His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 13

β€œHow was I supposed to know that Fred had put Bulbadox powder in the caldron?” Nick asked as my friends and I made our way towards our common room which was only a couple of feet away from the classroom. Though I felt a hand wrap around my wrist, stopping me.

β€œYou said we could talk.”

β€œNo.” I turned to Fred. β€œYou said we could talk. I never agreed.”

β€œOkay.” he frowned. β€œWell, can we?”

He looked desperate. Miserable. His eyes were focused on me, his slips slightly parted and his eyebrows were grown together in a painful frown.

β€œJules!” I heard Callie call. I turned around to look at my friends who all stood by the open entrance to the Hufflepuff basement. β€œAre you coming?”

β€œIn a minute.” I offered a soft smile and they all looked at me for a moment before they continued, the brick wall closing behind them. I turned back to Fred. β€œFine. Talk.”

β€œCan we at least go sit on the stairs or something?”

β€œAt least.” I scoffed, moving past him. β€œYou’re lucky I’m even agreeing on having this talk with you.”

I sat down on the second step of the staircase and placed my bag in front of me. Fred made his way towards me, then sat on the step above mine. I felt him brush his hand over my shoulder carefully, causing me to turn my head and look at him. His eyes met mine for a second, then he picked something out of my hair.

β€œSorry.” he muttered. β€œYou just had some dust.”

β€œAh-huh.” I nodded. β€œWell, could’ve not pranked my friends. What did you think would happen by putting Bulbadox powder in their cauldron?”

β€œExactly that.” he chuckled lightly, then bit his lip when he saw my face. β€œC’mon. You have to admit that was funny. You even laughed.”

I bit the inside of my cheek to not laugh again but I couldn’t hold it back and he smiled at the sound that came from me.

β€œMaybe it was a little funny.” I shrugged as I turned towards him and leaned my back against the wall while outstretching my left leg over his feet. β€œYou do realize you’re doing the exact same thing to Angelina, that you did to me?”

β€œWhat do you mean?”

β€œYou may not be cheating on her physically but you are sitting here with me, trying to I don’t know... make me forgive you or something.” I said. β€œThat’s a step in the direction of cheating but just so you know, Fred. You won’t get anything from me. I don’t want you back.”

β€œI broke up with Angelina.” He told me and I found myself sighing as I leaned my head back.

I don’t want him back.

I don’t want him back.

I don’t want himβ€”

β€œI told you I don’t want to be a cheater. It wasn’t fair to her that I stayed with her while still being in love with you.”

β€œAnd it wasn’t fair to me that you fucked her while being with me.” I said.

β€œMerlin.” He breathed. β€œCan you stop saying that?”

β€œWhat?” I leaned forward, placing a hand on his thigh which made him inhale sharply. ”Fucking? You did fuck her, didn’t you?”

β€œNo.” He told me. He grabbed my wrist and forced my hand off of him, throwing it down next to me while he leaned forward, his face inches from mine. β€œI didn’t fuck her. Not when she was just a friend and not when she was my girlfriend. I have never been with anyone but you and I don’t wish to be with anyone but you.”

I ran a hand along the side of his neck to the back of his, pulling him closer until his lips brushed past mine.

β€œCongratulations.” I whispered. β€œYou managed to finally make me hate you.”

I pushed him away and grabbed my bag as I stood up properly. I looked down as he looked up at me.

β€œYou’re a liar, Fred.” I spat. β€œIf you’re not lying now, you lied back when you told me you slept with her so don’t try and convince me that you’re a good guy. You’re not.”

I turned around and hurried down the step, making my way towards the brick wall.

β€œJules, please wait!” Fred called and again, he grabbed my wrist but this time when I turned around, he pulled me close by the side of my neck and attached his lips to mine.

Warmness and a tingling sensation immediately spread from his lips to mine and I couldn’t resist. I wasn’t strong enough to pull away. I had always loved kissing him. It was my favorite thing to do when we were together so getting to do that after so long.

What am I saying?

I pulled back roughly and slapped him across the face.

Oh fuck. I was crying. β€œWhy are you doing this to me? You can’t just kiss me and expect for everything to be okay. That’s not how it works!”

He didn’t say anything as I turned towards the brick wall and tapped the correct rhythm, then entered, the wall closing behind me.

No one ever dared to go near the fireplace area when my friends and I were in the common room. Everyone knew it was our place and that’s exactly where my friends sat right now.

β€œI hate him.” I said as I walked into the middle of the three sofas, continuing to the one where Nick sat alone. β€œHe’s a fucking jerk and I absolutely hate him.”

I threw myself down next to Nick and Seth sat up straight as he looked at me. β€œWhat did he do? Jules, what did he do?”

β€œHe fucking kissed me.” I cried, sinking into the seat, my bag falling to the floor. I leaned my head back and crossed my arms over my chest. β€œHe told me he broke up with Angelina, that he never fucked her and then he kissed me.”


β€œAlright, so you’re telling us that you’re sad... angry, I don’t even know.. because Fred, the love of your life... told you that he’s not with the girl you hate seeing him with anymore. He never slept with her, meaning you’re still the only one he’s had sex with and that uh... he kissed you? The love of your life...” Nate looked confused.

β€œWhy are you making it sound like I’m being dramatic?” I asked, wiping my cheeks.

β€œCause you kinda are.”

Callie slapped him on the chest and he let out an β€˜Ow’ as he looked at her with even more confusion on his face.

β€œI’m not being dramatic!” I argued. β€œHe’s not with her anymore because according to him, he’s not a cheater and—”

β€œWell, he isn’t? He never slept with her.”

β€œNate!” Callie snapped before sighing and taking her forehead in her hand. β€œYou just don’t get it, do you?”

β€œWell what is there to get? She had him right at the end of her hand. She can literally reach for him, grab him and have him back and she’s crying for... what?”

β€œYou’re a dick!” I told him as I stood up. β€œHe’s lying! Why would he tell me that he slept with her if it wasn’t true? Either he was lying back then or he’s lying now. And kissing me while knowing how much I love him... that I can’t resist him.”

Nate looked at me, then slowly looked to Seth. β€œOkay, what am I missing? If it was me in that situation with Callie, I would be like; heck yeah. I’ve got my girlfriend back.”

β€œYeah.” Seth scratched the back of his neck. β€œI don’t quite get it either. Girls will always be... wait what’s the opposite of understandable?”

β€œAren’t you supposed to be smart?” Melba asked.

β€œYou’re looking for the word; incomprehensible.” Nick told him. β€œRemember it. You might have to use it again.”

β€œOh shut up.” Seth scoffed, flipping him off. β€œJules, love. Just forget about him if it upsets you so much.”

β€œHow is she supposed to do that?” Melba asked. β€œShe shares almost every class with him.”

β€œYou know what?” I sighed and picked up my bag. β€œI’m gonna spend my free lesson in the library. Maybe I can get some homework done.”

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