bubble bath" option, as there was a thick layer of foam covering the warm water.

She slipped out of her thin nightgown and slowly made her way down the marble steps, wincing at the temperature of the water before sinking comfortably down and leaning again the edge, closing her eyes and finally finding a small slice of peace and tranquillity as the water lapped at her naked body.

Abraxas Malfoy had also found himself wide awake, although for a completely different reason. He had situated himself in a quiet corner of the library, tucked away out of view and unnoticeable to anyone who may enter.

He had been handed the responsibility of looking after the Knights of Walpurgis in Tom Riddle's absence, with no indication of how long his leader would be gone for. Part of this responsibility included documenting a list of known muggle-borns that were parading around in the Wizarding World as if they belonged there, and this task was proving to be considerably more difficult than he had originally imagined.

When he looked towards the Grandfather Clock that stood proudly against the wall to his left and it displayed 3:30am, he sighed and leaned back in his chair, rubbing his eyes so hard that he saw white. He had been sitting in the same spot for close to ten hours, missing dinner completely and also not having bathed yet.

Abraxas was a cold character, but he wasn't heartless. He realised that he ran the risk of waking up his sleeping roommates if he were to shower in their bathroom, although he considered the option of using a silencing spell but disregarded it just as quickly. His head was throbbing, and he simply wanted to relax, and what better way to do that than with a private bath in the Prefect's Bathroom, which he only had a handful of opportunities left to utilise.

With a deep sigh, he packed up his things and made his way towards the bathroom, keeping his steps quiet as he wound through the corridors of his home-away-from-home for the last seven years.

When he reached the door to the room, he stopped. The sign read 'Occupied'. Abraxas raised an eyebrow as he considered his options. Surely no one was in there at this time, everyone else was in bed, he was positive of it. Whoever used the bathroom last must have simply forgotten to flip the sign back around upon their exit.

Yes, he thought, that was it. He carefully pushed open the door and shutting it behind him. The bath was filled with water and bubbles, and the strong scent of lavender infiltrated his nostrils as he breathed in deeply. He loathed the scent of lavender, and turned to make his way towards the bath with a desire to empty and then re-fill it, when he noticed her.

Olive Hornby was laying against the marble edge with her head tilted back and eyes closed, breathing deeply.

"Olive?" He asked quietly, but then again a little louder when he received no response. She stayed silent, and Abraxas realised that she must be asleep. He could do the gentlemanly thing and quickly slip back out the way he came before she noticed him, but at the same time, Abraxas was far from a gentleman. In fact, if there was one word to perfectly describe the Malfoy heir, it would be selfish. And he was feeling very selfish tonight, after spending his entire evening hunched over a desk in the library and being rewarding with a pounding headache.

Fuck it, he decided that no one was going to stop him from having a relaxing bath to wash off his horrible day, and so he stripped before wading into the perfectly warm water and settling himself in a similar position to Olive, but on the other side of the bath.

He knew that if he wasn't going to let the lady bathe in peace, he should at least have the decency to avert his eyes, and he tried. But as the bubbles dissolved into the water, more and more of her was revealed, and he found himself admiring the perfect shapes of her breasts.

Abraxas had fantasised about Olive more times than he would care to admit. But he had never pursued her due to the sole fact that she had been spoken for by Parkinson, whom he also happened to share a dorm with. Although if the string of women that he had noticed leave his dorm just as he was about to enter was any indication, Abraxas had no reason to doubt that Olive and Alexander were no longer involved.

He continued staring at Olive's soapy chest, wondering what it would be like to run his tongue along her stomach before taking her perky nipples between his lips, running his large hands up her thighs and dipping inside them, inching closer and closer to her core. What would it feel like to slip his fingers inside of her, stroking her walls and feeling her clench around him? What would it be like to hear her moan his name as she came undone?

He felt his cock twitch, and fluttered his eyes as he leaned his head back. Of course he was hard. He was sitting across from a very naked Olive Hornby, and had been once again fantasising about what it would be like to fuck her senseless.

He looked back over to her to confirm that she was still asleep before dipping his hand below the surface of the water and wrapping his fist around his throbbing erection.

He squeezed his shaft as he began stroking, the soapy water making it easier for his hand to slide up and down.

He picked up the pace and listened to the water starting to splash above his hips, but he didn't care. All he wanted was to find his release so that he could enjoy the rest of his bath in peac-

"What the fuck?!" Abraxas opened his eyes at the screech from across the room, and was met with a wide-eyed Olive Hornby, who had caught him not only bathing with her, but getting himself off.

"Sorry love, I hope you don't mind." Abraxas kept a firm grip on his hardness, however he had stopped stroking himself for the time being and instead leaned his head back and closed his eyes.

"I do mind, actually! I'm sitting here, completely naked and you-"

"Don't flatter yourself Hornby. I'm not attracted to you." Liar.

There was silence as neither one of them knew what to say. It was only when he heard and felt water splashing that he looked back towards his companion, and felt his eyes widen when he saw her making her way towards him with a smirk on her face.

"Is that right, Malfoy?" Her voice was seducing, far from the high pitched squeal that she had let out earlier, and he felt his dick twitch again, still inside his hand. He gulped and nodded as she was now kneeling beside him.

"Would you be willing to bet on that?" He felt her fingers wiggle against the side of his thigh as he stared at her, completely speechless, and she laughed.

"Tell me, if you're not attracted to me, why were you jerking yourself off while sitting across from me in a bath?" Her hand was now flat against his thigh, and inching closer to his appendage. He opened his mouth to say something, when he felt her pull his fist away from his length, and replace it with her own as she began stroking him, applying enough pressure to make him moan in pleasure.

"You like that Malfoy? Do you like my hand around your cock?" Olive leaned forward and flattened her tongue around the side of his neck, and dragged it up towards his jawline..agonisingly slow.

Abraxas' eyes rolled back in his head, and he reached up, wrapping his hand tightly around her throat and pulling her face to his.

Their lips moulded together, as if they were made specifically for one another and they moved together in harmony. Abraxas forced his tongue inside Olive's mouth and she groaned.

Abraxas slid his free hand along the skin of Olive's thigh until he was just inches away from her slick core, and he slowly parted her folds.

"Ah!" Olive gasped as his fingers traced around her entrance and avoided her clit. She manoeuvred her hips in an attempt to have him touch her where she needed him but was unsuccessful.

"And just like that, the tables have turned Hornby." He said seductively, his lips grazing her ear and sending a shiver down her spine. "Tell me what you want Olive."

"I-I want..oh!" her voice trailed as he applied pressure just below where she wanted him to be.

"Use your words, darling. That's the only way this is going to work." Abraxas was putting a lot of effort into holding himself back. He wanted nothing more than to lift Olive's tiny body and slam her down onto his length, and thrust into her until her screams echoed throughout the Prefect's Bathroom, but he needed to be patient. He had dreamed about fucking Olive Hornby for far too long, and he was most certainly not going to rush this. He was going to turn this into a little game.

"Touch me, Malfoy." She whispered so softly that Abraxas almost didn't hear her.

"Where, Olive? Where do you want me to touch you?" He placed a kiss on the corner of her full lips. "Show me where."

Olive trembled slightly as she grabbed his hand and placed two fingers on top of her bud, and she quickly inhaled air as her heat began to tingle.

"Right here." Her voice was louder now, more confident. And Abraxas noticed this as his award-winning smirk crept onto his face.

"Show me what you want me to do to you. Show me what feels good." And she did. She placed her fingers on top of his and directed them in a circular motion causing Olive's breathing to become harder and more rapid as her heartbeat increased. She curled his fingers and instructed them to flick her clit, sending waves of pleasure throughout her entire body. Eventually she lifted her hand away from his, and he continued on his own, before slipping both fingers inside of her.

"Fuck, Malfoy!" Olive's head was thrown back as Abraxas pumped his digits in and out of her, stilling occasionally to curl them against her walls turning her moans into wails.

"What do you want, love?" He was beginning to lose his breath, and his throbbing cock needed a release.

"I want you to taste me."

She barely had said the words before Abraxas removed his fingers from her, Olive groaning at the loss of contact, and he lifted her up out of the water and placed her onto the edge of the bath. He placed his hands on the top of her thighs and pushed them apart, providing him with a clear path to her pool of moisture.

He raised his eyes to her and cocked an eyebrow, waiting for her signal to continue, and she quickly nodded her head.

"Do it!" She pleaded.

Abraxas pushed his face forwarded and pointed his tongue right on her entrance, swiping it up and down, collecting as much of her essence as he could.

Olive thrusted her hips forward, pushing herself closer to Malfoy's face, needing more from him. Her entire body was on fire. Abraxas had lit a match and she was burning from the inside out. Alexander had never made her feel this way. Sex with him was good, and occasionally she was able to cum, but he wasn't as attentive as Abraxas.

His tongue tortured her pussy, flicking her clit before pulsing in and out of her, bringing her closer to an orgasm.

"Malfoy, I'm so close!" She gripped his blonde locks and pulled, resulting in a deep groan from the back of his throat. The vibrations of his groan sent tingles through her body, and she jerked her hips as she came on his tongue.

Abraxas lapped up every last drop of her sweetness before disconnecting his mouth from her, and pulling her body back down into the now nearly cold water.

He planted his lips firmly on hers, and she could taste herself as she cradled his tongue.

"I'm going to fuck you until you scream for me Olive. Do you understand?" Olive nodded her head, lost for words as she still came down from her high that Abraxas' tongue had provoked.

"You will not cum until I tell you that you can." Olive looked into his silver eyes, and before she could protest she felt herself being lifted, and then suddenly slammed down onto his hard length. She tossed her head back so fast and screamed so loudly that it echoed around them, and Abraxas laughed.

"That's it baby, scream for me." And he began pounding into her relentlessly. Her tits were bouncing in his face due to the force of which he was spearing into her, and he took one into his mouth while one hand crept up and rolled the other nipple between his fingers.

"Yes, yes! Fuck!" Abraxas knew he wasn't going to last long, but he wanted to hear Olive beg for her second release before he climaxed.

"Let-me-hear-you, Olive." His sentence was staggered with each thrust of his hips, and their moans were merged together in a symphony.

"Keep going, keep fucking going!" Abraxas loved her filthy mouth. It was deemed "unladylike" for a woman to curse, but to him it was one the sexiest things a woman could do.

"Do you want to cum, love? Tell me!" He was desperate for a release and needed her to beg. He ravaged her and his hips pounded into her harder and faster, trying to evoke the words he wanted, needed, to hear.

"I want to cum, yes I want to cum!" There they were. He still had a little bit of time left to play with her before he couldn't hold himself back anymore.

"Not yet, love. You're being such a good girl, taking my dick." His cock twitched, and he knew she felt it because her eyes were staring in his.

"Let me cum! Please! Let me cum!" She demanded as her body shook with tremors from her impending orgasm.

"Abraxas!" She screamed his name, and he was done for.

"Fuck! Cum for me Olive, cum all over my dick!" She wailed as she found her second release, and at the same time Abraxas pumped his seed into her, groaning as he emptied himself and finally found his own climax.

Olive kept grinding her hips against his, waiting until they had both started to stop shaking for their intense orgasms.

Abraxas carefully lifted her off him, and she winced before he placed her beside him.

"I didn't expect that that would be how my night went, Malfoy." Olive smiled as she crawled back over to him, and placed her lips against his cheek as she kissed up and down his jawline.

"Neither did I Hornby. Neither did I."
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