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Adronitis {t.r.}


Evangeline Noir is new to Hogwarts and manages to surpass the notorious Tom Riddle in nearly everything. However something more sinister hides beyond her charm and enigma, and Tom Riddle will do anything to learn about her.

Drama / Fantasy
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There once lived a wealthy family that mainly consisted of Purebloods. The Noir family. Within the concealed walls of their home, a young girl was to be born.

Her birth was marvelous news not only to the family, but to the wizard world as well. Another pureblood had been born and it would be good if she followed the steps of her two parents, going to the same wizarding school as them and becoming quite wealthy as well.

The girl had black hair and very dark brown eyes. They could be mistaken for black if you didn't pay attention. Although there was something odd about her.

She refused to talk. Her parents thought it was a birth defect but after going to many doctors and asking the most educated wizards, no one knew what to say. Her parents just chose to play it safe and assumed she would grow out of it.

Which she did.

5 years later

The young girl was sitting on the floor as her mother braided her black hair. The year was 1932. Her father was off at the Ministry of Magic, as he was quite important there.

"You know Evangeline, one day you are going to be an important figure too. Not just in our lives but in other lives too" , your mother began.

Only when she said this, Evangeline didn't realize how important you could be to someone. Not until she got older of course.

That night, her father did not come home. She could see how her mother was anxious, pacing across the living room, muttering words to herself. Eve's hands fumbled with the necklace her father had given her. It was a silver key with a dark red jewel in the center of the key. The necklace had a meaning to it, however Evangeline just didn't understand the concept of it.

Her attention was then averted to the front door, where several knocks came. Her mother rushed to open it only to see the Ministry police at the front. Evangeline walked towards her mother but was instantly told to go upstairs, to which she complied.

Only the young girl only sat at the top of the stairs, wanting to comprehend the situation.

"Lawrence was involved in a fatal accident at the Ministry today and unfortunately his injuries are very life threatening and he may not make it" , said an unfamiliar deep voice.

Eve could hear her mother's tone change from concern to panic.

"What do you mean?" she questioned, her voice breaking.

"Lawrence Noir has died, Cordelia" , the voice said in a more serious tone.

Evangeline's heart soon dropped to her stomach. It couldn't be possible. No it couldn't be possible. He couldn't have died. Not before her birthday.

The funeral was days after the heartbreaking news had dropped. Evangeline soon stopped talking soon after that and her mother skipped meals. It just didn't seem to click that he died.

Evangeline clutched the necklace her father gave her just before he left to the Ministry as an early birthday present as she approached his tombstone.

"Lawrence Atticus Noir

Beloved father and husband

December 24, 1899 - October 30, 1932"

At least he said he loved her before he died.

The young boy stared out of the window in his room at the orphanage. It allowed him a clear view of the local cemetery. He noticed the group of people standing over a grave.

A new member had been brought to th
e graveyard, he thought.

He then noticed the young girl who seemed to be looking at the grave. The red glint coming from her necklace caught his attention. She then looked up at the window with the most emptiest expression painted on her face.

However this moment was short as his attention was diverted by a voice at the door.

"Come along now Tom, it's time for supper".
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