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foolish angel ; d.m


her life was miserable until him. "you fell for me, my foolish angel." "You think I wouldn't find out about your stupid plan to avenge him!" His voice burned through my ears, tears threaten to slide down my cheeks as he spoke of him. "Avada Kedavra!" A story full of dark topics and plot twists, enjoy the horrible reality of a girls life.

Romance / Mystery
lav 📜🪶
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Foolish Angel

I love you Draco, I know it's hard but please answer this I need to know if you're okay.



Victoria Ainsley, her life never was easy especially not after meeting Draco Malfoy. Name Ainsley has always been knowing for being a rich pure-blood family. Then her father died, why? Secret. Why did mum keep it a secret? Unknown. Why is her sister in Ravenclaw and she's in Slytherin? Another secret. You see Victoria's life was made of secrets. And the truth behind them, well let's just say it wasn't pleasant.

Author's note

Hello and thank you for choosing to click on this book, I will be posting at least one chapter a week. The first few chapters will be slow burn as you'll need to get to know the characters.


This book will contain strong language, mature scenes, depression, possible self-harm, suicidal thoughts and other dark topics. There will always be a warning at the top of a chapter if needed but please be aware what can be triggering to you.


I do not own any characters or books/movies by JK Rowling, this is only a twist of my own to her story which won't be fully based of it. However the characters that I do own I take full credit for. Any resemblance to other books is fully coincidental.
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