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Mr. Snowman | Kim Namjoon


Namjoon is the famous leader of BTS, and when he wasn't working, he'd be resting, making it almost impossible for him to date. However, with his 27th birthday approaching, the thought of dating or settling down started to daunt on him. The problem was that while dating during his free time sounded fun, he was always stuck with one of two choices. A) A fangirl who was obsessed with him. B) A fangirl who was obsessed with a member of his group. Deciding to throw away the idea of dating, Namjoon decides to begin doing charity at a local mall by enrolling as a stores mascot, Mr. Snowman. This ill-fated idol would soon come face-to-face with a harsh reality. Nia, a loud and obsessive fan of BTS, with the IQ of a bird and the memory of a fly is now his co-worker, dressed up as an old Santa Claus (realistic make-up courtesy of her own talent). He hates the idea of dating an obsessive fan, and she can only dream of marrying one of Namjoon's s group members, Kim Seokjin. Can the two get along for the duration of their charity or will blood be spilled? No translations allowed. °˖✧Book start: 01/20/19✧˖° °˖✧Book end: - ✧˖° {Undergoing Grammar/Spelling Editing} ©2019 Marili Cruz •No translations or reposting allowed •All rights received. •Book Started on Wattpad on Jan. 20, 2019 •©2019 Marili Cruz•

Romance / Drama
Marili Cruz
Age Rating:

Author's Note

I know, I know.

I'm an idiot for starting another book but a dream I had last night had me thinking all day and well... Fuck my life.


No copy-pasting, plagiarizing or re-uploading any of my work without permission or authorization of any kind. Basically, don't steal my work and reclaim, don't copy the exact plot if you want to write something inspired by my trash of writing, tag me so I can maybe read along and enjoy your writing.

No republishing in any language or in any other site without permission.

No translations allowed either.

Who: Namjoon x Reader (-ish), ft Jin and other members (-ish)

Rated: PG13

Genre: Romcom/fluff

Honestly, I shouldn't be starting another book but I can't help it so y'all gonna have to deal with my ass and just enjoy what I put out lol.

Ik I should be resting but fuck it OK?

I just felt like last night made me so soft for Namjoon so I think everyone should enjoy him too.

⭐smol namjoon warning
⭐Low-key idiot main character
⭐mention of stalkers and obsessive fans
⭐thirsty Nia (Y/N) warning
⭐None of the boys are owned by me this is simply MY tale on them, for now, I don't plan smut and I doubt this will have any so unless I change my mind, no smut.

I'll warn in the chapters if there is any.

(I honestly don't believe BTS will end up with a fangirl and hate the idea of a fangirl dating them mostly BC fangirls are one thing, a fan of their work is another, but this is just a light-hearted ff which will deal with the issue of anti-fans, sansengs and netizens.

Hopefully this will make some of the obsessive fans rethink their actions.

I want to bring to light the reality of their lives and how their fame is also their biggest pain.

For the rest of you guys who aren't sanseng fans etc. and the ARMY's I love and who support me, enjoy at your own discretion.)


~Marili Cruz

•Originally Posted in Wattpad.

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