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Not a Love Potion


They were doomed from the start. A lost cause. A losing battle. And yet, in that terrifying, narrow moment, she grabbed his arm and pulled him into the abyss with her. *** Draco Malfoy x OC This story does not follow the original plot of the books/movies. I added my own twist to it. MATURE THEMES: smut, violence 17+ story. IMPORTANT! - All characters except for Eden Gray belong to J.K. Rowling. - Throughout this story, the main characters are seventeen and eighteen years old. cover: animisdiscendium on ig

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1


In this chapter you will be introduced to a new character called Eden Gray. Eden is eleven years old and ready to board the Hogwarts Express to start her journey at Hogwarts.

This is merely an introduction so from chapter two on, the story will take place in the fifth year at Hogwarts.

Please note that this is a slow burn story.

Viewers discretion is strongly advised throughout this story.

Please feel free to leave me feedback by voting and commenting on the chapters, or message me. I won't bite!

Now, I present to you...

N O T A L O V E P O T I O N ~


Eden was a very fortunate girl. As a muggle-born witch, she received her acceptance letter by special messenger at the age of eleven. The invitation didn't completely come out of the blue as her parents had already realised something was different about Eden. Her parents were quick to agree for her to attend Hogwarts.

"I will miss you so much." Eden said as a tear rolled down her chubby cheek, not being able to let go of her parents just yet.

"We'll miss you too, darling." Her mom spoke with little cracks in her voice.

Andy, Eden's father, silently wiped away a tear that bubbled up in his eye and grabbed his only daughter into a hug. They were standing at platform nine and three-quarters facing the brick wall, which Eden needed to go through to reach the Hogwarts Express.

"You can do this, kiddo. You just have to walk through that wall, like the lady said." Her father tried to say this rather determined, but nothing sounded as ridiculous as running through a brick wall.

"This better work or I'll look like the biggest fool in London." Eden said as a low chuckle escaped her lips.

Darting her parents one last glance, she hesitantly walked up to the wall. You can do this. Just... run?

"Go on, sweetheart." Her mother said.

Eden looked back and saw her parents smiling at her, trying to conceal their worry. Eden closed her eyes and headed straight for the wall.

When she reached the other side, she couldn't believe what she'd just done. Looking back in confusion, she eyed the brick wall. No parents, just her. All alone. Standing at the platform where she would board the Hogwarts Express.

People chattered and ran around, kissing and hugging their children goodbye. The train released a big cloak of heavy steam. The smell of burning coal invaded her nostrils, making her stomach twist and turn in knots, as if she wasn't already nervous enough.

Thoughts swirled her mind, as she stood there alone on the platform. What if nobody liked her?

Making friends had never been easy for Eden, as everyone at her old school thought she was a freak.

Eden dragged her heavy suitcase up on the train and walked down the corridor, looking desperately for a cabinet.

Luckily, she was one of the first people to board and she had a whole cabinet to herself. Eden enjoyed the silence, finally able to calm down a bit.

Her moment of ease was quickly interrupted when another group of students walked in.

A bdark-haired girl in a green robe entered the cabinet, followed by two boys. Eden smiled awkwardly and opened her mouth, ready to introduce herself.

"I don't think we've seen her before." One of the boys said, as if she wasn't even there. Eden quickly closed her mouth, swallowing her words.

"Calm down Draco. You don't even know who she is." The dark-haired girl said, giving him a light thump.

"Don't mind him." The girl turned to Eden. "I'm Pansy Parkinson. Mind if we sit here?"

Eden gaped her mouth open to answer.

"Why would you ask that, of course we can sit here." Draco said in a cocky and arrogant manner. It felt as if his bright grey eyes tore right into her soul.

Eden muttered awkwardly that she would love them to join her. Draco scoffed at her and shoved his suitcase onto the rack. The others followed suit and she suddenly felt nervous. Something about this trio made her feel on edge.

Eden started to pick at her nails, as she always did when she felt anxious and tried to engage in the conversation. All three of them knew quite a lot about Hogwarts. She listened intrigued, as they praised the house Slytherin.

"So Eden, what house were your parents in?" Pansy said stretching her bubble gum from her mouth with her finger.

"My parents didn't go to Hogwarts."

"Oh, what wizarding school did they attend then?" The boy named Goyle asked.

"They didn't," Eden swallowed nervously. "My parents aren't wizards, they own a bakery in London."

The three gasped.

"Oh, I had no idea she was a-" Pansy covered her mouth with her hands.

Draco stood up and approached Eden. "If you ever set foot near us purebloods again, I will personally hex you. Now, save yourself the embarrassment and get out of our cabinet, you filthy little mudblood."

"Wh- What do you mean?" Eden stuttered, not understanding what was going on. They looked at her as if they were about to puke, like she was a dirty smell they wanted to get rid off.

"I can't believe a mudblood is sitting in our cabinet! You disgust me, people like you with muggle-parents aren't worthy being a part of this world." he spat at her.

Blood rushed to Eden's cheeks as she froze. What were they talking about? The special messenger that came by the house informed her that loads of people like her went to wizarding schools. What was happening?

Draco threw her suitcase into the corridor and pushed her outside. They closed the curtains and Eden's eyes welled up. She felt sick. Uncontrollably, tears started to roll down her face making her feel fevery.

She stumbled down the corridor, not daring to look back. She fell to her knees and sobbed softly, hiding her head between her arms and legs.

She sat there for a while, wondering if she'd still be able to return home, to her parents, away from these vicious people. She'd rather be bullied at her old school than by these people who were clearly better than her. Pure.

"Are you alright?" A soft voice asked.

Eden looked up to see a girl, with brown frizzy hair staring at her.

"I can't tell you, you'd probably hate me too." Eden muttered.

"Why on earth would I hate you? I don't even know you, silly." the girl said.

Paralyzed with fear, Eden didn't dare answer. What if everybody reacted like those three nasty kids?

"Please do tell me, I can't stand to see someone crying."

Eden muttered what had happened. The girl listened and shook her head.

"From what I've read about Slytherin, I'm not surprised. Apparently rudeness is a requirement to even be considered to be let in the house." She laughed.

"I'm Hermione, and I would love to be your friend. I'm a muggle-born witch too, my parents are dentists." she said. Hermione reached out her arm to Eden and helped her get on her feet.

"Would you like to join me and my friends?" Hermione asked. Eden felt relieved and happy. She followed Hermione to another cabinet where two boys were sitting, staring at her awkwardly.

"Um- Hi. I'm Harry. Do you want my chocolate frog? Ron says it's magical!" Eden glared at Harry and noticed a thin scar on his forehead, shaped like a lightning bolt.

"Thanks." Eden muttered awkwardly, taking the package out of his fingers. "I'm Eden. I'm a little new to all of this... wizard stuff." She immediately regretted saying that.

"Oh, that's no problem at all, me neither. I'm just glad I'm not the only one actually." Harry grinned.

"Well, you better change into your robes. We'll arrive soon. Come, Eden. I'll take you to the other girls." Hermione took her arm, leading her out of the cabinet. Eden waved Ron and Harry goodbye.

Eden was speechless when she saw the castle that was going to be her home for the next seven years. They travelled by boat across the black lake to a whole new life. A life full of magic.

Taking in the view, the castle set upon huge rocks made her queasy, in a good way. She couldn't believe this was happening to her.

She thought about how lucky she was, how proud her parents must be, knowing that this was an incredibly rare occurrence.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the chattering students who were getting more and more excited as they approached the magnificent castle. It was already dark but the lights inside Hogwarts lit up the entire sky, leaving everybody astonished.

Eden waited her turn to be sorted into her house. She looked around the Great Hall. Harry, Ron and Hermione were sorted into Gryffindor. They looked at her, hoping she would be sorted there too. She looked over at the Slytherin table, thinking back on her horrible experience with the blond git and his friends.

"Eden Gray!" professor Mcgonagall shouted. She walked up to the chair, sat down and picked at her nails. Mcgonagall placed the hat on her head.

"I see, this is going to be rather difficult." The hat said.

"Why is that?" Eden thought to herself.

"Well, to answer your question..." the hat said and Eden's jaw dropped open, shocked it had read her mind.

"You are very intelligent and curious. In fact I sense a great curiosity without limits. Ravenclaw perhaps?"

"No, no, no!" The hat corrected itself.

"You are very ambitious, a true leader with a cunning personality, even though you have not realized this yet. I would say Slytherin, but in the future, you will be most needed for your deep sense of right or wrong, and bravery." The hat paused and then shouted "GRYFFINDOR!"

Everybody stood up and clapped for her. Eden's heart roared. She walked over to her new friends and they enjoyed the feast together.
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