Davina Malfoy, Cunning, Ambitious and misunderstood sister of Draco Malfoy. For as long as she can remember she has been judged and outcasted due to her Family, leaving her lonely. However, when two tall, handsome, ginger haired boys approach her one day something clicked in her heart and she finally felt welcomed. Everyone tells her it's wrong, even her own brother but she knew deep down an adventure was awaiting her, and these mischievous boys would lead the way. TW: will make you attracted to men. ------------ DISCLAIMER - PLEASE READ BEFORE I WROTE THIS DURING THE SUMMER OF 2020 IT IS VERY OLD AND I REALISE NOW THE TIME LINE IS VERY MESSED UP. I WOULD DELETE IT BUT EVERYONE LOVES IT SO MUCH THAT WOULD BE A SHAME SO BEFORE ANYONE COMMENTS ABOUT PEOPLE BEING IN THE WRONG YEAR OR CLASS I HAVE ALREADY ADDRESSED IT HERE AND IN THE COMMENTS. Highest ranking : #1 Draco Malfoy Weasley FanFiction. Instagram- OhToBeAMalfoy

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1



Davina rolled out of bed with her hair sticking up in all directions, she never got up early for school, she hated it there. As her bare feet hit the stone floor beneath her a shiver shot up her spine, it was colder than usual this morning.

She walked over to her mirror that hung in her room, beside her wardrobe. Davina had hair like her mother, dark on the top but blonde underneath. She loved her hair, her fingers ran through it effortlessly as it rested on her shoulders.

“Davina Malfoy!”

Quickly, she pulled out her uniform and slipped into it. The green and black robes taunted her, she hated being a slytherin, she hated it more than anything. On her table laid a black comb with a silver pattern embroidered on it, Davina combed through her hair before making her way down stairs to where her mother was shouting her.

“Merlin Davina! I called you for about an hour.” Narcissa rolled her eyes, Draco was stood beside her messing with his tie in a nearby mirror.

“I didn’t hear you.” Davina lied, walking over to her brother and straightening his tie for him.

“You best be off. Otherwise you’ll miss your train.” Narcissa ushered them out of the front door.

“Dads not saying good morning to us?” Davina asked, she knew what the answer would be but she thought maybe today would be different.

“You know your father, busy busy busy.” Narcissa brought Draco into an embrace before pulling Davina in too.

“Yeah he’s always busy.” Davina tutted.

“Cmon Davina, lets go.” Draco tilted his head, suggesting that his sister should hurry up. She nodded and they walked down to the train station.

Once they entered the platform 9 and 3/4 they were bombarded with people, first years saying goodbye to their parents, older students walking around in groups and the odd trolley. Davina hated taking the train, so did her brother, they hated having to mix with the other Slytherins, especially since they were all over Draco.

Draco and Davina boarded the train and took a seat in the Slytherin Compartments. It was less that five minutes before Pansy Parkinson and Astoria Greengrass shuffled in the booth with the Malfoys. Davina let out a sigh and tuned their high pitch voices out, she knew they would pretend to speak to her and show any interest in her life but really they wanted to be around her big brother.

Everyone saw Draco as the Slytherin Prince, he was everything any Slytherin wanted to be. Not Davina though, she wanted other things. Sometimes she wanted friendship, sometimes she wanted love but mostly she wanted to be someone else. It was hard being a Malfoy, a large responsibility came with that family name.

Lucius, her father, never showed any interest in Draco or Davina, he was unemployed but always seemed to be too busy to spend any time with them. Narcissa, her mother, was rather loving really. She was unemployed too but would spend most days cleaning, cooking and caring for her children.

Lucius and Narcissa never seemed to act like a married couple, they didn’t kiss or talk much from what Davina could remember. Other people’s parents would be so clearly madly in love but she assumed her parents no longer felt like that about one another.

“Davina?” A voice called her.

“Yes?” Davina turned around to face a dark haired girl, she was one year older than Davina but seemed to waltz around like she was mature.

“Are you even listening?” Astoria scoffed.

“Well actually Astoria, no I’m not listening.” Davina sneered.

Draco chuckled under his breath, his sister did always make him laugh. She just didn’t care, she wouldn’t take anything from anyone and would always stand up for those around her. Davina was strong and independent in his eyes.

The train approached Hogwarts and students began to grab their luggage and make there way out onto the station. Draco pulled down Davina and his own bag and carried them out to the carriages, he always carried her bag, she was his little sister after all.

“Hey Davina.” Draco spoke with an inquisitive tone of voice.

“What do you think of Astoria then?” He asked.

“You want my honest opinion?” Davina raised an eyebrow at Draco as they sat down on the carriage.

He nodded.

“Very well then.” Davina smirked. “I don’t like her, I think she’s annoyingly and immature. And honestly Draco, you can do better.”

“Merlin, that was harsh.” Draco’s eyes widened with shock.

Davina shrugged. “You wanted my honesty.”

The carriages pulled up to the castle, it stood their in all its glory like it always did. Despite her hatred for the school, Davina did love the castle, it was like something she would read about in stories as a child. Davina would sometimes imagine she was the princess trapped at the top of the tower and a handsome prince was on his way to rescue her, of course that was just a dream.

Draco and Davina took their bags to the Slytherin house and then took their seats in the great hall. At the beginning of each year they had to sit through an hour of first years being sorted, this bored Davina and Draco but they managed.

Davina watched the Gryffindor table most of the time tonight, mostly because two very tall red headed boys were throwing sparkling balls into the air that would explode. She didn’t know them nor had she ever seen them before, she only knew people from Slytherin because that was what her father had told her was allowed.

You shall not mingle with anyone outside of your own house! Otherwise you are a disgrace to the Slytherin name.

Davina rolled her eyes at even the thought of her father lecturing her, that’s all he did, lecture Draco and herself. They hadn’t known any form of affection from Lucius since they were children, in fact Davina couldn’t even think of a time where Lucius had told her he loved either of his children.

It didn’t bother her though, she was used to it. Over the years she had come to realise she didn’t need to have a connection with her father, he wasn’t worth the time. However, her mother and brother were always there for her. Narcissa and Draco weren’t like Lucius, of course they shared his views and beliefs but they showed love and affection, they weren’t dead inside yet.

Davina would have nightmares as a child, nightmares that would haunt her for years. She dreamt one day she would be as hollow and cold as her father, so filled with hatred and spite that she would forever be alone. It was a reoccurring nightmare that she had almost every year, it showed how truly terrified she was to become Lucius, to become the man with no heart.

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