No Life Without Him | Fred Weasley Fanfic


Her life with him is a life in paradise, but can she live without him? warning: 18+ (contains smut) disclaimer; all the characters and storyline belong to jk rowling.

Romance / Fantasy
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"Okay then! Has everyone got their things?" Mrs. Weasley asks worried, giving a hug to all of her children, including Hayley. "Get on the train! I'll see you all at Christmas! Oh and please, stay out of trouble this year!"

"It'll be fine, mom." Ginny assured her as she gives her mother one last hug before getting on the Hogwarts Express.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Weasley wave when the train slowly starts moving. "Thought we would never leave that platform." Hayley says laughing, while looking for an empty compartment. Students are gossiping and whispering when Harry walks by. They're whether scared or confused about what happend to Cedric, what happend in the Triwizard Tournament. There's a tension in the Hogwarts Express. The Daily Prophet is full with it, no one believes You-Know-Who is back.

"Over here!" Fred yells, putting his trunk on the shelf. Ginny and George following the lead of Fred and doing the same thing. Hayley tries putting hers on the shelf too, but the trunk slips through her hands and falls on the ground. "Dammit-" she says annoyed. "Here, let me help you." Without hesitation Fred grabs her trunk and puts it on the shelf. "I could do it myself, you know."
"Yea, right- i saw." Fred smirks and for a moment they stare at each other. Ginny snaps her fingers, "Hey lovebirds!" Hayley cheeks turn bright red and sits next to Ginny.

The trip to Hogwarts is long and most of the time Hayley is asleep, exhausted of the party from last night. A fresh new year. A new school year without any trouble, without any pain or something worse, that is her dream. A dream where she was together with the love of her life, Fred. The 6'3" boy with red hair and freckles all over his face. The boy with scars on his arms and hands of some stupid pranks he has done with his twin brother. That was her wish, she never knew would come out one day.

The door opens, Hermione stands in the doorway. "You guys aren't changed yet? You better should hurry, we're almost there." Hayley looks out of the window. Hermione is right, you can already see the castle in the horizon. She takes her Gryffindor robe out of her backpack and puts it on, as do the rest.

The train slows it's speed and not many seconds later it stops at the station. Hayley puts the last sweets and other leftovers in her bag, grabs her trunk and walks with Ginny across the small station to the carriages. There's only one carriage left, with a girl with long blond hair and colorful clothes, reading a Quibbler upside down. Together with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Hayley they sit next to the strange girl. "Everyone, this is Luna Lovegood." Hermione says shyly, "What an interesting necklace you have." The girl, Luna, smiles and says with a dreamy voice: "Thank you, it keeps away the Nargles." No one knows what Nargles are, but everyone stays quiet, just as most of the ride.

Walking into the castle, the warmth tingles on her face. The ghosts greeting all the students kindly as they float through the crowd. Hayley is happy to be back at Hogwarts, not that she doesn't like staying at the Weasleys, but this is the place where she was happy for the first time in years.

The Great Hall is beautifully decorated, the candles floating high and the flags of the houses hang on the walls. Hayley sits down next to Fred, only his smell gives her butterflies and is easily distracted from what is happening around her. When the Sorting Hat starts to sing, she is startled by the sound and accidently knocks over a cup. "Sorry, sorry." Hayley whispers when people glance at her. Professor McGonnagall calls forth a first year, over and over again. Students applaud when a first year joins their house.

During the feast, Hayley isn't talkative, what Fred notices. "Hey, you okay?" Putting his hand on her back, which makes her gasp. "Yea- yes, sorry. Just exhausted from last night i guess." She gives him a warm smile and Fred starts laughing. "That was hell of a party, wasn't it? Oh and you were sooooo drunk." Ginny starts to laugh with us, "As if you weren't." she says derisively. "Me? I certainly was not drunk." Fred says, trying to sound serious. "Oh no, ofcourse not."
"Hey, if you two don't mind, i'm going to bed." Without getting an answer, Hayley stands up and walks to the Gryffindor common room. She would read for a few hours until she fell asleep in her bed.
hii!! i'm so excited to share this story with you! I hope you enjoy it :)

If you see any grammatical errors, please tell me. English isn't my first language.
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