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Arabella Roseberry was kicked out from Beauxbatons Wizarding school to Hogwarts in her 5th year. She has her whole future ahead of her and will let nothing stop her from achieving what she wants. Until she meets the Slytherin Prince, her world turns upside down and so does his. **All characters belong to JK Rowling, I own the character Arabella Roseberry** **Names, ages and storyline will not all be accurate. This story contains mature smut, please don't read if you are not of age, or if you are easily cringed**

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1



Some people use it as their home, some for educational purposes and some to find a purpose for themselves. I don't know what I want to use it for as of yet.

Leaving Beauxbatons, actually getting kicked out of Beauxbatons was probably the easiest decision I have ever made in my life. Ever since I was a little girl my parents had this vision for me to be a master of the dark arts. Coming from a pure blood family it was, as my mother would say, my destiny.

I didn't want that, in fact I never wanted that. As I was the eldest out of me and my sister I felt it was my duty to become what my parents wanted me to be. It felt wrong, studying the dark arts profusely. I'd heard about Voldemort, his mission and beliefs, my parents also believed in his ways. No muggles, no half bloods, strictly pure bloods. I never cared though, we all bled the same colour.

Since my parents are gone, I feel like all the pressure is on me to fulfil my own dreams and be a role model for my sister Fawn. It's me who has to show her we can achieve anything we put our heart and soul into, no matter what. I just know I have to remain focused on my own goals.

Their death was 3 years ago now, forcing me to be the mother and father to my little sister, but it was unbearable, so I made the decision to leave. Hopefully this way she can blossom and learn not to depend on me.

I knew I couldn't just drop out of Beauxbatons without them coming up with an excuse to keep me in school so I forced my way out.

Setting Fluers hair on fire and damaging the school's property wasn't enough, they were simply classed as 'accidents'. So my only solution was to get into fights, not just with my wand but my hands too and after the third fight that was it. They said I wasn't a 'woman' and I wasn't a 'classy lady' so I was kicked out and transferred to Hogwarts. Although I now had this reputation of a trouble maker, that wasn't who I really was, so now I'm here at Hogwarts finally about to start my own journey and my own life.

"Will you write to me every day Bella?" Fawn whimpered with tears in her eyes.

I wiped her tears from her freckled cheeks "of course fefe, don't be silly now" she embraced me in a tight squeeze and cried more silent tears, triggering my own.

"Merlins beard, look what you've done" I chuckled lightly, she smiled softly.

"All ready now Miss Roseberry" spoke the carridge driver, I looked over my shoulder and nodded.

Pulling away from my sister's tight embrace "I love you, I will write when I get there, be safe and I will see you at Christmas,” she nodded and waved me away.”

"Miss Roseberry", distracted from my thoughts I observed the woman calling my name, she has a large pointed hat on, a long cloak and a Scottish accent.

"Sorry, I didn't hear you."

"Come on dear, we have to get you sorted into your house" She hurried towards the the entrance of the castle, I followed behind her taking in my surroundings.

This was a lot different to my previous school, a lot more normal, fresh and cozy. Beauxbatons was like a castle that wasn't meant to be touched, Ice sculptures, fresh pink flowers on the path— you could say it looked like a wedding venue.

The older woman stopped in front of a door way and turned around.

"Right miss Roseberry, leave your belongings here, I will show you into the great hall and there you will be sorted into your house, I must pre warn you the students are having their supper so they will be in there already."

I felt sick to my stomach, walking into a dining room full of other wizards by myself. I could of thrown up on the spot, but I put on a false smile.


The professor walked along the corridor, as we walked further down I could hear laughter, chattering and cutlery clinking.

Finally, we approached the hall in which felt like an hour to walk down, I took a step into the grand hall.

The candles floating from the ceiling and the stars caught my eye. I'd never seen anything like it, I then turned my attention to what was in front of me.

The silence was deafening, you could hear a wand drop, I slowly gulped and walked with my head high, I couldn't allow anyone to think I was scared. I followed the professor to the front of the hall. Many professors sat in front of me, observing me, some may have negative thoughts about me already.

I didn't care because I was going to prove everyone wrong.

An elderly man with long white hair almost touching his hips greeted me.

"Welcome to Hogwarts Miss Roseberry" he greeted with a small smile.

"It's a pleasure to meet you professor Dumbledore."

I'd heard all about professor Dumbledore before my arrival, the greatest wizard in the world. I was excited to learn more about the great wizard.

He gestured me to sit onto a small stool in the front of all the other wizards. I examined the room and saw four colours, I guess which meant four houses.

Dumbledore silenced the room just by the sound of his voice. All eyes were on him, some were on me but I kept my vision towards the exit of the hall, not wanting to make eye contact with anyone.

"We have a new student, Arabella Roseberry. I'm sure everyone will welcome her regardless of what house she is in."

Dumbledore placed a large black hat on my head which moved whilst whispering random words. The other students were fidgeting, some whispering, some almost out of their seat. I was confused as to why everyone was anticipating the house I would be placed into, maybe I'll find that out later.

The hat stopped moving, everyone was silent, my breathing stopped just for a second, the hat yelled out the house name.

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