ONE-SHOTS inspired by Harry Potter (18+)

Draco x Hermione

This chapter was loosely inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey and the Dom/Sub dynamic. It contains BDSM, Choking, Bondage, Breeding Kink and Degradation

Hermione Granger couldn't stop adjusting her clothing as she made her way down the long corridor of D.M Consulting Co, her heels clicking against the hard, marble tiles with each step she took. She knew that she should've worn something a little more comfortable than the tight, grey pencil skirt, ivory blouse and black stilettos that she opted for. Plain dress pants with a matching blazer and lower heeled shoes would've been perfectly acceptable, and she still would have looked like the smart business-woman that she knows she is. But no, instead she had let the thought of who she was meeting with today creep into her usually sharpened mind and completely cloud her judgement. And so now she found herself standing in front of a dusting office door, dressed in the sexier, classier option of her two wardrobe choices.

She hadn't seen Draco Malfoy since she spoke on his behalf at his trial four years ago. She had informed the Wizengamot of how Draco had refused to identify Harry, Ron and herself at Malfoy Manor which had allowed the trio time to escape before Voldemort was summoned. She told them about how Draco was forced to commit horrible crimes in order to save his family, and that if she were in his position, she would've done the exact same thing. Hermione had known that her statement, along with her friends', was enough to save Draco from serving a sentence in Azkaban Prison, but to ensure that he would, without a doubt, walk away from that trial as a free man, she reached into the pocket of her robes and presented a page from the Late Albus Dumbledore's diary testifying to Draco's true character, and his knowledge of the tasks Draco was being forced into completing against his will. Dumbledore had wrote that he hoped to find a way to save Draco and spare him from a lifetime of carrying guilt for his actions. The entry was dated June 5 1997.

Hermione had left Malfoy's trial satisfied that she had done all that she could to help Draco, even after his years of constant torment and bullying, and was pleased when she had read the headline of The Daily Prophet the following day:


Although upon reading the article, Hermione had stumbled across a rather infuriating statement that had been written by none other than Rita Skeeter herself.

"Mr Malfoy proved just how lucky he was at yesterday's Wizengamot hearing when his long-time girlfriend Hermione Granger AKA The Golden Girl was granted permission by The Ministry to testify on his behalf.

She informed the Wizengamot that 'she was was able to forgive Draco for the many years of of hurt and pain he had caused her and her friends, and that it would be both disappointing and ludicrous of the Wizengamot should they not pardon Draco of his crimes'.

Miss Granger also produced a love written that had been written to her from the Malfoy heir detailing his affectionate feelings for The Brightest Witch of her Age, and found herself tearing up as she became quite emotional over the heartfelt words on the parchment from her lover."

The entire article was a complete and utter lie apart from the headline, and so that day Hermione made the decision to create her own newspaper that would only report accurate and factual news stories for the Wizarding community.

The Golden Weekly had been successfully printing for three years now, and had all but put The Daily Prophet out of business. The latest campaign that Hermione had been running in the paper was a feature article each week on varying successful businesses or companies within the Wizarding world. This campaign had taken her to France, Italy and Australia where she had taken notes during interviews with witches and wizards that had successfully started their own businesses. Hermione's next company was D.M Consulting Co, and she was now minutes away from interviewing its CEO.

With a deep breath, she raised a closed fist to the door in front of her and knocked no more than three times in quick succession.

"Come in." She heard a deep voice call out, and it sent a shiver down her spine. She didn't remember Draco's voice being that low.

Hermione turned the brass door handle and pushed it open before taking a step inside the large, open office. She was immediately hit with an overpowering scent of expensive cologne. She could smell the raw freshness of a peppery bergamot mixed with the noble trail of sun-bleached amber wood, and it was so potent that it left her swaying briefly from the sudden dizziness that taken over.

But it was a good dizziness.

Her eyes shot open when she felt a strong grip on her arm, steadying her to ensure that she didn't fall and make an even bigger fool of herself than she already had.

"Easy there, Granger." The depth of Draco's voice unnerved something within Hermione's core, and she reviled in it. She would be perfectly content if his voice was the only sound she could hear for the rest of her life, which was a strange feeling considering the fact that five to ten years ago, hearing Draco Malfoy speak was worse than listening to the screeching, high-pitched cry of a mandrake.

After taking a moment to compose herself, brown eyes met grey, and Hermione suddenly became very aware of the skin on her arm burning up underneath Draco's touch, and quickly jerked it out of his grasp, not noticing the amused look in his eyes at her actions.

"I apologise, Mr Malfoy. I felt a bit light-headed for a moment." Hermione said as she avoided looking at his eyes, and instead focused all of her attention anywhere else.

"That's alright, Granger. Please take a seat." Draco gestured to the luxurious chairs sitting opposite his stained black desk as he turned and made his way back to his own seat. Hermione's head tilted as she stared at the broadness of his shoulders and lean, retreating figure. She swallowed thickly to moisten her dry throat, her teeth latching onto her bottom lip as she felt heat radiate all over her body.

She watched as Draco paused before sitting to undo the buttons of his charcoal grey suit before nodding towards the the still open door that Hermione had just walked through. "Please close the door behind you."

Any other time Hermione would've put her foot down and demanded that he close the door himself, but there was something alluring to her about obeying every command that Draco gave her. She still felt incredibly flustered from being in his presence and would've done anything that Draco asked her to, so she gently pushed the door closed and heard the lock click into place before making her way over to where Draco had indicated she sit.

She settled into her seat, absentmindedly crossing one leg over the other as she usually does, but was completely oblivious to the way Draco had gripped onto the handles of his chair so hard that his knuckles turned white, and his eyes darkened as they roamed over her long legs.

Hermione cleared her throat.

"Thank you for your time today, Mr Malfoy. As you would be aware, I am here today to-"

"Draco." Hermione stopped mid-sentence and narrowed her eyes at the man in front of her.

"Pardon?" She asked.

"Draco is my name, or you can simply call me Malfoy if you would prefer." He paused and stared at Hermione, who was sitting in one of his seats, showing off her amazing legs, and with a very confused look on her face. The sight almost made Draco laugh out loud as he couldn't remember there ever being a time when Hermione Granger was confused.

He sighed and stood from his chair, making his way around the desk to stand right in front of Hermione, and leaned back, his hands gripping the edge. He fought to control the urge to rip that tight, little skirt right off her petite body and fuck her on every surface in his office.

"Granger, we aren't strangers to each other so there's no need for formalities here. You can call me by my name," he held up a finger to silence the woman in front of him as she opened her mouth to protest "and besides, Mr Malfoy is my father. So Draco or Malfoy is fine."

Hermione slowly blinked a couple of times, her mind playing catch up to the words that left Draco's mouth. She swallowed before nodding her head.

"Yes, of course Draco." she purred, and Draco tried to ignore how utterly magnificent his name sounded leaving her lips, her full, pink lips. He swore then and there that from this day on, no one was permitted to call him by his given name again, only Hermione Granger. Hermione Granger whom he had not seen in four years. Hermione Granger who had matured both physically and in her personality. Hermione Granger with the long legs, perfect body, round eyes and biteable lips. She had even managed to tame her wild hair after all of these years.

Fuck, I want nothing more than to bend her over this desk and make her scream my name, Draco thought to himself. He could feel his trousers getting a little tighter at the apex of his thighs and so he crossed one leg in front of the other, an action that was extremely uncomfortable but necessary, to hide the evidence of his sudden arousal. By having Hermione sitting in his office, knowing that not a soul would be interrupting him for the rest of the afternoon, it was very difficult for him to keep his composure:

"As I was saying, The Golden Weekly has been featuring a different business or company in each issue for the past three months. Our goal is to enlighten our readers to their services or products." Draco chewed on his bottom as Granger ploughed through what he could tel was a well-rehearsed introduction that she most likely had spent at least a day putting together and perfecting right down to every breath she took.

"So, before we begin, I would like to start by thanking you for agreeing to meet with me today."

"It's not a problem Granger. Thank you for choosing to feature D.M Consulting Co in your highly reputable newspaper."

Her eyes were locked on his, neither one of them wanting to break contact first. The tension between them was so thick that you could slice through it with a knife. Draco's knuckles were blindingly white as he continued to grip the edge of his desk, not wanting to let go as he wasn't sure where his hands would travel. Hermione's chest rising and falling rapidly and her face flushed as she sucked on her bottom lip.

After what felt like a decade, Hermione's cleared her throat and pulled some parchment and a fancy-looking quill out of her handbag.


"Whenever you are, Granger."

Hermione quickly flicked her wand and both the quill and the parchment levitated in their air, the quill scratching away of its own accord.

"D.M Consulting Co founded by yourself three years ago. What inspired you to start up a company that specialises in consulting?"

Draco wasted no time in answering.

"In my younger years, I made a lot of terrible decisions that had nearly resulted with me being served a lifetime sentence in Azkaban," he smirked as he noticed Hermione shift slightly in her seat, "and that was the final wake up call that I needed to push myself to change,'to be better.

That, and I knew that I didn't want to be working an less than stimulating, unrewarding 9 to 5 job in a Department within The Ministry of Magic."

Scratch, scratch, scratch went the quill, and Draco simply ignored it as he continued.

"I aspired to be my own boss, because I'm not the type of man that would willingly take orders from another. I'm the type of man that gives those orders. I never longed to work underneath another wizard, and so starting my own company was the solution that I came to."

"And what made you choose consulting? You could've created any kind of company, but you settled on consulting. Why?"

Scratch, scratch, scratch.

"It's simple. Consulting is all about helping people and offering solicited advice, and after enduring what I and countless other witches and wizards went through, yourself included, I knew that I never wanted anyone to be in a position where they felt like they had no other options, no other paths to take except for the wrong one. I wanted to help fight for the rights of wizards, witches and magical creatures of our world. That's what it all came down to in the end." There was silence, and it seemed that even the quill was stunned with Draco's answer. "I didn't want anyone feeling powerless like I did all those years ago."

Something stirred within Hermione at his words. He wanted to help people, there was no other ulterior motive. He was not the same as she knew him from Hogwarts, although that could be said for all of them she supposed. The war had changed each and every one of them, and this was clearly no different for Draco Malfoy.

"Do you have any further questions, Granger?" Hermione silently scolded herself as she snapped out of the trance she had unknowingly fallen into, and delicately coughed to clear her throat.

"Yes, I do." She straightened her back and flicked her hair behind her shoulders, causing Draco to suck in a deep breath as he observed her. "Apart from running your extremely successful company, do you have any other interests or hobbies? I know that you were quite the Quidditch player back at Hogwarts, is that still something that you enjoy?"

The hint of a smirk tugged at Draco's lips as he pondered all of the different ways that he could answer that question.

The first was that he could keep up the preconceived image of him being a straightforward wizard that only cares about himself and how many galleons he kept in his vault at Gringott's (which, by the way, was a lot).

The second was that he could gloat about how much his Quidditch skills had improved since his teenage years. Those skills among many others, which lead him to option number three...

"Do I have interests outside of work?" Draco hummed to himself as he rested a thumb against his chin whilst staring off to the side, giving off the impression that he was putting a lot of thought into his answer, and Merlin, that couldn't have been further from the truth.

Instead, Draco was reminiscing about all the times he had walked into the Hogwarts library and caught Hermione hunched over a book while she sucked on a Sugar Quill. He remembered the way her hips swayed as she walked through the corridors, the way the scent of vanilla and fresh berries had filled every room she occupied. The way Draco's hand had curled around his length multiple times a week, fantasising about what it would feel like to glide against her slick walls as he made her scream.

"Draco?" His name again.

"Yes, I enjoy various physical pursuits." Her eyebrows raised slightly at the insinuation, but proceeded with the rest of her interview.

By the time she had gathered all of her material, the sun had set and it had grown dark outside.

"What're your plans for the rest of this evening, Granger?" Draco slowly approached Hermione before offering his hand and helping her up from her seat. He nearly ripped his palm away at the shock he received when his skin met hers.

"I'm heading home and going to begin putting together your article."

Of course she was going to go home and work, it's completely like her. Although Draco had others plans.

"Can I offer you a different plan?" He began to lead her towards the fireplace where he would floo to his newly acquired manor at the end of each day.

"And what would you suggest?" The brazen tone of her had Draco hardening once again, and this time he didn't even bother to try and hide it.

"How about an exclusive tour of the new Malfoy Manor?" Surely she wouldn't be able to say no.

And like always, he was correct.

"Of course, lead the way Draco." Hermione held onto Draco's hand tightly as he shouted the address and threw a handful of floo powder into the fireplace they had stepped into together.

Draco's home was nothing short of amazing. No expense had been spared, although what more could she expect from a Malfoy?

Dark, hardwood floors covered every inch of the manor, and the windows of what Hermione assumed to be one of many sitting rooms rose all the way to the ceiling and were covered in draping, grey curtains. The lounges were all black leather and were positioned around a small, glass table with bottles of Firewhiskey, she guessed.

"The home was built in 1853, and has been occupied by the same family ever since it's construction." Draco explained as he showed Hermione through the kitchen, formal dining rooms, ballroom and three guest bedrooms, each with their own separate bathroom.

"And why is it that they sold?" Hermione enquired as Draco stopped outside of two large, double doors.

"The most recent owner never married, nor did he have any children, so therefore it was not included in his will and fell to a public sale." He explained that a friend of the Malfoy family had informed him of this opportunity, and within a week the deed had been signed and the gold exchanged.

"It's beautiful, and appears to have been very well cared for." Hermione looked up at the ceilings and was in awe of the intricate details that had been carved into the structure. It was magnificent, and she truly had never stepped foot inside a home this grand, that is, except for the original Malfoy Manor...

"I want to show you something that I believe you might like..." Draco's voice trailed off, and before Hermione could question what he had meant, he pushed open the double doors and Hermione couldn't stop the gasp that escaped past her lips, nor could she stop her eyes from widening at the sight in front of her.

She stepped inside a huge library filled with books of all ages, and breathed in the familiar scent of parchment as she gazed at the imposing space.

"Draco... this is spectacular! Are they all yours?" She ran her slender fingers along the spines as she inspected the titles, recognising some. She could feel Draco walking right behind her, and felt that heat spread across her skin in a tingling sensation once again. It was something about books and delicious smelling men that had her feeling weak at the knees.

"Not all of them. The majority were here already and came with the property." Draco observed her and she pulled out a few books, flicking through the pages as she chewed on her lip. He knew she would love this space, just as he had when he first saw it.

However, seeing Hermione standing in it brought forward one of many fantasies that he had of pressing her back against a bookcase, her legs wrapped around his hips as he pounded into her, listening to the sweet sounds of her moaning in his ear.

"Granger." Hermione's eyes flicked up to his, and her breathing slowed while her heartbeat quickened at the dark expression that had overtaken his features.

She pressed her thighs together as he grasped the book she was gripping between her hands and he slid it back into its place on the bookshelf, all the while never breaking eye contact with her.

She swallowed thickly as he took a step towards her, followed by another, and another. She matched each step with a backwards one of her own until she felt wooden shelves jut into her spine.

Draco hands listed and gripped the edge of a shelf on each side of Hermione, trapping her as he leaned in close and she could feel his hot breath blowing on her face.

"What are you doing?" She asked, and a shiver traveled down the length of her spine when she felt Draco's lips against the shell of her ear.

"I never thanked you for helping me at my trial-"

"And you don't have to, I didn't-"

"Shhh..." Draco pressed a finger to her lips, silencing her immediately. "I want to thank you."

Draco slid his finger down from Hermione's mouth, and slowly ran in downward along her chin, her neck, her chest. Painstakingly slow he trailed a path South, Hermione's eyes almost bulging out of their sockets.

Her body was like an inferno. Every surface of skin was slight with a blazing hot fire burning up from the inside out. His finger left a path of molten lava in its wake as it slowly reached her hips, where it stopped.

She could barely breathe as Draco's hand splayed out and he firmly gripped her with both hands, and pulled her forward so that their bodies were pressed together.

She could feel his arousal pressing into her stomach as she looked up him towering over her. The feeling of complete and utter submission was back, and if he had of commanded her to jump off the nearest cliff edge, she would do it without argument.

Her body yearned to be touched by Draco, and needed more than to just be pressed up against him. She wanted his hands on her bare skin, she wanted him underneath her skin. She wanted to throw her head back at the pleasure he was giving her.

She could tell that he wanted that too.

"Thank me then." She said, and she saw something change in the look Draco was giving her.

"You don't know what you're doing, Granger." Draco dropped his head, and Hermione's mouth gaped open as she felt him press his tongue against the side of her neck.

He sucked on the area, and when she felt him bite down, she whimpered and tossed her head back to allow him more access.

Draco chuckled darkly at her actions, and continued to leave purple marks over the skin on her throat. He slowly pulled back and stared into Hermione's eyes, watching her as he pushed his hips further into her eyes. Her eyes fluttered as she felt his hardness prod the area where her thighs met.

"Thank you, Granger." He said as he stepped away. "Shall we continue with the tour?"

Hermione huffed as he turned his back and exited the library. She shook her head before she straightened and followed him into the rest of his home.

He led her up a flight of marble stairs, similar to the ones at Hogwarts although definitely not as grand, and opened the doors of six guest bedrooms, three full bathrooms, an office and two large sitting rooms.

The entire West Wing continued the same decorative theme as the main area of the home. Dark stained floorboards with flush carpets in the bedrooms, dark grey curtains and expensive furniture. However, even though the theme of the manor was dark, it didn't feel that way to Hermione. In fact, it actually felt quite homey, although it could do with a few more touches.

"You're very quiet over there Granger. Is something on your mind?" Hermione rolled her eyes as she stood on one of the many balconies that overlooked the spectacular gardens. She wished she knew what they looked like in the daylight. She was still hot and flustered from whatever moment they had shared in the library when he had left her feeling extremely frustrated and unsatisfied.

"I'm fine. Just taking it all in." She scanned her eyes over the darkened gardens once more before turning back to him. "It truly is a magnificent home you have here, Draco."

"Would you like to see the East Wing?" He asked, a slight growl to his voice that had Hermione once again chewing on her bottom lip as she nodded her head.

Draco smirked and they began to make their way back to the staircase as he led them both across the manor and up another flight of stairs to the East Wing, which also happened to be his private wing.

He opened the door to his office that had stacks of files and parchment neatly arranged on the large desk in the centre of the room, and a wall of legal books lined one side of the room.

There were three empty bedroom suites with adjoining bathrooms and two more formal sitting rooms. They stopped in front of a large closed door and Hermione could feel the heat of Draco's gaze burning a whole into the side of her head.

After waiting for him to open the door, Hermione began to get impatient and reached for the door handle herself, but Draco's hand on top of hers stopped her immediately. She turned to look at him, confused as to why he was acting strange and so she asked him as such.

"Granger, I need you to keep an open mind." He warned, his hand not moving from on top of hers.

"What're you talking about?" She waited for answer, and her frustration grew when she didn't receive one. "Draco just open the door."

And he did.

At first Hermione couldn't see anything as the room was completely dark, but an audible gasp brushed past her lips when Draco turned on the lights.

The room was a sea of emerald green, that was the first thing Hermione noticed.

On one side of the room was a long, black, leather couch that appeared to have never been used. Hanging on the wall beside the couch were about ten to fifteen whips, all neatly displayed on a hanger.

On the other side of the room was a jet black table so clean that the reflection of the roof was perfectly clear and pristine. Similar to the other side, a hanger was displayed on the wall, however instead of whips, the top row held five different textured leather belts, and the bottom hung five differing kinds of black rope.

There was a long chest of drawers, and Hermione could only begin to imagine what was kept inside them. Above her was what she could only describe as a silver hexagon grid suspended from the roof.

But what caught Hermione's attention above everything else in that room was the four poster canopy bed that was placed in the centre of the wall on the opposite side of where she was standing. She swallowed thickly and bravely took a few steps further into the room, Draco staying put by the door allowing her space to come to terms with what she was being shown.

The bed frame itself was a deep black with silver steel rings nailed to each corner post. Decorating the bed was only two thin emerald pillows and a matching silk sheet, perfectly smoothed with not a single crease to be seen.

Hermione clasped her hands together and held them against her stomach, trying to control her erratic breathing as she took in everything inside that room. She flinched when she felt a cold hand on her arm, and Draco slowly turned her to face him.

"Tell me what you're thinking." He demanded, and Hermione sucked in a deep breath at the command.

In truth, Hermione didn't know what to think, and so she was completely unsure of how to answer Draco. It was perfectly clear what this room was, but she was hesitant to let herself come to that conclusion.

"I... I don't really know what to think, Draco." Her words shook as she avoided his eyes and stared at the ground, but Draco wasn't having that. He placed a finger underneath her chin and lifted her face back up to his and leaned in close.

"Let me ask you this then." His lips brushed against Hermione's ear "Do you want to run, or do you want to stay?"

Hermione closed her eyes as she listened to the sound of him breathing, but just as quickly opened them again.

"Oh!" She gasped as Draco lightly took her ear lobe between his front teeth, a tingling sensation making Hermione's toes curl.

"Answer me Granger." His voice made Hermione shudder, especially when he spoke her last name.

"I... I want to stay."

A wicked smile made its way across his handsome face, and he took her hands as he led them into the centre of the room.

"Do you know this room is, Granger?" He waited for answer but all Hermione could do was stare at him, a growing excitement building up inside of her.

"It's a room of equal parts of pleasure and pain." He watched as her eyes widened slightly, and he quickly continued before she changed her mind. "But it's nothing that you can't handle. This room is as much for you as it is for me."

"What do you need me to do?" Her voice was quiet, but to Hermione's surprise, it was steady and didn't shake.

"When you're in this room, you hand over control to me. You will submit to my demands, and let me make all of the decisions." Draco knew that asking Hermione to give up control was like asking her to cut off her own arm, it was next to impossible.

But Draco underestimated just how far Hermione was willing to go to get what she wanted, and for the past five hours, all she wanted was him.


Draco's mouth was on hers immediately, the impact taking Hermione's breath away as he backed her up against the closest wall.

Her fingers were in his hair and as she pulled on his platinum locks, she heard him moan. The sound caused a pool to gather in her panties, and she angled her hips towards his. She could feel his cock as it prodded her through his trousers, and he pulled his head back to look at her.

His eyes travelled up and down the length of her body, and Hermione squirmed at the scrutiny she was under. She had never been ashamed of her body, and that wasn't going to change. But the way that Draco was looking at her made her want to do some terrible, terrible things.

His hands pulled her blouse out from her skirt and she lifted her arms as he pulled it over her head, revealing a pale pink lace bra.

"Step out of your shoes." He demanded, and she obeyed willingly. The thought of being told what to do had never appealed to her, but Godric it did today.

His hands wound around her waist and she heard the zip of her skirt being pulled down. Draco knelt down in front of Hermione and slowly peeled the article of clothing off her body, just as he had wanted to do in his office when she had first walked in.

His cock twitched, and it took everything he had to not throw her onto the mattress and fuck her until he came inside of her. No, Draco promised her that this room was for both of them, and he wasn't going to break that promise.

Once her skirt had reached her ankles, her ordered her to step out of it and he tossed it away to the other side of the room, not caring where it ended up. She wasn't going to be needing it for a while.

Draco ran his tongue over his lips as he looked at the woman in front of him, wearing nothing but her matching bra and panties. He had fantasised about what she would look like underneath all of those hideous, boring clothes she used to wear back in Hogwarts, but nothing could've prepared him for this.

"Draco..." he looked up at her as she purred his name, and his heart beat quickened, "I need you."

He chuckled.

"I want to hear you beg for me, Granger." He ran his hands along her thighs, leaving a trail of goosebumps in his wake. "Let me hear it."

"Please Draco! Please..." he smirked as she threw her head back, and he hooked his fingers around the waistband of her panties before dragging them down her legs.

She stepped out of them immediately.

She was a quick learner.

"Say no more, love." His hands gripped her arse as he pushed his head forward, his tongue diving between her slick folds.

"Oh fuck!" Hermione moaned as he swiped his tongue over her. She tasted fantastic.

Her hands flew down into his hair and she pushed her face closer to her cunt.

Draco hummed as he pressed his lips against her entrance, causing a slew of curse words to leave Hermione's mouth.

He loved it when she talked filthy.

He flicked his tongue over her clit as he pushed a finger inside of her and began pumping slowly.

"Oh fuck, Draco! Yes, yes!"

"You like that do you?" He said with his mouth still against her sensitive bud, the vibrations almost making her scream. She bit down on her lip so hard that she tasted blood as Draco added a second finger and picked up the pace.

His tongue continued to flick over her clit as his fingers pumped in and out of her at an inhuman pace, and she could feel her orgasm approaching fast.

Draco could feel her walls clenching around his fingers and he knew she was close.

"Are you going to come for me Granger?" She couldn't find the words to voice a response as she gripped onto his shoulders for stability. "Are you going to come all over my fingers like the slut that you are?"

"Oh-my-God..." Hermione panted as she ground her hips on his digits as they fucked up into her, and she couldn't ignore the way she felt when he had called her a slut. She couldn't the ignore the fact that she wanted him to call her it again.

"Granger, look at me." Draco ordered, but her head stayed thrown back. "Look at me!"

Her eyes met his immediately when she heard the tone of his voice, his face darkening at the sight of her flushed cheeks.

"Come." He growled, and she crumbled. Her orgasm ripped through her body, and she shuddered as waves of pleasure coursed through her, her eyes never leaving Draco's.

Once she ridden out her high, Draco withdrew his fingers from her dripping core and unhooked her bra, tossing it aside along with the rest of her clothes before picking her up and laying her down on the mattress.

Hermione watched him as he shedded his suit jacket and dress shirt, his fingers unbuttoning his pants and pushing them down to his ankles along with his briefs before he stepped out of them.

Hermione's eyes bulged as she looked at the size of him, and for a moment she was worried that he wouldn't fit. But when he crawled on top of her, nothing else was on her mind except her desire to have him fuck her as hard as he wanted.

Although she was curious about some of the items in this room, and wondered whether she could ask him to use something on her, to give her a taste of what it was like.

"What're you thinking about, Granger? I can see the wheels turning in that kind of yours." He asked her, and she sucked on her bottom lip before responding.

"I was wondering..."


She swallowed thickly.

"-would you u-use something in this room on me?" Draco's face gave nothing away as he simply stared at her for a moment, before he pulled himself off of her.

Hermione covered her face with her hands, convinced that she had ruined it by being too forward.

That was until she felt his hands wrap around one of her ankles, and when she looked down, she saw Draco tying a piece of black rope around her leg and looping the other end through the silver hood on the bed post. He repeated this to her other ankle and both of her wrists, leaving her spread apart and completely vulnerable.

"Pull on them." She did, and found that she was very restricted in the movements she was able to make.

"They aren't too tight?" He asked, and Hermione shook her head. "Use your words, Granger."

"No, they aren't too tight."

He smirked, satisfied before walking away again. This time he returned with a muggle riding crop, and Hermione raised her eyebrows which didn't escape Draco's attention.

"Yes, Granger it is a muggle item. You will not say a word about it, do you understand?"

"Yes, Draco."

"Good." He raised the riding crop and trailed it along the inside of Hermione's leg, and she squirmed at the sensation of the cold leather against her skin.

Hermione moaned and as the crop reached her cunt, it stilled briefly. Just as she opened her eyes to see what Draco was doing, he raised the crop in the air before slapping down against her spread pussy.

Hermione yelped as the pleasure coursed through her, and she clenched the area between her thighs as much as she could given the state she was currently in.

She heard Draco chuckle as he began dragging the crop along her stomach, stopping above her belly button and slapping the tip against her skin.

Hermione had never known this kind of pleasure, and she braced herself as Draco dragged the leather across her nipples, slapping one and then the other in quick succession.

"Fuck Draco!" The pitch of her voice was rising, and Draco knew that he was getting closer to hearing her scream, and he knew just how to do it.

He removed the riding crop from where it rested against the base of her neck and trailed back down towards her centre.

When he reached her folds, he manoeuvred the tip of the crop to slip in between them and he began rubbing the instrument firmly against her clit.

Hermione pulled against her restraints as she ground her hips against the leather that Draco had pressed against her pussy, biting back the urge to scream until the walls shook around them. She could feel herself climbing towards her second orgasm, and when Draco leaned over her, the crop still strongly against her wetness, and took one of her nipples between his teeth, she combusted.

"Oh my fucking God! Fuck, fuck, yes Draco!" This climax was even better than her first, and Hermione continued to buck her hips against the riding crop until she was left shaking in the aftermath of the intense pleasure she had just endured.

"I could watch your face as you come all day, Granger. All fucking day..." Draco threw the crop over his shoulder and his nimble fingers quickly got to work as he untied Hermione from each of the four bed posts.

Once she was free, she threw her arms around his shoulders and pulled him to her, crushing her lips against his and forcing her tongue inside of his mouth.

Hermione groaned when he suddenly pulled away and wrapped his hand around her throat, squeezing it enough to just allow her to continue to breathe.

"What did I say about giving up control? I'm in charge, not you." He threw her back down on the bed and held both of her wrists down above her head with one hand, whilst the other positioned his throbbing cock against her entrance. "You are going to come again, and you will scream my name while you do."

Draco didn't give Hermione a chance to respond before he thrusted inside of her, causing her to cry out in pleasure as he began relentlessly fucking her.

Her slick walls stroked his dick win each push of his hips, and he grunted on every thrust.

"So-fucking-tight-Granger" He fucked her hard into the mattress, and his orgasm fast approaching. After watching her come not once, but twice already, Draco was in dire need of a release, but he desperately wanted to fuck Hermione for as long as humanly possible.

He stilled his movements and lifted her legs onto his shoulders before resuming his punishing thrusts again, and Hermione whimpered. He was even deeper at this angle, and she curled her toes at the feeling of pure bliss.

"Such-a-fucking-slut-for-me-Granger" He bucked into her over and over, until he felt himself right on the edge of his climax.

"Come for me Granger," he ordered "-come for me right now and scream my name." He thrusted deep into her three more times before a Hermione saw a galaxy of stars as she came hard for the third time that evening.

"DRACO!" She screamed as her walls shuddered around him thick cock, and that was all it took for him to spill his seed into her cervix, filling her up with everything he had.

"Fuck!" He groaned as he emptied himself into her, and even after they had both come down from their individual feelings of ecstasy, Draco didn't remove himself from her. He wanted the evidence of what they had done for each other to stay inside her for as long as possible.

Only after a few minutes did he finally roll off her. He looked down at her cunt and used two fingers to push the liquid that had begun to seep out of her back inside her walls which caused Hermione to wince slightly as she was highly sensitive in that area at the moment.

"That was..." she turned to her side to look at Draco, and ran her fingers along the side of his face, "-incredible."

A smirk tugged at Draco's lips as he took in the sight of the disheveled woman next to him and Hermione narrowed her eyes at him.

"After tonight's performance, fuck the feature article," he leaned in until his lips brushed against hers "-I'll be expecting the whole damn issue."
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