This is my first story which was originally only on Wattpad. Y/n Zabini is a sweet girl who lives in the Wizarding World. Draco Malfoy is the popular Bad Boy who isn't very friendly. Both fall in love and live a romance with drama and chaos... How will this all end? Note: All the characters, besides y/n and Beatrice Bell, were created and are property of J.K. Rowling

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

The Beginning

Author's note:
I this story you are Blaise's sister so your physical features will be similar to his and not to your own. You can always image yourself as you are but the descriptions wont be so personalized. Also pls follow me on Instagram: @man0tu3
I'll be answering to all of your questions (if there is any) and posting some trailers and stuff

Now I am thrilled to present to you:
Addiction Chapter 1 - The Beginning

Y/N Zabini
It was the beginning of a new year at Hogwarts and I was super excited. This would be my fifth year at the Wizarding School and I was thrilled to meet all my friends again!
Before heading to the train station, I started my day by taking a shower, putting my Slytherin uniform on and eating breakfast. After washing my teeth I brush my hair and put it on a messy bun, I put on some makeup and just stand there, in front of the huge mirror I had in my bathroom, admiring myself, my average height body, my elegant figure, my beautiful dark brown eyes, my curly hair... And for a few moments I was enjoying to look at myself and at the young woman I've become. Last summer was filled with changes, my breast and my hips grew bigger, and my waist smaller, in general I looked like a completely different person...
The time passes by as I keep looking at my features when my brother called me: "Hey Zabini! Gotta go Sis" yes, I am Blaise Zabini's sister, WHAT. A. NIGHTMARE.
Blaise was- well Blaise was Blaise, tall, elegant, with features that allowed him to have any girl (or boy) he desired for, even Beatrice Bell, my beloved best friend.
Beatrice was my height, but she had long black hair and pale skin with rosy cheeks. She was funny and loyal, just like Blaise, that's why they dated a few years ago, as matter of fact they even were called "the laughing couple" by professor Remus, because they wouldn't stop laughing at the image of Professor Snape with Neville's grandmother clothes on. Unfortunately, or not, they broke up because they felt that they weren't destined to be lovers, they are still best friends though.
In general being Blaise's sister isn't hawful, especially during summer when our parents are home, but during school time Blaise is a fucking nightmare, imagine seeing your brother taking a new girl into his rrom everyday (and forgetting the fucking silencing spell)! I believe he only does that because he can't get over Hermione Granger, and he refuses to admit he's in love with a muggle-born.

Anyways, I finished getting ready and left with my brother to the train station.


It's now early in the afternoon and we're about to meet Beatrice and the evil itself, Draco Malfoy. As soon as we found each other at the station and my eyes meet Draco's, I knew this would be a long year...

Thanks for reading
Marie ❤️

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