Bellatrix captured Hermonie Granger during the battle of the Department of Mystery's . She is taken to Malfoy Manor to be held hostage for the summer, where Lord Voldemort demands she will be a double agent for them. If she does not do her part, he will have her family executed and force her to become a Death Eater. Hermione painfully agrees, as she returns to her 6th year of Hogwarts she is told that she will report everything to Draco Malfoy. Who will be watching her every move to make sure she does not slip up. -This is a Harry Potter AU. -The Harry Potter Universe & original Harry Potter characters belong to J.K Rowling. *This will be spicy, mature, toxic & dark.*

Fantasy / Drama
Age Rating:

*Authors Note*

I been wanting to write a Dramione story for awhile. This one popped in my head the other day, so I thought I would write it so I don't get burnt out on my other story, Arranged-Draco Malfoy.

This will not be some happy, sappy fairy tale to say the least; it will be dark with some light. It will take place during the end of OotP and caring on from there. I will be changing the Harry Potter universe to my liking for years 6 & 7, so some things may change and throw you off from the books/movies. I'm 50/50 on if I want to make Lord Voldemort win and take it that far.

FYI-This story contains the following;
-Dark Material
-Foul language
-Mature Content
-Sexual assault
-Abuse in many forms
-Suicidal Tendencies
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