His Hufflepuff ; Fred Weasley

Chapter 14

β€œBut isn’t Snape kinda hot?” Callie whispered from next to me as we were in potions again the very next Tuesday. β€œI mean. Hot in like a supervillain-kinda-way.”

β€œWhat?” I laughed, my eyes flicking from her to Snape who sat behind his desk. β€œYou’re delusional.”

β€œNo.” Melba shook her head. She sat at the other side of the table in the middle of Nick and Seth with George on the other side of Seth. β€œI’m gay and even I would like to bone him.”

β€œDon’t say bone.” Callie scrunched her nose in disgust.

β€œOh, so I can’t say bone but you and Nate can talk about orgasms during meals?” Melba raised her eyebrows. β€œAnd Nick can talk about wizards who used to shit themselves and vanish the evidence afterwards? But I can’t say bone?”

β€œExactly.” Callie smiled. β€œI’m so happy you get it.”

β€œThere’s something called sarcasm, dumb-ass.” Melba scoffed.

β€œOh really? I thought it was called orgasm.” Callie stuck up her middle finger at Melba who repaid the favor.

β€œI’ll give you an orgasm if you don’t stop touching the cauldron!” Nate basically roared the last part as he grabbed both of Callie’s hands. β€œYou’re gonna burn yourself.”

β€œWait? Why would I stop touching it after an offer like that? You know I can’t say no to an orgasm.”

"Why are you once again discussing orgasms?” I asked. β€œAnd in potions?”

I lifted my glass of water that George had brought me, and took a sip. Fred was sitting next to me. Snape had told us that this rule with Fred being with me and George being with Seth was going to be all year because he didn’t want to see the twins get into any trouble... so I was stuck with my ex boyfriend and the glares I from his latest girlfriend.

β€œOrgasms are the best.” Callie informed me. β€œDon’t you think, Jules?”

β€œYes. I’ve had quite a few.” I said but instantly regretted it. My eyes widened and so did Fred’s as my friends plus George laughed.

I did not intent to say that out loud. With embarrassment, I raised the glass to my lips and took another sip.

β€œThat was blunt.” Nick commented with a frown on his face.

Basically, right now we were all just waiting for our potions to brew which took about an hour and we were forced to just sit and wait without having anything to do than chat.

β€œCan I ask you a question?” Seth asked me as a small smirk appeared on his face, eyes focused on me. I felt Fred tense up next to me. Gosh. He was still jealous from when he saw us kiss. He had no right to be though. He hadn’t been my boyfriend for a long time.

β€œSure.” I nodded. β€œUnless it’s a dumb one. I really don’t want to hear another one of your dumb questions.”

β€œMy questions aren’t dumb!” He argued. β€œMy questions are—”

He stopped when he saw the unimpressed look on my face.

β€œRight. This question is actually for all of you. Just something to get the time going... y’know. The freakiest place you’ve had sex.”

Oh geez.

β€œThat’s easy!” Nate scoffed. β€œThe prefect bathroom.”

β€œHow is that freaky?” Melba asked.

β€œWell because we obviously don’t have access to it.” Callie said. β€œBut Julie has it written in her notepad.”

β€œWait what?” I frowned and looked at her. β€œYou stole the password?”

β€œRight—” Seth nodded. β€œThat’s still not very freaky. You see, the freakiest place I’ve had sex was at the black lake with a very pretty Slytherin girl.”

β€œThe black lake?” George asked. β€œHopefully you weren’t seen by any merpeople.”

β€œOh, even if they did, they would’ve gotten quite a show.” Seth said with a smug grin. β€œHow about you, J?”

β€œOh, me?” I asked, nervously moving the glass around in my hand before lifting it and taking a sip. β€œQuidditch field.”

The table went quiet and Fred sighed as he brought a hand to his forehead.

Why Julie? Why did you just say that?

β€œYou two had sex on the Quidditch field?” Nate asked and pointed between Fred and I.



Fred and I looked at each other before I looked at the cauldron. β€œWhy can’t I lie? Why am I—”

My eyes drifted up to George who bit back a laugh, then I glanced at my glass and let out an unamused laugh.

β€œGeorge.” I tutted. β€œYou look a little thirsty. Maybe you should have some of my water.”

I moved the glass towards the middle of the table and he looked at it before shrugging. β€œNo thanks.”

β€œNow, tell me. How much did you put in it?” I asked. β€œHow much Veritaserum?”

β€œOh, only a few drops.” He shrugged. β€œIt’s no biggie.”

β€œNo biggie?!” I hissed in a whisper. β€œI just reveled where I had sex with your brother.”

β€œAnd it was bloody hilarious.” He laughed along with my friends.

β€œNow, tell me Jules. Was the sex any good?” Nate asked.

β€œOh boy.” Fred muttered.

I bit my lip, trying my hardest not to answer that. Though the words just wanted to come out and in the end, me trying to hold it back, didn’t help.

β€œThe best I’ve ever had.” I blurted, quickly clamping a hand over my mouth.

β€œHow is that?” Nate pressed. β€œI mean. You and Fred have done the deed a lot of times. What made that time different.”

β€œIt was rougher.” I muttered into the palm of my hand.

β€œHuh? What was that?”

Callie removed my hand, keeping both of the down.

β€œIt was rougher.” I repeated to his question while I closed my eyes and waited for it to stop. For them to stop. This was torture. I would gladly have given them details if it wasn’t for my ex boyfriend next to me.

β€œAnd?” Nate asked. β€œIs there another reason to why it was the best sex you’ve ever had?”

β€œThe thrill of getting caught.” I blurted again. I was going to kill them. I was actually going to murder them. They really had to watch out for themselves tonight when they were sleeping. I was going to show up by their bed with a knife. No, my wand. I was gonna kill them with the killing curse.

β€œWell, looks like we won’t need to ask you the same question, Fred.” Nate grinned. β€œI got my answers.”

β€œWait! I have a question!” Nick exclaimed. β€œJules... pineapple on pizza? Yes or no?”

β€œSeriously?” Melba groaned as she shoved him in the shoulder.

β€œI’ve already said yes.” I told him. β€œI don’t need a truth serum for that.”

Fred was awfully quiet. He was before but now it felt like his silence filled more, and I kept glancing at him.

β€œWhat?” He asked, eyes landing on me.

β€œWhat?” I asked back. β€œYou’re just... strange.”

β€œYou just told everyone at this tableβ€” six people where we had sex and that it was rougher. How am I supposed to say anything after that?”

I scoffed. β€œDid you miss the part where your brother drugged me? It’s not like I had a choice to keep quiet.”

β€œOh he’s just pissed because he hasn’t gotten any action since May.” George said, causing everyone to now look at him. β€œWhat? That’s when they last had sex. I’m not stupid.”

β€œWell. Won’t ever happen again, that’s for sure.” I said as I stood up. I grabbed my book while grabbing my bag at the same time.

β€œWhere’re you going?” Melba asked. β€œYou can’t just walk out of potions.”

I ignored her and headed for the door.

β€œMiss Pegas.” Snape’s voice sounded as I placed a hand flat against the door. β€œGet back to your seat.”

β€œI need to use the restroom.” I said.

β€œNot without permission. Get back to your seat.” He repeated and now I turned around to look at him.

β€œSir, it’s an emergency.” I said, giving him a certain look to tell him what I meant. He looked at me for a moment, then he frowned in disgust and turned away.

β€œCarry on.”

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