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Mr. Snowman | Kim Namjoon


The lights in the airport were overshadowed by the screaming chants of fans, the flags that waved in the air labeled and ready for each passing member.

From the sidelines, Nia stood, her hands clutching a roll of yellow tape, her hoodie a cheap knockoff of the merch from her favorite band, her beanie decorated with the face of the man she loved.

There was no other word for it but love.

“I love you Kim Seokjin!” She yelled at the first glance of the bodyguards walking in through the glass double doors.

Nia couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen such a crowd, her eyes sparkling as she waited eagerly to see them.

“BTS!! Oppas we love you!!” “oppa sarangeee!” “Jungkook oppa why are you so hot?” “Jimin oppa have my babies!!” “Namjoon fuck me daddy please!!” “Yoongi oppa we will sue you!” “You got no jams Jiminieee oppa!” ”Taehyuinieee oppa please look over here!”

The cringe sound of the words butchered by the masses made Namjoon’s ears burn, the guys were hesitant to keep walking as the crowd of cheering fangirls drove themselves forward, creating a division between the seven men.

It was another typical day for them. The life of a world-famous idol group, the life of men with no privacy nor sense of boundaries coming from their so-called “fans” which often hurt them physically and mentally in ways that no one but someone who was being idolized, could understand.

The girls that flung their arms to touch their bodies as if they were holy water at a church, saw the men in front of them like some free food at the side of the road for those who scavenged and thirsted for them.

He felt sick of it. Sick of the facade they had to create as they smiled while their stressed minds tried to comprehend how they had gotten into those types of situations in the first place.

But at the same time happy.

It was a bittersweet feeling as the guys continued to walk, the sight of the respectful fans who had lined up feet away from them made their hearts ache.

"I wish they were all like them,” Namjoon thought to himself, walking over to help Yoongi off the floor as a “fan” pulled on his sweater, subsequently making him fall with her tug.

“Another one?”

“Nothing new. Kinda disappointing,” Yoongi smirked sadly.

It wasn’t odd for Nia to see it, to see their disappointment, to see their sorrow. But if there was something she had promised herself is that she’d be the leader of the committee of BTS defense squad in her town, a town she was foreign too, but that she loved ever since she had begun college. Well if someone ever made a committee for such a thing.

A loud and obnoxious whistle broke the atmosphere, Nia being the head of the new commotion that broke out.

Along with her, twenty other girls joined her, passing the yellow tape as they wiggled through the crowd of sanseng fans, their arms extending around the men they adored, their eyes focused and determined to get the job done.

“For Jin’s sake. I shall protect him!” Nia mumbled, continuing to blow on a small whistle she had resting between her lips.

They had formed a division between the men and the women and girls that had been trampling them, the second herd of girls joining her effort by pulling their hands together to form a second line of defense.

They had practiced, they had rehearsed. Every movement was calculated, unique, and -without a second thought- done precisely.

In the city of Seoul, the airport was usually a chaotic and painful place to arrive at, but for once, thanks to the efforts of a single woman, they had been able to get into their van safely, only minor injuries sustained as Namjoon tripped on the yellow tape in an attempt to close the divide between him and the other members.

“You okay Joon?” a girl asked.

It was Nia’s best friend, May. She had an odd attraction to Namjoon, being the overly obsessively type that only Nia could help control.

Namjoon looked up, his eyes catching a glimpse of another girl.

She looked dorky, her beanie covering up to her eyebrows, her face covered in a mask that showed his band member’s beloved alter ego of sorts, RJ, a small white alpaca plastered on the bottom half of her face.

She was the one with the whistle, Namjoon smirking as he dusted his hands before walking off, staring into the girl’s eyes who continued to smile through her face mask.

“Thank you,” he whispered, getting into the van that waited outside for them, the girl named Nia unaware of the thoughts of the man she had saved.

“BTS this, oppa that. I wish they’d stop sometimes,” Jungkook groaned out, frustrated.

“At least that Lemonluli fansite wasn’t there today. Think they’ve given up finally?”

"Those obsessive lunnies? Ha, alacontrare Jiminieee. They never learn. They’re like parasites. Give’em a lil love and you get swallowed whole,” Jungkook responded angrily.

“Well, at least we are finally home. Why don’t we all have a barbecue at my place tonight? I’ve been dying to try it out!” Jin jumped up and down in his seat, the guys laughing as his head hit the roof of the car with a loud bang.

Being the eldest, Kim Seokjin often spent his time at his new condo, a large apartment-like complex that was more like a mansion, one he often let the guys sleepover at and also one he had bought with his own hard-earned money.

The boys often joked that he’d be the next CEO at their company, sometimes coercing him into mocking their manager and the owner of the company label they worked under.

While spending time with the rest of his friend sounded nice, Namjoon had other things in mind for that night. His list of chores, plus the added thought of figuring out a good way of spending his spare time made his mind go mad. On top of that, the fact that he had to check up on his security cameras as well as check up on his cousin who had been living at his place while he was away, he couldn’t possibly think of spending time with them.

“I’ll stop at my place. I need some time for myself kids. I don’t mean to be an annoyance, but-”

“A date?” The youngest members of his group smirked. The three boys he had basically raised with the help of the eldest members, always seemed to make him feel like a single father whose kids often wanted to see him get married. He had enough from his mother’s constant side comments, that having them around was like an added bonus to his stress.

“Seriously? You guys know how those end.”

“Yeah yeah, heard you the first time chief. The girl wouldn’t let you go till you took JK out to dinner with you guys and had Jimin sing Euphoria three octaves higher. We get it. But may I offer a friend of mine’s-”

Namjoon interrupted Jin’s speech, opening the door to the car before pulling out his luggage. They were at a remote part of the city, one Namjoon picked up specifically for the purpose of privacy, one he often lacked.

The place was practically abandoned, a whole private neighborhood for himself. He didn’t mind people, but this was the only place I’m the world in which he could indulge in solitude, something he never thought he’d get to miss in his life.

The bodyguards that he had caring for him helped him out, Namjoon waving goodbye before turning his back to his friends.

“Next time... I hope I don’t end up with a fangirl for a date.”

A/N: 🐨Idk how I was able to write this so quickly but I’m too excited for this book so..... Enjoy!!!

I hope it doesn’t seem too rushed for you guys.

Marili Cruz

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