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The Noctiphany Terror


It’s getting dark in this little heart of mine And as I waltz into the night The shadows bow before my crimes So you’d better hold on tight ‘cause the devil won’t play nice. I will crawl up in your mind and devour your brain like a disease I’ll drink your soul ‘till nothing’s left behind To feed my flame so I don’t freeze. I’ll seek you out and flay you alive Because on the Devil’s altar, up is down Your pain is my pleasure and your slavery —my freedom; I’m devoted to destruction I’ll burn the world alive and I will walk slow trough the fire -just to see you cry.

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:


The Creation of a Goddess

The sky of fire comes along with the setting sun, but for him there is no beauty in it. He sits there, on the very edge of Earth, the wind blowing his long dark hair, the light sculpting his sharp features, painting him as a god. Because he is.

But his heavenliness contrasts his glacial soul and not even the warm rays can melt his iced heart.

Only when the wraith silver disc ascends in the lonely dark sky, his soul defrosts, watching as she rises from the platinum glow of the sea.

He watches as she walks out of the tranquil water, her white dress embracing her body and her tawny hair falling in waves on her back.

And for a moment, when her grey eyes meets his stygian ones, the world falls silent so they can hear it is wrong. Even the Time slows down to show them that it is foul.

But they can't hear nor see other than each other. So they reunite once again and as their lips collide, the sky falls apart and the earth trembles in horror.

And when they stand apart, the sun blooms from the water, the sin is already committed and the silence consumes them once again.

They both walk away with a smile on their lips, oblivious to what they have just created.
A child of mischief and sorcery, burdened with glorious purpose.
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