ONE-SHOTS inspired by Harry Potter (18+)

Tom x Pansy

(WARNING: Degradation, Choking, Edging, Mentions of Intention to Rape, Breeding Kink)


It was just another typical day for Tom Riddle. He patrolled the corridors, keeping an eye out for students that were wandering the hallways outside of their Common Rooms this close to curfew. It was one of the more mundane tasks that came with being a Prefect, but in some ways Tom didn't mind it. It gave him authority, and provided him with the opportunity to berate and intimidate others, and that was what he looked forward to.

Although on this particular night, much to his dismay, Tom found his evening to be extremely uneventful, and let his thoughts wander to what his followers could be up to at this moment.

Abraxas would most likely be fooling around with that Olive Hornby girl he's so taken with. Tom was certain that Avery would be studying either in his dorm or the Common Room. Rosier and Mulciber are probably making their way around the castle in search of a Gryffindor or two to hex. Nott, the lazy bastard, would without a doubt be passed out on the nearest bed or couch.

As curfew came and went, Tom was satisfied that no one was around that shouldn't be, and decided to end his patrol in front of the Second Floor Girls' Lavatory. He looked around to make certain that he was alone before he entered, wanting to pay a visit to his precious basilisk before heading back to his dorm. He had big plans for her after all.


"Shut the fuck up Theo, or we're going to get caught!" Pansy pulled out her wand and resisted the urge to hex the stupid git standing behind her, she had a task to complete and needed to focus.

"Lumos" She began rifling through the stacks of parchment, books and odd trinkets on the Headmaster's desk. Nothing.

"Where the fuck is it? It should be here!" She muttered to herself, becoming increasingly frustrated as time went on, and the fact that Theodore Nott was just standing in front of her, providing no assistance whatsoever, really wasn't helping her foul attitude.

"Nott! Are you just going to continue to stand there and be useless, or are you actually going to come and help me?" she hissed.

"I'm fine right when I am Pans, and besides, I'm not being useless. I'm your lookout." Theo sported a smug expression on his perfect face, and Pansy simply rolled her eyes at him before continuing to carefully look through Dumbledore's drawers.

Lazy bastard, she thought to herself. I should've just fucking come here al- hang on just a damn minute.

A glimmer of gold caught her eye, and she reached into the drawer and wrapped her hand around the item she had broken into this office for: Dumbledore's Time Turner.

She held it up in front of her in satisfaction, with a devilish grin spreading across her face as she approached her pathetic companion.

"That's it?" Theo said in disbelief. "That is what we went through all this effort for?"

"I'm sorry," Pansy held her free hand up in front of her "Who went through all this effort? Me. Now come on, let's get back to the others."

Together they exited the office and once they reached the corridor, began to run towards the dungeons.

Just before they rounded the last corner, Pansy threw her arm out and stopped them both in their tracks. She could hear footsteps, and considering they were in the "Slytherin" part of the castle, was certain that either Snape or Slughorn would be walking around that corner in less than ten seconds.

Pansy looked around, scanning her surroundings, but there was nowhere that they could go to hide, and so she did the first thing that popped into her brilliant mind.

She grabbed Theo and pulled him to her, smashing her lips against his while snaking her hand up the inside of his collared shirt to hide the stolen Time Turner.

Theo was a 17 year old boy, and so he reacted in the only way that he knew how. He wrapped his arms around Pansy, and dropped them low enough so that he could grip her ass, causing the slightest moan to escape past her lips and into his mouth.

Pansy could feel his arousal pressing firm against her stomach, and it almost made her lose focus and fuck him senseless right there in the corridor, but she quickly recovered just as Professor Slughorn halted beside them.

"Miss...Miss Parkinson! Mr Nott! W-what on earth is g-going on out h-here!" he stuttered, and the two broke apart, almost completely out of breath.

"What's it look like Professor? We wanted a little bit of time to ourselves. It's quite difficult to get some privacy these days." Pansy had a mischievous look in her eyes as she cocked her head at her Potions teacher.

"We're two hormonal teenagers Sir, surely you can't blame us. We have needs that need to be fulfilled." Pansy raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow as Theo followed her lead, and she had to restrain herself from laughing at Slughorn's face that was now as red as a fucking tomato.

"Y-yes, well, even so, it is completely irresponsible of you to b-both be out so late after c-curfew! I must ask that you return to your own separate dorms at o-once!" Pansy kept her hand on Theo's abdomen as they apologised, and made their way back to the Common Room. It was only when they were out of earshot that they spoke to each other.

"Well, well Pans, never knew you had that in you." Theo laughed as they walked, considering that there was now no need to run.

"Yes, well that's clearly an oversight on your behalf, isn't it Nott? But you obviously seemed to enjoy yourself judging by that." She pointed in the direction of the bulge in his trousers that was now completely evident, and Theo grinned.

"Of course. You know I'd love to fuck you Pans, maybe now you'll actually let me." She shook her head and scoffed, knowing full well that Theo's dick would definitely be inside of her tonight as they crawled through the entrance of the Common Room, and were met by Draco, Blaise and Daphne.

"Fucking finally! Took you long enough! What were you doing, have a shag or something?" Blaise sauntered over to them with a smirk, and Pansy opened her mouth to say something when Theo beat her to it.

"Almost, isn't that right Pans?" Pansy huffed and lifted the Time Turner in the air so that everyone could see it.

"Anyway, look what I found!" Draco snatched it out of her hand and began inspecting the tiny object.

"Nice work Parkinson." He tossed it back to her after confirming that it was indeed Dumbledore's Time Turner.

"Okay, so who's going to give it a go?" Daphne made her way towards Pansy. "Because I sure as hell am not game enough to do it."

"Oh Daphne, stop being a little bitch and grow some balls, stop being so fucking boring." Pansy laughed as she placed the chain around her neck. "I on the other hand, am not a bitch-"

"Debatable." Blaise and Daphne were snickering like 12 year olds, and Pansy simply glared at them before continuing.

"As I was saying, I'm not a bitch, so if no one else has the stomach, then I'll be off." She waited for someone to step in and say they were going with her, but none of them did. Gutless bastards.

"Right then. That settles it!" She lifted the device and began turning it.

Three times.
Four times.
Five times.

Nothing happened.

"Huh, well I guess it doesn't wor-"


"Huh, well I guess it doesn't work." Pansy watched the world spin, and closed her eyes in an effort to not feel so nauseous.

When she opened her eyes, she stood in the same spot of the Slytherin Common Room, although as she looked around, she noticed that the furniture wasn't all the same. Some of it was different.

The worn curtains hanging from the windows were now in almost perfect condition, there were a few less tables, and her friends were nowhere to be seen.

"Well then." Pansy said out loud to herself, not expecting anyone else to be around.

"And just who the hell are you?" Pansy jumped as she spun around, and a tall boy with dark hair stood with his hands curled into fists at his sides.

"I might ask you the same question. Who the fuck are you?" She spat, trying to ignore the way he looked her body up and down, and remembered that her skirt had been considerably shorter that day, and after her little 'rendezvous' with Theo, she was positive that the rest of her appearance was disheveled. She was also trying to not think about how incredibly turned on she was after what happened with Theo, but this boy in front of her, whoever he was, was not making it any easier for her.

"I happen to be a Slytherin Prefect, and I am positive that I haven't seen you around here before. So I ask again, who are you?" Tom slowly approached Pansy, as if to gauge whether she was an imposter or not, and she straightened her back to stop herself from slouching.

"Pansy Parkinson. And I think that it's only fair I know your name since you now know mine." She narrowed her eyes at him as he continued to advance towards her, and the ache between her thighs was almost too much for Pansy to handle, and so she pressed them together, trying not to bring attention to the way her body was feeling.

"Tom Riddle. May I ask what you are doing, and why I've never seen you before?" He was now standing within arms length, and Pansy's breathing had rapidly increased.

"You may ask, but that doesn't mean I'm obliged to tell you." She said in a flirtatious tone. Pansy took the time to run her eyes over the gorgeous man in front of her, which she instantly regretted. She could smell cigarettes and wood and her heart had started beating faster when he leaned in close enough that she could feel his breath in her face.

"I can make you." Pansy felt a fire ignite within her, and there was not a chance she could avoid this feeling any longer. So she did the only thing she knew how to do: Pansy Parkinson seduced Tom Riddle.

"Oh is that so? Well, go on then Tom Riddle... make me."

Tom grabbed her throat and forcefully pushed her against the nearest wall, constricting her airways so that she couldn't breathe.

She grabbed at his wrists, trying to loosen them from around her neck, and just as her vision started to become blurry, Tom loosened his grip on her but didn't remove his hand.

His eyes were dark as they bore into hers.

"I think you'll find that I can be very.. persuasive."

The area between Pansy's thighs was throbbing, and she lifted her leg up behind Tom and pressed him closer to her, feeling his arousal against her.

She placed her hand on his jaw, and lifted her face to his, a devilish look in her eyes.

"Well go on Riddle, prove it." It was like something within Tom snapped.

He had never seen this woman before, and even though he didn't possess the ability to love, he had no trouble admitting to himself that she was an attractive woman.

Not being able to love was one thing, getting turned on and being horny was completely and entirely different, and Tom felt himself growing harder the second Pansy's eyes had met his.

Their lips collided and moved against each other in a frenzy. Tom forced his tongue inside Pansy's mouth, wanting to explore and taste every inch of this mystery woman.

Pansy ran her hands all over Riddle's front, hovering above the bulge in his pants.

Good, he's just as turned on as I am, Pansy thought to herself as she let herself roam his body, and eventually curled her fingers in his hair.

She closed her eyes as she felt Tom's mouth latch onto her neck, just below her ear, and she threw her head back to give him better access. She could feel him licking and sucking the same spot over and over, and she knew there would be purple bruises as evidence from his actions. Not that she cared.

A low moan escaped her throat as Tom's large hands began kneading her breasts through her blouse, and she dragged one hand from his hair back down to his trousers, and she gently squeezed the mound.

"Fuck" he hissed against her neck, sending a shiver through her entire body. "On your knees. Now."

Pansy's eyes met Tom's again, and she quickly looked down before looking back up at him through her eyelashes, asking for him to confirm that that was what he meant. He slowly nodded.

Pansy gulped as she knelt down in front of Tom, and her fingers began working on his belt and undoing his buttons. She hadn't noticed before, but his robes were discarded, and he was wearing only a white collared shirt with his green Slytherin tie and black dress pants. She took hold of the waistband of his trousers and pulled them down just enough to expose his arousal, along with his briefs. Her eyes widened as his dick sprung forward, he looked to be the same size as Draco and so she knew she could handle him.

Tom wound his fingers through Pansy's hair. "Take it."

Pansy ran her tongue over her full, pink lips causing Tom's cock to twitch, before she took him all the way into her mouth.

"Fuck yes, just like that. Good girl." The hand in her hair kept forcing her head forward, encouraging her to take as much of Tom in her mouth as she could. She kept her eyes on his face, looking up at him through her eyelashes, and she watched him throw his back in pleasure as she sucked and pressed her tongue firmly against his length.

She placed a hand on the outside of her panties and began rubbing in small circles, putting pressure on her clit. She was aching for a release, and badly needed some relief.

She moaned as she touched herself and already felt her climax fast approaching, causing Tom to look down.

He ripped himself from her mouth and pulled her to her feet before forcefully grabbing her neck. "You do not get to make yourself come, that is reserved for me. Do you understand?"

Pansy whimpered as Tom's fingers tightened around her throat, and he shook her. "Answer me. I'm the only one that make you come!"

"Y-yes, Riddle. You're the only one." Pansy breathed as Tom moved her panties to the side, and ran his fingers over her slick folds.

"Already so wet for me, such a dirty girl." He whispered in her ear, before inserting two fingers into her pulsing core.

She gasped as he pumped his fingers in and out of her, and she felt his thumb brush against her clit causing her entire body to spasm. She lifted her arms and gripped his shoulders for support, and he took that as a sign to increase his pace.

"Yes, yes! Right there Tom, right fucking there." The unholy noises that were coming from Pansy made Tom's erection twitch, and like her, he needed relief and he needed it now. He didn't care if anyone walked in, they could sit down and watch if they wanted to.

He pulled back his fingers, a whimper coming from Pansy at the loss of contact.

"Be a good girl and keep the volume down, unless you want everyone to hear me give you the best fuck of your life." Tom bit her neck and lifted her her legs so that they were wrapped around his waist before taking his cock in his hand and pushing himself inside of her.

"Oh fuck. So tight." Tom stilled, waiting for Pansy to adjust to him. He had no doubt that she'd taken dick before, but he had no way of knowing if she had ever had someone of his size.

"Fuck me, Tom. Please!" She begged as she dug her nails into his back and ran her fingers down his skin, resulting in a beautiful artwork of red stripes.

Tom didn't need her to ask him twice as he snapped his hips roughly against Pansy's, and she bit down on her bottom lip to stop herself from screaming. Tom's hands gripped her hips as he thrusted into her, and with each movement the wall she was pressed against would rattle.

His cock twitched inside of her heat. She was so wet that he could slide in and out of her with ease. With each connection of their hips, Tom let out an animalistic grunt and picked up the pace.

Tom had had his fair share of sexual partners, but he had been sex deprived for too long. With forming the Knights of Walpurgis, preparing to unleash his basilisk on the school, his studies and Prefect duties, it had all left little time for him to search for a casual fuck. And even if he managed to find a willing female, they would always end up wanting more from him than he was willing to give, and so their relationship would barely last longer than two weeks at a maximum. He had resigned himself to the fact that the only sexual relationship he would have would be with his right hand, and even that became less and less stimulating as time went on.

The moment he saw Pansy Parkinson standing in the Common Room, he grew instantly hard, and he knew then that he would be fucking this girl whether she wanted to or not. He would not take no as an answer.

Watching her bite back her screams as Tom relentlessly punished her pussy made his breathing almost volatile. He lifted a hand and ripped open the front of her blouse, further exposing her porcelain chest and lace bra. He pushed the material down, freeing her left breast before quickly taking it in his mouth.

"Oh fuck Tom!" Pansy couldn't be quiet any longer as she felt Tom's expert tongue swirl around her hard nipple in conjunction with his cock hammering into her. She was promised the best fuck of her life, and by Merlin did he deliver.

Pansy's thighs were beginning to quiver while wrapped around Tom's waist, and she whimpered as she rose higher and higher towards her climax. But Pansy was not selfish when it came to sex. If she was going to come, she wanted whoever she was fucking to come as well, and if possible, she wanted them to come together.

"Tom...Tom...I'm so fucking close, so close!" She warned him breathlessly before biting down on the side of his neck. In return, his teeth clamped down on the breast that he was sucking, and Pansy's entire body convulsed.

"Fuck!" She screamed as her orgasm ripped through her body, while Tom continued ramming his length into her at an inhuman speed. This man knew what he was doing.

Tom felt Pansy's walls tighten before the flood gates were opened, and her juices coated his cock as he slammed into her. Once. Twice.

He twitched and slowed as he spilled himself into Pansy, watching as her eyes rolled back in ecstasy. He shuddered as he filled her, and only when he was completely empty, and she had stopped shaking did he slowly pull himself out of her.

As he set her down, he took two fingers and pushed the leaking liquid back up inside of her, swirling his fingers in the pool of moisture. He owned her. She was his. She belonged to no one else but him.

He stepped away from her and pulled his trousers back up as she adjusted her skirt and repaired her blouse. Her face was flushed, and he noticed beads of sweat on her forehead. He was positive that he looked the same, or at least similar.

"Well, Riddle, you promised to give me the best fuck of my life." She looked at him through her long eyelashes, and he felt his dick begin to harden again. Again? Really?

"And? Did I deliver Miss Parkinson?" His slowly made his way towards her again, and pressed his body against hers.

She gulped.

"You did, very much so. You exceeded my expectations." If Pansy had her way, she'd demand that he lead her to his dorm room right this second, and she would push him against his mattress while she straddled his hips and ride him until the sun came up.

"And you exceeded mine." He ran his tongue against her neck, before quickly stepping back.

"I must be off now. But I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of each other, Miss Parkinson." And without waiting for a response, he turned and made his way down the stairs to the boys dormitories, and that was when Pansy realised that she didn't have a bed. She went back in time to 1943, where she wasn't born yet, and she had no where to go.

So after making sure her appearance was somewhat presentable, she exited the Common Room and began exploring the castle.

It was very much the same as the Hogwarts she knew, apart from a few less portraits on the walls. She strolled through the corridors and looked inside unlocked classrooms for about an hour before she almost collided with a tall man.

"Pardon me, Sir! I'm sorry I didn't see you there!" She startled when she looked up at the man, and recognised Professor Dumbledore.

"Miss Parkinson, what are you doing here?" She blinked once. Twice. How did the Dumbledore from 1943 know who she was?

She watched his eyes as they trailed down to her chest and widened when they saw the Time Turner.

"Miss Parkinson, what you have done is extremely reckless on your part. Surely you would know that?" He carefully reached toward the object around her neck and lifted it up between the two of them.

"You are to put this back exactly where you found it." Pansy opened her mouth to speak before she noticed Dumbledore's fingers turning the miniature hourglass.


"No! Sir! Please wait!" She pleaded before the world was once again spinning, and when she opened her eyes, she was standing at the entrance of the Slytherin Common Room, a few feet away from her friends, their eyes wide.

"So? What happened!" Daphne rushed over to her, anxiously awaiting the details of Pansy's....trip.

"Where the fuck do I start?"
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