His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 12

β€œWhat do you get if you add six snake fangs, dried nettles, four horned slugs, two porcupine quills, pungous onions, Flobberworm Mucus, ginger root and shrake spines?” Professor Snape asked as he walked back and forth at the front of class. β€œMr Crane?”

β€œWhat?” Nick sat up straight. β€œUh... cure for boils.”

β€œTurns out you aren’t as brainless as I thought.” Snape spoke as he stopped and turned towards the class. β€œGet your books out. You will be working in twos to make the cure for boils.”

I automatically scooted closer to Seth as we always worked together while Nate worked with Callie and then Melba and Nick. Seth pulled his book out and placed it in front of me but we were interrupted when professor Snape spoke again.

β€œAfter the little stunt on Tuesday, I’ll have to split up the joined twins over here.” he said as he approached Fred and George. β€œWeasley one, you go sit with Miss Pegas and Weasley number two, you work with Mr Doe.”

I sighed. Fred was twin number one. That was his name when it came to Snape. I didn’t want to work with him.

β€œProfessor Snape?” I asked as I raised my hand in the air. Professor Snape let out a very dramatic sigh as he turned towards me and raised his eyebrows in a challenging way as he waited for me to speak. β€œCan I have Weasley twin number two, please? I really don’t want to be working with the other one.”

β€œOh, you don’t?” he asked. β€œWell, now that I know you’d prefer not to... no. It will be as I said.”

Seth laughed softly as he leaned closer to me. β€œTry not to kill him, yeah?”

I glared at him, watching him stop and grab his stuff while he made his way towards George while Fred made his way towards me. Angelina was glaring at me in a way more cruel way than the way I glared at Seth. She hated me. Well, I had been dating her current boyfriend.

β€œYou’re lucky.” Fred spoke as he sat down next to me, his arm brushing past mine due to how close the chairs stood. I moved mine a few inches away from him, causing him to look at me as he placed his book on the table and opened it.

β€œWhy is that?”

β€œWell, potions are my speciality.”

I pulled my own book out of my bag and placed it in front of me. β€œYeah. I know. Once upon a time you were my life and just because that’s over, doesn’t mean I stopped knowing you. Well, no. That’s not true. I don’t know you.”

I could feel his eyes on me as I scrolled through the pages of my book until I found the right recipe. β€œRight. Do you want to grab the ingredients or shall I?”

As soon as I asked the question, he got up and walked to the shelves. In the meantime, I leaned forwards on the table and hid my face in my hands.

Two hours with Fred. That was going to go great. I rubbed my temples as I tried to relax. I just had go get through these hours. Had to do the potion. He was right. Potions is his speciality and I’m quite fond of the class too. I wasn’t bad at it either.

I decided to get up and walk over to Fred. He looked at me with a questioning look as I held out my hands. β€œYou can’t carry all of the ingredients. Even with four hands, we have to walk twice.”

The right corner of his lips tucked upwards into a small smirk as he handed me two jars. One with the snake fangs and one with ginger root.

β€œDrop the smirk, Weasley.” I told him. β€œI’m a Hufflepuff. When I see someone struggle, I can’t walk away.”

β€œAnd I’m a Gryffindor. I’ll–”

β€œNever ask for help. Trust me, I know.” I scoffed before I turned around and walked back to the table with Fred behind me.

β€œMy mum asked why you didn’t spend the summer at the Burrow.” he said when we both put down the jars. I looked up at him and when our eyes met, I looked away again.

β€œWhat did you tell her?” I asked, leading the way back to the shelves. I grabbed a jar of horned slugs, handing it to him and our fingers brushed against each other.

β€œI didn’t tell her anything.” he breathed. β€œI guess I was hoping I’d make you trust me again and get you back.”

My jaw clenched at his comment and I didn’t respond. I grabbed the jar of porcupine quills, handing it to him as well before I myself grabbed a jar of pungous onions and Flobberworm Mucus. Then I turned towards him. β€œFred... we won’t ever get back together. What you did...–”

β€œI know.” he interrupted. β€œI’m starting to realise that. I know I messed up, Jules.”

β€œYou did.” I nodded. β€œThough that wasn’t even the worst part. The worst part was that after I dumbed you, you stayed with her. It only proved that you don’t regret being with her. You wanted her while you were with me.”

I sighed. β€œI can’t and I don’t want to have this conversation in class.”

I walked back to our table, put down the jars and watched as Fred did the same. β€œWe still need the shrake spines.”

β€œI’ll go find it.” he offered and I nodded slowly, taking my seat on the other side of the table. When Fred got back, he put the jar down and joined me on the chair next to me. β€œWe do need to talk about it.”

β€œDo we?” I raised an eyebrow.


β€œWe’ve tried. We’ve tried so many times and you know how it ends. We end up yelling at each other.” I reminded him as I reached for the mortar, placing it between us while Fred grabbed the jaw of snake fangs. He got out six of them and opened his hand in front of me, offering for me to do it. I hesitated but grabbed one fang at a time out of the palm of his hand, letting them drop into the mortar. I took the pestle and started crushing the snake fangs. It had to be a fine powder before we could use it.

β€œWell, I want us to try again.” Fred said. β€œAnd this isn’t some type of trick to win you back–”

β€œGood. Cause I’m not a prize that needs to be won.”

β€œI never said that.” his voice changed into a slight annoyance. β€œI just... I don’t want you to hate me.”

β€œI could never hate you.” I said. β€œBut I should. I really should hate you.”

β€œProbably, yeah.” he let out a heavy breath. β€œSo you don’t hate me, yet you act so hostile all the time. Well, except from when you get yourself undressed in my dorm.”

I looked at him.

β€œIt’s not you that I hate.” I told him. β€œIt’s me. I hate me because I know I should hate you, and I don’t. I can’t. Not after all we’ve been through together and even after we’re broken up, you still make me go crazy.”

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